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Found 630 results

  1. Where can you get Niacin? I want to try out the 100mg ones. Can you get it at stores like walmart? Or would I have to go to a heath store or something?
  2. i have a question,can i use any base cream on making niacinamide cream?im allergic to aloe vera and i dont know where to find Vanicream
  3. Naruto


    Hi I have used 3x100MG of Niacin + a Vitamin B Complex x3 for x3 days now. I would say that this has helped me at least 50-60% with Large Red sores. The Flushing is strange but the reddening actually helps blend in all those areas that look worse then they are because I have pale skin. I hope this helps and thanks for the member that first posted about Niacin. PS I am not a dealer or rep for Niacin! Also, I ordered from a web site expensive Niacin 500MG but I have only used £2.49 bottle from H
  4. I've been on DK Regimen for over 8 weeks and I still have new pimples forming. About 2 weeks ago I started taking vitamin supplements: fish oil, niacin, and d5. I have a pretty okay diet so I don't think that is the problem. Maybe sun exposure? Please help! Thanks in advance. -Brandon.
  5. Hooray it's Henry

    Niacin--simple question!

    I am considering taking 250mg Niacin (with the flush). However, what brand do you purchase/advise me from not purchasing from? (also I'm going to take 250mg because I'm really afraid of the potency of a 500mg flush and I'm 5'6"/120lbs)
  6. If I made a stack using a combo of B5, niacin and fish oil...wouldnt this be a great stack? 5-7g B5, 500mg niacin and fish oil caps? tell me what you think, feel free to throw in something that you would think might help! thanks
  7. .JacktheLad.

    guys need your help!

    basically my regime right now is .... washing once in the morning with water and once at night, going to the gym, 15 mins cardio 40 mins weights and drinking water after water after water. just now if i feel a mad spot coming on, i will apply skinoren or sudocrem and NOT PICK. probably the best thing ive done for myself actually i also used to take vit a, zinc, niacin, multi vit, vit e, vit d, cod liver oil, and a herbal tablet made by acnease just now i only take a 1000mg vit c and 15mg z
  8. RedSeven

    New Acne.org products?

    Hi Dan I was wondering if you ever thought of adding new products in addition to BP Gel to create a Regimen range? New hydrogen peroxide suspension gels/creams such as Crystacide are expensive, they are as effective as BP but with less irritation due to lack of benzoic acid. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...8&dopt=Abstract Would it be difficult to find a manufacturer to create a stable Regimen H2O2 Gel? Also moisturizers seem to be the weakest link in the Regimen to me. It was
  9. I have been researching the different vitamins that might help. I think I have narrowed down trying the Niacinamide (B3) and or B5. Would you recommend taking these as individual caplets or taking the Vitamin B Complex, which contains all the B vitamins? I just started taking a multi-vitamin (One a Day Womens) and a Vitamin C each day. I went to the dermo this week who basically gave me two options: accutane (not ready for this yet, too scary as of now, might be ready someday in the future b
  10. I started using Niacin flush-free last August...so its almost a year since I started using it and I have been acne free. Thing is, its very hard for me to buy it where im located and I want to go off it...but im scared I might start breaking out again. But, i'll have you know that right before I started Niacin I was on a prescription antibiotic (Solodyn)....so maybe the result of my clear skin has been the Solodyn all along and not the Niacin? I cant really tell since I immediately started Nia
  11. I was just wondering if the potential for liver toxicity/damage has dissuaded anyone from taking niacin. From my research all forms of supplemental niacin pose the risk of damaging the liver, the most likely being the no-flush/time-release varieties.
  12. Please help, I am feeling really desperate and gutted at the moment. In 2008 I went to see a derm privately for accutane, however my tryglycerides were too high at 3.44 and i embarked on a low fat diet, went to the gym, took statins and Niacin etc. In March it was 2.5 and i was almost there to the accepted level of 2.0!!! I am gutted today to have my latest test and it has risen again to 3.1. How????!! I havent changed anything or ate badly!! I was really hoping after March they would today be
  13. Right now this is the order I take them in; Morning Fish Oil 1000mg Vitamin A 10,000IU & Vitamin D 800IU (This is one pill with both vitamins together) Lunch Zinc 50mg Fish Oil 1000mg Dinner Niacin 500mg I want to start taking Vitamin B5 (500mg), when do you think would be the best time to take it? If someone has any suggestions that would be amazing!
  14. Well I have been reading every where that niacin is good in treating acne,so I finally got some today and I took a 100 mg about 1 hour ago and I just had mild flushing it was no big deal.Does anyone know how many mg's are safe and effective to take? I also was wondering does anyone know of an inexpensive product to use to help with the red marks,other then lemon or vinegar? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  15. Darling.Deer

    Vitamins and Birth Control

    Hey! I was wondering which order should I take these Vitamins in? Also will any of these taken together affect each other or will they affect my birth control (Yaz)? Fish Oil 1000mg x2 Vitamin A 10,000IU & D 800IU (one pill with both vitamins in it) Zinc 50mg Niacin 500mg The main part I'm worried about is these vitamins could be effecting my birth control. Thanks for any advice!
  16. missziddi


    I know this thread exists in a bunch of different forms but theyre all over 20 pages long and quite difficult to trawl for specific long term experiences of the vitamin. I wanted to know from everyone who has tried Niacin: - Type of Niacin taken: Flush / no flush - mg taken - length of time taken for - results i.e. % acne clearing attributable to niacin - other medications / natural remedies being taken during time of niacin If you all could please post your experiences please that would
  17. *DNA


    Has anyone had any good experiences with Niacin? I just took 400mg and started flushing, my first time flushing and it sucked ass. I don't know if it was the combination of other stuff, but I was wondering what you all thought of it, if any good experiences with it at all. I know overtime flushing can cause Rosacea, but hopefully this was just a temp side effect.
  18. Hello, I once suffered from pretty severe acne. Perhaps between moderate and severe, everyday I would feel self conscious about it and it put me into a significant depression. I recall it consuming my entire life, I would literally hide my face and stray away from people around. Could you believe I would even skip college classes due to a breakout? I would actually see my face in my car mirror and feel disgusted by my appearance and I would just hide in my car until class ended. I just couldn'
  19. Hey guys, I recently came across this product.. I was wondering to give it a shot.. Let me know if you have used this product.. I am looking for fading my brown marks post acne.. Do u think it will help? What about the Ingredients? Here's the product : Olay White Radiance Uv Whitening Lotion (Combination To Oily Skin) SPF19 150ml / 5.07 fl oz Suitable for oily/combination skin Benefits: 1) Olay White Radiance UV Whitening Lotion not only whitens but also visibly reduces spots and pores. 2
  20. so i have this bottle of pills not even meant for acne but its like vitamin pills and i was wondering if the ingredients in it would be good for acne. i was going to get acnepril but heard some bad stuff about it so i plan on returning it or canceling my order but not if these pills are bad too. so here are the ingredients, just tell me if you think they sound good. thank you. Serving Size is 1 pill. i plan on taking 2 a day. morning and night. Vitamin A: 2500 IU (50% daily val.) 20% as be
  21. BeeBo x3


    Milk thistle helps with liver enzymes and damage right? and fish oil helps with cholesterol? would it be beneficial or safe to take these during the course to keep my blood levels healthy? also is it okay to take niacin once a week? it lowers cholesterol but it also may cause problems with the liver with prolonged use. it also helps relieve toxins from the body. i only plan on taking it once a week (on saturday) its a time release capsule. are these supplement all safe to take together and w
  22. Hello, I'm currently using Paula's Choice Ultra Light Weightless SPF 30 but in my opinion it isn't light at all no matter how much I apply. They happily refunded me the money for this product and now I am searching for a new SPF. I figured that SPF 30 is a bit over the top for me as I am living in the UK and let's face it we don't experience much sunshine here. I have combination / oily skin which is prone to breakouts therefore I need something which doesn't clog pores and is mattifying. I've
  23. Last night I went to CVS to find some Zinc Supplements and I stumbled upon Nature Made Stresss B-Complex. http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jsp...amp;id=prod3501 Its ingredients look good for acne sufferers. Vitamin C Vitamin E Niacinamide Zinc Sulfate Copper Biotin B6 Anyways, I bought some and will let you guys know how its working for me.
  24. For the last two years there´s not a single week that I don´t have a spot in my face, I don´t get a lot but the ones that I get are like cysts and take almost one month to go. For the last 2 weeks my face has been clear. I stopped placing peroxide benzoyl in my face, salicilic acid all of that. All I place now when I see a small spot is some vinegar (i soak a tissue and apply several times in a hour, it seems to work, i do that to when i pop a white one and they never show up again) or niacin
  25. myskinisHELL

    So I got Niacin today...

    I got GNC 500mg Niacin with Niacinimide... most of the testimonials I've read used Niacin with Inositol Hexanicontinate, so I'm just wondering if what I have will still be helpful. Thank you.