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Found 53 results

  1. A month later, drained cyst had refilled slightly so I ended up taking co amoxalave 302mg x3 a day for 14 days and augmentin 250x3 for 14 days. These antibiotics where pretty strong and so helped clear up the rest of my acne pretty effectively. Although It being a quick fix I was pleased with this. I found a warm compress helped fluid drain internally and much of the inflammation was just fluid and not pus. all the smaller marks are just red marks and purple marks, not actual acne. I had d
  2. Hey guys, I was thinking of booking an appointment with Sk:n who said they can offer Roaccutane. Would I be able to get it prescribed privately, then pay for prescriptions/get blood work done on the NHS?
  3. I have FINALLY been referred to a dermatologist after about 2 1/4 years of trying four antibiotics and 3 topical treatments. These treatments failed and I still have persistent (but not severe) acne at age 25 and a half. My appointment with the derm is next weekend. I have a few questions! About 3 months ago I went to the doctors and he told me he would NOT refer me to a dermatologist. I threatened to take accutane without a prescription if I was not referred to a derm (I really was/am fed
  4. Hello everyone, I'm writing today looking for some help before I embark on my 5-month roaccutane course. So I visited my GP a few months ago, speaking about my moderate comidonal acne which had not responded to treatment. He referred me to an NHS dermatologist, who visits my doctors surgery monthly. I had a very very brief consultation with him; he told me I was going on the drug, told me to get a blood test and go on the contraceptive pill and come back to visit him the next month. I did bo
  5. I have suffered from moderate / severe acne for 4 years since I was 15 and I have been trying different treatments (with absolutely no success) for the past two years (Oxytetracycline, Benzoyl peroxide, lymecycline, zineryt, differin, doxycycline, flucloxacillin and many over-the-counters). I was referred to a dermatologist on the NHS 5 months ago and they put me on differin/ doxycycline which I have been using since. I have my next appointment in the near future and I have decided that, conside
  6. Hey, What's the best prescription acne medication available in the UK that isn't roaccutane? I've tried Duac, Zineryt and Lymecycline antibiotics and none of them have worked? What worked for you? Thanks:)
  7. Hello! So I am a 20 yr old female that has had acne for 7-8 years, its is fairly bad and is cystic. I FINALLY managed to get a referral to a dermatologist from my GP and booked an appointment for the 18th of June.. I am pretty upset that I have to wait that long as I really just want to clear my skin up already! So my question is how long does it take to get roaccutane once you see the derm? Do you get the prescription that day or do you have to have another appointment? Many thanks!!
  8. Hi all,I am currently 2 months into my accutane course. I am taking 20mg/day and I weigh between 52-53kg. I visited the nhs derm last week and he said that my skin was looking good and I may only have to do a 4 month course. However he only gave my skin a brief glance and said that I had no active acne... a massive lie! that day I had 2 new cysts on my left cheek as well as some on my back, as well as blackheads on my nose, chest and back. Is my derm blind or optimistic? My acne isn't severe how
  9. So i went to my GP for acne problems. its nothing severe but its VERY persistent. i've been going to him for years and getting different antibiotics which just do not work. He's just referred me to the hospital and the appointment is the end of october and i just dont want to wait that long ESPECIALLY if at the hospital he says he cant do anything. its got the point where i wont go into shops because all of them have massive mirrors and I HATE seeing the inflammation and redness and the spots, i
  10. I’ve just completed my fourth week on 30mg of roaccutane. I have my dermatologist appointment tomorrow morning so I might do an extra post about that afterwards to share what was discussed. My symptoms are much of the same but because I haven’t reacted that badly to the 30mg (at least I don’t think I have) I have a feeling she’s going to up my dose. Things are about to get interesting. Not in this blog post though, sorry. Day 22 Thursday10th August Overall my skin is good, I kee
  11. The epiduo at first made my skin very red and painful. My condition worsened at first and then I saw a huge reduction in my small "zits". My face remained slightly oily however. The antibiotics where fine and i had no side effects. The first photo is poor quality however it does show how my cysts are still coming thick and fast despite the reduction in the yellow head spots. its like trading the pus filled nasties for more serious acne that will later look 10 times worse. I finished my summer ex
  12. I'm still suffering from "bad chin skin". I get these lumps that don't build a head and just stay angry and red for ages. This is all concentrated on my jawline and chin as you can see from the pictures I'm over 3 months in I would have thought that this nonsense would be over by now! I'm still on 40mg, and my next appointment with the derm isn't until the 28th. So I decided to call up and see if I could increase to 60mg as I was still having breakout. My derm told me that this wasn't p
  13. Finally after years of trying and failing with everything (inc. the acne.org Regimen). My GP has finally recommended Accutane. I'm 20, and at Uni, so, it's going to be interesting. I've got my appointment with an NHS Dermatologist on 31st October - so only a 5 week wait (which is really good, most people in the UK have to wait 8 weeks +). I'm so hopeful and optimistic now, everything is really riding on this. So here's the start of my log, wanted to capture all my optimism now so I can look b
  14. Hello! Today marks day 1 of my accutane journey. I’m based in the UK and have been prescribed this on the NHS (after waiting 4 months for the referral!). Acne backstory is that it started when I was 12 yr old (I am now almost 26) and it has changed from slightly cystic acne, to moderate acne, to mild acne, and remained mild for the past 5 years - which was when doctors put me on the Yasmin pill. My skin is INCREDIBLY oily so I’m strangely excited for the idea of dry skin. Any recommendati
  15. SUMMARY AND FINAL UPDATE: I'm now 6-months post-accutane and I'm happy to say its been very successful! I've been 99% acne free for the last 7 and half months and my skin is doing good. I did have side-effects, but they have all gone now. The worst one was having a dry, itchy scalp, which persisted for the entirety of the treatment. I also had some hair loss at the end of the course. However, it all resolved itself with a little patience. I hope any current or potential accutane users find this
  16. Hi All! Finalllly starting my log after lurking around here commenting on other people's all the time! I didn't want to start until I actually had the box of pills in my hot little hand.... which I do today! Woohoo! So, I know a lot of people are kinda terrified right before starting, but honestly I'm just really relieved and excited to be getting started. My skin: I have acne only on my face, and it is nodular / cystic, and pustular. I've basically never had any cute little 'pimples' oh
  17. Guys. Im looking for people to join me who feel strongly and passionately about the experience you have had with roaccutane. I was prescribed roaccutane on the NHS in Scotland in January 2014. I was on it for 6 months. Ever since I have finished. I've had depression, anxiety, dry thinning and brittle hair, constant dry lips, but the worst of all I have had severe severe IBS I literally couldn't work for 6 months because I go to the toilet about 15 times a day! Please guys. I really really want t
  18. http://www.nhs.uk/me...?condition=Acne What with medications being discontinued all over the place (RIP Panoxyl % Retin-a) its important that we know of alternatives that we can mention to our doctors/dermatologists who ive noticed dont tend to be very familiar with medications.
  19. My current side effects... Dry Lips Stys in both eyes Pus in both eyes big, deep painful cysts headaches general all over dry skin light sensitivity Cons so far... I'm not liking the dry peelng lips, headaches. I noticed I've been getting pissed off very easily and dropping lots of F bombs. I've been super horny and also super not horny, if that makes sense lol. I'm usually in the middle. . I've had a lot more migraines than I'm used to. . I've been feeling some internal pain, might be my
  20. I should have started blogging earlier, I'm on day five of Roaccutane. A little about my acne, spot and pimple journey. I've suffered with spot's since I was 12 years old, at times it has been an extremely traumatic journey and sometimes I had no spots at all. I noticed that when I was pregnant I had no spots and I had amazing skin! Why couldn't I have skin like that all the time? I love my children but have no desire to spend the rest of my life pregnant. lol. In the last 15 years or
  21. I’ve just completed my second week on 30mg of isotretinoin/roaccutane. I can summarise this week in one word: DANDRUFF. If you’ve been through or are going through roaccuntane, please let me know how it’s going/gone, I love hearing other people’s stories and tips. Likewise, if anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask away! Day 8 Thursday 27th July I had really dry lips when I woke up this morning. I wore make up today too and although it clung to the dry patches a
  22. I was 14 years old and having a sleepover at my friend's house when I realised that my skin was a noticeable problem. Not just to me, but to other people. I know her older sister won’t even remember making that comment but it’s stuck with me in the back of my mind ever since. The most frustrating part for me personally over the years hasn’t been my skin itself, but people giving me their (unwelcome) opinions and telling me why I had “bad” skin: “You don’t clean your face enough.” “You
  23. I returned from holiday to have my condition get progressively worse for the next 3 weeks. I had multiple gp visits where I was essentially freaking out. My triple cyst had full on ruptured and burst and I could feel it painful and pulsating as if it had a life of its own. It was over an inch wide and 2/3 inch tall and puffy. Now this is where I lost confidence in the Nhs in treatment of non life threatening issues. The story; After my 3rd gp visit I was in despair, they had given me a
  24. Hi everybody, I'm looking to potentially get onto a second course of accutane or isotretinoin as it is called here in the UK. I'm post 2 years from my first course. Accutane did wonders for my acne, I suffered from mild to moderate acne but it was very persistent and the usual antibiotics/creams/gels did nothing for me. I spent a year going through the process (gels/creams and antibotics through my gp) until I was finally referred to dermatology via the nhs. The dermatologist put me th
  25. Hi Guys! Im new, I have been lurking here while deciding if I wanted to take accutane. Obviously I've decided to bite the bullet, Im 24 now and Im fed up of having horrible skin for the past 10ish years. Im 5 foot 6 inches and weigh 55kg. A bit of background information: I have persistent acne, I have tried drugstore to high end skin care brands for years, home remedies, antibiotics, topical creams. While they helped maintain the acne they never actually got rid of it. My cousin in Ger