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Found 500 results

  1. Can someone please tell me the difference between needling and subscision.... I've looked at tons of websites and can't find much help. It would be great if there was a site for how to do needling on yourself... Thanks for all your help, cheers!
  2. Hey, i know there is another skin needling topic but i made a new one because that one is too huge to go through. Anyways... Ok, i have done 2 skin needling procedures. I must say that i am very pleased with the results. The first time i tried it with a house hold needle. It made my scars take on a crimson color because of all the coagulation. The results i got from that weren't what i wanted. The needle was just too big to go deep enough and to maneuver. So i bought some 1/3cc insulin need
  3. Hi All, I've read a lot about the risks associated with scar treatment after Accutane. The conventional wisdom seems to be anywhere from 6 months to as much 2-3 years after Accutane. However, everything I've read applied to resurfacing procedures such as dermabrasion and laser resurfacing. What I'm wondering is what kind of data is out there for other types of scar treatments such as subcision, needling, smoothbeam, etc after having Accutane? Do the same risks apply? Can anyone point
  4. I'm beginning to have my doubts about needling... 1) I've yet to see any results from self-needling. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong, but I'm using the same technique everyone else claims too. 2)I've yet to see any impressive before/after needling pics from a poster on this board. In the one pic I've seen, the scar looked exactly the same in the before and after. 3) The only physician that I've seen who is a proponent of this technique is the inventor, some South African doctor. I don't k
  5. Guest


    After reading your posts for a few months I plan on starting Smoothbeam sessions this month and in July doing a needling session. I have shallow scars all under 9 months old. I plan on taking Mynocycline to treat some mild acne that is starting up again. Does anyone know where I can find Smoothbeam or N-lite in the Vicinity of North Carolina? Also is there any thing I should be concerned about when mixing the antibiotic Mynocycline with Smoothbeam? Thanks BTW: This board has been
  6. im just going to vent and ask some questions... for me acne ruined my life, yeah i know I make it ruin my life but it is a fact, since i was at highschool i got some pimples the first year, but it was tolerable, then i was clear half the second year, i met this woman who treated me like shit and all that and i went in a deep depression and i got a severe flare up of acne, then i got accutane and the second year at highschool was hell, my grades lowered a lot, and on the third year i was still de
  7. Hi everyone! This is my first post on this board - Ive found the site whilst searching on the net for scar treatment, and this looks an extremley informative site. I was on a huge dose of roaccuatane for 11 months, and am pleased to sy that it worked bigtime (this was 2.5 years ago) - unfortunaltey I've been left with considerable scarring on my chest and shoulders - I've been patient with all the creams under the sun - is there any form of treatment that would help (needling perhaps?) I kn
  8. I know everyone will start hating me for going through a topic that someone has already gone through , but that person's dreadful experience with smoothbeam draws my attention to the effectiveness and the risk associated with needling . Just like 20% TCA , i am a victim from it . I would like to know if anyone is left with permanent redness or pinkness due to needling . If yes , please tell me what your story is like . Right now , i will not ever consider smoothbeam treatments , not
  9. ok so what do i do? do i just go up to any person who does tatoo and ask him to needle my face? just wondering....
  10. Well, I'm continuing with my smoothbeam quest. But now I want to add needling to the equation... I'd like the sides of my face worked over... I'd get it done on an early Friday, spray amino-plex over the weekend, and return to classes on Tuesday. Does anyone know of an aesthetician or a tattoo artist in the area that would do this kind of thing? It seems a bit like an "out there" procedure, I don't exactly know where to begin. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I am 38, have had acne scars for about 20 years. Needling seemed to help, but I am not sure anymore how much. Any thoughts on what methods work best for scars that are older? I had Laser about 6 years ago, didn't do much. I currently use mandelic acid and Super CP serum. Thanks.
  12. Has anyone had needling done ? I read one post and they said they were not to happy , however i read somewhere from a Doctor it takes a good six months and not one treatment but to do another within three months then his patient could not return for office visit right away ... 8-[ he then returned after nine months and saw quite an improvement . Also known as multitripanic Actuation if I spelled that the right way . I am an Esthetician and perform camouflage treatments ...please give yo
  13. Hey everyone! I'm new here, however, I've been reading posts over the past few months and I must say this has been a very helpful site!!! I've had acne since I was 12 and am now 40. Have been on nearly every topical, some oral antibiotics, birth control pills, Accutane and Spironolactone. I had good success with Accutane (2 courses) and tolerated it well. The Spironolactone has been the best though. My acne is hormonal related (got better during pregnancy). I have shallow scars with on
  14. Hello there....First of all thanks for all the support and courage you give us and information which you supply us. So first of all I am 19 years old who suffered acne.(and still does although much less than before).Altough acne bothers me and leaves red marks I don't really give them attention because acne goes it should in two years time and the ones i have fortunately are not scarring.(just red marks which fade with time). My question is the only thing that bothers me and gets me down
  15. Hello, i had another N-Lite session 15 days ago. I don't know if it is my mind, or what is, but i think always is helping me. My scars are rolling, low-medium. I have readed a lot of posts, telling that N-Lite doesn't works, but now i think that maybe the best "commentary" is that N-Lite works, but little to little. I have now 4 sessions in the same zone done. (First, on December of 2002, Second, January 2003, Third, June 2003 and Fourth July 2003). No needling/subcision done, just the N-Lit
  16. I'm trying to find a trained person to do needling on my mostly ickpick scars. I would like somebody in or around Austin, TX. Thanks Nancy
  17. Hello Would anyone know where I can have needling done in France (Paris) ? Or even in Prague... I an having punch excision / elevation done next week, then laser weeks after wich is good I guess for removing the excision marks... I am wondering how long after the laser I could have the needling done ? Also, I ordered some CP serum and Emu oil from skinBio. Does anyone know if I should put the serum on the excision scars after the procedure, or only the emu oil ?
  18. Has this ever been done before? The idea behind needling is to break up scar tissue. Untethering allows it to be at the same level as the surrounding skin. Now, itstead of using a needle, perhaps ultrasound at the right resonant frequency (for scar tissue/collagen) can achieve this. I don't know, just an idea I had. If it worked, it would be a non-ablative version of needling. Any thoughts?
  19. Guest


    I was in the sun all day today, so my face got really dry. I looked in a car window and my scars looked so ugly, I mean just hideous. For a split second I wanted to die, i crushed that idea quickly and thought I need a good scar solution. Already done the needling, and I think it did improve some scars, but nothing near my satisfaction. I have 4 smoothbeam sessions left, but I don't see how a non-ablative laser is going to cure this. I just bought Lactic -acid peels, will do this alo
  20. hi to everyone! finally I managed to post my pictures of my scars on the gallery!! I took more or less 100 pictures and put the worst ones in this thread so that you can see them better! it is mostly under special light (from behind,at an angle) that you see them. Could please everyone that has had experience with some of the scar reduction methods (creams,needling,subcision,peels,...) advice me what they can recommend for my scars?! Especially maya and oursfan, could you give your comme
  21. Denise.... Since I know you have scarred pores like me (I have like a zillion), and you have had both needling and CROSS done, my question is this: Which procedure brought you the most noticable and rapid improvement to your scarred pores? My main problem is scarred pores and shallow scarring/uneven skin (although I have deeper ones as well). Do or did you have this problem and how well and fast does the needling improve this? Thanks in advance, Denise. )
  22. i have an 2cm diameter by 1cm depth pox scar on my nose. id like to know if there's something that can be done to getting rid of it. ive read some of the needling threads, and was wondering whether on which scar types this procedure works well. how about excision? or are there other methods as well? how percent effective are all these procedures? does efffectivity depend on your skin type (ie, oily, dry)? thanks. i really hope one day there would be a really effective scar removal proce
  23. Maya, I understand you are going for professional needling next month. would you be so kind as to take some before and after pics and put them in the gallery here? I really want to get needling done in June (one year after my last bout with Accutane) but I have not seen any before and afters of acne scars treated with needling.
  24. ld we start posting here instead of the very long existing needling-thread? Will report more when I see how this needling-session will result. I will try the area that I did the first time soon, so then I can tell you about second times experiences
  25. Hope to hear from you mr matt. From rob x, from panos, from aquasea, or anyone out there who had success treating their scars especially deep ones from the nose. I have one and is really deep. If not massaging with rose hip oil, what then shoul i do? I cant go to plastoc surgeons, I dont have enough money and i am more on natural methods. Anything else i could do? Any help out there? I am about to lose hope.