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Found 14 results

  1. acneisok


    2 WEEKS IN.. Like in my last post I will be breaking this one down into parts. SIDE AFFECTS: Pretty much the same but getting slightly dryer as time goes on. I haven't had any more nosebleeds and the joint pain has gone down. My lips are very dry and I feel myself always having to apply lip balm or they will hurt. My face is peeling a little bit but that's just because my skin is so dry. My body is not that dry yet. HOW MY SKIN IS LOOKING: I think my skin is definitely purging because I've
  2. The regimen gave me a ton of problems while I was on it. Though it did help clear up my acne to some degree, I never got to the point that I was completely clear. Before I continue I'd like to say that this was just my personal experience with the regimen- it could very well work great for you, but for me... it was hell. I was on the regimen for around 6 months. It's now been another 6 months since I quit the regimen. I'd also like to add that I was on an oral medication for acne, Solodyn, while
  3. steviejye0


    From the album: 3RD WEEK OF THE REGIMEN

  4. acneisok

    4 WEEKS IN

    SO This is the fourth week into the process... As like my other posts I will break down this blog. SIDE AFFECTS: DRY LIPS AND FACE. I recently picked up this cerave moisturizing lotion and its like white goo. It works wonders. It works even better than than the medical moisturizer the derm prescribed. VERY DRY EYES RECENTLY. I've been noticing my eyes are extremely dry and they would water if I didn't put at least two drops of eye drops in each eye. In the hallway I would walk and it would
  5. Hi All! I went on a vegan diet about 2 months ago, and maybe I'm just being quick to judge, but I am not seeing many results. My diet is made up of fruits, veggies, legumes,whole grain breads and pastas, many vegan alternative products like fake cheese and meats, dairy free milks, vegan junk food on occasion (vegan chocolate, potato chips, coconut ice cream, vegan desserts),tofu and soy products. I also drink a ton of water, get plenty of sleep and excercise, as well as keep up with a skinc
  6. steviejye0

    Right side

  7. I am on my 8 th month of my 9th month course and my last blood test to get me medicine is on Halloween... and I'm breaking out so bad. I will attach picture. My derm seems to think it's Bc I'm so dry but I don't feel to dry. Evryday is getting worse plz help. I am aloud to stop this month and I think I might I can't take this. My skin was so good before... this month. What happened.
  8. acneisok

    1 WEEK IN

    1 week in the process of taking Isotretinoin and I feel great. I'll break down this week into side effects, how my skin is looking, how I'm feeling, etc. Before I get into that I want to let you know my Derm has me taking 2 30mg pills a day. I take one in the morning with food and one at night with food. The brand I'm taking is called Absorica. So now... SIDE EFFECTS: In this past week the only side effects I've been experiencing is minor bloody noses and Joint pain. The joint pain only
  9. Hi Guys I'm new to the forums and I'm seeking advice from peoples personal experience and knowledge to give me some advice and point me in the right direction hopefully! I've had acne since about 16 and its been so hard to keep minimal, I'm 20 now and a couple of months ago my GP put me onto Epiduo and Lymecline Capsules , it took about 2-3 months for it to really work, when my skin was at its best all scares had disappeared , there were no spots, blackheads/whiteheads you name it, I could not
  10. I know we are all keen to get clear skin but do other people set mental deadlines like me? I say to myself, hopefully my skin will be better by this date or this time and then being disappointed when it isn't. Deadlines don't help, they just end in negativity. While we wait for our treatments to work or our next GP or Dermatologist visit, we are expected to go out in the real world and try to live our lives as normal no matter how hard it might be. To a certain degree, even if we can eventually
  11. been on the above antibiotic for 2 months but not seen any result if not skin seems worse ... any advice??
  12. Hello everyone I am a 17 year old male and my junior prom is coming up. The girl I asked is so beautiful and you guessed it...she said yes recently, my acne has seemed to be a lot better. For the past few weeks my breakouts (mainly on my cheeks and chin area) have been at a minimum. But within the past few days it seems like it is trying to make a comeback. My routine hasn't changed in the past few weeks either (wash face twice daily, use retin-a at night, and take two cephalexin per day) alt
  13. I'd hope that I'd never have to log into this account again. After my acne relapse post accutane, dan's regimen was the only thing that worked for me. I mean, my skin was beautiful. i would maybe MAYBE suffer from 1 breakout a week but now, after about 4 years of use it is starting to fail. I'm a 21 year old who juices vegetables on a daily basis, workout's regularly (and wash face afterwards) stays healthy and balanced. I've been more healthy than I ever have in my life. I wash my face
  14. acneisok

    3 WEEKS IN

    SO This is the third week into the process... I cant believe its almost a month into it. As like my other two posts I will break down this blog. BEFORE I go into everything I just wanna say that I am still at two pills a day at 30 mg. The accutane medication is called Absorica. SIDE AFFECTS: VERY DRY skin. My skin On my face is very dry and parched. Its flaking ad every time I try to cover something with makeup it makes my skin look worse. The medical moisturizer that they gave me is