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Found 75 results

  1. Has anyone tried this antibiotic. I am having such a bad time with meds. I took Bactrim for 4 days and then started breaking out in hives. Then she gave me Zithromax, you know the one for 5 days just to see if that would help, got hives from that too. I never broke out in hives from meds before. So now we are going to try Ampicillin. I also tried ortho tricycline which wreaked havoc on my stomach. I already have gastritis so it aggravated it. I tried Dorax 4 months ago and had a stomach
  2. I'm scheduled to start taking Accutane next week (2nd day of my period). Well this week i went to the gyn. and it turned out I had a cervical infection and a urinary tract infection, so i was given antibiotics to take for a week. Timewise, it should be ok, since i should be done with them before starting accutane. The docs said it's even ok to overlap a day or so, But i'm worried. Is it safe to take accutane if you're recovering from an infection like this. will it affect anything or mak
  3. Hiya all, i've been on diane-35 ED for about 6 months, it hasen't produced any great results but if anything my pimples are smaller, occur less often and more superfical than before. Yet i still get the occasional bright red inflamed zit last for a week then breaks to the surface where it forms a hiddeous red dry scab for a week, then i'm left with the scar which red and very noticable and can last for more than a year. I fact since on diane my pimples seem to be smaller, but more inflamed lea
  4. Hi Girls! Firstly, without making an essay out of it here is a quick run down of my acne/bcp history: Acne since I was about 14, progressed from mild to moderate about 16-17yo, not long after I turned 17 however it settled down. Still getting inflamed zits at this time, usually 1-2 at a time, and blackheads and such but definately improved. At 19 I went on Diane 35 for birth control (I actually only told the doc it was for birth control too - he must have taken one look at some of my remaini
  5. ok so for the last 2.5-3yrs ive been on mino and differin cream. was on accutane for a little over 6 mths back in year 12. cleared me up perfect, no side effects or anything like that however 6 mths later started comin back thats when i got on my current mino and differin cycle for the last 3 yrs. has been workin ok but the whole time ive just been wantin to go back on tane, i hate puttin on creams and all that bullshit all the time just seems like im ruining my skin even more. recently ive been
  6. I am 32 and have had hormonal acne (cystic, mainly on chin) for 19 years and NOTHING has worked (pills, bc, accutane, topical) until Spironolactone. 100 mg/day and I am clear, it's AMAZING. BUT I have read about all the concerns that is causes tumors. I see that it is banned in some countries but it looks like that has to do with athletes abusing it. Bottom line: Is the risk worth it? Obviously acne treatment is not medically necessary. All internet research I've done seems to be at least seve
  7. Ok, for the past 4 years off and on I've been on diffren, tazorac, all the antibiotics, retin-a, and ortho tri cyclen. all of these work for about a year, but then i notice the Rx stops working b/c my face starts getting super oily, and then the vicious cycle continues! My dermo said accutane is all that is left. But what about hormone level testing?? spiro? or another bcp such as yamin? How do you know if acne is hormonal or not? These treatments arent doing crap for me, and if i did accutane
  8. Hi all, just wondering if anybody has any help on what I'm going through at the moment. Have been on Roaccutane for 2 months today. The last 2 weeks I've had very bad bloodshot eyes constantly and that are so sensitive to cold or air conditioning. I went to the docs who gave me an antibiotic eye drops just in case but he thought it was a side-effect of the accutane. Haven't got hold of my derm yet to ask him. I look like I'm on drugs or an alcoholic and it's really starting to knock my confi
  9. i dont need to go on it but i am just curious......... what happens here in the UK? do u go to the docs or wot? cause dermatologists dont have such a high profile here do they or there aren't as many or somethin? is it free or on the NHS?
  10. First of all when ever I schedule an appt. with my derm they act like I'm privillaged not to be waiting six months for the appt. When I go in I sit in the exam room for a minimum of 20 min. The doc comes in and looks at my skin for maybe 2 seconds and then leaves to bring me samples of things. They have worked for the most part but I always feel like I have to hurry to get my questions in. I'm never satisfied with the answers and I usually leave more confused than when I came in. He's n
  11. Hi, i used to have amazing skin by just using 5% BP once a day. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere I started gettin really bad acne on one side of my face on the cheek, despite using the BP. I went to docs and got clindamycin lotion which cleared it up pretty quick but not totally as since then i always get zits on both sides of my face and by my mouth. Maybe the clindamycin has worn off and doesnt work aswell i dont know. I get the occassional spot on forehead but not very often, touch wood an
  12. hey all of you, Iv been reading these posts and it seems like quite a helpful place, so im going to hit you with some of my questions! ooh lucky you hey Iv been on Minocycline 100mg/day for about a year now. Was brilliant, now its stopped being so brilliant. Acne isnt a huge problem for me. I mean, at times my skin can get pretty bad, but at the moment Im being treated for severe depression and that really is my main concern right now (nb: the depression isnt really related to acne). Well
  13. My 17 yo son, who has a poorly functioning kidney transplant, is starting on accutane again for severe nodular acne. His first accutane course (about 3 months on 20mg every 3 days...so very low dose) was cut short due to very high triglycerides. His skin looked GREAT after those 3 months, by the way. We tried again this past February and within a month triglycerides were 625 and he became profoundly anemic (kidney disease causes anemia but very coincidental) with no response to increasing d
  14. So I went to see my doc today. Not a derm just a regular old doctor. She isn’t my GP and I don’t really like her manner but I want to see what you very knowledgeable lot think about how she’s treating me. I like to think I have quite mild acne. Right now I have only maybe three or four actual spots on my face the rest is just red marks and easily covered. This doc prescribed isotrexin gel for me 4 weeks ago and after reading the reviews of it on this site I knew that patience was the key a
  15. hi my name is daina wilson and i have just started duac gel and it feels weared i have also got mild to koderate acne i have been to the docs and i was just wandering if i could have some advice
  16. Hello ladies..I will not go through a long sob story on my acne..it is obviously hormaonal, and big time!! I am 22 ,5'3 105 pds..with hair on my upper lip ext...I have veeeeeeery irregular periods, I mean they are crazy..to the point of me staying on my menses for 6 mnths straight, or not comming on for 6 mnths straight... I have been ytring to fight this hell, the "holistic way", and I do believe that it helps, bbut I honestly do noyt have time to wait for results with diet alone... So, I nee
  17. Firstly, I havent been on here for a while now. Ive been so busy I havent had a moment to spare over the last few months. Part of me thinks that its a shame I have a need to post again, but im hoping to get back into this anyway as I think its great to talk to other people. I have just finished my course of oral and topical medication: - 1x300mg lymecycline a day (Tetralysal) - Isotrexin gel (Isotretinoin with Erythromycin) I was on them for 6 months and I was very very happy with the results.
  18. This is an article from 2008 http://www.allure.com/magazine/2007/08/Acn...?mbid=yshine_pf PubMed http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1730024...Pubmed_RVDocSum Buy here http://www.coleparmer.com/catalog/product_...asp?sku=8813390
  19. Hello everyone, long time lurker here. I am 31 and have had mild/moderate acne for about 10 years. For the most part it's managemeable, but still always a around nonetheless. But like today...is a bad day. I feel ugly and stupid. So, finally I have an appoinment with a Derm on Tuesday. I typically shy away from meds for fear of things getting worse before they get better. I have a professional job and I just haven't wanted to deal with some face explosion...esp at my age!! But I have finally
  20. so after finaly flipping out with my skin, by that i mean breaking down and crying... ive made another appointment with the docs. lately i have been staying in while my friends are going out because i cant stand being among them when im having a break out. my metal state has gone down hill big style this year and im hoping to get something to boost me up and the only way to do that is by me having clear/semi clear skin. my last perscription was for Tetrocycline which had little to no affect. Is
  21. Hi... Im using a soap which has bp in it and its pretty good but i use this pressed powder neutrogena with makeup which has salicyc acid in it..i hope both these products can go together?or am i being too harsh on my skin?hope they dont interact with eachother to cause havocs on skin? anybody ?
  22. Ok guys, I have asked many questions baout this drug and have mixed feelings. As I had mentioned my acne is mild-moderate, very rarely clears up about 90%, but most of the time it tortires me, but thank God, never gets too severe, mayabe 4-5 cysts, few pimpes and scars, thats the most, but my temples are constantly struggling against 5 or 6 pimples on each side. TO those who have taken it r are taking it, is accutane going to be more effective for someone like me as compared to severe cases.
  23. ok simple question.. how effective is accutane at treating acne that is mostly black heads and white heads?? i guess my main question would be - how effective is it at geting to work with acne vulgaris? thats wot i got, alot of white heads that leave disgusting ugly big red marks.. and acne bacteria under the skin also makin it red acne vulgaris in other words and my docs prescribed me accutane - 20mg a day since NOTHING else has worked so what u guys think?
  24. hey just wondering i just had my blood test at the docs to c if i am eligable for roaccutane... and i am worried that because i have been takin Vitamin A 25,000 IU for a week now that it might have an effect on my results and stop me from havin the roaccutane.... could someone plz help... I hope it doesnt effect it..... and also wat does the blood test, test for?... Thanks
  25. i got eryacne 4 from the docs and its about the only thing that works on my bacne! Does anyone eles use it and does it work on you?