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Found 1,342 results

  1. http://shop.owndoc.com/product-list.php?dermaneedling-pg1-cid48.html I need either a derma roller or derma stamp, with a specific size length, and retin a, with 0.5 or 0.25? And are those the only two things you recommend, or should I get some additional product to rub into the scars after dermarolling? Like vitamin C seruM?
  2. So I'm uploading a pic of my scars. they seem really badass - I took the photo in the most harsh lightning possible, I'm seeking for an advise guys. In my previous threads i've described my action plan! First of I'm planning to get a subcision, then I'll do the micro-needling (5 sessions - each 6th week), after that I'll CROSS them couple of times (2 sessions 6 weeks apart) and finish 'em with a series of 4-5 glicolic peels (15% broken up 2 weeks apart) inbetween the treatments I'm planning to use the silikia camelia oil and dermajuv acne scar reduction system. All of my treatments would probably take a year or so. what do you guys think of this? I'll be investing tons of $, so before I start all this, I just wanna make sure that the course I've planned makes sense! thanks in advance!
  3. Anyone out there from the St. Louis area? I am moving there and am looking for a good dermatologist. I am also interested in needling and punch floats, though I know I will probably have to travel for those. Thanks!
  4. Ok here is what I need: - a sterilized needle (30 g syringe needle) - Antiseptic cream - Some sort of alcohol to retract the pores after the needling. - Copper peptides But the problem is what type of copper peptides I should use....Where on the net can I buy it? Please also tell me what products you have used and what your experiences have been with them. And by the way: Can I use Rose hip seed oil as copper peptides? Does it work as good as copper peptides, when applied on wounds?
  5. Does anyone know of anyone who performs the needling technique in the Dallas area? I've been looking for someone in my area who is experienced with this, but so far have come up empty. Thanks
  6. I'm trying to find a trained person to do needling on my mostly ickpick scars. I would like somebody in or around Austin, TX. Thanks Nancy
  7. dcychanhk

    What about needling

    I know everyone will start hating me for going through a topic that someone has already gone through , but that person's dreadful experience with smoothbeam draws my attention to the effectiveness and the risk associated with needling . Just like 20% TCA , i am a victim from it . I would like to know if anyone is left with permanent redness or pinkness due to needling . If yes , please tell me what your story is like . Right now , i will not ever consider smoothbeam treatments , not only from poreman's experience with it but also that person who was treated with 8 sessions of smoothbeam treatments. I hope there are no bodies out there who are left with any other skin flaws due to needling . If yes, i am really confused and disorientated about what an south east asian can do with his or her skin . Thank you so much .
  8. Hello Would anyone know where I can have needling done in France (Paris) ? Or even in Prague... I an having punch excision / elevation done next week, then laser weeks after wich is good I guess for removing the excision marks... I am wondering how long after the laser I could have the needling done ? Also, I ordered some CP serum and Emu oil from skinBio. Does anyone know if I should put the serum on the excision scars after the procedure, or only the emu oil ?
  9. i went to permenant make up artist today ... expained how is needling performed and the results ....etc for like 30 min ..... she basically refued to do it ... coz it risky and they might get into troble coz its illegal ... she reckons there are lots of risk involed coz u might needle lympathic vessels ... especially in the cheek area .... (btw i asked her to do the scars on my cheek area only) i m so confused now... i thought needling is so safe , u can basically do any where in the face .... do u guys think she is speaking the truth ? also she has heard about needling the wrinkles ( only damaging the epidermis) but never heard of treating acne scars which needle needs to go 1 -2 mm of the dermis .... i feel so depressed ...
  10. After reading the recent post from somebody getting Dermaroller treatment through a dermatologist for $$$, I decided to go back and look at eBay for these things since I remember some posts about that previously in one of the needling threads. The Dermaroller CIT was a bit pricey I thought for a small piece of plastic with some stainless steel needles sticking out of it. Well, there is another company making these now for about 1/3 of the price. Check it out... http://cgi.ebay.com/Derma-Skin-Scalp-Rolle...1QQcmdZViewItem Looks like the same thing to me. Sometimes free market capitalism actually works!
  11. paquita

    Scar treatment order

    I have been reading these boards for a while and it seems to me that the treatments that work are: Fillers Dermaroller Subcision Needling TCA cross (but I probably would not try that, It is dangerous and too many people did not see results) I would like to know for those that have tried these treatments what order would you recommend. I haven't tried any yet, but fillers/subcision sound interesting. Thanks
  12. heartPWR

    me again

    hi guys im going to be going into some sort of regimen for my face but i would appreciate if you guys visit my account and look and my pictures and make any suggestions. the marks i have aren't as bad as they are in the pictures which were taken in december but any suggestions from knowledgable people would help. i'd also like any input on a technique i read on which is needling. goods and bads of it? i live in toronto does anyone know the price or where i can get this done if i need to go there? i have ice pick scars on both cheeks near my nose , not severe but noticable. does severity reflect on whether needling is neccessary? feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Tevez

    Needling info

    Here are some links to help people understand skin needling a bit more and how good it really is.
  14. So I just finished my second needling session with Frank at Transitions in New York (actually finished a week ago), and my experience was great again. I meant to post this earlier, but I'll run through what has happened through the first week. So when I got there, Frank cleaned my face and applied the numbing cream. After about ten minutes, he started needling, and I basically felt nothing. This went on for roughly 30 minutes. Once it was all done, my face was red, but no where near as red as he said some people get. It kind of looked like I was out in the sun a bit too long and was starting to get a sun burn. The great thing about needling at Transitions is not only is it cheap ($100), Frank is wonderful in that it is clear that he truly cares about helping people opposed to making money. He also said he thinks my scarring has improved from when he last saw me, but I took that with a grain of salt considering it was 4 months since he last saw me. But I personally believe there was some improvement (maybe 10% or so). If I can get another 10% again, I would be ecstatic. After about two days, the redness faded to almost an unnoticeable shade. Now it's been about a week, and I believe the swelling is still present, and the scars are coming back a bit, but I guess I won't really see the long term effects until several months later. I was using retin-A before needling, and I'll probably wait a week or so to begin using it again. (I don't really have a reason for this I just kind of want to let my face relax for a bit). I'll keep you guys posted on my recovering, chris
  15. seductiveartistica


    Anyone know a needle technician in the South Jersey area?
  16. The title is pretty self explainitory but what has given people better results with rolling scars? TCA or Needling or Dermarolling? You advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  17. picniclunch


    I have a surgical scar because of having a mole removed as well as the odd pit from acne. I was reading about needling for improving acne scars and decided to try it on myself to see if it was painful and if it worked. It didn't really hurt - it was a bit like accupuncture. I just sterilised a fine sewing needle and stuck it in the pits. There were 4 fairly deep pits along my surgical scar that wouldn't cover with make-up before. But now I can cover them. The acne scars have also improved. I was thinking about having resurfacing which I was quoted would cost me $700 and to have someone else do needling would have cost me $150. But I found it fairly painless and easy to do my own. Just thought I would share my experience.
  18. Willow68

    I need help post needle

    Is it okay to apply Super Cop 2x after self needling?

    Does Needling Work On Scarred Pores?

    hello ive been reading through a TON of needling threads here and couldnt find an answer to this question...i have 3 holes on my nose that are much bigger than my pores and they have been there for a long time and im sick of them...ive tried mederma, vitamin e cream and some other stuff but none worked... i really do not want to go to a dermatologist again so i was thinking about doing self needling on these holes...the feedback on self needling seems to be quite positive but i didnt see much on self needling on scarred pores now im not exactly sure if what i have is enlarged pores, scarred pores, or ice pick scars on the nose...or really if theres even a difference between them but anyway would self needling fix these holes?
  20. freeflying

    What types of scars do I have?

    I got on the Regimen and its working out pretty good so far. But now I really want to get rid of my scars. Can some one tell me what types I have? I can't tell http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z294/TricksterC/GEDC0726.jpg http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z294/TricksterC/GEDC0719.jpg My 2nd question is what type of treatment do you all recommend? I'm hearing about this needling thing but have no idea how to go about getting it done. Or how often. Or how much it costs. help would be greatly appreciated
  21. Sam


    I had subcision done on 10 June 09 and i was wondering how soon i could do dermaroller/selfneedling after my subcision.
  22. Holly_08

    Old member here

    Wowza! I haven't been in these forums in forever. Altho it says on my profile that I've been a member since '06, I've been browsing these forums way longer than that...Just wanted to remind folks out there that has the same scarring problem I had that I found my jewel in Apeel correct and self-needling... It, by far, worked better than any stupid laser treatment could ever do.... $4000....f***! I still cry when I think about that money and the looser Dr. who put it in his bank account to blow it on a stamp collection...I should have my fingers cut off for being so stupid! Unemployed and owing tuition! Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddd!! Idiot!! anyways.... Good luck with whatever treatment's you use everybody!
  23. I have been reading this forum for quite sometime and have finally decided to try dermarolling/needling for my scarring. I would like to find a dermatologist to do this for me because I am scared that I will make my scars worse if I try it myself. I live in Massachusetts, and was wondering if anyone has gone to or knows of a dermatologist that does dermarolling/needling? Thank You!
  24. I was on here in Jan. and even posted a pic of my scars - someone gave me great advice (can't remember the posters name though) and even a link to a dermatologist an hour away in Philly. I made an appt. and saw him on Feb. 4th. Oddly enough both him and his assistant called my scars mild to moderate (I would have put them in the moderate to severe category though), but because I still have some active acne (mostly hormonal) he won't do any acne scar removal treatments until my acne is gone. They want to put me on Spironolactone (sp?) and I have to stay clear for 3 months or more before the other treatments, so we're shooting for the fall to start combination treatments for my scars. To me, I was disappointed because I wanted the scar removal treatments to start like yesterday, but I get that he's doing the responsible thing by stopping the acne 1st before treating the rest of my face. I can't start the medicine now even though because I'm still breastfeeding my toddler - will start weaning in March, so maybe by April I'll be able to start the medicine. I might wait till June after my bestfriends wedding in case of an initial breakout problem with the medicine - does anyone know anything about spironolactone causing a bad breakout in the beginning? Then once the acne is under control, his plan to work on my scars is a 7 visit plan which includes subcision, some spot needling (he explained the procedure but it still seems odd), some TCA, and laser resurfacing (not fraxel repair, but not fraxel restore either although it's like that - it's another type of laser but I totally forget the name of it) - he said I'd be in his office every other week or ever 2 weeks until the 7 visits are completed. The cost seems pretty reasonable to me - only $2K. He seemed pretty honest and told me he can't guarentee 100% improvement - he said he won't make it worse but he can't say for sure how much better he can make it cause everyone responds differently to treatments & heals differently, but he seemed confidant he could help. Really only a 50% improvement is my goal right now. I'd be estatic with that! So, a combination therapy type of treatment sounds like the best way to go? He seemed like a good guy - one thing I liked about him was that when I mentioned how lasers scared me and how I'm afraid of them giving me more scars, he showed me his hand and explained that before each laser treatment he blasts his hand with the laser in like a tradition to assure me if done properly lasers are safe. I'm not happy with his office being an hour away, but I'll try to figure that part out once we get to that stage.
  25. Strelok


    Iam reading alot about LEDs and Retin-A, sind i live in germany, i pretty have no clue what you mean with "LEDs" and where i can get them - i mean, i have some coloured lamps, but i dontr thinks thats what i need..? the link doesnt want to appear somehow... can soembody link me a shop who sells leds ? somehow i cant find any near germany / europe. did you mean that kinda LEDs?