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Found 332 results

  1. Hi everybody... Well, I just wanted to share my experience so far, with what I feel now to be PF. About 3 yrs ago, I had what appeared to be acne forming on my belly. Not sure, how or why, but maybe from extensive outdoor work in the lovely Texas heat and humidity of summer. Anyway, it stayed localized on the belly area. Never really progressed to other areas. And it certainly looked exactly like the belly pic on this link. http://www.aocd.org/skin/dermatologic_dise...orum_folli.html Hav
  2. honestly...........i think i'm mentally ill. and i don't know whether its to do with accutane or not. before i would be indecisive on choices. but now.....it's gotten pretty serious. i can't make choices. i take forever. meaning hours. and hours. and then my brain gets tired. i finished my 3 rounds of 4 months each round at 40mg accutane recently. i feel like i'm the only one experiencing the mental problem. i only feel depressed because i can't make choices. and because i repetitively get stuck
  3. Hi everyone, I found this website luckily by searching on Google. Acne has never been a real problem for me. I am now 39 years old and have body acne (some on face/neck too, but much worse on the body). I am also a skin picker, and have been so for many years, and it is actually unrelated to my acne. I have anxiety disorder and OCD and depression which I've been battling for decades. My anxiety has gotten much worse due to financial problems, and my skin picking is off the charts. I do
  4. http://www.aocd.org/skin/dermatologic_dise...orum_folli.html I feel like this is exactly what my "acne" looks like! I have no doubt that I have acne and folliculites, but is it cure able just like acne. Because acne is curable It mus arise from immune deficiency and same things as acne of course, but now it is a fungus as well. No wonder epson salt helps me and so many others. Killing the yeast. I am going to be more alkaline to kill the fungi and acne. I am also going to drink far far more
  5. Hey everybody I'm new to this website and I just wanted to explain my story and look for some help as well as help others with rosacea brought on by a drug such as accutane or Retin-A. I had a very mild case of acne and im alittle ocd when it comes to my looks so i quickly went to the derm and he prescribed a thing called Retin-A which most of you prolly heard of. I used it for 8 months and quit about a month ago. WHAT A MISTAKE! It turned my entire face a flushing red color and brought along wi
  6. For the past two months I think I've had the WORST luck I've ever had with my skin. Over and over again I've inadvertently done things to make my skin worse: essentially burned my skin with hydroquinone, picked at a blackhead turning it into this big red scab, scrubbed the side of my nose too hard with a towel causing an abrasion, and I could go on. Nothing HORRENDOUS, of course, but each week it's seriously been a different thing on my face that's upsetting me. Two weeks ago it was the picked b
  7. Since I went through puberty I've had acne, mainly on my face but also on my shoulders and upper back. I used to watch my mom pick and pick at her skin for sometimes an hour at a time so I thought (being 12/13 at the time) that she was doing something good for herself. So I started picking at my pimples too, and found I got great satisfaction when I successfully popped a big whitehead or got the black gunk out of a blackhead. So I continued picking, only on my face. I thought I was helping
  8. Hi everyone- please don't judge my craziness: 22/male/Canada here who suffers from mild acne. I decided to do this post because I've been floating around on these boards for quite sometime and really got inspired and motivated by hearing other people's stories. So like Dan, I would like to share my experience and joy over the wonderful benzoyl peroxide. Rewind back to when I was 12 in music class. My friend beside me told me I was bleeding on my upper lip. It was a tiny whitehead I fiddled wit
  9. Christina ~


    before i begin i want to stress that i am NOT saying NOT to take this medication. let me repeat this... I AM NOT SAYING NOT TO TAKE A MEDICATION what i am doing tho is posting a warning so that you and your doctor together can make an informed decision. I have severe depression and anxiety to the point where i am now under intensive thereapy and medication. Inititally i was prescribed Epival/Depoke Acid and Seroquel to stabalize my mood swings. I wound up stopping them due to seizures whi
  10. ok, i kinda figured that a lot of people pop their pimples even though they arent suppose to.. but my problem is slightly different...i ENJOY popping my pimples...its weird, i get a slight adrenaline rush when i pop a pimple...i am obsessed with seeing the little white shit come out you know? and once i pop i can't stop...i go around my whole face until i turn red! ... it's like i can't stop! i have been popping pimples for so long that i know the exact technique how to pop ANYthing out... i hav
  11. is there anything kinda stupid taht you know has now effect on your acne but you're convinced it does for some reason. like a superstition. i have to brush my teeth four times i day and it has to be the colgate total toothpaste with witening as well.. talk about ocd??
  12. I really want to accept myself, but sometimes I wish everyone was blind and we could just feel eachothers hearts instead of looking at looks. I mean there is so many things I am grateful to see, but I haven't been grateful to see myself. One fear I have is that coming to this board is making me focus 10x.s more on my acne, but I also find relief and support. I think due to my OCD type behavior I should just come once a day for the support and that's it. It is hard though cuz I work during the d
  13. sixfeetunder


    So I've noticed that quite a few people here have OCD, whether it be relatively mild or more on the severe scale of things.. and I'm quite curious about other people's experiences with the condition.. just in general, not necessarily about excessive hand washing or other 'routines' they have come about because of a strong urge to keep skin clean, etc. though that may easily tie in with it all. It could be more like my case, and not really acne-related, or could be more focused on skin, either wa
  14. Hi there, and thanks for reading. I've been a longtime lurker, but this is my first post. I really believed I was past this, and I thought if my skin was better, the picking would be as well. Anyway, it's been getting worse everyday over the last few weeks even though my acne isn't really a problem anymore. I just feel like I'm going crazy and am trapped in this cycle. I don't know what to do, and I feel like I've tried everything. I don't have anyone to talk to about this and would really appre
  15. i think i have ocd. why? oh lets see... -i wash my hands a lot -i won't touch the toilet seat with my hands -i sanitize if i've been out in public the minute i get in my car -i sanitize all the time -i wash my makeup brushes everyday -i won't buy anything that looks tapered with -i have to have everything in it's place -i watch every little thing i eat -i obsess over my skin and every thing wrong with it -i focuss a lot about negative rather then positive -i clean out my car all the time -i
  16. Hello. I have a problem. I pick at my face way too much- it makes my skin 3X's worse than it really is. I think im a bit OCD. Anyone else struggle with this? I want to do better & not worry about imperfections. Life is too short. I looked at stoppickingonme website- good stuff. Thoughts? Anything to Share?
  17. Has anyone tried taking b5 (5 - 10g) while on accutane or post-accutane? It might sound a little overkill but I'm thinking ahead of ways of preventing the acne from coming back once I'm done with accutane...OCD I know but I'm sure you all feel me...
  18. Hi everyone. This is a first post like this of any kind for me... I am 35 years old and have been a skin picker ever since my early 20ies. I am not a face picker, but I do have a very bumpy skin with tiny acnelike bumps that bug me, which I would love to pick but usually don't because I am afraid people will see the scabs and scars. I am one of those pickers that picks in places that are easily accessible and hidden with clothing - I always pick my back, shoulders and chest raw, as well as sc
  19. Shandon5

    Popping Zits

    Hi there. If any of you have the urge to pick, scratch, irritate your skin or have OCD, check out this website. I swear that viewing some of this videos will cure you or make you upchuck. Some of these are disgusting to say the least.
  20. Yes...I have this problem of failing to voice out my worries or have a lot of reservations about doing so because I don't want it to worry other people. It sucks so much!!! I think I have a slight OCD with worrying...and when nothing gets done (even though indeed nothing may need to be done)...I worry more. Argh!!!
  21. Ok so here it goes. When i was 13 i started to get acne. It was actually pretty bad and i was teased about it. For some reason i didnt really care. I mean i was 13 ya know. My acne subsided to a few here and there for a while. When i reached highschool i began athletics and playing football. I remember starting sophmore year and i thought i was hot stuff. I had girls telling me im cute and stuff. Two months later my acne got soo bad. Girls actually said,"eww". when they looked at me.It was a tot
  22. wwfasd?

    So what is it?

    Okay now i know i don't have the worse case of acne. Believe me I know. Back when I was 15 my entire forehead didn't have one spot where it wasn't covered in a lovely red pussy zit, thank god for bangs. So really I know this isn't the worse case. HOWEVER after being clear for a year this BITES. I thought I was done, damn proactiv and false hopes. So now you can see I have little bumps on my upper lip, chin, and forhead (although you cant really see with forehead with camera) and couple inlfamed
  23. Hey, I've have some acne since I was 17-18, and I also have OCD and likely Body Dismorphic Disorder.. at first maybe it was only when I was stressed out, I'd get like a pimple on my forehead or nose. Then I started getting carried away with worrying about it, I think I got like 3 pimples once, and tried pro active, that just made my skin feel like crap... and so began the LONG hundreds of dollars spent over the past couple of years combating acne... and it's only gotten worse, with more break
  24. So for 2 years now i have had pretty bad acne. However over the course of the 2 years i have made a drastic change in the way i eat, sleep, and live. A lot of my acne has gone down, i'd say 75%, mainly due to my OCD and meticulous habbits i have formed over the years. As good as this may seem acne really affects the way i am, as most of you probably know. I still get one or two big pimples, usually stay for a while (like 3-7days), and are usually really red and noticeable. These 2-3 pimples al
  25. hey all of you, Iv been reading these posts and it seems like quite a helpful place, so im going to hit you with some of my questions! ooh lucky you hey Iv been on Minocycline 100mg/day for about a year now. Was brilliant, now its stopped being so brilliant. Acne isnt a huge problem for me. I mean, at times my skin can get pretty bad, but at the moment Im being treated for severe depression and that really is my main concern right now (nb: the depression isnt really related to acne). Well