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Found 35 results

  1. Please help me. My skin is oily for the most part. How do I get rid of these bumps and prevent them from growing back??? Any help is appreciated
  2. Hi, please help. I am confused with my pimples. I have mild to moderate pimple and their favorite spot is on my forehead and cheeks, seldom on my chin and nose, never on my jawline. My pimples are mean because they left red spots on my face tho i never pick them nor anything else. I am taking care of my skin I washed my face 2x a day with mild acne cleanser and use AVC 1:2 with water as a toner so i am pretty sure that my regimen is not theain reason why they left red spots on me. So going back,
  3. I have sensitive skin that is prone to drying easy but I get an oily t-zone and either products dry the skin or appear to cause more oil. Anyone recommend anything that would be useful for this type of skin? I'm pale with sensitive skin. Prone to dryness and breakouts. Possibly dehydrated skin
  4. Hi I am eula from Philippines. I have very oily skin and acne prone skin . 3 months ago I have clear face except for the occasional pimples occurs everymonth due to my period. During the middle of summer. I tried using lemon to lighten my face. The next day I saw my face with small pimps. Is lemon can do that? I just thought maybe its summer and it would go away but the next few days and week i know its not just pimple im starting to breakouts! It happen for 3months. I tried using korean product
  5. Not the best lighting to show but those are small indentations and hyperpigmentation marks. Will these fade naturally overtime? I'm still dealing with a lot of acne I'm currently using Klaron lotion morning and night. So far I've used... OTC products Epiduo Tazorac Epiduo Forte Klaron lotion and none of these are helping that much. I have oily skin and a lot of clogged pores and now redness and sensitivity from the epiduo forte which just ripped apart my skin:( I don't know what
  6. Hey guys, i am really desperate for some advice. Background, i used accutane three years ago for closed comedones and it didn't work , accutane just pushed them onto surface. Physcal extraction did help and i was free. Closed comedones kept coming back and i used 1.5 year retin- a %1 cream and it worked and my skin texture was awesome but i stopped it this year because of college and right now i cant use it back because my skin got weird. It is too sensitive to touch, it burns when i use somethi
  7. Hey guys, So I want to try out a theory of mine. I'm currently 21 male and have been dealing with moderate acne since I was 18. Oily skin, tons of blackheads, whiteheads large inflamed zits. I've tried countless OTC products, prescription topicals, and diet changes with no improvements. I had flawless perfect skin throughout all of high school until I got my first zit my senior year of high school. Of cource it happened during my senior prom lol. Anyways, my senior year of high school is
  8. Hello everyone. I’ve been struggling with subclinical acne (comedones) and oily skin for about 10 years now, which have even led me to serious psychological problems. Basically I’ve tried everything possible except to Accutane in these 10 years but nothing gave me significant or stable change. The texture and oiliness is sometimes worse sometimes better, an okay skin period may last for a week but then comes the hell again. These changes have nothing to do with my period. I
  9. When i got into grade 9, my skin started to become oily and i got many pimples on my forehead, thinking this was a passing thing i didn't really think much of it, until they started multiplying and staying for weeks and months! I decided that I would go back to my skin routine before my acne started, which was simply washing every night with water and wiping with a face washer. To be honest, this did not make my skin worse nor better over the course of the weeks i was doing this. I decided i wou
  10. TheeGrace

    Day 1 Curology

    So no matter how much I want things to clear my skin, that I used to be able to use on my skin, they don't work. I prayed and just sucked up my fear of dermatologists. I got an online dermatologist on curology because it's a lot less hassle! I didn't want to have to call my doc to get a referral for dermatology, call the dermatologist, go see the derm, and then go get a prescription. I have insurance but it still costs money and driving. I also don't like taking on the phone for some reason.
  11. I wash my face day and night with Cerave foaming cleanser and moisturize with Aveeno lotion. My forehead is covered in SO many tiny bumps, some that do not have any puss and some that are hard and if i pick at it, a tiny hard grain will come out. My skin is extremely oily and i look like im covered in grease in photos with flash. My cheeks also have bumps and the pores are visible. Before my breakout, i didn’t have enlarged pores. The breakout started last december out of nowhere and nothing has
  12. Hey, ive all over this website and I literally can't find any answers. So last year I started breaking out like crazy and I somewhow combated it with spot treatmeant and cutting down on dairy. Whilst breaking out my skin was all smooth but after the spots stopped I started getting these little tiny skin coloured bumps. They bumps get red and inflamed when I manually exfoliate or even cleanse. What I find weird is that the bumps go over night so in the morning I wake up with nothing but just s
  13. Warning: This is a long post. I wrote this post to talk about my skin journey and to show others that it does get better! It is a long post, and is very detailed in order to help people get an understanding of this treatment route and the effects of it! Back Story Last year, I had been contemplating on taking accutane as a last resort to get rid of my stubborn acne. I had literally tried everything including OTC products containing BP and SA, LUSH products, proactiv,
  14. Results FROM WEEK 1 Complete difference from week 2 Vitamin D3 (1000IU) 2 pills a day Benzac AC5 WASH 2x a day week 1 then only at night . Omega 3 every other day . 1.5-2l Water daily =Clear skin
  15. I steer away from dairy, havent worn makeup past week, changed my pillow sheets, yet my forehead erupted in a million tiny bumps? Flesh colored and really bad bumpy texture on forehead. Here’s some reference pics. And my skin routine is to simply wash with dove soap and moisturize with aveeno (cleared a really bad breakout for me). That’s all. Please help
  16. Hi! 23/f here! I have been lurking on this site for months now and have gained so much insight into other people's experiences with tackling acne that I thought I would document my progress now I have been prescribed Oratane 20mg a day. I hope someone finds the information that I post useful! Bit of background: Like alot of you here I struggled with the odd pimple as a teen. Looking back I dont believe it bothered me too much as I saw having acne as a process of growing up that everyone h
  17. I have had spots since the age of 15, but 10 years on, I found my skin had become so much worse than it ever had been before. It all got too much this year, when I regularly ended up in tears whilst putting on my make up in the morning - as it was so painful to touch my face, and it just looked so angry and inflamed. I'd constantly be back and forth to the bathroom at work, just to make sure my spots weren't on display - and to also apply pressed-powder to get rid of the constant shine I had, fr
  18. how severe is my acne (my skin is very oily) and i’d appreciate help
  19. Hello everyone, I'm 18 and have always had moderate acne on and off, but in the past two years its been more on than ever. I have sensitive skin that can also get pretty oily. Most of my acne is on my forehead and then the rest is on my jawline and I get some pimples above my lips sometimes. Anyways My forehead acne are mostly small bumps and one or two big pimples but they are mostly on the surface but get pretty red. My jawline acne on the other hand is more deep in my skin and doesn't get a
  20. Hello everyone! I have joined these forums just to talk about accutane! I'm an 18 year old female who has been avoiding accutane for as long as I could. Basic History: I basically have very oily, acne prone skin. I have especially larger pores on my cheeks near my nose. Throughout the day my makeup never last because my skin will get oily within a few hours. Anyways, my first bad break out was when I was in seventh grade nearing eighth grade. I had pimples mostly on my cheeks and forehead,
  21. I have had spots since the age of 15, but 10 years on, I found my skin had become so much worse than it ever had been before. It all got too much this year, when I regularly ended up in tears whilst putting on my make up in the morning - as it was so painful to touch my face, and it just looked so angry and inflamed. I'd constantly be back and forth to the bathroom at work, just to make sure my spots weren't on display - and to also apply pressed-powder to get rid of the constant shine I had, fr
  22. Hey, this is my first post but I've always looked to acne.org for help with acne. I'm looking for some advice on what could help me improve my acne, I know there are a lot of knowledgeable people here and is appreciate their input. A little about me: 22y/o Male I have had acne since I was 16 and it started out as just normal teenage acne but it eventually got to wear it seemed like every pore on my face was clogged. It ruined my self esteem and I would miss school and avoid doing stuff I wa
  23. I have generally oily skin in my t-zone and areas where I am affected by redness. My skin has been reacting pretty heavily to the wintertime climate but I don't know how to diagnose this? Can anybody explain to me what the inflamed, red, crusty patches of skin are on my cheeks and nose? the first picture is about 30 minutes after sweating and a shower. The second is about an hour after I woke up
  24. This is so embarassing. Ive been taking care of my skin more than ever. And while my breakouts dont occur as often anymore my skin i just.getting oilier oilier. I wash my face day and night. By the time.i wake up its so oily already! I moisturize too. Im honestly so embarassed and disgusted by my pores. They used to only be barely in my t zone when i was like 18. Ik now only 22 and this kills me inside. Please help. These pics show my cheeks and notice how far down they go. tthey look worse. In
  25. I've tried: - OCM (coconut/olive/avocado/some kind of mixture + castor oil) - Lush products: Mask of magnaminty, Coalface, Angels on bare skin - water only - Madara AHA scrub - some oily skin products - aloe vera gel - tea tree oil - Nizoral - face brush - honey & cinnamon face mask (- using some Finnish moisturizers as well) Also: I'm trying to avoid dairy, sugar and meat on my diet. So, what should I do? Edit: My skin is oily but still dry and sensitive. I have tr