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Found 31 results

  1. Hi all. I've been suffering from acne for 7 years and I'm looking for a foundation that hopefully won't make my breakouts worse. I'm sure that my acne is hormonal unfortunately so no amount of topical treatment will help it, it has to be helped through life style (and hopefully my new birth control? if I'm going to be on it I might as well make it one that has shown results for acne, right?) and diet from my understanding. I've found that certain foundations will irritate and contribute to e
  2. People can indefinitely develop allergies, and perhaps one of the allergies you have unknowingly developed is to an ingredient in your face wash or lotion? It could even be one of those impossible-to-pinpoint ingredients. :\ That's what I ruled when using a cleanser and moisturizer set from my allergist. This stuff works WONDERS.. it's called "Free & Clear" and it's the mildest thing you could ever use. So whether you're on the regimen or not, you should be using a mild cleanser with
  3. Is Mineral Makeup Good for Acne?

    All makeup contains some minerals, which are necessary for makeup to have color. Pure mineral makeup is makeup that consists only of minerals. In other words, true mineral makeup does not contain any fragrances, water, oils, waxes, or preservatives. Just minerals.1,2 Since pure mineral makeup only contains dry solids, it usually comes in the form of loose or pressed powders.1,2 However, many manufacturers today use the term "mineral makeup" loosely to market a variety of products. For...
  4. What Is Comedogenicity, and What Ingredients Are Comedogenic?

    All acne lesions start with clogged pores, which are called comedones. Comedogenicity is a scientific term that describes the potential of a substance to cause comedones. In other words, when a substance is comedogenic, it is likely to clog pores and lead to acne. To test a substance's ability to clog a pore, scientists can use two methods: Rabbit Ear Assay: testing on the skin of rabbit's ears - less reliable - faster, less expensive [Note: Acne.org does not...
  5. How to Wash Your Face the Right Way

    Medical science has achieved significant breakthroughs in the treatment of acne. However, gentle cleansing must precede topical treatment in order to prevent irritation, because irritation can lead to more breakouts.1 Choosing Your Cleanser Look for the terms "non-comedogenic" (non-pore clogging) when selecting a facial cleanser. You know you're on the right track when references to "ultra-gentle," "mild," "non-irritating," and/or "non-overdrying" are mentioned as well. If you have inflammatory acne, the most common variety that comes with redness,...
  6. Dan's products have arrived! I'm so excited! I can't wait to update on how they feel/work out, but first, I have some news from yesterday: SO, I had full coverage for my performance last night. I used Bare Minerals powder, and quite honestly, I've decided that I hate the way it looks on my face. I have very oily skin, and Bare Minerals has no problem showing that. I wasn't sure why a powder would make skin oily at first; maybe because I didn't use the matte formula? Anyway, Bare Min
  7. I just started prescription acne medication for only 3 days and my face has already become dry, flaky, red, and irritated. Taking my dryness, flakiness, irritated, & red skin, what is the best facial moisturizers (both A.M. & P.M.) that is non-comedogenic AND oil free? I wish I could just put that intense moisturizing hand cream on my face because I feel like that's the kind of moisture I need, but obviously that is not good for my acne. A few options I've heard good things about are:
  8. So currently I use Australis oil free pressed powder- I'm not sure if it's making my clogged pores and problematic chin acne worse but it's the only powder I've found that is reasonably priced, matches my skin tone and actually looks decent on my skin. But I was wondering, what are some acne friendly, reasonably priced liquid foundations for combination acne prone skin? I've been on Epiduo for six weeks, which has turned my normally oily complexion to combination skin, what with the dry patches
  9. Hello all, I have been suffering from light acne for a while now and have a good regimen that has been helping keep things under control. However, it recently occurred to me that my hair product might be contributing to my breakouts. I use either waxes or pomades and, while many of them are top of the line grooming products, they do contain beeswax and oil-based ingredients. I am afraid that these ingredients might be transferring to my pillow and onto my skin. Does anyone know about a m
  10. Hey guys, I dunno if I'm just being typical paranoid me, but I find that every stinkin product clogs my pores. I feel like I can never use a scar cream cause it will cause pimples, vitamin e oil is a no go, hemp oil clogs pores even though people say it has a pore clogging rating of 0, any moisturizers I try to use, even if they say non-comedogenic clog my pores. I find that all products have mildly pore clogging ingredients in them. I am now only using simple brand face wash. I was using Tamanu
  11. Hey all! I don't spend a ton of time around here anymore, but recently did a lot of digging on this particular subject and thought I would start a thread with my findings where others could join in! Finding non-comedogenic hair products has always been a pain, partially because I don't think the companies really worry about it, but also because even when a product may be non-comedogenic, it's not a label they're going to put on a hair product--after all, it's for your hair, not your face, ri
  12. My skin is EXTREMELY dry and flakey . Yesterday I smothered my face in coconut oil (yes, virgin, unrefined, cold pressed, organic) mixed with jojoba oil (because I heard its better to mix with a non-comedogenic oil) and my daily moisturiser for extra thickness, and it honestly did nothing. NOTHING. My face is still cracky/flakey..DISGUSTING.! I really have no idea what else to use, my neutrogena oil free moisturiser isn't giving me enough moisture. Even my Olay everyday sunscreen isn't work
  13. Preferably one I can find at a drugstore. In the winter, my cheeks, along my jaw, and around my mouth gets dry. I'm looking for a non-comedogenic suuuper moisturizing moisturizer. I was looking into the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, but I read that petrolatum clogs pores, and then I read it doesn't, so I'm confused here.
  14. Hey guys, I need your help. I've only recently come across the idea of using setting powders or setting sprays to make your makeup last longer. This is something I really struggle with due to oiliness as my foundation tends to become a bit of a mess by a few hours in. So I could really do with some recommendations! My main concerns are a ) that it won't break me out and b ) that it won't disturb the makeup underneath that I will have spent a lot of time perfecting to hide all my horrible spots!
  15. Similar to my last post... I am in DIRE need of recommendations. I am a true believer in the comedogenic scale, however, I have found about 4 scales, and some have additional information than others. To be frank, I have literally checked out hundreds of products' ingredients...every single ingredient, for hundreds of products, against these scales, to find anything that literally has zero comedogenic ingredients. I also learned than many ingredient names have other more technical names
  16. Hi, I recently tested this very affordable (1 DOLLAR!) lotion called Dermasil Dry Skin Treatment from the Dollar Tree store (USA), and looked up its ingredients. So far it seems that it's non-comedogenic, legitimate product registered to the NIH: Active Ingredient Dimethicone 1 % Inactive Ingredients Water (Aqua), Petrolatum, Mineral Oil (Parraffinum Liquidum),Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Glycol Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Triethanolamine, PEG-40 Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, DMDM Hydantoin, Ma
  17. Hey guys, I have never been one to wear a lot of makeup. Before I started struggling with acne, I used GloMinerals powder for special occasions. When I started getting acne seven months ago, I was afraid to use makeup because I didn't want to make the issue even worse. My skin is doing somewhat better, I'm still getting a few new blemishes weekly and I have a handful of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation spots (that have faded really well after I received Cosmedix's blueberry jessner peel a
  18. Hello Girls, Just touching base on my journey. So far so good. I have continued doing the daily/ nightly routine as well as including the 'Witch Hazel Face Pads' within the routine. Honestly, having this product as a toner has been a God send. It makes my face feel refreshed and clean. I put it over/ under everything I do with my face. For example, after I wash my face, I cleanse my face the 'Witch Hazel Face Pads' and then continue the rest of my routine. As well as this, before I put on my
  19. What Do "Comedogenic" and "Non-comedogenic" Mean?

    Comedogenic ingredients are ingredients that lead to clogged pores, called "comedones." It is thought that comedogenic ingredients stimulate the overproduction of skin cells inside a skin pore, and this leads to a pore blockage, and ensuing acne.1-6 "Comedogenic" Explained The term comedogenic refers to a substance that causes comedones. Sometimes dermatologists use the term acnegenic in place of comedogenic, but both of these terms have the same meaning. Researchers first discovered that cosmetic products could cause acne...
  20. Does Fabric Softener Cause Acne?

    All about Fabric Softeners Do Fabric Softeners Cause or Worsen Acne? Ingredients Found in Fabric Softeners Are Fabric Softener Ingredients Comedogenic (Pore-clogging)? Do Fabric Softener Ingredients Irritate the Skin? Alternatives to Fabric Softeners The Bottom Line All about Fabric Softeners Fabric softeners, also called fabric conditioners, are products used to make laundry and clothes feel softer to the touch in addition to decreasing static cling, wrinkling, and drying time. They are used after clothes are washed. Washing...
  21. Hello, I've been using BHA, and Tretinoin for quite a while but no moisturizer because I just couldn't find one for my skin. Somehow my skin got quite dry two weeks ago so I decided to start using a moisturizer that doesn't cause breakouts. I found the Bioderma Sebium Hydra http://www.bioderma.com/en/nc/the-products/what-s-new/product/characteristics/235.htmland start using it. Somehow I started to get some pimples and now I'm scared if that moisturizer causes it or something else. On
  22. Hello, I've been using BHA, and Tretinoin for quite a while but no moisturizer because I just couldn't find one for my skin. Somehow my skin got quite dry two weeks ago so I decided to start using a moisturizer that doesn't cause breakouts. I found the Bioderma Sebium Hydra http://www.bioderma.com/en/nc/the-products/what-s-new/product/characteristics/235.html and start using it. Somehow I started to get some pimples and now I'm scared if that moisturizer causes it or something else. On thei
  23. I'm just become paranoid about products. I've searched high and low, for good products, but there is always something wrong with them. I don't trust cetaphil cause it breaks people out. And I thought CeraVe was good, but I suspect it causes breakouts. I'm 95% clear (knock on wood), and I don't want to compromise my skin by a dumb topical. I've switched out all my hair products to just natural non acne forming products…I actually only use two products now. I use a probiotic shower gel, I use
  24. What Is Comedogenicity, and What Ingredients Are Comedogenic? The Full Story

    What Does Comedogenicity Mean? How Do Scientists Measure Comedogenicity? The 11 Studies Performed Thus Far on Comedogenicity Choosing a Non-comedogenic Product for Acne-prone Skin This article will go in depth and cover everything there is to know about comedogenicity and comedogenic ingredients. For a brief, summarized version of this article, see the shorter, simplified article here. What Does Comedogenicity Mean? Clogged pores lead to acne. Comedogenicity is a term that describes the potential of a substance to cause...