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Found 7,767 results

  1. Its me again. I got off Accutane about 6 mos ago and now I am starting to get oily skins and small breakout here and there. Nothing too major but enough to annoy me. Should I go on the Clear skin regimen? I have had one terrible experience with benzoyl peroxide though. I remember trying it like 4 yrs ago some sort of cream with 10% bp and I had been using it regularly but one morning I woke up with a red swollen face. It took two days for the redness to go away!! I think it was an allergic r
  2. Does anyone have really oily skin? For me it's only my nose that looks like there's a faucet under my skin, and a little on my forehead. Is there anything i can buy to apply just to my nose to make it less shiny and produce less oil? I tried c&c absorbing pads for a while, but they just seemed to make my skin produce more oil. And what about moisturizers? Should i be putting more on my nose, because i heard that putting moisture on your skin makes the skin produce less oil? idk, someon
  3. Is there something wrong with my regenarative cells? (if such thing exists...) Pretty much every single pimple I get never disappear. For example, last MONTH I got 2 huge zits and now, they are still there. It turned from active red to dead purple, but the bump is still there. This last months and after that, they become purple marks which is what my face is covered with. Imagine getting 1-2 zits daily... which dont sound too bad. But if my face heals this slowly, you can imagine how I look l
  4. baconandeggs

    Oily Skin Diet

    Hello, Is there a general consensus about certain food groups leading to oily skin? I have read many posts concerning this (for example: http://www.acne.org/...n-through-diet/) but it's all rather confusing and contradictory at times to me.
  5. I know, people with oily skin and/or acne should avoid touching their face at all costs. The problem is, I don't realize I'm doing it half the time. I'll sit with my chin in my hand (great, now my palm is all over my chin), or lean my face on my hand, or I'll rub my forehead and temples when I'm tired or stressed. Any tips or ideas to train myself to stop doing this stuff? (I actually just caught myself doing the chin-in-the-hand thing while typing this!)
  6. Ok, so I've been off tane for about 2-3 weeks, and everything was looking good. But today, I noticed my skin is getting oily again, especially around my nose, and this definately stresses me out. Also, there are a few dark red spots on my cheeks, and they look like oncoming pimples, although when I touch them, I dont feel any bump in the inside. Ok, so im a little scared, but, what kind of medications will work for oily skin? And also, when I shave, I get TONS of redmarks all over my neck, an
  7. i visited this website http://www.vilantae.com/index.php and they state that their product Vilantine will reduce oily skin 100% all natural and 90 day money back guaranteed. which one is better the pill or powder form?.
  8. George111

    Blackhead solution

    Hello everyone George here again. I love this website and I love the support, and unbiased feedback I am getting from everyone. It's good to know that we are all here battling one problem and I think its extemely importantly to help each other find the right solutions. I have bad blackheads due to my oily skin for many years now. I have tried multiple strips, and most dont work. I have recently tried many solution lines from a company called BRTC- they are botanical in nature and sell massivel
  9. I've been on an anti-biotic for more then a year, and I have yet to see a freakin result. My grandmother doesn't want me to go on accutane because she said she's afraid of the side-effects. What's the worse that could happen? Does it help with oily skin? No matter what moisturizer I use, my skin is always oily, my pores are huge, and I have blackhead things everywhere. I'm so tired of my derm. putting me on the same crap every time I go. I'm not paying her to tell me that there's not much I can
  10. I am currently using Nivea for Men Oil Control (purifying face wash) and Nivea for Men Oil Control (balancing moisturiser)....I bought the products because they are for oily skin (which is what I got) and the product seems to work................anybody got some comments about this particular Nivea range (please anything good or bad)....or maybe some recommendations as to other products that I might want to consider instead of Nivea
  11. App. State.

    My Cure

    I have had mild acne/oily skin for like 3 years,( im 16 now), nothing crazy and bad, just mild, embarrasing, but mild so one time i got pretty sick and I just took a bath cos i didnt feel like taking a shower, my face had never looked better i mean at the end of the day when i was feeling much better i wanted to go and hang out with all my friends at the mall and not even have to think that my face was gross. so the other day when i had a hunch that my acne was caused completely by showers i to
  12. This is a new topic started to help people to understand why some people suffer with acne. Although alot of the information may be obvious to some people, there will be some people who have never had it explained. I am a proffessional beautician and make-up artist, so i've posted this to try and help others. Please feel free to add information or to be critical!! HOW DO WE GET SPOTS? Too much sebum is produced from inside of the body, which can be too thick or eventually build up and
  13. OnTheWay

    The best oil control!

    I've never really tried any L'Oreal products, but I found the loreal 'skin genesis pore minimizing skin re smoother' on sale and I bought it just to try, because I thought "what do I have to lose?" I was pleasantly surprised by how good this product was! It minimized my blackheads, acne, and oily skin! It keeps my skin oil free ALL DAY! and that's a miracle, because i have REALLY oily skin. I'm using it in the morning and the Alba Botanica Acnedote moisturizer at night with three drops of tea tr
  14. do derms take into account if you have really oily skin, and put you on roaccutane quicker than they would if your skin is not so oily; or will they just go through the big list of topicals and different antibiotics and then think hey they worked for a while but now theyve lost effectiveness (like they just did for all my other patients) mm ok time to put this peep on roaccutane.
  15. I know this may seem stupid and pointless, but I have heard that a lot of moisturizers with SPF are very greasy, and leave your face with a lot of shine. Now, I have oily skin so that definately would not work out well for me at all. However, I came upon a sunscreen from Neutrogena - Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF 30. This seems to be made for the face as it says on the bottle that it does not clog pores. I tried it out, and it actually did leave a dry (in the good sense) finish. Now, would it be o
  16. I got done with my second accutane course about 3 1/2 months ago.. and my oily skin has returned and with it..acne is returning. And, yes, I did the cumulative dose.. and yes i took with fatty food EVERY day. I'm at a loss for what I should do. I'm so depressed.
  17. Hi everyone I have some questions regarding a regimen that i am putting together. I ordered and i am still waiting for the mandelic acid, i haven't tried anything on my face yet but i started with the cider vinegar 3 days ago and it feels really good.I leave the vinegar on in the morning and at night. My question is, can i use the vinegar and then apply the mandelic acid on top of that and leave both on?My skin is a bit sentitive and the scars i am trying to minimize are the rolling typ
  18. I think my skin type may have changed. I was super oily, I mean OILY. Like, I would look like I had vaseline on my face by 12 noon every day. BUT, my skin has become more and more combination, leaning towards dry, these past few month. My t zone is still oily, but not nearly as much but my cheeks feel so dry in the morning. Sometimes they even hurt a little and I wake up thinking "I can't wait until I can put some moisturizer on." So, I have been using absolutely no new products or anythin
  19. exactly what is witch hazel used for? is it for oily skin or to clean off makeup. i have no idea but ive heard that it is in cleanser that help with oily skin?
  20. yeegreen1

    n00b foundation help

    Okay so I am 15 (and yes i am a GUY!!!). I have always had acne scars and just regular acne. Could you recommend me a foundation products and tips on makeup. I have very very very oily skin so I guess I need a very light foundation.
  21. Just a ?: What is the best natural mask for oily skin? And by a natural mask I mean things like honey masks, egg white masks, etc.
  22. hey everyone, this is my first post here, although I've been looking around on these forums a lot for help and ideas. i have a date tomorrow with a girl i really like and i don't get to see her too much, but she's driving 6 hours to come see me tomorrow and i really just want to look nice for it. i know she still likes me and everything regardless of what my face looks like, but this isn't about her, i think it's more about me. i know i can be so much more confident and happy if i am not thinki
  23. LinkinParkFan

    blotting oily skin

    Will blotting my face with tissue/paper towels cause breakouts? i do this every 1-2hrs cuz my face is so oily
  24. i have extremelly oily skin after like an 1/2 hour after i put makeup on. i want to try some mineral makeup like the physicans formual stuff. is it better for oily skin because rite now im using maybelline everfresh and it quite oily and thichish......... is there anything to put on before my makeup to help the oilyness its very embaressing and annoying
  25. Sarah’s spot Diary - Background Sunday - 7th October 2007 Hi everyone, I’m Sarah, and I’m 22 years old. I have been battling with my acne for the past 7/8 months. As a teenager I didn’t suffer too badly with spots a few every now and again nothing too troublesome. But now my face is looking like a pepperoni pizza! Here’s my story! I went on the pill (microgynon) when I was 18 years old, and came off it 7 months ago (end of Feb), as I had high blood pressure, and was a risk for me.