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Found 636 results

  1. RobTheFool

    What do I have??

    I think I have nodules, but i'm not sure. I get them only on my chin/jawline area, nowhere else. They do not hurt and the largest are about the size of the circumference of a pencil, only about 2 are this big though, most are only half a cm in diameter. They are really annoying me, I have about 8 that are raised above the surface, but It looks like I have alot more because I just have alot of flat skin that is red from previous acne. As i said, I think they are nodules but i'm not sure beca
  2. I barely get white heads or black heads but all of the sudden I get like 5 to 10 nodules and cysts on my face... I suffered from acne for about 5 years now and recently I only had scars but now I am breaking out terribly...
  3. I've had acne since I was 12 or 13 and it started to go away this summer after using Dan's Regimen. But then when school started and I went to college, it seemed to get worse all over again and nothing seems to be working now. I just wanted to see if it looks like I have severe acne or nodules? And if I should consider going to a dermatologist for a prescription treatment instead of testing out different over-the-counter products? http://img81.imageshack.us/my.php?image=we...11231430hi2.png ht
  4. Hello, I'm new here I have had spots ever since I was 13, but back then it was more like smaller pimples, eventually they cleared up at the age 0f 15. I have now turned 18 and I keep getting what I think are nodules, mainly around my jawbone, I went the the doctor's and he prescribed me with duac with 5% Benozyl peroxide. After using it for 2 months all my ' minor' spots and white heads disappeared, but now I'm on the 2nd tube I still keep getting huge red spots/lumps around my chin and jawbone
  5. I wanted to ask for some advise on cysts and removal. Some background: I have oily, easy scarring skin with moderate acne, mostly blackheads and the occasional white head on my face. My back is the worst; almost always have large blackheads/whiteheads with ensuing scarring. My main concern is a 3/4" diameter cyst or nodule on my shoulder. It first showed up about 7 years ago, my mother reccomended just leaving it alone. I had my then-doctor look at it a couple years ago, he had me on doxycycl
  6. willow569

    Small, hard cysts

    Wow, I can't remember when I asked other board members a question here! I'm usually the one answering questions, but, I do have something I've been wondering about. Maybe someone can help with this question? I'm usually 95-100% clear. I mostly get noninflamed acne when I do get spots. I don't get inflamed pustules anymore and I never was prone to large cysts. But I do sometimes get these small, pea-size, hard, under-the-skin bumps. They get just slightly inflamed and a little red, but that's
  7. I don't know what exactly I've been getting, but they are HUGE and when I squeeze, all I get is clear fluid. I've had like four in the last couple of months. One left a nice a scar, because every night I'd poke it with a needle and squeeze because I thought if I just squeezed...hard...enough...something...white....would..explode....out...of...it. Relieving the pressure and healing (what I usually did with huge pimples). But, no nothing white ever came out, and the only thing I ever got from
  8. okay so for the longest time i had a few big hard lumps on my face, but after like a MONTH they had whiteheads. but it wason't just one, it was like 3 different whiteheads on this one little lump. was it a nodule or was it just a bunch of regular pimples in one spot?
  9. pimpled and angry


    Okay, so I took Accutane a little over six years ago with amazing results. I ended up with perfect, flawless skin that wouldn't break out even under the worst conditions. It's literally the only thing I ever tried that made any sort of long term, drastic change to my skin. Fast forward to about four years later. I began getting occasional nodules. At first they were smaller and would go away after a week or so. As time went on, the frequency and severity increased. I began considering Acc
  10. Whats the difference between papules and nodules? What causes papules and what causes nodules. Ive looked at the types of acne already but still don't get it...
  11. zoesaysno

    random break out.

    Out of the 7 years I've had acne.. I never broke out on my left side of my face until recently. I used to get nodules that lasted for months or years.. eventually turn into a cyst. I'm slightly overwhelmed. Half of these nodules/cysts come back. The same spot over and over is such a pain. Using a cream can't help by it's own, right? I feel like I'm missing something. My boyfriend has problems with nodules and I'm not sure how to help him since those rarely ever get a white head. Much larger
  12. ok first off, my acne was never bad to start off with, moderate: but 2 months ago i had a really bad breakout. I went to the derm. he gave me Doxy 100 mg 1 per day and Retin A (.025%). It has been a month since I first started my new regimen. I didnt have a bad initial breakout, but I did grew 4 nodules on my right cheek, that is about it. I went to the derm yesterday for my follow up and mention that I was going to my husband OCS graduation in 3 weeks. So, he changed from Doxy to Minocycline. H
  13. Hi yall, I've been reading some of the other posts about the cortisone shot and I am getting mixed signals on what I should do. Ok, so here is my dilemma. I've taken birth control for 3 years and stopped taking it a couple months ago. Since I stopped taking it, my period never came but I hadn't really had a problem with acne. So, about 4 or 5 days ago my gynecologist put me on a pill called Provera for 10 days to make me start my period before I begin to take birth control again. I started break
  14. pouringRAINA

    What's the difference?

    What is the difference between cysts, nodules and whiteheads? I thought it was all the same before I was reading the personal logs, and now I have no idea what people mean when they describe their acne with these words.
  15. That big red lump...it's been there for 3 days and shows no signs of going away...just big, red, and inflamed. I can kind of feel a lump inside it that I can move around. What is it? Thanks!
  16. highlyevolved

    Do I have nodules?

    In the following 3 photos you can see bumps that are underneath the skin. I had bad acne as an early teen but that cleared up with Roaccutane over 5 years ago. These bumps have been there for about that time frame. I've been too derms - one suggested laser resurfacing (no thanks!) and the other said that they were "fatty deposits" and injected something in them with a needle but didn't do a very good job (over a year ago) and told me to see another derm he reccomended. Now I feel like I j
  17. SilentCries

    Lost and confused

    Okay so heres the problem I know what acne I have and it's the horrible painful cysts and nodules but my nodules does not hurt as much while my cysts is pumping against my skin feeling like it's about to expode any min. I of course have also used many products and went for chemical peel and Nlite treatment but was always left feeling like I got robbed and letted down so bad. I've been to my doctors and they gave me some gel to put over it which worked for abit then it stopped, went to them ser
  18. my story" my acne was very mild. i would get a occasional pimple once in a while, but it wasn;'t that much of a big deal. And the whiteheads i had weren't visible unless i puffed out my cheeks. I was one of those people who suddenly had a burst of acne. my first time having cyst/nodules/big huge inflamed whiteheads on my face. it started around February and got worse till June this year. Then early in July, i started taking sulfameth. its a antibiotic. my earlier antibiotics that i have used w
  19. Lalason

    Help me understand

    Ok, I have been on and off Dianette since I was about 16. I am now approaching 35 and my Doc says I need to stop taking it because of my age. When I am on Dianette, I have clear skin. When I am off it, the upper half of my body but especially my face are covered in huge cysts and nodules. If one comes up on my forehead for example, about half of my forehead swells up. So I have been reading the info with the Dianette and it mentions androgens, this may be my problem. When I am off it (apart
  20. alexwysocki


    Hey there, first post. I'm just back from my doctor and he's told me he'll be sending me to a dermatologist for treatment with Roaccutane - I thought he'd called it Roaxcin or something but I misheard I guess - based on his colourful description of the drug as "the Exocet missile" of the acne treatment world I stupidly looked up the side effects. Now I'm not usually bothered by side effects from drugs, but this worries me. I've had acne since I was about 11 (21 now) and whilst it started out as
  21. Hey everyone. So I finished Accutane about 10 months ago and am about to take another course because my acne has returned. I was thinking that my acne has returned just as bad, but now I think I may be wrong. Before Accutane, I had cysts and nodules, and though they were small, they were plentiful! Now, I have a lot of pustules, but isnt this better than cysts/nodules? Have I really made an improvement? Thanks for any input
  22. I can post pictures if you want but at first I thought it might've been a nodule. It's been there for about 11 days. But the dermatologist said it actually said it was a cyst of 3 mm. It's odd because I've never seen a cyst like that. Usually the cysts I have are really apparent and obvious. But this one seems almost normal though just a slight discoloration. He said that the recovery time should be about 3 weeks for that. What's your experiences with this? If you hadn't had one what is
  23. So a few months back i had a nodule that was really large and wide on my face. It took months to surface an flatten an now i have a scar. Right now I feel something under my skin on the same spot. As soon as I touched and looked i knew that this can develop into a monster. I am so scared right now I am going to ice my face like 10 times a day before it turns into something or what do you guys think should i use bp, leave it alone or keep doing what I am doing. Any response will be highly appreci
  24. tommy_boi

    Will Not Go Away

    I am not sure if anyone else has got this before, but i have had a small cyst/nodule type lump on my neck for about 3 weeks or so now, it keeps popping and it keeps bleeding when it pops, but it never seems to go away, i've popped it three times now and its still there, glad you cant see it though as its under the skin.
  25. I have had what my sister believe to be an acne cyst on my chin for a long time now and it will not go away and now I am starting to doubt if that is in fact what it is. It will get inflamed for few days to a couple of weeks at a time and be quite painful, then disappear so completely for weeks I forget that I have it. I do not know when exactly it showed up for the first time but it is on my drivers license picture from March of 2010. I usually pick at it when it's inflamed and occasionally