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Found 46 results

  1. I just bought Dove sensitive skin unscented yesterday and might I say this is the best bar soap I have ever used. Finally a bar soap that doesn't dry out my skin insanely. But aside from that, cause I don't expect it to work right off the hand 1 day, I'm needing help describing my acne. I can't afford a dermatologist so can somebody help me out? Inflamed...non-inflamed..cysts..blackheads..whiteheads. lol Sorry.
  2. So pretty much i mostly get all my acne on my chin. Everytime i break out it's on my chin. I mean i get little non-inflamed whiteheads on my forehead and my nose has blackheads, but i ALWAYS break out on my chin! I also think why i break out so much there is because i have tons of pesky inflamed whiteheads..? What do you recommend to prevent and get rid of whiteheads? I'm starting to change my diet, because well... im 13 and i kinda pig out haha! Also i do a honey/yogurt mask every night or so
  3. So, to start out with, my face looks terrible right now. I was on Benzaclin for about two years and it worked WONDERS, I was pretty much acne-free and loved it. Unfortunately, I lost my health insurance and really can't afford it any more. Now, my acne is back with a vengeance and I don't know what to do. I've tried so many things and nothing is working, I'm starting to feel really helpless. My acne is usually moderate, with many shallow, surface-type pimples, primarily on my forehead and jawl
  4. So anyway, let me first list my regimen AM: Cetaphil Cleanser Olive Oil Face massage Oxy BP 2.5% Olay Complete for Oily/Combination skin PM: Shower and use Baby Brush method Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Cream Cleanser Olive Oil massage Clindoxyl Neutrogena Healthy Skin So it seems to me that after using the DKR regimen, i have cleared up within a week, but i think my skin might have grown some tolerance because now i just grew a Cyst in which i RARELY ever get those (maybe it's because i've been
  5. I'm 23, a male, and have had acne since my early teens. I actually went on the regimen for the past couple years with great success, but I'm eager to get to the root of the cause. For this reason (and the fact that my moisturizer was discontinued resulting in breakouts with any others), I've been off the Dan's regimen for a couple months. Description: I tend to get pustules around my mouth and down towards my chin, as well as non-inflamed acne on my forehead as of late. Currently all I'm doin
  6. I have non-inflamed comedonal acne (no black heads). I have been on a good regimen of SA 2% and BP10% for 10 days now. I have no new pimples, but older ones started to become a bit bigger and started to develop white heads. Is this a good thing? Does that mean my pores are opening up and this gunk is slowly coming out? Or is it the other way around? Are my pores getting more clogged? I don't know what to expect..pimples getting smaller and disappearing or pimples getting bigger, burstin
  7. I had a non-inflamed blackhead/congested pore, and I couldn't resist trying to squeeze it out (I know I know, you're not supposed to but I just couldn't help it!). Unfortunately, no matter how hard I squeezed, I couldn't get it out, and now I've made it worse. Its now inflamed, painful, and bumpy, and I've tried everything to try and fix it. I used a cold pack, ome Neosporin, and left it alone, but nothing is helping. I'm now panicking a bit because I have a big event to attend on Thursday,
  8. Okay so I'm extremely frustrated with my face right now! I had a group of fairly minor, non-inflamed pimples on my cheek about 3 weeks ago and stupid me I picked at them (I know I shouldn't). Too make a long story short, I have been waiting for them to heal for the past 3 weeks. They keep drying out to the point where the layer of dry skin covering them becomes so ugly I have to peel it off. And underneath it's always a little raw and tender, but nothing serious. The pimple itself is comp
  9. Hi, I mostly have non-inflamed acne but do also get whiteheads and painful cysts occasionally. Currently I cleanse with a scrub and have just started using azelaic acid afterwards (I'm VERY allergic to BP). My question is, I have a few scabs on my face where previous spots have been picked (I know... ) or got out of control. Will it be okay to use the azelaic acid on these areas? Thank you
  10. I am rather new to this site and it is very informative but with every acne issue, most of the time, harsh chemicals are recommended. What about the people with super sensitive skin who cannot use Benzoyl peroxide or Salicylic acid? What about the people who do not respond well to skin peels; even the ones that are suppose to be ideal for sensitive skin. What should we do in the fight against acne? I have mild acne and sometimes I will have a major breakout in times of stress and/or my cycle. Si
  11. I have my first appointment with Face Reality, I have heard many good things about them and am hoping that they will be able to help me get my skin clear. My skin is mostly non-inflamed, with small bumps on my chin, foreheard, and cheek area. Before this, I never had any acne what so ever. But everything changed a couple of years ago, when I moved to San Francisco. It's been really hard to deal with, since it has been tough on my confidence. So I have high hopes for Face Reality. Will pos
  12. I am 26 and have suffered from acne for 12+ years. I originally began with Clinique 's cleansing system back in my teen years, but when the breakouts kept coming I started to see a dermatologist (well... actually three over the years). I have tried every product from retin-a, benzaclin, epiduo, the list goes on... I've had oral medications and eventually turned to accurate which dried my face beyond belief, but did leave it clear for about a year and then that acne began to rear its ugly head on
  13. I started breaking out pretty badly shortly after going away to college this year. I was about 85% or so clear before I left so naturally it's quite, quite upsetting. Lately, however, i've been having the worst acne of all. I keep getting nothing but white-heads that shortly turn into those non-inflamed, non-painful zits that have the huge, crusty crap that dries on top of it while it heals. I literally have like 10 of them on my face right now + 10 or so small inflamed pimples. It's just disg
  14. When I was about 12 I started getting acne.I never really had a problem with the large red bumps that shoot out on the mirror when you pop them(At least no more of a problem than anyone else.)I have always had problems with whiteheads.They will not pop,will not go away using proactive,and some have been there almost a decade already with no end in sight.They started on my face around the nose,then progressed to chin, forehead, sides of the face, under the neck,etc.I always figured they would go
  15. hey, i have hair thats covering my forhead but 4 the past week ive been keeping my hair up and it hasnt been touching my forhead at all. but it doesnt look like its getting better. i need help heres my regimen: clearsil oil free cleanser proactiv toner 2%bha 2.5% bp maybe i should use 10% sunscreen or moisturizer im using this regimen because i have mostly non-inflamed acne with a cuple inflamed p
  16. I have been looking for a new acne treatment. I have rough skin, blackheads on my nose and cheek area and then inflammatory acne (pustules) on my chin and side of my face. Overall my acne is very mild. Weekly I get 2 or 3 red bumps, that can be painful and sensitive, that eventually breakout into a whitehead and then disappear. Everyone tells me the regimen would be the best, but I cant use benzoyl peroxide on my skin. So I studied and read and came to the point of two options, Retinol or Salic
  17. Hi, thanks for reading. I'm about to leave for uni and move on with my life and have just reached a point where I simply need to FINISH ACNE. My skin has been kind of almost getting better only to be knocked back down for years as I've tried to treat it. My acne is just SO stubborn! I just need to, today, to once and for all sort it out! AAAGH! Basically the biggest problem for me is non-inflamed acne and tiny whiteheads, clogged pores etc. I've been doing as much research as I can and have fou
  18. So I have these little bumps that are small pimples I suppose. They have white centers, and take weeks and weeks to come to a head. I have been making the mistake of picking and them which turns them into little pinhead sized sores. I need some tips for healing these sores over. I currenty wash with Neostrata glycolic wash morning and night, use BP 2.5% before bead, and have been applying Avene's Diacneal to the spots which sprout these little non-inflamed buggers. Any tips?
  19. I've been getting a lot of non-inflamed whiteheads lately, especially now that I've stopped using the BP. The problem with the BP was I needed to use it every day to control the whiteheads, but my skin can't take that abuse. It would get irritated and dry and I would end up with more inflamed acne. I've decided I would rather have non-inflamed acne lol. I'm hoping since green tea has been shown to be as effective as BP that they will start to go away slowly, but I'm going to add AHA every other
  20. Here''s my old post and background information if you're interested. My regimen: Wash with water only, freely Adapalene 0.1% every night before bad Lysozyme 30mg x1 every morning and night Medocycline 250 mg x2 every morning and night Cod liver oil at least 1800 iu of Vitamin A(Retinol) per day I started using this regimen since Day1 14/4/2015. Acne wasn't inflamed, but mostly non-inflamed bumps. Attached photo taken on Day
  21. What is this ? It doesn't hurt or anything I'm African American and need I know and what I need to do to help it i never really broke out just started I'm 15 & I think I wanna try to do zinc medication 50 mg oral ? Any suggestions
  22. Hey guys. This is my first post here so sorry if it's the wrong place, "bump" it or move it to wherever it should be if I'm misplaced. I'll give you a little background info on my skin: I'm 17, so it's not like I'm struggling with severe adult acne (I think it's the type I'll be able to grow out it in a few years because of its mildness because my older brother did, then again my mom has cystic acne in her 40s) My first zit came when puberty started, I would get an inflamed white head somewhere
  23. Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking the forums for a long time but this is my first time posting. I’m a 22 yr. old male with oily skin and my main problem aside from the scars is these bumps under the surface of my skin that are all clustered on my cheeks and chin; they’re not inflamed or painful but they’re hard and give my skin a lumpy feel, and I’ve had them for ages. I haven’t had a breakout in a a long while, however when I sweat I can smell a foul odor coming from my pores so I know pus or s
  24. Okay so i had acne all through high school, in fact, i had some of the worse acne EVER i felt. Pic below. I mean, my face was covered in bright red spots and it was continuously coming back as bad as ever. I was only 18 and felt i should have a much better face. Then i did what everyone else does. Used every over-the-counter product i could find. Those of course kinda helped but i still was having major issues with bright inflammation and the pimples continuously reoccurring. At the age o
  25. This doesn't happen often - actually, it's only happened to me twice - but what happens is I pick at my skin (awful I know) and particularly if I pick at a small, non-inflamed white bump, it will turn in to a large red bump and then fade to a large, nearly flat, purple mark that sticks around for a long time and is ITCHY. Does this mean what I think it does (bruising)? If so, what are the long-term implications of this? Have I permanently damaged my skin? Or is it something else entirely?