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Found 6 results

  1. Hello you all, let me introduce myself and my experience to you. I am writing this so it may help some people like myself who have been battling with consistent breakouts and acne for so long we could remember! I will cut the story really short and sweet, because no one really likes a long winded post I guess? Not me definitely haha! Ok so, I got my first breakout at the age of 13, the age where teens fall in love, have fun and horrible school times. it was really bad for me as I got oily ski
  2. I need to pick up some vitamins after this Candida cleanse that I'm on. :\ It sucks that everything is trial and error and that my skin seems to be so sensitive to so very many ingredients! It can be discouraging, that's a fact! I plan on stopping at Walgreen's to get these few things, which I will review in a week or two.. 1- PanOxyl acne wash 2- Vitamin D 3- Zinc Gluconate As well as take my existing Women's Multivitamin, L-Lysine, and Biotin. If anyone reading this has AN
  3. Hi, so I've recently made an account here after reading a LOT of reviews and experiences on taking zinc for acne. I was like "perfect, gonna give it a try". I have very light acne on my face after months of trying to heal it due to a stress breakout with their respective scars and bad acne on my back that is leaving red scars behind. So I decided to buy zinc tablets but I couldn't find them ANYWHERE where I live. I decided to settle for a multivitamin cause it was all I could find, I wanted t
  4. Okay so I'm 14 and I have pretty bad acne for my age. I just started a generic version of retin-a. I've just past the 1 week mark and I had been using it every 3 nights and now I bump it up to every 2 nights then every other night and if i dont have too much irratation im supposed to use it every night. I'm taking one a day womens multivitamin too becuase it has vitamins and minerals that are supposed to help with acne. my derm just gave me the perscription and didn't really tell me much info be
  5. Ok be warned this is going to be long and i am going to give my general story, so if you are not interested in reading alot dont.... But the "Caveman" regime has worked for me way better than anything else! Ok guys so about a month or so I was EXTREMELY stressed about my acne, it would honestly be on my mind 24/7 just worrying about what people think about me at school, I had recently got a girlfriend too so the stress levels were through the roof!!! So I started doing research and noticed t
  6. Hi everybody! I know that there is no one single underlying cause for acne - for hyperkeratinization. There are many underlying complex causes but I have come to conclusion that as I have acne regardless of what I eat then then the problem must be also lying within me - my digestive system. As we all know, the digestive system is the root of all health. It is a fact that Helicobacter pylori bacteria causes ulcer by deteriorating stomach lining. I know that modern medicine recognize the "