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Found 57 results

  1. HI i live in uk and we cant get a bunch of decent cleansers i am looking for people that can maybe send me over some products from usa to uk, i will pay cost and postage. any replies are apppreciated. looking for purpose cleanser or clean and clear ones will state if anyone can do this for me.
  2. For some reason when I apply Neutrogena - Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 45 it clumps up and starts flaking off. How can I prevent this? I started the DKR 3days ago using neutrogena on the spot treatment and lubriderm for a moisterizer until my shipment arrives. After the moisturizer sets I apply neutrogena over it, but it clumps into pieces ): and flakes off. Can I use this in place of my moisturizer? (my skin is starting to dry out from the BP and I need all the moister I can get)
  3. Hi all, I'm currently using the Acne.org regime with face wash -> bp -> 1/2 aha + moisturizer. I was wondering if it would be okay for my skin to use the Neutrogena Acne Correct & Cover on top of all of this? It is basically a tinted moisturizer with Salicylic Acid. I'm starting a new internship tomorrow and I don't want to go in my first day of work with a bare face! Thanks.
  4. From the album: My Mini Acne Journey

    I've dealed with acne since I was 12 or 13 years old. I am now almost 21. Had a bad case my sophomore year and then it calmed down. After it became a steady battle with mild to moderate acne. My skin also scars extremely easy, so that was challenging. But by the end of 2013 and very beginning of this year, my skin was great! I had very little scarring and I rarely broke out. I felt like I was finally growing out of my acne phase and that it wouldn't strike me again. Man was I wrong. This past year, I transferred from Southern California to Sacramento State University. My skin reacted extremely bad to the new environment and I began to break out, constantly. I tried every over the counter and at home remedy imaginable. Nothing worked. Around April of this year (2014), I started Tri-Sprintec (a birth control that is supposed to target and cure acne). The BC acted completely opposite to my skin and I began breaking out even worse. By the end of the Spring 2014 school semester my skin was the worst it had ever been. I had only been on the BC for 1 month and it was already so horrible. I kept taking it for another week after I got home thinking that it was just my skin having to get used to it. But I couldn't take it anymore, so I stopped. I was depressed, and sometimes would cry about it. I didn't want to really look anyone in the eye, and I would rarely walk around my own house without foundation on. Once Summer began and I had moved back home for break, I decided that it was time to see my dermatologist (June 2014). She took one look at my skin and knew that it was strictly hormonal acne that I was having and that usually something like Tri-Sprintec would work but not for my case of "hormonal" acne. So I just happened to get bad luck and should have never started that BC. :/ She prescribed me 2 topical medications and 1 oral antibiotic. I was to put Clindamycin Phosphate (almost like a toner solution) on my face every morning. The Veltin gel on my face nightly. And then take the Solodyn antibiotic once daily. And for face wash, she just told me to buy the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser (the foaming formula) from any drugstore. The prescriptions cost me around $20 for all three after my insurance. And the face wash is about $9 at Target. In this short 3 months, my skin has healed tremendously! The thing about my body, is once I get on the right track, I can react fast to anything. Rather it be my skin, weight, or health. Its just how my body works. Granite, this may not work as quickly for everyone, but if you struggle with acne, I recommend seeing your dermatologist ASAP. One thing I did was have enough courage to go to the doctor BARE FACED. I wanted to make sure I got the right help that I needed. I needed my derm to know how severe my acne actually was so it could be CURED ASAP. I am so happy now, and I have not missed a day of this regimen my derm has given me. I have no current active breakouts, just some red marks that are disappearing. I do have about 2 pimples that pop up around my menstrual cycle. I am using Ambi's scar cream 2x a day for the scars($5). Sometimes I use Pond's dark spot correcting cream($9) at night along with the Ambi (just because I have a huge tub leftover). I also use a mild microdermabrasion kit from Olay($23), around once or twice a week, as needed. **All the above products, including my prescriptions, are purchased at my local Target.** FYI: I started using the generic version of Solodyn (Minocycline) after the first 2 months because it was cheaper. Ended up working exactly the same for me. I have had no side effects from the above products, other than clear skin. Type of acne i had: blackheads/whiteheads, light cystic acne on chin and forehead
  5. Hello! So, I was wondering, would it be better to use the Dove Sensitive Skin beauty bar or the Neutrogena Facial Bar for my skincare? I have pretty reasonable acne, only a few minor flair ups and nothing has been happening, for now I use the Dove Sensitive skin bar followed by Clean and Clear Deep cleaning toner, then some moisturizer. However, I bought a Neutrogena Face bar since my friend suggested it. So, I was wondering, which one is better for my face/to use? I've done some research online and they both seem fairly good.
  6. michaelbrandon96

    My Daily Facial Care Routine

    okay so ive been getting a lot of questions from people asking what i use exactly and when so here it is My regimen is: Wash face with a mild clinique soap Pat dry with clean towel Clean off dirt and whatnot with neutrogena daily cleansing wipes Pat dry Apply clyndamycin on my face, (I have the alcohol based one though, I heard it works better than the cream/gel) Wait for my skin to absorb it Use the neutrogena rapid something 3-1 moituriser As I go through my day I use the clyndamycin every hour or so, it really helps with my nodular cysts if I have any Halfway through the day depending on what I do I may use another daily cleansing pad and I almost always apply the neutrogena 3-1 moisturizer again. While I'm getting ready to sleep I wash my face with the soap again and go through my morning routine. After I finish that I wait 20 minutes for my skin to dry and apply 2 pumps of retin-a to my face. It sounds like a lot but its really just a repetitive use of 3 things and retin-a Clinique soap: twice; morning and night Clydamycin (dalacin): every hour throughout the day (unless I'm out all day) Neutrogena 3-1 moituriser: 3 times a day; morning, mid day, night Neutrogena daily cleansing pads: 2-3 times/ day Retin a: only at night
  7. Hi everyone. I really gotta thank this site for helping me find my holy grail for treating my annoying acne years ago, which turned out to be Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment. I've been using it for probably 5+ years now and it has done a really great job on keeping my face virtually acne free. However, I've discovered that in recent months, Neutrogena decided to change the formula entirely without any sort of notification, warning, or announcement. Instead of the 15 ingredients they previously used (which you can still find on pretty much all sites that has this product), they opted to only use 8 ingredients now and instead of being manufactured in Canada, it is now manufactured in Mexico. This new version of their product has made me breakout SO much and it has been the cause of my stress for about 2 weeks now. I am utterly and completely disappointed and I feel so hopeless because I have no other alternative I know of that works for me now. I'd really love some recommendations as replacements for this product. If any of you have experienced this as well, please share as well. Currently the only other product I've tried is Clearasil Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream and it makes my face burn slightly so that's definitely out of the question. Please give me whatever suggestions you have and thanks so much for reading! (not sure if it matters, but if anyone is curious about the ingredient changes, let me know and I can list them out)
  8. Guitar89

    Skin Frustration and Vitamin A

    This year, I've become increasingly frustrated with my acne since it has started appearing more frequently in strange places - like my forearms, hands, fingers, and stomach. While in the past I put my acne concerns on the back burner, recent events have made fighting this acne a much higher priority. It's at least somewhat socially acceptable to have acne on the face - or on the back and chest - but not other weird places. It's just scary and frustrating to think that I might not have any clear skin whatsoever. Facial acne is at least somewhat socially acceptable, and back and chest acne can be hidden with clothes, but what about areas that can't be hidden? It's as if acne is determined to win this fight. It's as if it's trying to give me a clear signal that I am not allowed to have any clear skin - and that my social and employment prospects are dead. Having face and back acne all these years wasn't enough, so it had to spread to my whole body. When I was young, I was normal and healthy. Not so anymore. By spreading to my whole body, it's almost as if acne is erasing my very existence. I doubt that I can be accepted in society without looking at least somewhat healthy. When I was young and healthy, I had prospects, but I've feared that those prospects would become non-existant if my acne spread to my whole body - and became particularly severe. My acne spreading is especially scary because I've feared that this would be permanent. With the exception of my forehead, once my acne has established itself in a certain place, it's there to stay. I cannot get rid of it. So imagine being stuck with acne on the forearms, hands, and stomach the rest of my life. It's just absolutely horrible. It's horrible to imagine not having a single square inch of clear skin - having absolutely no way to cure it - and having potentially diminished social and employment prospects as a result. Anyway, as it started getting out of control, I started more actively seeking solutions to cure - or at least control - my acne. I first looked into benzoyl peroxide - but eventually became skeptical since I had sometimes used hand sanitizer with 70% ethyl alcohol, and I still got pimples where I rubbed the sanitizer. It seemed to have no effect whatsoever. I think that I had seen some posts on this forum - saying that hand sanitizer was just as good - if not better than - benzoyl peroxide. If true, then if hand sanitizer didn't work, then why would benzoyl peroxide be any different? Then, I became interested in spearmint tea to lower my testosterone (yes, I'm a guy, and I think that my acne is hormone-related). However, as of now, I haven't yet tried it. Recently, I became interested in Vitamin A supplements because I had heard that Accutane is basically a form of Vitamin A. I had been on Accutane, and it was only one of two drugs that had any significant effect on my acne (the other was doxycycline). Accutane worked great for me, but my acne gradually came back after I stopped taking it. If Accutane was a form of Vitamin A, then "normal" Vitamin A might work similarly. Finally, after putting it off for a long time, I bought some Spring Valley Vitamin A supplements a few days ago. I took my first softgel pill on October 25th at around 4:00 PM. Each pill supposedly has 8,000 IU of Vitamin A, and I was aware of the potential toxicity that could arise from taking too much Vitamin A. More than two days later, and so far, the results have been inconclusive. A number of pimples on my back and chest have hardened, but the ones on my back were like that BEFORE taking Vitamin A, so I don't know if Vitamin A really has been helping - or if my body is just continuing the process that took place before taking Vitamin A. In any case, I've still gotten a few small pimples on my upper arms and stomach, and I've had some cysts on my face that haven't gone away. I realize that I shouldn't expect results overnight since, when I was on Accutane, it took a few weeks before my skin got clear, but I would think that I would at least not get any new little pimples. Due to this lack of definite effect - and my skin gradually getting worse, I've felt so frustrated. There just seems to be nothing that I can do. The worst part is that I'm getting acne in places that I can't easily hide. What am I supposed to do - wear long-sleeved shirts and gloves in the boiling-hot summer? Given the fact that nothing seems to help my acne, I've resigned to the fact that I might have to. Yesterday, I tried some Neutrogena SkinClearing Complexion Perfector to experiment with hiding the spots on my stomach - and some scars on my right thumb and forearm. I really wanted to get some Dermablend, but people were coming in and out of the makeup aisle, and it was embarrassing being there, so I eventually just grabbed something to experiment with. It didn't blend perfectly with my skin, but I didn't care since I just wanted something to hide the horrible red spots. I was fairly satisfied with it on my stomach, but my forearm was a different story. The Neutrogena seemed like it wouldn't dry well, and it probably wouldn't be as durable as the Dermablend that I wanted, but I felt that I could still have problems with Dermablend, too. I've decided that if I ever permanently got acne on my hands, I'd just have to wear gloves. Makeup for the hands just isn't practical. My skin is so pathetic. As far as I'm concerned, my natural, organic skin doesn't exist anymore. It's dead, pathetic, and useless to me. I've written it off. It's too far gone. As far as I'm concerned, my clothes are my real skin. That's sad. It's sad to think that my clothes make a better skin than my real skin. My real skin is living supposed to be durable - and able to protect itself against the environment. But it can't. My skin is just a weak, broken, and worthless organ. I wish that I could beat the ever-living crap out of it and destroy it. I wish that I could teach it a lesson for being such a worthless piece of crap and make it wish that it never existed. I wish that I could trade it in for some REAL skin that wouldn't be so weak and pathetic. But for now, I just have my clothes. My clothes make a better skin than my real skin. They don't get pimples - but my real skin does get pimples - and can't get rid of them. That is so pathetic. I'm sorry for ranting, but I just really am frustrated with my skin since I've been getting acne (yes, I do think it's actual acne) in weird places. I intend to try Vitamin A a while longer - and maybe some other things, but I am also prepared to just give up on my so-called skin and cover it up almost completely. However, I hope that I can find a real solution for my acne.
  9. allthethings

    Beginning Of Week 2

    Well, obviously week 1 has been hell. My face is freaking out on the BP. I am only using it as a spot treatment, but my skin is SO sensitive anyway that in the places that I have been spot treating it has been either breaking out more or is SO exremely red that I have to wear makeup during the day so it doesn't look like I got punched in the face. I'm hoping that at least by the third week my acne will be subsiding and so will this redness, I can't take it much longer. I'm very impatient and I also keep touching my face wishing all of this would just disappear. I have emailed my doctor and told her how my back is starting to clear up but that my face is breaking out now and that I think it is due to the nuvaring that I started this month. She thinks it might be that too since I've never had much acne on my face before this month. So I'm most likely going to go back to the pill (probably try ortho tri cyclin? any suggestions?). I hate that I have to give up nuva, because it has been so easy this month, and haven't had any side effects other than the HORRRIBLEEEE cystic acne. I really don't want to wait around for 2 or 3 more months to see if my body adjusts either. I don't think my doctor wants that for me either. My back is starting to clear. I have only around 6 or so active acne spots. It is super red and dry though. I have been using a little bit of my neutrogena lotion on my neck becuase of the dryness, but for the most part I havne't moisturized my back and it has been fine. I hope it continues to clear up! I took my last doxy yesterday. I honestly don't think doxy helped at all with my acne. I think my back was due to sweat from the gym and my face is hormonal. So the antibiotic was just a pill that I took for no reason. I'll be posting back pictures (and maybe face pictures...not sure....) soon in my gallery. FINGERS CROSSED FOR ACNE CLEAR UP SOON!
  10. I started having acne when I was 13, but it was exclusively on my forehead. I tried a lot of products until I started taking Proactive, and for the last five years, it's kept my skin almost perfectly clear. I started going to college and halfway through the semester my mom wanted me to try the Neutrogena oil free wash with salycyclic acid. It kept my acne under control pretty well, but it did break me out a bit more than usual (I just thought it was mostly stress) especially around the time of the month. Sooo here's where the nightmare began. I got back home around mid-May, and almost overnight, I started breaking out a ton. For the first time, I got cystic acne. I went from having mostly no cheek pimples to cystic pimples near my jaw everywhere! Suddenly, Neutrogena didn't seem to work anymore as it just kept on irritating my skin and making it redder. It even hurt to shower and touch! So then became my downward spiral about my face and my self esteem. Whenever I had free time, I was looking up all the different acne solutions on the internet (when i look back, the blue links are now all purple because I've looked at ALL of them). Birth control came up a few times but I was always hesitant because acne.org scared the crap out of me for the side effects (mood swings, headaches, further breakouts, etc). But on one day, I finally caved in and went to my doctor because I couldn't look at my face anymore. She prescribed me clindamycin/benozyl peroxide and a birth control pill (Trinessa). But I had to wait at least two weeks before I could have my period. The antibiotic worked for a little bit, but it burned my skin so much that the redness made it seem that my face was WORSE! This was probably one of the worst few weeks of my life, just considering back and forth if I wanted to take the pill. But finally I did. The first two weeks, my acne improved significantly. I don't know what happened. It was just like suddenly and miraculously, my redness all came down and there were way less small bumps coming up (with no cystic acne). This happened maybe three/four weeks after my huge initial break out. Acne got a bit worse before my period a week later, but beginning the second month it continued clearing up! (I stopped my antibiotic beginning of my second month to stop the redness). I stopped Neutrogena and went back to Proactive, and now my forehead has been clear for at least two weeks (maybe lower stress from no school and worrying about my crappier appearance before?) I just started my 3rd month a few days ago, and I can say besides some scarring, I can be presentable when I go back to college! (There are some pimples by my left temple and upper left cheek mostly, one pimple on my right cheek, and nothing on my forehead). I'm just curious, though, for any input. Do you think my acne may have gotten better by itself before the birth control kicked in, because it happened so quickly? I'm just nervous and scared when I go off the pill someday (hopefully 3-6 months, probably over the summer so my friends won't see the worst!) and cystic acne comes back (even though the first time it came was this summer.) My research really made me freak out that I might have PCOS or that I have a permanent hormonal imbalance at 20. But my periods have been more or less constant, 12 times a year and all. I'm also just trying to piece together if there was a root of my cystic acne breakout (stress from school? Diet? My diet did change heavily when I came home. Immediately, I ate at least 4 gogurts, tons of carbs, spicy/greasy foods way different from my relatively healthy diet in college.) What do you guys think?
  11. Hey guys. I'm new here. Anyways, as most of you-- I basically tried EVERYTHING there is to offer in the market but nothing ever worked for me. Ever since I was 10 (which was when I first started having my periods and now I'm 19 nearly 20), I was already experiencing acne breakouts. My mom would send me to the best dermatologist every Saturday in my city 'til I was 13. Constant extraction from the doc. Constant shit on my face and it would never ever stop! So my dermatologist then suggested Accutane when I was 14 since my acne was on and off and if it was on, it would just be unbearable. For the whole 6 month period on accutane, my face and lips went dry, it went worse before it got better and well, alcohol will never be your best friend since you'll get easily drunk (It wasn't wise i know since accutane is a strong drug and you gotta be extra careful with your liver). Anyways, accutane DID help but only for a maximum of 2 months then my acne got bad again like shitface bad. I got depressed and so on, who wouldn't? My dermatologist even wondered why it went back.. My brother was on accutane too but never resurfaced. Then she just continued doing the norm and extract to the point that even her products which were clindamycin toner, some basic orange color cleanser, night cream and sun cream gave up on me too. So I went online and researched what would help me because of desperation. I tried masks from oatmeal, white eggs, coffee, and allll those shit. Coconut oil-- I regret you. So from the age 15 'til this day, I've been on constant search. AcneFree facial cleanser & their sulfur mask helped me out, the only problem was, it's not in my country and shipping and everything else is really expensive. I opted for Neutrogena since my lil brainyhead at 15 thought it would be the same since its orange liquid cleanser too but nope! Neutrogena just broke me out badly. I wanted to give my life up. My teacher, who claimed to have the same bad skin few years ago, told me to go into this facial center because its what helped her out. I remember my dermatologist telling me that if you have acne, don't do facials but hey, I was desperate-- blahblahblah. Few sessions past, like probably 3 sessions if i remember quite well, no kidding... my skin was soo clear like no mark of any acne from the past. Everyone was shocked on how the hell it happened and so on.. which is what I regret now. With all those facial acne peels and stuff they placed, it left the skin of my face more sensitive and thinner (as what other facials say).. So I became more prone to acne than ever and more prone to sensitivity of products used. Sooo as you guessed it-- IT BROKE ME OUT MORE 3 months later and more worse!!! So I stopped getting peels from them and all those crazy facials and decided to live with my acne and try not to care..... I lost hope. So I was just sticking to honey facial cleanser, the facials toner, and a simple moisturizer. When I turned 17, I went to a different facial center, had collagen pimple extraction thing and blah. It was okay. It did help but I had this thought of, no matter of how many times people try to extract my zits, it always learns to come back and even worse at some point. Why don't I just stop this and let it be... which I did. Then I met some chemists which are now my friends... NOTE: Don't use raw honey as your cleanser/mask. I learned that it just does more harm than good in your skin. If using honey, use the ones intended for your face or formulated by derms and such. If you wonder why, I can just explain it if you'll ask. tehee. Anyways, still nothing worked so I went on birth control. Took a lot of hiding. I was switching on 3 different birth controls for the past 2 years. Some were okay, some were neutral. I even ended Vegan for like 4 months because my boyfriend that time was blaming some breakouts that occur from "bad diet". I mean, it was partly a factor but me turning vegan for 4 months, didn't really do much for me. I couldn't handle being in birth control for a long time, it scares me. To the fact that, when I get off it, I'd get superrrr bad breakouts, and if I'm on it, I'm easily hot tempered. I hate it. If there was another way to help my acne, I'd grab it than use birth control! So at this point, I was using honey cleanser, ACV toner, benzoyl peroxide 5% and tea tree oil. At 19, I stopped birth control completely. My skin was "okay" but still bad so I gave Korean skincare a go. 'Til this day, I still use it but not too exagge, just the simple things because it was already a huge hole in my wallet to switch to this skincare and the things I'm still using now are VERY VERY much of a holy grail for me. I can't deny, some of these "famous" Korean stuff broke me out so badly that I went to step 1 of acne depression real quick AGAIN but this time it was much more worse to the point I'd be too much ashamed to go out of my room. I'd even wear surgical face mask to school and everyone would wonder why I'm wearing one. I just tell them I'm sick as an excuse. Not 'til my cousin introduced me to the glutathione. I've heard about this for yeaaaaaaaaaars now but only knew about it as a thing actresses and actors use to get that lighter skn color. I'm I'm taking it as a glutathione push instead of oral since taking it orally takes forever because it goes through your digestive while push/IV goes to your veins and blood and gets consumed 100% right away. It was my second session yesterday.. Glutathione+Vitamin C+Placenta. The first session made my skin purge, the second session made my skin softer and glowing and my acne is super duper duper duper less!!! If any of you decides to go through this too, please please please, make sure the shop you buy the glutathione vials,vitamin c vials, and placenta vials are legit. So many fakes out there! I'm very tan and never dreamed of being white. I do love love love my tan skin, but for my acne... I decided to give it a go. Glutathione is an antioxidant. Only the excess of it makes your skin lighter like when everything else is clean, the excess will just lighten your skin as what ive known 3 shades maximum i guess not sure. Skincare: Morning -CosRx lowph good morning gel cleanser -CosRx oil-free moisturizer -CosRx Sun Cream Night -CosRx Salicylic Exfoliatng cleanser -AHA/BHA Cosrx toner / ACV -CosRx Rice Mask -Etude House Tea Tree Mask (I swear by this mask!! Everyone I've introduced this to, never ever used any other. I use it 1-2x a week especially on breakout days) Routine: Every 3 days, 1 Glutathione 600mg vial + 1 Vit C 500mg vial + 1 Placenta 2ml Everyday 1000mg Vit C oral. Placenta: -stimulate renewal of epidermis (this is for acne, wrinkles, dull skin, eye-bags) -Improves Blood circulation -Helps attract and hold moisture in the skin -Normalize hormone production thus lighten pigmentation and freckles that's caused by hormonal imbalance Reduced Glutathione: -Fights Oxidative Stress -Antioxidant -Detoxifies -Anti Aging -May prevent stress and depression (This is true. I'm more happier and my energy level is high) -I sleep soo well every night too! -Helps reduce acne Everyone knows VitC is essential.. and well, I'm thinking of adding collagen too. But we'll see after all of these 10 vials what the results will be! Cause so far, the results had just been amazing! Also please note, if you'll have it done in a shop near you, it will be much more expensive than buying the box of vials alone and having it done by a professional Nurse/IVT/Doctor.
  12. hey guys, I have cut back to only using some clindomyocin lotion on my stubborn cysts, which are mostly due to hormones. However, I have always battled really really dry skin, even before using any acne clearing products (which notoriously dry out the skin). I was looking for something that would mousturize me really well without breaking me out. I saw the new Neutrogena Hydro Boost line in a store the other day and wondered if you guys had tried it?? I think the one for 'very dry skin' that is fragrance free would be good, but haven't checked any of the ingredients against Dan's list of no-no's. Has anyone tried it? PS I have very sensitive skin in addition to the dryness, so do you think it would be okay for me or should I stick with my regular Neutrogena for combination skin and add in something else for extra-moisture? (becuase alone, it isn't really cutting it. I am a flaky mess!)
  13. Bluefire62

    Questions On Getting Rid Of Pimples!

    Hey guys. Ive been having serious acne outbreaks for the past year. Whatever I'm doing there not going away. I mean this type of acne looks horrible on my face. I have i think blackheads all over my cheeks and jawline. They look like little tiny dark spots. I also have pimples near the two sides of my nose. I hate them and I really want to get rid of them. Ive been using neutrogena's oil free facial scrub, then right after i wash it off I apply another one of Neutrogenas acne cleansers two times a day. PLEASE HELP.
  14. creamymustard212

    Need Help Fast!

    I've been on the regimen since March, and had success with my acne, but I've always had terrible flaking. In July I moved down to Bp only at night, as Dans aha wasn't helping with the dryness. I haven't had any problems with dryness since then, but as a result I break out pretty badly even in minimal sun exposure, or when I don't wear sunscreen on a cloudy day. Sunscreen only lasts for 2 hours and often I don't have the chance to reapply before doing something. Why am I so prone to breakouts in the sun when I moved down to Bp only at night? I also completely cut out dans aha recently as I read that that can make you more sensitive to sun exposure, but I haven't seen any improvements. This is my regimen: Morning - cleanser, then olay all day spf 15 moisturizer on T area of face, and neutrogena clear skin spf 30 on the rest of face Night - cleabser, dans Bp, dans moisturizer
  15. After searching high and low, I've finally found a sunscreen I can wear with NO silica, silicones, dimethicone, oils, scent, fragrance and I have not had a breakout of burning of my EYES! This spf 30 is the truth. I have used it for two weeks, usually a sunscreen will bring about a breakout within a day. I am so happy with the spf, I feel so lucky to have found it. I sound like I'm talking about a soul mate..it's my spf soul mate. I would recommend this for everyone. I have oily skin and it's not greasy or heavy, it you use too much the most you will get is a sheen which I don't mind at all. I am able to apply this on all my acne prone areas, face, neck, chest, back with no problems. NO BURNING EYES no skin allergies (and I have some serious allergies!) no redness no burning skin NO WHITE CAST (THANK YOU!).... NO BREAKOUTS Rocky Mountain spf 30 $8 for 6 fl oz!! http://www.rmsunscreen.com/6ozSPF30RefillableSunscreenBottle.aspx Active Ingredients: Avobenzone (3%), Homosalate (10%), Octinoxate (7.5%), Octisalate (5%), Oxybenzone (4%) Inactive Ingredients: Acrylates/C10 30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Benzyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Cetyl Alcohol, DEA Cetyl Phosphate, Disodium EDTA, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, Water UPDATE: 9/3/13 My skin is happy and clear. I highly recommend this spf to everyone on acne.org. It's a must, i just hope many of you will see see this blog post and pass it on. This stuff is the truth.
  16. allthethings

    A Month And A Week, I Think

    ACNE UPDATE! Face: still only one very very stubborn cyst left (its going away, but it is definitely taking its sweet time). stikl keep having those stubborn little zits all over random spots on my face (around 5 or so). the little spots come and go everyday. They are small and some are even flesh colored so its not a huge deal, but its annoying. Honestly, I think its from the benzoyl peroxide . I am giong to try to stop using it except on my cystic zits starting tomorrow (I already used it today before I came to the benzoyl-related conclusion). I think my skin is just too sensitive for it. The cysts do fine with it, but any other imperfection that I have been putting it on hasn't been responding well. Back: ALMOST CLEAR! I have been an emotional rollercoaster about my back. It was horrible about 2 months ago. I mean horrible and inflammed like crazy. Then about 3 weeks ago it was almost completely clear...then wham (when i wrote my last update) I got a bunch of zits again. I was still using the benzoyl every day and I didn't know why my back just randomly freaked out. Well, its under control now and it is on its way to clear. hyperpigmentation (like on my face) is an issue, of course, but I'm just ready to wear bathing suits or tank tops so I don't even care about it anymore. still using BP all over back. Chest: the random break out went away. still have one small one (its going away though). Routine: BP spot treatment on face BP all over on back BP spot treatment on chest combination skin lotion on face a million times a day (trying to cut back, but I have so many dry areas...) face wash only once a day if I can handle it rinsing with cold water in morning and wash at night Just bought some nuetrogena 'clear skin' sunscreen that i can use this summer at summer camp that I will be working at Hopefully the sun will do my face/back some good! Also, I have been eating horribly terrible for the past two or so weeks...so that might be a reason for the facial breakouts...trying to get back on track with that soon (oops!)
  17. I've been on The Regimen for three months now. My acne has slowed down impressively (I usually got 1 inflamed pimple every 2-3 days, now if I do get one is like every month or so) the thing is my face is red. I live in a country were none of the recommended moisturizers are available (Except for Cetaphil's Gentle Lotion or whatever, but it costs almost 40USD and it contains comedogenic ingredients) .I am using a Neutrogena Oil free SPF as moisturizer , but it doesn't even moisturize. I recently (2 days ago) changed to Eucerin Dermo Purufier Moisturizer and it doesn't seem to moisturize. I also have seen Eucerin ph5 lotion but I was afraid it was going to break me out as it didn't say "non-comedogenic" on it although no 3+ comedogenic ingredient was on it. The products I am using are: .Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar or Neutrogena Transparent Cleansing Bar .Benzac AC 2.5% (1x day as it stings to much for me) .I don't have a common moisturizer as I'm currently in the process. .An aloe vera gel that contains alcohol (I use it twelve hours apart from when I apply bp) . I also tried Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream as it apparently was non comedogenic but it clogged my pores ( a few whiteheads and blackheads) Any help would be strongly appreciated, please help me.
  18. lizardanne

    The Beginning

    I counted last night as my official night on The Regimen...although Dan's products still haven't arrived, I want to start. I dropped the Retin A to stay true to Dan's strategy...Here are my products right now before Dan's come: Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser (psh, okay. but hey, it's non-comedogenic) Neutrogena On The Spot Acne Treatment (BP 2.5%) Alba Botanica Even Advanced Night Cream During the day I wear Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 25. Waiting for some jojoba oil to arrive for extra moisture too...my skin is so dry! Anyway, I had a flare up last weekend from drinking/smoking I'm pretty sure...and then I overcompensated and used a TON of BP and Retin A to try and fix it. Because that works. But, I've learned my lesson! Since dropping the Retin A my skin has calmed down a lot, and the BP is definitely clearing up my skin better this way, even though it's been one night. AND I accidentally popped a pimple that DEFINITELY wasn't supposed to be while trying to get hair dye off of my face...oops. Might put some tomato on it. Stay classy, Liz P.S. I'm only going to post pictures weekly; I feel like that shows my progress better than posting every day.
  19. allthethings

    Spring Break(Out)

    So I have spring break in TWO weeks, which is going to be great with the sun on my face and back. I need some vitamin D! I take vitamin D supplements every now and then, but i want the real stuff. Anyway, the reason I am back on here is to look at my progress that I made last year with my acne, and see if I can do anything about my current situation. Face: three large cysts on chin (always the trouble spot) and multiple, around 10, spots on the rest of my face. Localized mstly on the forehead (which is strange for me), on my left cheek, I think from using my phone, and my eyebrows, probably from plucking them a few days ago. Back- one large zit, one hyperpigmentation spot, and three little bumps on my neck that aren't too noticeable (I hope) Anyway, I have switched up my products for winter a little bit: - neutrogena gentle cream cleanser (the knd that Dan recommends) - neutrogena combintation skin moisturizer (Dan recommended) - a little aloe vera (no color/dyes, etc.) on some spots that i think are extra dry- someone said that this actually dries out thier skin though, any thoughts on aloe vera?? - clindomycin lotion on the cysts - bp (10% because thats all i had left over) on my cysts as well My face is exremely dry naturally and very sensitive, so do you guys (people that read my blog, ever) think I should just give up on BP again and spot treat which clindo and aloe vera (if it really is a drying agent) to help get rid of my cysts? My cysts, since they are on my chin, are most likely due to hormones, but I am on trisprintec and have been since last year, so I am not too sure what is going on with that, and if this type of hromonal birthcontrol is really beneficial anymore. Thoughts? Is it just the dry weather? Is it my routine? Is it my BC? Help, because I'm giong nuts and I really don't want to be so acne ridden on the beach!
  20. HI i have read online that using the neutrogena oil free acne face wash ( orange liquid type) gave some people severe reaction. I bought this product on tuesday after i noticed that my black soap was not doing anything to my skin after a while of using it. I wanted to try a new product as I had tried the clean and clear brand which also did nothing for my skin. I also exfoliate with my st ives. I have combination skin. I experience breakouts sometimes ( pimples that go away like in 2 days ) however on my face has these little tiny dots under my skin which i believe i got from an allergic reaction almost some time ago. (could also be eczema) I thought the neutrogena would help clear it. First day I used it (tuesday evening), my skin felt amazing. these little dots on my face diminished i had a pimple scar on my cheek helped the discolouration as well as my hyper pigmentation. My skin felt clean and bright.. the next day (Wednesday morning) to head out for school i used some sunscreen, toner and moisturized well after. fast forward on Thursday night after washing my face felt tingly i noticed a pimple on my upper lip, and rashes all over my face including my neck. I honestly wasn't expecting this as i rarely break out from products. My skin feels verrrryy rough and extremely dry. I have stopped using it only after a 2 days of using it mind you. My rashes itch especially on my neck. Have any of you experienced a reaction from this product i have read reviews online and seems like a lot have. But what exactly did you do to get your skin back to where it was before using the product and also to get rid of the rashes. i miss my old skin now loool Also what products are you guys using now especially with those with closed comedones or who have those stupidly annoying tiny little dots on your skin ( looks like its under the skin) smhhh
  21. allthethings

    Just A Mid-1St Week Update...

    Well, I ended up buying the 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide from CVS a few days ago. It is the Neutrogena brand "on the spot acne treatment". So, here is my regimen (I am trying to stay close to what this website recommends, without actually having to buy the products promoted on here)... - Rinse face with water in the morning - put on neutrogena moisterizer with spf 15 (I'm still on doxy and my skin is sensitive to sun, also I recommend an spf anyway so you don't have a lot of aging on your skin later!) - makeup (yep, still use it...trying to phase it out, its a process) -doxy with lunch and tons of water - if i workout that day (4 times a week usually) then a noxzema salycitic acid pad on my back post workout - wash face with neutrogena ultra hydrating, gentle face wash (creamy formula)...doesn't get all of my makeup off but like i said, i'm trying to phase out the makeup anyway - wait 5-10 mins - put on clindamycin phosphate lotion on back/face - wait 10-15 mins - put generous amount of 10% BP on back (it hasn't been drying out like i want it to yet...) - put small dabs of 2.5% neutrogena BP on cysts and problem areas on face - wait 10-15 mins - use neutrogena oil free moisturizer for combination skin on face (I don't use any moisturizer on my back....should I start doing this??) anyway, there you have it...my terribly long regimen that takes up most of my night haha So far: seeing slight improvement of cysts on face (reducing in size), but of course have terrrrrrible drying of face/peeling and redness my back doens't seem to have changed at all... I know that I am supposed to you glycolic acid or something on it (the acne.org regimen) but I really want to keep it minimal on my back because its hard to reach back there as it is with all of the items that I have now. Anyway, tips/comments are appreciated
  22. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I have been told by two different doctors that I have Seborrheic Dermatitis, specifically on my chin and chin only. I am a 22 year old male, I live in Colorado where the weather is dry with low/no humidity. This condition has lasted for about 6 years. I grew up believing it was acne, and therefore treated my chin as acne. The truth is, my SD causes pimples on my chin. My SD could have been caused by the climate I live in, the food I eat, the treatment of harsh benzoyl peroxide products, oral antibiotics, genetics, some factor I don't know of, or all of the above. My face will either produce surplus sebum levels leading to a breakout or dry, tight, flaky skin which also leads to breakouts. I have removed sodium lauryl sulfate products, and this has helped. Ketoconazole has SLS in it, which helps with my SD, but still causes breakouts. I have also tried taking it orally. My current routine is T/Sal Therapeutic Neutrogena Shampoo at night sometimes followed by Aczone. In the morning, I only use sea salt with water. Currently take a strong probiotic, turmeric pill, and zinc. I have tried many other supplements and tropical creams and nothing appears to work. I do believe what I eat affects SD as well. Looked into taking Accutane, have not decided if it is worth it or not. Thoughts?
  23. Has anybody tried this mask? Did you have any success? I started using it last night so too early for me to tell if it's going to be effective, but looking forward to see if it helps. Would love to hear from from anyone who has tried it :-)
  24. From the album: My "Personal" Acne System

    i use this after washing my face with the clinique bar soap. i gently stroke my face for about 20 seconds or until i feel that i got my whole face. i use this about 2-3 times during the day. depending on what im doing. this costs about $6-$8
  25. Hi, I've had this squishy red pimple on my nose for a few weeks now and I wanna get rid of it because it's my first week in high school. The pimple is very large and whenever I touch it, it's soft and squishy and I can feel the ... I don't know ... fluids inside? It's like a deflated beach ball, squishy end easy to move. I'm trying Clean and Clear benzoyl peroxide 5 and it doesn't work and just makes my skin dry and the pimple doesn't even look different. The pimple first was a small little bump then it inflated the pimple is also not painful was so ever. I also wash my face with neutrogena cream cleanser everyday. Please help me get rid of it or speed up the proccess of the going away.