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Found 500 results

  1. Hope to hear from you mr matt. From rob x, from panos, from aquasea, or anyone out there who had success treating their scars especially deep ones from the nose. I have one and is really deep. If not massaging with rose hip oil, what then shoul i do? I cant go to plastoc surgeons, I dont have enough money and i am more on natural methods. Anything else i could do? Any help out there? I am about to lose hope.
  2. Hi all! First time posting here. Have been on this skin care journey for over a decade, 2 rounds of acutane and my skin is completely acne free, now ready to finally get rid of my awful pitted acne scars that I have all over my cheeks. I went in for a consultation at a med spa to get an idea of what they would need to do and what the costs would be. I live in LA and found a well-reviewed place in Beverly Hills, so I knew it would be more expensive than if I lived somewhere else, and I w
  3. I understand that there is a "window of opportunity" minutes and hours after needling to take advantage of the newly formed micro channels in the skin by applying topicals which can penetrate at a much deeper level and therefore enhance their effects. Similarly though, I'm guessing there are certain products you should probably avoid during this period as well. So, what should you apply to the skin and when? For example, Vitamin C serum is something that is commonly mentioned as a topical to u
  4. Can someone who has done a tca peel on themselves please answer my question. The bridge of my nose is riddled with scarred pores but the redness of them really makes them stand out so i am looking into buying a TCA peel kit from here : http://www.mandyswakeupwithmakeup.co.uk/tca-skin-peels the peel only contains 30ml however and i believe i will need the TCA undiluted to have any effect , will this mean i only get 1 peel out of the bottle or does the texture of the peel mean a tiny blob
  5. I would like to know this. i've scoured the boards and google and i've yet to find a conclusive answer.. most say that PIH is temporary and the skin will return to its original colour, but i have brown marks on my face that are almost 4 years old. 4 years ago i also scraped my shins and got a chemical burn trying to treat them afterwards. the results of that were scabs that fell off and turned into brown marks which are still visible on my legs today. i don't get it. does dermal hyperpigmentatio
  6. Since I recently moved and there is this top doc plastic surgeon nearby I went in for a consult on anything and everything he does for acne scars. I have to say he is one the most honest doctors I've ever talked to. He told me right off the bat I probably won't be satisfied with any of his treatments and they are all very costly. We talked about subcision and how I've had two other doctors tell me I wasn't a great candidate for it, perhaps my scars aren't tethered much. Well he said ALL scarri
  7. Hi all I've had two dermarolling sessions at at london dermatologist. I'm now going to combine it with home needling. Does anyone know where I can buy BD Micro-Fine Pen Needle 4mm x 32G without prescription? These are what I mean: http://www.mistrys.co.uk/bd-microfine-pen-...mp;currency=EUR Technique: I'm going to do it based on the information provided by LLamar, but will probs consult my derm before starting and do a number of tests to see how my skin reacts. 'Hit scars from all angles wh
  8. Hello. I am new to this forum. This is my third post. I have already made my introduction in the relevant board. I want to post on what I am currently doing and what my environment is like as well as what I would like to try. My heritage is African and German-Jewish. I have sensitive skin and scar easily. I get dark spots on my nose bridge from simply wearing glasses and I have even bruised the skin on my elbows doing bridge exercises on a carpeted (rough and thin, not shaggy) floor in a
  9. Can someone please tell me what is the difference between dermarolling and needling? Which one works better and faster? Is needling the same as undermining? I sure hope I can derma roll or needle with my rosacea. I have a few scars I want treated then get my redness under control.
  10. hole


    Hi Everyone, Just wondering does anyone still try this and how are your improvements over time? I have tried skin needling by a makeup artist and had my treatment about 4 weeks ago. I did notice improvement right away and then it slowly started to disapper because the improvement was due to the swelling. In a few days it will be 5 weeks. I guess i will wait a little longer and see if there is any improvement. I probably will have one more treatment at the 10 week mark. Im also try tca cross. I
  11. Just curious to see what everyone's opinion is on needling or rolling areas of skin where scars are still in the formation process? Has anyone done this before? For clarification, what I mean is that I had two zits on my forehead about three or four months ago that have long since healed, but have left hyperpigmented, slightly indented areas of skin that I'm fairly certain are already scars or will become scars in the long term. Is it too soon to needle or roll such skin? In general, if on
  12. Anyone heard of this - Bioeffect EGF Serum Apparently it's a new revolutionary product from Iceland and you only need to use a single drop twice per day to see results. Sounds hard to believe but it seems to be getting positive reviews everywhere, was wondering what your thoughts are. Oh, and this is linked to scarring, I am thinking of using this in conjunction with needling.
  13. I've been out checking out a number of forums and emailing practitioners who offer bee venom therapy or who have done it on themselves (sometimes deliberately, sometimes by accident) and the results seem pretty positive. Time and time again people are claiming the bee venom completely removed their scarring. Its nice to find an endless stream of positive stories instead of the negative ones i seem to find whenever i research a treatment more fully. I've attached the shortened versions of the
  14. I have some real small scars on my nose. Most of them are so small they look like giant pores. I dont think they are scarred pores though because when i stretch them or push the junk out i can see the holes and they are tiny. The skin around the pores is depressed. I hate these scars because of where they are-the nose. Because of their placement they stick out so much. If they were anywhere else i could probably get over them but alas they are not. I am determined to get rid of them or at
  15. Hi.I have a few shallow indented scars that i would like to try and improve by needling using a single needle. What size (mm) needle am i best using as the scars are quite shallow and i dont want to use an oversized needle if not required.The smaller the better (i think) I've looked on ebay and can only mainly find Tattoo needles.Would these be ok ? I was considering using 0.25mm needles. I have done needling before which gave some improvement but can't remember which needles i used but i did g
  16. Hi All, I've never posted or replied any threads here but I've been observing for quite awhile. First of all, my acne scars are not severe... but I hate when they look very noticeable especially when I put make up on so I've been looking for the most effective way to get rid of them. I've been interested in the needling methods... but I hadn't found any websites that really showed the genuine results from real people until this blog that I'm going to show you. It is written in Thai, I'm sorr
  17. I have seen Dr. Lam results for these types of scars using TCA Cross. I was wondering if individual needling would give similar results or does TCA offer something more. I do not have these types of scars but, was curious since needling would be much cheaper and easier to do on ones own.
  18. dykim90


    might want to think twice before using your rollers or needles again. needle
  19. So... my scars are starting to get better, and I would like to let people know what worked for me. First of all, almost 3 months ago I began IPL treatments, and I can now say that they are starting to get lighter. The difference is not huge, but it is noticeable, especially on the fresh one. However, the texture is what matters for me the most. The indented scar on my cheek bothers me really a lot, so I had hyaluronic acid injections two days ago. It's kinda early to judge yet, but I think it
  20. I bought 100% TCA from ebay. Didn't do it on my face yet, but tried it on my arm. I have 4 scars - 3 identical burn scars (all brown, no indentation, 2.5 years old) and 1 deep hole that looks like a pock-mark, puffy around the hole I mixed the TCA with water 50-50 trying to get a strong enough blend.. I put it on the scars, no burning... added a bit more TCA and put it on the scars... Not much burning.. Made a stronger blend and uses a toothpick to put it inside the hole/scar... (was difficu
  21. I've a concern, Used the dermastamp yesterday and after needling half my face I noticed one of the 1.5mm needles broke off. I don't know if it just fell off or if it's inside my skin somewhere. I've been trying to find it to see if it was stuck in the skin or fell out, but I'm not sure if I would be able to see it. Any thoughts?
  22. I tried posting this before but I dont think it went trough. I did lots of needling before, but some scars did not respond. Decided to try TCA during a moment of desperation Bought 100% TCA. Mixed it with water to about 70%, and proceeded to apply with a toothpick to a scar on my arm (to test) The scar had a very deep hole (hard to get the toothpick in there) with a lot of dead tissue all around.. after that, dilluted to aout 50 % and applied to some burn scars on my arm (dark spots that h
  23. I have an appointment with a professional who is triple-certified in skin needling/scar relaxation with "...use of a Dermal Roller or Rotary Machine (same machine used in Permanent Makeup) with needle clusters of 3 to 7 and a topical in the area of treatment for numbing. The needles are inserted into the epidermis and the top layer of the dermis, causing dermal damage." The before/after pictures on her website are pretty encouraging. She has told me I would need 1-3 treatments at $600 each
  24. HI, I have logged on here today after quiet a while, However I initialy registered with this site in 2002. During all that time I suffered with grade 4 cystic acne. I was on Dianette, numerous antibiotics, accutance (for over 2 years), steroid injections, numerous topical treatments. Then the acne became more controlled, I would not say it was gone just controlled and thats when the acne scar treatments began...... again non-ablatives lasers, Co2 laser, erbrium, isologen, fraxel, peels, silcon
  25. My whole left cheek is covered with very unpleasant looking scars.