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Found 23 results

  1. The three pustules on the right hand side of my chin are drying up and crusting over nicely, the skin getting increasingly flat. However I woke up this morning and found five new red painful under the skin lumps (papules?) on the left hand side. I now have something resembling a red, lumpy, crusty beard. I'm trying to find the comedy in how ridiculous I look at the minute but it's hard. Especially since I've started developing lumps on my jawbone, just before my face becomes my neck, which was a
  2. I wanted to wait awhile before I posted my experience with stopping my birth control pill and my acne. I had tried numerous dietary changes to try to fix my cystic acne, some showed a little promise (avoiding caffeine) but nothing was stopping the cystic/nodular acne completely. I stopped taking my birth control pill may 20th, it's July 27th now, so nearly 2 months later and I have not had a cyst since stopping. Amazing. Still dealing with hyperpigmentation but I've had 2 normal periods as well
  3. Acne Status: In the midst of my 3rd week I have been having a couple flare-ups on my face, particularly my forehead, and the back of my neck. I have asked my friends who have taken Accutane, and they said that their acne worsened in the first couple weeks of the treatment because your body is trying to push everything to the surface and get all the gunk out! It is a little frustrating, but I know I will see results hopefully by next month. Most of my acne in these flare-ups have been surfacing w
  4. I'm a 32 year old Asian male who had severe cystic acne in the late teens and early 20's. I developed some large keloid scars (abnormal scars that keep on growing beyond the original wounds) on the chest and shoulders. I took accutane, which worsened my acne initially but cleared me up for a few years and I remained mostly clear until my late 20s and my acne started worsening again. In december 2015, I noticed some of my "jawline cysts" seemed very persistent and have been their for mo
  5. Hello! Never kept a log before but it seems like I finally have a discipline to do one. The pimples hurt and I'm aiming to clear this before I have to go to work next year and actually wear make-up (Would like to go as minimally without as possible), Also don't really want to e put on accutane if it can be helped. Background: Acne is mostly on forehead and on the chin area. I've had the same ongoing problem since 15 but it has recently flared up with a vengeance after calming down between the
  6. Thought I'd share this new method with you all since there are virtually little to no posts about this method on acne.org. I have a cyst that is not infected, meaning it doesn't hurt, it's just kinda there. It's been inflating and deflating for about two weeks now. I've heard about doing castor oil hot packs for cysts on other parts of the body, and it's also used for a million different things; from fertility, to curing PCOS-cysts on the ovaries, to helping circulation, the lymphatic system, yo
  7. Please excuse my rambling, I am a bit of a talker This log will follow my hopefully successful journey with accutane; I just took my first pregnancy test yesterday and take my second March 5th. Background: My name is Hannah. I am a 20 y/o college student majoring in English. I have had oily skin since puberty but went on epiduo at the ripe age of 15 to control my teenager acne. It worked well and I thought my battle with acne was easily won...and over. I was wrong. My skin was always oily
  8. I have been looking everyone online to see if there was any information on Absorica, since it is generally new and a tad different than Accutane, etc. BACKGROUND I am a 27 year old female who developed very painful cystic nodular acne in the past five years. I had great skin in High School and Proactiv helped me in college, but the summer I got married (2008) I started getting the nodular acne on my chin and forehead. I have done almost everything it feels for the past five years but to
  9. Hi. I have had acne for about 3 years now. First, it was "normal stuff": black heads and white heads scattered on my face, only 2-3 at a time. Then, more inflammatory acne developed on my temples and forehead about one year ago. It wasn't horrible, but it was till worse than what everyone else had on their face. The inflammatory acne just got worse, bigger, and more painful. I had only tried natural remedies this far to cure my acne. Every night i would try some new treatment. Turmeric,
  10. I’ve been on Accutane (Zenatane Capsules 40mg) for about 2 weeks now and let me just tell you all a little bit about how things have been going: Acne Status: Right now I have this really nasty-ass patch of pimples on my left cheek and it literally is the nastiest looking stuff ever. I also have three massive cysts on my back that basically look like freaking welts and they hurt so badly! My chest is mostly clear which is good and my forehead only has tiny little zits. It is still ear
  11. Where is the truth? I've trawled the interwebs for the truth, nothing. This whole ordeal is probably just as bad as the religion debate, the creationism vs evolution debate; never-ending and seemingly without a proven, consise conclusion or evidence to support a side. Maybe there isn't truth? I've pretty much given up on researching Accutane and it's side effects. There's only the black and the white. Depression/Crohn's Disease/Inflammatory Bowel Disease vs. The mild dryness of skin/lips
  12. Hello! I am 16, I have had acne since I hit puberty at 8. It hasn't gotten any better. I've tried every antibiotic, every topical, and BCP. Antibiotics were only temporary and could never suppress my Nodular acne, they also made me feel quite ill. Topicals did so much nothing I'm actually shocked. BCP made my skin so much worse, my acne is definitely not hormonal. My skin is extremely oily, I heard accutane can help with this as well. I'm going to my derm today, hopefully she will write me a
  13. Hey there! My name is Cristine (I go by cna7 here on acne.org)... I am 25 years old (going on 26 next month) and I have been suffering with cystic acne for 12 years. I have moderate, persistent acne that is no longer responding to antibiotics, birth control, spironolactone, OTC products, and all natural remedies. My go-to pharmaceutical concoction was ortho-tri-cyclen birth control and 150mg of spirnolactone for last 3 years; which kept me 90% clear. I went off both back in October 2015 in hopes
  14. I have a flat area under my lip that has been very painful (stinging) for 3 months. It never developed a head and is only slightly raised when inflamed (due to exercise/heat). I don't feel anything hard under the skin when I apply lotion. The pain will go away for days and just when I have forgotten about it, it comes back and hurt like hell for a while longer. I've started notice a small, barely noticeable mark under my lip but I've never seen something like this that simply refuses to go away!
  15. DELETE - Double posted a thread for some reason.
  16. I'm on Day 16 of Accutane and the dry skin and lips side effects started to kick in about 2 days ago. It is peeling mostly in the areas where I had the worst acne, which is my lower cheeks towards my mouth. While I do know the medicine is working (40 mg/day right now if anyone is curious), I'm wondering, does the flaky and peeling dry skin last the entire time I'm on accutane or just for these first few weeks? Even though I'm willing to brave this treatment to get rid of bad acne once an
  17. I'm also keeping this log on RealSelf.com I'm will start counting as of two weeks (full 14 days) into my treatment since that's when the side effects/improvements starting to kick in. Day 15: Skin was peeling quite vigorously. Woke up and it was peeling all around my mouth. Cysts I had prior to treatment have shrunk. Some new ones (cysts or not, big acne) did appear and most is on the right side of my cheek. My left side is clearing. Forehead is drying too. Chin is the mostly clear. My
  18. idek1

    L O W

    I end every day thinking, well hey now, at least it can't get worse than today. It's all up from here, man. And every new day I am proved wrong. Fourth May '18, New levels of low. Gigantic, inflamed, infected cysts showing zero signs of healing after months.They are just kind of there and persistently painful/unsightly/anxiety-fuelling. Sleeping hurts, smiling hurts, talking hurts, eating hurts. Every day in work customers ask me what's wrong with my face, what's on my face, (or my personal
  19. Always good to have a starting point: BEFORE STARTING ISOTREX AND MINOCIN: 3 WEEKS AFTER STARTING ISOTREX AND MINOCIN: It's pretty obvious that my skin looks worse since I started this treatment. The second 3 week update photo is of the right side of my face, which is suffering from a lot of red marks at the minute. I suppose it's better than the nodules/pustules that were there before, but it's still not the prettiest, unless you like your ladies with red skin bear
  20. I don't know why I didn't start a blog sooner- probably because I was hopeful enough to think that my acne would have been cleared again by now! I had my first outbreak when I was 22. It started around my chin (a combination of closed comedones and cysts) and spread down to my cheeks and up to my jawline. Before then I'd always had perfect skin, if slightly on the dry side. I even remember once wishing that I could get zits because I watched the episode of My So Called Life where Angela Chas
  21. This is my first post on acne.org and my first attempt to track my skincare routine and progress in the battle with adult acne. I’m 30 years old and live in Hong Kong. I have combination skin (oily t-zone) that fares poorly in humidity. Since mid-February, I’ve been dealing with a fairly serious breakout of acne, and for the past several months, I’ve been reading up on acne treatments, seeing dermatologists, and trying what feels like every possible solution short of Accutane. Hopefully, I’ll fi
  22. So I have an appointment with my dermatologist in January and if he agrees with my GP then I should be starting Roaccutane. Before this I wanted to get a tattoo so I could have something positive on my skin to focus on. I know that getting a tattoo while on Roaccutane and for up to a year after isn't advised and I'll definitely be abiding by that, but I was wondering if it was ok to get one before this kind of treatment? Also I'm a bit uncertain because I'm currently applying Isotrex gel to m
  23. Since the start of coronavirus I have had two very severe acne cysts (or nodules) I think largely due face mask use (which I unavoidably must use). I never used to get cystic acne but for the first time in my life I had a monster pimple that has left a monster depression on the side off my nose. I really wouldn't mind it so much if it weren't so damn near my eye level since I think its nearly impossible to have a conversation without it being in view. It looks like a third nostril to me, it