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Found 711 results

  1. if i buy a mousturizer today would i get the so called new one? as of sep 14? quoted: Recently I released a moisturizer as well. Again, at first most people loved it. But now a few people have been letting me know that the current moisturizer is giving them some flakiness after a few weeks of use. I’ve also gotten other complaints about the moisturizer. So I had a talk with our manufacturer today and we are going to do two things to the moisturizer. (1) We’re going to swap out stearic acid
  2. Laxgoalie22

    Wrong Moisturizer?

    I was looking around the house for a good moisturizer and I found a few things. first is second im not sure if this is really a "moisturizer" should I use after BP? - please help, I would like to begin the regimen tonight.
  3. would it be possible to add a moisturizer to the list of products rated by acne.org? the moisturizer is: Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Lotion. this is not the same as Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream. i would really appreciate it. thanks in advance
  4. Im just curious as to how many people here have had their face burn and or sting if they use Dans moisturizer after applying his bp. Please discuss this with me below after you vote
  5. What is better to releive dryness and redness? Stop BP for a day and resume with half finger or full, or just use more moisturizer?
  6. I just applied my first application of AHA+ about 5 minutes ago. I cleaned with the gentle cleanser, used BP, and then applied AHA+. Only problem is my skin stings a little bit right now. Normally I used a moisturizer after applying BP, but I've read in a few posts that when using AHA+ moisturizer is not necessary?
  7. Has anyone ever had this happen??...I washed my face with Dan's cleanser then put the aha on my face, waited for it to absorb, then i put Dans moisturizer on and it totally thinned out and felt like water! the consistency changed! it was very weird because the moisturizer is normally thick.
  8. Like for hands, and arms, etc? Thanks.
  9. Hi all! I recently started using Dan's moisturizer as a body lotion, too. My skin has never looked better or been softer! I'll seriously have to get some jojoba oil so I can add it to the moisturizer when using as a body lotion for even more moisturizing power, see what all the fuss is about. Dan's products are so versatile, and really simplify my life without having to waste money and shelf space on separate body lotions, hand and foot creams, etc., all which could contribute to body acne.
  10. I've been on the regimen for a little bit over 3 weeks now. I don't experience hardly any flaking, except around the eyebrows. However, my main problem has always been Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). In fact, that's how I found myself in this mess to begin with, but that's a long story. Basically, I want to use Olay Complete with SPF 15 in the daytime, because you're supposed to wear some SPF to reduce PIH. Additionally, at night I want to use Dan's AHA because apparently it
  11. rebecca_seattle

    burning from moisturizer goes away?

    I have been on the Regimin for 2 days using all of Dan's products. I experience a burning sensation and reddening when I use the moisturizer (even when I use it in the morning, when I'm not yet using BP). The burning and reddening persists all day (and night). Even now, several hours after doing the Regimin, my face is red, sore and actually hot to the touch. I know several people have experienced burning with the moisturizer. Among those who have, has the burning gone away after you use
  12. I'm sorry if this has been posted before (I searched but couldn't find anything), but I was just wondering if the moisturizer is supposed to be a light greenish looking color? I've only ordered the regimen twice. The first time the moisturizer was a very light white substance. The second time I ordered it, it seems to be a thicker greenish moisturizer that's thicker than the previous ... is this normal?
  13. TheatreChild


    Sometimes I don't use it in the morning, because it leaves my face oily at the end. When I don't use it, it feels normal. Will this choice make the regimen pointless? Do I use the moisturizer at night as well?
  14. Hello, I have ordered Dan's big kit, and want to know if it is suitable for oily skin? I have been using cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer but recently noticied that there is now a cetaphil cleanser for oily skin type. I have been told that using the cetaphil moisturizer which says it is for dry skin can make things worse if you are an oily skin type. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much of a supply for cleansers and moisturizers for oily skin types. So again Dan's cleanser and moistu
  15. I thought this stuff was supposed to smell like cinnamon? To me it smells just like sunscreen Anyway, I'm only going to be putting this on my body where I use BP, haven't felt any stinging yet though which is good
  16. Hey guys, Just a question, do I put on benzoyl peroxide before or after moisturizing. Thanks so much, QuinnX
  17. Snood11

    Moisturizer Sting?

    Hey Everyone-- So I just used Dan's Moisturizer for the first time and it stings a little bit. Is this normal? Does it mean that I am having some sort of bad reaction to it, or do you think it just takes a little getting used to?
  18. I recently started using the Acne.org AHA at night. Yesterday evening I thought I'd add some extra moisture to my skin after the AHA had completely dried, but somehow it had a very odd reaction to the AHA. It was like the moisturizer turned to water as soon as it came in contact with my skin ! Has anyone else noticed this? Are we not supposed to put moisturizer over the AHA (I did this because the AHA isn't moisturizing enough for me)? There's nothing wrong with the moisturizer AFAIK, because
  19. I don't know whats up with dans moisturizer but theres way too much liquid in it. I try shaking the bottle but that doesn't help. It goes on my fingers nicely but when I go to apply on my face half of it runs down like water and doesn't want to apply like an actual cream. It is very annoying as half the substance runs in between my fingers and feels like water, which does not moisturizer well at all into skin.
  20. I am on my 4th week of dan's regimin..and my skin is sooo dry..i cant even barely move it or it cracks...i even use 12 drops of jojoba oil with dan's moisturizer, a full pump, an still my skin is really dry when i wake up...should i use another moistuizer, or maybe a natural moisturizer, like vitamin E cream?? please help, i really hate having such dry skin. My skin is doing a lot better from the regimin, so anyone doing this regimin should keep at it and stay patient
  21. Hi all! I'm a new member here and this is my very first post. Here's my question to you. I'd appreciate some opinions greatly. I have all 3 of Dan's regimen products (cleanser, BP gel, moisturizer), but I'm having some trouble with the moisturizer. When I put it on after BP has dried (I'm currently only using less than 1/2 a pump since I'm new and sensitive), my skin turns red around my mouth and nose and burns like crazy. Then I proceed straight t flaking like crazy within a few hours. It als
  22. sroberts89436

    Dry Climate And Acne.org Products

    I live in a very dry desert climate and am wondering if anyone else on the regimen is dealing with dry skin and a dry climate? I am currently only using acne.org products and cannot wait more than 5 minutes between applying products due to the dryness and I am always flaky and wrinkles are showing more. I do run humidifiers, but it is so dry here I wonder if jojoba oil is enough with no humidity or if there is another non-pore clogging moisturizer that works better in dry air. Before starting
  23. So my face gets really dry after the cleanser and the bp so i need a moisturizer to help me deal with the dryness and the flakiness. I put on dan moisturizer and it helps with the dryness for a while. 1-2 hours my cheeks are really dry and flaking again. Other parts of my face is not really dry except for my cheeks. Can you guys recommend other moisturizer that can help me with the dryness and flakiness.
  24. is the moisturizer supposed to be runny/waterry? pls let me know thanks
  25. Ok 2 months ago, I ordered the 3 part regiment kit. One cleanser, a bottle of bp, and a moisturizer. Well this morning I ran out of cleaner so I went to the shipping box to get another bottle of cleanser and it turned out i was given two moisturizers. I usually don't check to see if I've gotten everything i ordered b/c i never had this happen before. What can I do to get my cleanser?