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Found 50 results

  1. Hello, lovely people of this website!My name is Marissa and I'm 17. I just made this account today. I thought it would be hella cool to start a blog so I can keep track of my progress (or lack thereof), spread information/be a reference for people new to Accutane, and hopefully make some friends on here. So here I am. Nice to meet you.Some background:So I actually started Accutane last month (4/27/18) - I'm on my 25th day today (5/21/18). I've never had great skin, but around age 15-16 it starte
  2. Hi, Is anyone aware of any new revolutionary acne treatments underway?...It seems like we've been stuck with the antibiotics, accutane,Benzoyl Peroxide, and salicylic acid forever... Have you heard of any drugs that are seeking FDA approval....The only "new" drugs I've seen are a scam..They are old antibiotics that are now "slow-release" tablets with fancy new names...
  3. I just ordered the acne treatment regimen for the face will arrive in a few days. I am hoping this will work to clear up my skin, feeling optimistic. I do see that acne.org has a seperate wash just for the body, is anyone using that? I read from a peer reviewed article that you can infact use the same acne wash on your face onto your whole body. Is anyone else using the face wash on their body instead of buying two different treatments? I also would like to know of the side affects that actually
  4. Hello! I saw a youtube video raving about acne.org and decided to give it a try! I started 3 days ago and have some questions. Background: Im 19 years old and have had moderate to light acne since I was in 7th grade. Its mild compared to some, but bothersome to say the least. I break out the worst a week or a few days before my TOM and sometimes experience breakouts for 2 weeks after, then have a few days of clear skin, and the cycle repeats itself. I have lost 23 pounds in the last 3 mon
  5. Hello, I just came across acne.org today. I really hate my skin and I’m willing to try anything that works. My skin has been getting worse over the last 2years and I really want to deal with it now. I don’t want to purchase the products before I know it is legit. Can anyone help me? kind regards x
  6. Hi folks, has anyone tried a new product called epiology? It uses natural bioactive proteins and has some quite good reviews on the website epiologyskincare.com
  7. Hello. I just started doing the regimen and now my face is full of whiteheads. Is this normal? Should I try taking them out?
  8. Hello all, I'm not new to acne.org but i am new to AHA+. I haven't started using it yet, i just ordered some today. Hopefully it will arrive within a week. I've been on the Regimen for 4 weeks now. By the time the AHA+ gets to me i will be starting my 5th week on the regimen. Just to give you a little background on my acne. I have moderate acne. I started the regimen 4 weeks ago. I would usually get 4 to 5 zits on my face at a time. But now that i have been on the regimen for a little o
  9. Hi guys, I was just wondering, is Benzoyl Peroxide stronger when its from a new bottle? I dont use Dan's products, im using Galderma's Benzac 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide. Im on maybe just above the 2 month mark, and i just got tolerance to it a couple of weeks ago. Today i finished a bottle/tube of Benzac, and i just opened a new one except now within 15 minutes of application my face burns and is pretty red in places. Im not sure if its just me and just to not worry about it, but would
  10. HALLOOOOOO, For starters my skin isnt looking terrible right now to be fair but before it did and I am now beginning my course of Accutane 30 mg for the first month and then going up to 60mg a day for the rest of the 4 month period woohoo. I am super super nervous might I add. I dont know what side effects will come with the drug. Who cares though right? Anywayyyyyy I have taken my first pill (well pills because it is a 10mg and a 20mg) and have woken up with no side effects at all. The
  11. Hey everyone, I'm brand new here and I really need your help! To start off, I'm an 18 year old male and have been fighting acne for around 5 years. Over the years I've tried several different things in a desperate attempt to get rid of my acne. I've been on doxycycline hyclate, an antibiotic prescribed by the derm, and 0.025% tretinoin cream also prescribed by the derm. What I do switch around a lot is moisturizer and cleanser. For cleansers I always stuck to Neutrogena and I've used their oil-
  12. History Hi, this is my first post, I'm a 19 year old male who had a little more than moderate acne from about ages 12 or 13 to around 17, I started the Proactiv+ 3 step program when I was 17 and after a little while I had almost complete grip on my breakouts, they barely entered my mind, although they still happened often but not too often. I just turned 19 and up until literally around a day or two after my 19th birthday, I had never had any acne scarring in my life, through my worst years of
  13. Hi, I'm new to this site and I heard about it through this girl on youtube and I'm wondering if I should give it a shot! Okay, so I used to be on accutane like... two years back. It helped my skin so much like I had horrible cystic acne all over and now it's gone away... kinda. Now two years later, I'm left with the scars and I still break out badly but not as bad a I used to. I have so many scars and opened like crater-like things on my face and I'm not sure what to do. I also have to deal with
  14. I've been struggling with acne forever! Or so it seems.. I swear I tried everything but nothing is helping :/. I'm about to give up and just live like a pimple faced freak.. not only is acne unattractive but it really has brought my self esteem down, I don't even go out of my house much it's gotten so bad. I would love to just go out with friends again and not have to worry about my skin 24/7. I want to have a life.. is that too much to ask for?
  15. I think it's perhaps the sun and the heat (it's ALWAYS hot where I live). My dermatologist told me to stay away from the sun because it might cause more pimples/acne (don't know the difference ), but the problem is, sometimes I can't avoid going outside! In a couple days, my family's going to go for a family trip and I'm sure I won't be allowed to stay in the hotel all the time I really don't wanna go on the trip cuz my acne is finally beginning to clear up. After it breaks out due to being
  16. i am trying this product for the first time does it actually work
  17. Hello all, I am new to this site however I've been coming here to find best solutions for sensitive moderate to severe acne. I love reading people's stories and the encouragement from others to help fight this annoying skin we all have.
  18. I have mild acne and have been using Ziana for a year, which worked great in the beginning but stopped working. My doctor now put me on some antibiotics called Doxycycline Hyclate and Retin A. It's been a little over a week, but I want to give up because my skin looks worse than it did to begin with. I broke out more and it's actually more red than it usually is (Redness had never been a problem for me, which is what made it tolerable). I'm honestly afraid to continue because i don't want it to
  19. HEY, Y'ALL I'm just one week into Claravis, 80 mg/day, and this is my journey so far: http://shmaccutane.wordpress.com/ If anyone has any advice/questions/comments/etc feel free to email me ([email protected]), reply to this thread, reply to my blog, or whatever floats your boat the best. I'd love if you joined me! xoxoxo
  20. Hello, I am a male that has been using the Dan's regimen consistently for about 1 year now (cleanse in morning, then cleanse at night w/BP application and moisturizer/AHA+ w/jojoba oil), and while it worked very well and cleared me up, I decided in the past week or two to get off it for various reasons. Since then, I have been weaning off the BP since I have heard your face can build quite a dependency to it, so I slowly reduced the amount I used. I am now looking to build my own new regimen,
  21. Hi everyone, I haven't used these forums in years but I had to return to ask some questions about Doryx. I'm 23, and have been battling with light acne since high school. My skin would be clear for months and then I would suffer a severe breakout. I'm prone to the large, painful cystic pimples and they usually take a month to fully go away once they emerge. I've tried almost every single prescription topical and finally my dermatolgist insisted I try Doryx although I have my hesitations
  22. Hi Guys, Lately I have been really struggling with my skin, it is very sensitive and irritated and that is clearly visible, the actual skin problem aside- I have been trying to deal with all of the issues that my skin problems bring me. The stress, the anxiety and the grief but if your in a similar position right now whether it's related to Acne or other skin issues, here are some thoughts and perspectives that might help: .If your worried that you look bad, try just saying to yourself- Ok,
  23. Hello All, I'm new to the regime. I haven't started yet as i am waiting for the cleanser and BP in the mail which will hopefully get to me by the weekend or sometime next week. I thought i would start a log on here to document my process for myself and to also get advice and opinions. I've decided that i'm going to use my own moisturizer. I'm currently using the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Combination skin. Here is a list of the products i'm currently using: Cleanser - Josie Maran
  24. Ive been on 30mg of isotretinoin (roaccutane) for 5 days and my eye brows are beginning to fall out! you cant see any patches or anything yet but i touch them and clumps of hair is coming out! Also for the last 2 days im getting sharp chest pains which feels as though someone is sitting on me. Im also feeling very rough, however i dont know whether thats just catching something or if its side effects. Im unsure whether the chest pain will be from the medication as its only my fifth day but its g
  25. Hi, I've never written anything on any kind of website like this before and I don't even know if I'm writing in the right place at the minute. But anyway, I've been on accutane for 7 months, started at 30mg and am now on 50mg. I have definitely made progress, but I am still getting acne. Not really bad, nowhere near what it was but it's enough to really get me angry. I did honestly think that after 7 months of dry skin, having a red face and awful looking cracked sore lips my acne would have a