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Found 55 results

  1. This year, I've become increasingly frustrated with my acne since it has started appearing more frequently in strange places - like my forearms, hands, fingers, and stomach. While in the past I put my acne concerns on the back burner, recent events have made fighting this acne a much higher priority. It's at least somewhat socially acceptable to have acne on the face - or on the back and chest - but not other weird places. It's just scary and frustrating to think that I might not have any c
  2. Well, obviously week 1 has been hell. My face is freaking out on the BP. I am only using it as a spot treatment, but my skin is SO sensitive anyway that in the places that I have been spot treating it has been either breaking out more or is SO exremely red that I have to wear makeup during the day so it doesn't look like I got punched in the face. I'm hoping that at least by the third week my acne will be subsiding and so will this redness, I can't take it much longer. I'm very impatient and I a
  3. okay so ive been getting a lot of questions from people asking what i use exactly and when so here it is My regimen is: Wash face with a mild clinique soap Pat dry with clean towel Clean off dirt and whatnot with neutrogena daily cleansing wipes Pat dry Apply clyndamycin on my face, (I have the alcohol based one though, I heard it works better than the cream/gel) Wait for my skin to absorb it Use the neutrogena rapid something 3-1 moituriser As I go through my day I use the clyndamyc
  4. Hey guys. I'm new here. Anyways, as most of you-- I basically tried EVERYTHING there is to offer in the market but nothing ever worked for me. Ever since I was 10 (which was when I first started having my periods and now I'm 19 nearly 20), I was already experiencing acne breakouts. My mom would send me to the best dermatologist every Saturday in my city 'til I was 13. Constant extraction from the doc. Constant shit on my face and it would never ever stop! So my dermatologist then suggested Ac
  5. Hi all, I'm currently using the Acne.org regime with face wash -> bp -> 1/2 aha + moisturizer. I was wondering if it would be okay for my skin to use the Neutrogena Acne Correct & Cover on top of all of this? It is basically a tinted moisturizer with Salicylic Acid. I'm starting a new internship tomorrow and I don't want to go in my first day of work with a bare face! Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone. I really gotta thank this site for helping me find my holy grail for treating my annoying acne years ago, which turned out to be Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment. I've been using it for probably 5+ years now and it has done a really great job on keeping my face virtually acne free. However, I've discovered that in recent months, Neutrogena decided to change the formula entirely without any sort of notification, warning, or announcement. Instead of the 15 ingredients they pre
  7. From the album: My Mini Acne Journey

    I've dealed with acne since I was 12 or 13 years old. I am now almost 21. Had a bad case my sophomore year and then it calmed down. After it became a steady battle with mild to moderate acne. My skin also scars extremely easy, so that was challenging. But by the end of 2013 and very beginning of this year, my skin was great! I had very little scarring and I rarely broke out. I felt like I was finally growing out of my acne phase and that it wouldn't strike me again. Man was I wrong. This
  8. I started having acne when I was 13, but it was exclusively on my forehead. I tried a lot of products until I started taking Proactive, and for the last five years, it's kept my skin almost perfectly clear. I started going to college and halfway through the semester my mom wanted me to try the Neutrogena oil free wash with salycyclic acid. It kept my acne under control pretty well, but it did break me out a bit more than usual (I just thought it was mostly stress) especially around the time
  9. hey guys, I have cut back to only using some clindomyocin lotion on my stubborn cysts, which are mostly due to hormones. However, I have always battled really really dry skin, even before using any acne clearing products (which notoriously dry out the skin). I was looking for something that would mousturize me really well without breaking me out. I saw the new Neutrogena Hydro Boost line in a store the other day and wondered if you guys had tried it?? I think the one for 'very dry skin' tha
  10. HI i live in uk and we cant get a bunch of decent cleansers i am looking for people that can maybe send me over some products from usa to uk, i will pay cost and postage. any replies are apppreciated. looking for purpose cleanser or clean and clear ones will state if anyone can do this for me.
  11. Hello! So, I was wondering, would it be better to use the Dove Sensitive Skin beauty bar or the Neutrogena Facial Bar for my skincare? I have pretty reasonable acne, only a few minor flair ups and nothing has been happening, for now I use the Dove Sensitive skin bar followed by Clean and Clear Deep cleaning toner, then some moisturizer. However, I bought a Neutrogena Face bar since my friend suggested it. So, I was wondering, which one is better for my face/to use? I've done some researc
  12. For some reason when I apply Neutrogena - Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 45 it clumps up and starts flaking off. How can I prevent this? I started the DKR 3days ago using neutrogena on the spot treatment and lubriderm for a moisterizer until my shipment arrives. After the moisturizer sets I apply neutrogena over it, but it clumps into pieces ): and flakes off. Can I use this in place of my moisturizer? (my skin is starting to dry out from the BP and I need all the moister I can get)
  13. I want to try to incorporate the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel in to my pm routine but I’m not sure how because I use a prescription topical cream. Should I use it before Epiduo and let it dry? Here is my current routine: My current night routine: splash water on face 1. cleanse with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Splash off with water, pat dry skin but leave damp 2. Apply Epiduo 3. WAit 10 minutes 4. Apply Cerave Moisturizing Lotion
  14. ACNE UPDATE! Face: still only one very very stubborn cyst left (its going away, but it is definitely taking its sweet time). stikl keep having those stubborn little zits all over random spots on my face (around 5 or so). the little spots come and go everyday. They are small and some are even flesh colored so its not a huge deal, but its annoying. Honestly, I think its from the benzoyl peroxide . I am giong to try to stop using it except on my cystic zits starting tomorrow (I already used it
  15. Well, I ended up buying the 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide from CVS a few days ago. It is the Neutrogena brand "on the spot acne treatment". So, here is my regimen (I am trying to stay close to what this website recommends, without actually having to buy the products promoted on here)... - Rinse face with water in the morning - put on neutrogena moisterizer with spf 15 (I'm still on doxy and my skin is sensitive to sun, also I recommend an spf anyway so you don't have a lot of aging on your skin lat
  16. So I have spring break in TWO weeks, which is going to be great with the sun on my face and back. I need some vitamin D! I take vitamin D supplements every now and then, but i want the real stuff. Anyway, the reason I am back on here is to look at my progress that I made last year with my acne, and see if I can do anything about my current situation. Face: three large cysts on chin (always the trouble spot) and multiple, around 10, spots on the rest of my face. Localized mstly on the forehea
  17. I counted last night as my official night on The Regimen...although Dan's products still haven't arrived, I want to start. I dropped the Retin A to stay true to Dan's strategy...Here are my products right now before Dan's come: Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser (psh, okay. but hey, it's non-comedogenic) Neutrogena On The Spot Acne Treatment (BP 2.5%) Alba Botanica Even Advanced Night Cream During the day I wear Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 25. Waiting for some joj
  18. From the album: My "Personal" Acne System

    i use this after washing my face with the clinique bar soap. i gently stroke my face for about 20 seconds or until i feel that i got my whole face. i use this about 2-3 times during the day. depending on what im doing. this costs about $6-$8
  19. Hi, I've had this squishy red pimple on my nose for a few weeks now and I wanna get rid of it because it's my first week in high school. The pimple is very large and whenever I touch it, it's soft and squishy and I can feel the ... I don't know ... fluids inside? It's like a deflated beach ball, squishy end easy to move. I'm trying Clean and Clear benzoyl peroxide 5 and it doesn't work and just makes my skin dry and the pimple doesn't even look different. The pimple first was a small little bump
  20. Has anybody tried this mask? Did you have any success? I started using it last night so too early for me to tell if it's going to be effective, but looking forward to see if it helps. Would love to hear from from anyone who has tried it :-)
  21. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I have been told by two different doctors that I have Seborrheic Dermatitis, specifically on my chin and chin only. I am a 22 year old male, I live in Colorado where the weather is dry with low/no humidity. This condition has lasted for about 6 years. I grew up believing it was acne, and therefore treated my chin as acne. The truth is, my SD causes pimples on my chin. My SD could have been caused by the climate I live in, the food I eat, the trea
  22. HI i have read online that using the neutrogena oil free acne face wash ( orange liquid type) gave some people severe reaction. I bought this product on tuesday after i noticed that my black soap was not doing anything to my skin after a while of using it. I wanted to try a new product as I had tried the clean and clear brand which also did nothing for my skin. I also exfoliate with my st ives. I have combination skin. I experience breakouts sometimes ( pimples that go away like in 2 d
  23. I've been on The Regimen for three months now. My acne has slowed down impressively (I usually got 1 inflamed pimple every 2-3 days, now if I do get one is like every month or so) the thing is my face is red. I live in a country were none of the recommended moisturizers are available (Except for Cetaphil's Gentle Lotion or whatever, but it costs almost 40USD and it contains comedogenic ingredients) .I am using a Neutrogena Oil free SPF as moisturizer , but it doesn't even moisturize. I recently
  24. I've been on the regimen since March, and had success with my acne, but I've always had terrible flaking. In July I moved down to Bp only at night, as Dans aha wasn't helping with the dryness. I haven't had any problems with dryness since then, but as a result I break out pretty badly even in minimal sun exposure, or when I don't wear sunscreen on a cloudy day. Sunscreen only lasts for 2 hours and often I don't have the chance to reapply before doing something. Why am I so prone to breakouts in
  25. After searching high and low, I've finally found a sunscreen I can wear with NO silica, silicones, dimethicone, oils, scent, fragrance and I have not had a breakout of burning of my EYES! This spf 30 is the truth. I have used it for two weeks, usually a sunscreen will bring about a breakout within a day. I am so happy with the spf, I feel so lucky to have found it. I sound like I'm talking about a soul mate..it's my spf soul mate. I would recommend this for everyone. I have oily skin and i