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Found 14 results

  1. I used to have acne problems when I was 13 until 15 years old. Right now, being 19, I rarely have acne but I do suffer from extremely oily face and NOTHING works!!! I wash my face twice (morning and night), I always remove my makeup and I exfoliate my skin three times per week and nothing. This is very frustrating because using makeup is the only thing that kind of controls my oiliness and I'd prefer not to use makeup at all Before applying makeup I use milk of magnesia and a primer and I use b
  2. Okay... Well lets start off by saying that i have been a victim of acne for about 5 years now. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING! I tried Proactiv, which didn't work.. Then i tired natural scrubs and 10% BP which actually helped with my acne but i looked like a snake that was shedding. I hated the fact that i couldn't wear a black shirt because my skin would flake off so much. About my 4th year, i tried Proactiv again, hoping "oh I'm older now, maybe it will work?" And it did for about a week, the
  3. I got really bad acne starting in March because of a bipolar medication (pretty positive). I had some before that around my period but never that bad. Then it just blew up....I would get recurring little red bumps around my temples and clogged pores, blackheads, red bumps on my cheeks. Sometimes it would even look rashy? I've tried otc products, clindamycin, duac, benzoyl peroxide, salycilic acid, diet changes, drinking plenty of water, minocycline, etc. I was prescribed tretinoin but heard it c
  4. Please who can tell me what kind of acne this is? I really feel as a f mine is the worst ever combining with my scare oily face, I feel so uncomfortable coming out in public, haven't gone to collage for two days now cuz of the way ppl stare @ my warzone face, I've been feeling so messed up and depressed cuz of this shit face. I have attached pictures pls I need to get sincere comments on how they look?
  5. Hi, I have recently experienced changes on climate conditions. I went from a place where it wasn't too cold and wasn't windy to a windy and cold air place. However, I have been experiencing excess oil on my face, especially on my T-zone. I think it could be because my skin clogs the pores. I am using all the of regimen consistently and have been adding jojoba oil into my moisturizer however, my acne is still breaking out and it isn't working for me. Was it a possible solution that could
  6. Hello everyone, time has come to make a post, hoping someone could give some directions or tips. About me: Male, 26 years old. Sensitive skin. Lifestyle: Work with computer, but love to exercise, mostly - running. Acne type: Mostly - blackheads and blackheads that turn in to whiteheads. Whiteheads can show up really fast and are filled with loads of white puss. They pop really easy and also heal pretty quickly. Since they are on top of surface, I get no scaring. No cystic acne for me.
  7. I have really oily face idk why, i know i should wash it 2 times but i MUST wash it 10 times a day, w/e i wash it maximum 3 times a day and my face gets oily after 1-2 MAX 3 hours....if i wipe it out with a paper my pores get clogged and bumps come out
  8. My pores are keep getting clogged and when i dont keep up with my low GI diet, bumps like this come up. But last time i popped up these 2-3-4-5 zits, it came out only water, without any "white in it" and i got these scars that don't want to face, whenever i put something on, pores get clogged and causes new pimples
  9. Has anyone here used accutane, or a generic version of accutane and reached success in eliminating excessive oil production in the face and all of the nose area? Whether it was a low dose or a moderate dose. -thanks
  10. I live in a tropical,humid region and thus have a persistent oily face.even after cleansing it only takes about 2hrs for my skin to become oily once again!i think this might be the reason why my pityrosporum folliculitis has never stopped and also that my skin hasn't been acne free for about a year.i developed acne vulgaris as well but it cleared up after using retin-a creams.it burns and also starts to itch like crazy whenever i sweat.i had been using the same retin a creams,hoping that it wou
  11. y2jgogo


    Nice to meet you guys~! It is my first time posting. I am 20 years old and I was on Accutane for 5 months. It's been a year stopping Accutane treatment. Oily face came back with few severe break outs. also large pores.. I have a question. I have very oily face and few pimples and scars... large pore.. I am trying to reduce my acne and get smaller pores. Is it good idea to tkae Vitamin b5 with borage oil? I tried Fish oil but it made my face way worse.. I heard it happenes to
  12. Hi everyone, So after 16 months away from using the regimen and also signing in acne.org i'm ready to re-use. when i stopped using my face was incredibly clear. super clear!!! no marks ..... but a bit tanned. i stopped because my acne was gone but my face was pretty much darker than the rest of my body. however, i still continued using the cleanser and AHA. The AHA generally worked for me as i was hardly getting any pimples. I then concentrated on getting my complexion cleared. Life witho
  13. At the time i squized these 3-4 BUMPS , it came out only water , my skin was shreded, big wounds came up, now they are only red, i can't understand is it wound or scar, its like wound but it's really smooth, i still have 1-2 bumps at 1 week, but i think that acne is going away (hope so), so if can anyone help, i'll be really thankfull. P.S. My face is "extremely" oily at the morning, when i wash it after 2-3 the oil and the shine comes back, no one in my family had acne or oily face FML. 2 yea
  14. well,the topic head says it all!! please add ur recipes (which preferably doesn't need any kitchen stuff except for probably an electric kettle)!!lets just make this thread for everyone 'helpless'!lol!!! easy-to-make puffed rice mix things u need: #puffed rice #spices - dry roasted (in a pan) cumin ground (which u can make once and store almost forever) #chilli(chopped) #oil - any form really. the original recipe uses mustard oil.(this is optional) #chopped onion #finally choppe