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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, my name is PJ, I'm 24, and I've had severe acne and anxiety for the past 10 years, since I was 14. I've been documenting my healing journey on YouTube for the past 9 months. - http://www.youtube.com/user/HolisticHealthJ - I want to share my story with the acne.org community. If you're a person who feels like you've done everything to try and cure your acne, you've tried all the creams and topicals, you eat really healthy, you get sunshine, you exercise, you do all the things the health guru'
  2. Hey! So my acne started back in march, after trying out first time birth control and staying on it for a week, stopping because of explosion of acne I had never experienced before. Then immediately following a taper of a corticosteriod called prednisone, because my doctor thought it was a rash on my face that was some sort of allergic reaction--which was false. It was acne.. Theres the background... So I've experimented on my own with different supplements--fish oils, multivitamins designed
  3. 4Fours

    May Regimen 2012

    It's mostly clear, fewer pimples and less severe, but the few I do have are large, red but not pustules. No current cysts, 2 blemishes on my left cheek, 1 blemish on my forehead. Healing marks between my eyebrows, right cheek, and chin. Red marks are fading from the Deming gel. What I'm doing right now, the diet and supplements is something I'd be doing if it helped my acne or not: Diet- Mostly Vegan (except for supplements), gluten-free, avoid soy, peanuts, citrus, and avoiding IgG re
  4. 4Fours

    December 2011

    I'm 95% clear... one inflamed blemish and 2 healing spots, 4 red marks. I don't want to clog up my signature with my routine, diet, etc. What's working for me right now, the diet and supplements is something I'd be doing if it helped my acne or not (fortunately, it does): Diet- Vegan, gluten-free, avoid soy, avoiding all IgG response foods (19 total) Rice protein every morning Supplements- Multi with Iron and Iodine (Iron and Iodine for thyroid) Vitamin D 5000 IU (tested low
  5. Last week I went to see a herbal medicalist and discussed everything I've been through/on for my skin and where I have had success etc. He seemed quite keen on focusing on the emotional aspects of things and seeing where my 'drive' was and how acne has stopped me in the past, which is good i guess. I know having a positive strong mindset is good for clear skin...but i won't have that until i HAVE clear skin so. I can't see much change on that yet. He gave me more liquid agnus castus and then a s
  6. Melloman

    Naturopathic Acne Journey

    So when I was 16, I decided to find the root cause of my acne. I was convinced it was masturbation within my first two weeks of self testing. So all the way up until I was almost 18, I was tormenting myself trying not to masturbate. I broke down and masturbated a lot. When I was 18, I researched, and remembered my severely unhealthy diet I had when I was little. Then I remembered how acne came when I was 11. It turned cystic when I was 12 and started masturbating, which is what threw me of
  7. StarCookbook

    Visiting Naturopath today

    Today will be my visit to the Naturopath. Hopefully I'll get to find there. I'll update here if I'm done with the visit. Takecare and have a great day everyone.
  8. Hello, friends! The long(er): I recently went to see a Naturopath in town. As I am 24 and have been battling with acne off and on for years, I'm getting a bit tired of being chained to this topical or that topical and have been wanting to attempt a more natural and holistic approach to acne. This doctor has a background in "traditional" or "western" medicine, but now practices naturopathy, holistic healing, and colonics. So we did some blood work, and lo! my triglycerides are INSANELY
  9. I've been searching and searching for one around my area (and I live in one of the bigger cities in the U.K) and I finally found a guy who seems to be exactly what I am looking for. He has a legit website which claims he has worked with people with stubborn problems such as acne and p.c.o.s before and he seemed sound when I was e-mailing him. So fingers crossed. I am paying for this obv. but I am serious about this and my private medical consultations for roaccutane the second time around were t
  10. sickandtiredofacne21

    Acne and depression

    Hi! I'm 23 years old and i've been suffering with acne since i was 14. I know it doesn't seem like a long time and i know there are people out there who has been suffering for a lot longer but when you feel like you have tried every possible way to get rid of it, it begins to feel like a lifetime. Does anyone else suffer from depression because of this stupid condition? I used to be loud and happy, i loved meeting people and making people smile. Now all i want to do is stay home in bed, i don'
  11. Hey guys! So I've been prescribed both spiro and diane 35(I live in Canada) to reduce my oily skin but after sucessfully escaping acne after coming off the pill 5 months ago, I'm reluctant to start another pill. I saw my naturopath and asked for a natural alternative to androgen blockers and he gave me Testo Quench! It is supposed to reduce any androgenic effects and help promote healthy hormones. Androgens are what creates oily skin and acne. I was recently tested for my hormones, and I a
  12. Hi All! I went to a naturopath for my hormonal acne yesterday. It was something I was considering for a long time, but really hesitated to go since the treatments are not covered by insurance, and there are plenty of useful information on the internet. However, I decided to go because: 1. I wanted to be under the guidance of a professional I knew DIM and Vitex were good for hormonal acne, and it worked for many people, BUT I didn't know if it will work for me. Vitex increases progesterone pr
  13. Hi there. I've lurked on here for years (and actually had a different active account for awhile, but lost that email address and can't get back in.) I've been clear on and off for awhile now, but I need help. I'm so confused. Even my naturopath is stumped on what to do with me going forward. I'm hoping if I share my story, someone might have some idea on what I can try next. Story (I'll keep it as short as possible): Skin goes crazy with heavy moderate acne at the age of 12. It's practi
  14. ngovic

    Moderate Acne

    Hey guys, I have had moderate acne (stage 2) for over a year now. I have been on the paleo diet for over 6 months now. Here is a brief list of some things I do not eat: - Refined sugars - Gluten - Dairy All makeup products i use are organic and natural. I visited a naturopath about a month ago, and I am taking herbs daily. I also take zinc supplements. I had been taking a vitamin b complex and b5 supplement for 6 months. I have seen no affect. I use tea tree every day as a spot tre
  15. Hi \guys. i used to be on this website nearly everyday scouring for possible answers to what i felt was a hopeless cause. i have been very lucky too find out what was causing my skin problems and other bodily issues which allowed me too work on getting my life back. In Desperation for my consistent skin problems i turned to a naturopath. Although i was extremely skeptical at first following what she has said has worked a charm. i was diagnosed with candida and many other deficiencies
  16. My acne started when I moved here in Toronto Canada, I was 17 then now Im 34 and fed up with it. I used to go to Dr. Geller acne treatment clinic they have 4 branches then 2 of those helped me with acne. Ive been to the yonge and st claire (under Dr. David Eisen) for a very long time. I tried benzoil peroxide, minocyn and everything in between. I did 2 rounds or treatment of Accutane with birth control pills when I was in early 20s. I stopped the pill when we want to get pregnant (i was 29 yo