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Found 13 results

  1. Well, I had a long summer in the sun and a few months back at school with no back acne at all and close to no facial acne. It was great! But of course, I'm back. Back has about 3 big spots and some small bumps on my neck. While my face has 4 or 5 small bumps and one HUGE cystic bump on my chin. My chin has always been a problem area, and now its starting up again. I don't know why my acne is awful during winter...i'm guessing becaues of the lack of vitamin D, but here I am again, with acne.
  2. Whenever I apply Cerave + 4-5 drops of jojoba oil after bp, the bp immediately clumps up, turns white, and is just super hard to rub all over my skin. Whenever I mix in AHA+ with the Cerave and jojoba oil, however, this doesn't happen and everything goes on smoothly. Does anybody have any advice to stop clumping and/or an explanation of why AHA+ doesn't cause clumping?
  3. So I've been taking acutane for 2 months and the dryness is so annoying, as I'm sure everyone has noticed. Especially the chapped lips. I am chugging water to the point where I constantly have to pee, and I think I apply chapstick every 10 minutes - but my lips are still chapped and dry. I'm starting to think I might have a vitamin B deficiency as well, so I'm going to get the multivitamins. But this is becoming a problem because I enjoy kissing my boyfriend, but now I don't think it's as muc
  4. Hello, I searched for this but to no avail, sorry if it has been posted, we cant all be perfect I'm basically looking for something to replace the acne.org Moisturizer, it's good at night time, but in the morning it leavs my skin shiny, even if I use a small amout of it, leaving me with tight, dry skin. I live in england, and I'm happy to order stuff from America if needs be, if it's worth it. Just something that wont break me out, something that will sooth my skin, prevent flakes, bu
  5. I am on my 6th day of the regimen. I use the Acne.org products. My skin is very dry and flaky and I occasionally moisturize throughout the day when my skin is feeling dry (I don't wear makeup and I make sure to wash my hands first). I am wondering if this is ok? I havent had a bad reaction to it, but if this is something I shouldn't be doing I'll stop. I couldn't find any info on it, so I thought I'd ask about it here.
  6. Hello forum, I just have some quick questions about using moisturizers with tea tree oil to treat acne. What kind of moisturizer is best to use after applying tea tree oil to your face? Is it best to spot treat with the oil and then apply moisturizer after or mix then apply. Lastly, can I use a moisturizer that contains salicylic acid or will that not be good for my face? I have attached a picture of my forehead and cheek for better advice. Thanks
  7. If you read my recent posts, you would know that I struggle with dry skin from the BP, even after 5 months of usage on the regimen. So, my acne.org moisturizer is running kind of low and I'm on the hunt for a better moisturizer, since acne.org's moisturizer + jojoba oil isn't great for taking care of flakes. I've narrowed it down to 2 alternative options, and I want y'all to tell me which one you think is best for flaky, dry skin and works the best with the regimen: CeraVe Moisturizing Loti
  8. I have oily, acne prone skin. Sometimes, when I put on moisturizer, it burns like all get out. Yes, I use Wal-mart brand, but I don't think that is the problem, becase my face doesn't burn every time, only sometimes. Why is this?
  9. Hello everyone So I am on day 13 today, 20 mg for the first month, and I took your advice and started moisturizing since day 1, twice a day. My question, are you sure it is ok to moisturize even though I am not dry at all? It won't affect the healing process? I have to mention that my acne is not severe at all, it is mild but very persistent. Thank you guys!
  10. Ever since I started the acne.org regimen in October I've had the hardest time keeping my skin moisturized. I've been using the Avene Skin Recovery Cream every day and night after putting on step 2 of the regimen. I wait at least 10 minutes before applying to give my skin a chance to dry and soak in the treatment. However, lately I've noticed that although it is moisturizing, my skin is still really dry. I have dry patches all around my hairline which looks like dandruff and is so hard to get ri
  11. I hadn't logged in to acne.org for a few months since my acne had subsided using a combination of an extreme diet overhaul and the modified caveman regimen (you can read about this further here if you would like more detail: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/356222-i-finally-healed-my-acne-with-pictures/#comment-3552807 Since logging back in I have read through my old caveman regimen log, and seen a video post by a YouTuber who's advice I have trusted throughout my journey with acne. She
  12. Hello, I've been using BHA, and Tretinoin for quite a while but no moisturizer because I just couldn't find one for my skin. Somehow my skin got quite dry two weeks ago so I decided to start using a moisturizer that doesn't cause breakouts. I found the Bioderma Sebium Hydra http://www.bioderma.com/en/nc/the-products/what-s-new/product/characteristics/235.htmland start using it. Somehow I started to get some pimples and now I'm scared if that moisturizer causes it or something else. On
  13. Hi, I'm am using BP to control my acne last couple of months/half a year. I only apply BP before going to bed. However, I can't use moisturizer when I have BP on my face, because my face is pretty dry after washing it. So every night I first wash my face with a cleanser and than I use directly BP. The next morning I apply moisturizer but sometimes I have to apply pretty much moisturizer because my face is so dry. Can to much moisturizer cause breakouts? Or is there any other way to use my moi