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Found 10 results

  1. Ok, so things are alright. I am still doing well inflamed-acne wise, but not so hot in the non-inflamed department! It's spreading down my face I still love my AHA+ and am using it every night, but it's not doing as much as I was hoping it would for the bumps. I am considering treating it as fungal instead of acne. I never thought those bumps all over my forehead could be anything besides acne! But reading some posts made me think that it might not even be acne. It makes sense! It gets worse i
  2. Hello all. I recently went to my ob/gyn and asked for Yasmin to help with my breakouts that I get the week before my period. She told me that usually it does help breakouts, but my question is this. I get a lot of non-inflamed acne, especially on either side of my chin. Just flesh colored bumps that linger forever. So all you women who have used Yasmin for acne who also have clogged pores/non-inflamed spots, did it help them? I really hate them because they don't go away until I make them go awa
  3. Greetings to one and all. My name is Nadera and I have non-inflamed acne (hears chorus of Hiiiiiiiiii Nadera! lol) I'm an African-American female, 34 years of age. I've had problems with my skin since I turned 18 and went away to college. At that time, I was diagnosed with "adult onset acne" which was probably just a physical manifestation of stress since I had moved 7 hrs away from home (by car) to attend school. I've never had cystic acne, just lots of blackheads and terribly oily skin
  4. Hey party people, My name is Nadera and I am a 34 year old African-American female who has grown tired of the non-inflamed acne which has plagued me for the past 15 years. My biggest problem is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). A friend of a friend recently mentioned to me that our mutual friend has gotten her skin clear after years of a similar struggle AND she showed me a recent pic of said mutual friend. Not only did mutual friend's skin look clear, but she also looked HAPPY.
  5. So here's my deal, I use to have moderately bad hormonal acne (inflamed) to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. So I started experimenting (as well as starting birth control pills). I've come up with a regimen that keeps my inflamed acne in check, however I'm still struggling with the non-inflamed stuff, mostly blackheads on my nose. Here's what I do: Morning: Witch Hazel astringent Olay SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer for normal skin Night: OCM with Sweet Almond Oil and Castor Oil
  6. Any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated.... I have never had great skin, but have never seen my skin like this and it is getting increasingly worse. I have been using Paula's Choice 2% gel for 2-3 weeks nightly without improvement. Then, I thought this may be some kind of pityrosporum folliculitis so I have used Nizoral the last two days. (leave on for 3 mins in shower) It seems as though my skin gets worse throughout the day and the most clogged pores show up at night. They are c
  7. Hey everyone, I'm a 20 year old girl who's been dealing with acne since high school. I've gone through about a million different regimens in my battle with acne. In addition to my blackheads, I used to have pretty bad inflamed hormonal acne, mostly in my chin region. I also used to have a lot of clogged pores on my temples as well as my chin. I've managed to get all of that under control with my current regimen and ortho cyclen birth control, except the blakheads all over my nose. It feels li
  8. From the time I was 12 to around 16, I generally only had non-inflamed acne. Just little bumps everywhere. Then this past year as a 17-year-old, I started having inflamed acne. On my cheeks, on my forehead, and all along my jawline. I started using Dan's regimen, and it worked very well, and I no longer have inflamed acne. I have been on the regimen for 25 weeks now. So that's all fine and dandy BUT... now I have my non-inflamed acne everywhere again. It is most predominant on my temples. So
  9. Okay, so here's my skin situation. I'm 19 and I've always struggled to control my moderate non-inflamed acne. I have blackheads mostly, tons of them on my nose, between my eyebrows and on my chin. I also get occasional breakouts of them on my temples. I've never had a huge problem with pimples, 3-4 per month that I just pop and conceal until the mark goes away. But then I came home from University about a week and a half ago and I experienced the worst breakout I've ever had in my life 5-7 activ
  10. Hello, I finished my 4-month accutane treatment 2 to 3 months ago and my skin had been problem-free and very well-hydrated until about 2 weeks ago. It started with small colorless bumps on my forehead, and then my skin gradually turned dull and sallow, and it became oilier. Just this morning i woke up with reddish bumps on my cheeks and chin, only one on them is inflamed. While this is considerably far from the condition my skin used to be in and is relatively easy to heal (i dab grapeseed oil