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Found 86 results

  1. Hi, I have a combination skin type as I have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks. I am suffering from some acne on my T-zone mainly and sometimes they seem like blackheads, some are whitehead and some are just bumps and these bumps don't look like blackheads or whiteheads or inflammatory ones. I used Simple kind to skin moisturiser and Nivea soft cream as I have really dry cheeks and both of the products moisturises my dry cheeks well but makes my T-zone look really oily. I have tried Bodyshop's s
  2. jg1991

    Moisturiser Shine?

    Hey everyone, I'm not very far into this regimen, albeit a few days, but I've noticed that the moisturiser is leaving this strange layer of shine to my face and feels a bit strange to the touch after a good half hour of being applied, as if it's not fully absorbed? (I've used 2 pumps as the regimen says to, my skin is very oily and I noticed it recommends using 1 if I have very oily skin, but it doesn't feel properly moisturised if I use one pump). Is this normal? or is it a case of my ski
  3. I'm 15 with acne thats I would describe as mild and close enough to moderate. I have it pretty much under control with: Day: Cleanse with acne.org cleanser Moisturise with acne.org moisturiser Night: Cleanse with acne.org cleanser use Duac once daily gel Moisturise with acne.org moisturiser I was using isotrexin, when my prescription ran out I stopped using it and I had a pretty bad breakout after a week. My doctor then prescribed me with duac once daily (5% BP, 1% clindamycin
  4. Carrow1

    Moisturiser For Acne Prone Skin

    I thought I'd share my experience with adult acne. I have suffered from acne for over 25 years. I have tried every oil free moisturiser on the market - this is not an exageration! I have been prescribed various contraceptive pills, antibiotics, Retin A type creams, benzole peroxide, etc etc. with only slight help. Didn't try Roaccutane as I didn't like the reported side effects. Three weeks ago I found a moisturiser - not oil free - Trilogy Vital daily moisturiser with SPF15. It's not cheap, b
  5. Does anyone have any experience using Cetaphil Daily Advance Hydrating lotion? I am on the Acne.org regimen but I am not that fond of the moisturizer. I live in South Korea and don't have a credit card so I am limited in what I can get my hands on. I have used products like Avene, Placentor, and Eucerin. Still looking for a good moisturiser as none of these really did it for me. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  6. So currently I am on day 12 of Ro-Accutane with bactrim antiboitcs which I will be finishing at the end of this week. I was shocked how my face had suddenly been pimple free (red marks/scars still remain of course) as soon as I started Accutane. Then at about day 10 I started to breakout and now I have about 9 active pimples, they are in the usual spots though. From experience would this be an IB or am I just breaking out as I normally do? Also for people who have been on antibiotics, when you w
  7. Hello, In the past few months my cystic acne has cleared up thanks to Gedarel 20, however I have started to develop occasional (light red?) whiteheads on my cheekbones and blackheads on my forehead (which I have never ever gotten before). I have attributed them to moisturiser (Garnier Shine Be Gone Matte) I started to use in mid-December because as soon as I eliminated it from my routine they disappeared again. In the past, during winter months for flaky skin due to the cold, I have used moist
  8. Hi, I'm from the UK. My skin had become very dry and flaky as a result of my cleanser and the night cream i use for my surface marks. Hence, I started to use Eucerin 5% Urea replenshing cream. However, slowly my skin has become less dry as a result of the moisturising, exfoliating more often and steaming my face once a week. Now the problem I have is that the application of the Eucerin cream causes my skin to look greasy after a while. Therefore, I wanted some advice on a moisturiser I should
  9. How can I hydrate/moisturise my skin when all moisturizers seem to clog my pores. My skin is so seriously dry that lines are appearing all over my face im so upset. under my eyes are going very wrinkled and im only 21. Every pore is getting more and more clogged, blackheads, whiteheads, small pimples, my face is a mixture of everything, as well as been extremely dehydrated all the time so its just not healing at all. Im at very rock bottom here. my life has come to a standstill and in so desp
  10. SamL98

    Dry flakey skin!!!

    Hi all! So I've been on roaccutane for 3 months now, I'm on 30mg. I've had mild to moderate acne for 6 years now & tried roaccutane as basically a last chance saloon. Not seen huge results so far, but my skin is noticeably drier; yes this is a good thing & the purpose but putting make up on is a nightmare!! I use liquid concealer & a power foundation obviously to hide the spots & scarring. Under my make up I've been using Cetaphil moisturiser but the dryness remains, and half
  11. Has anyone used the Aveeno daily moisturiser on their faces? If so what are your thoughts? Ive just started new acne treatment from my dermatologist that sheds/flakes my skin, so I need a good moisturiser (that isn't oily and won't cause me to break out). Im trying to avoid moisturisers with mineral oil in - Aveeno does not list it as an ingredient. Thanks,
  12. Hi everyone. Just joined this website earlier and this is my first blog/conversation. I am 21 years old and have had acne since the age of about 14. At the start of February I was prescribed Accutane and I first started taking the drug on February 6th 2016, so that will be 16 weeks on the drug tomorrow (about 4 months). Bottom line.. MY SKIN IS STILL BAD AND IM STILL BREAKING OUT, my derm is calling then 'pustuals'. Now don't get me wrong my skin is getting better in certain areas (forehead and
  13. is AHA+ a moisturiser? do i apply large amount of it after 5 week of usage of bp? like how we apply moisturiser ? or little amt? does it make the face red? i only will be using it at night ...? pls advise.
  14. Hi Guys, During the initial weeks of the Regimen - when the skin may be very dry, is there any harm in applying moisturizer more than twice per day? I find my skin is fine for a while in the morning, but gets very dry by the afternoon. Just wondering what other peoples experiences are with this. Thank you, Nigel
  15. GlitterSniffer


    I'm new to the regime - its been about a week and I'm going through the superdooper dry skin phase (lucky me). I'm using A LOT of the moisturizer because I'm really self conscious of my cracking, peeling, Sahara desert face - however - I've noticed my skin is REALLY YELLOW! At first, due to being a medical student, I thought it was something liver related but my eyes and mucous membranes are fine - and as I was slathering on the moisturizer it hit me - is the licorice derived ingredient staining
  16. Please help! I recently started the regimen. I'm 3 days in. I'm using the reccomended less than half a pump amount of BP and every time I use it I usually get some burning and itchiness when I apply moisturiser but not that bad, until tonight. I did my usual night stuff. Applied BP and moisturiser as normal (I used 1 and a 1/2 pumps of moisturiser) and my usual burning started but this time by the fifteen minute mark it was getting worse instead of better. I had intense but not unbearable tingli
  17. Hi, I'm currently using the 3 step Clinique treatment (blemish ones) for washing and moisturising my face, and using duac afterwards, adding it to all affected areas (face, back and small part of chest). I'd had epiduo before this, and that had positive results on my face, but my dermatologist changed it, as it wasn't being quite as effective on my face as it used to be, and did nothing for my back and the small part of my chest. I'm now 2 months into this, and it's worked quite well on
  18. Just beginning my second week but I'm really struggling . So my skin is peeling and feeling rough which I know is standardbut now my skin has now broken between my cheek and nose which is a bit worrying. I'm moisturising with two pumps but it's literally just sitting on my skin and takes around 10-15 minutes to absord. Is any of this normal? Suggestions are very welcome
  19. Hi, I live in Vancouver and I want to try out Dan's acne regimen but the shipping really discourages me from going with this option. In my case, what are some affordable in-store products for Canadians that you would recommend? Right now I use the following combination but it is not doing well. Cleanser: ESSENTIALS Foaming Facial Cleanser Sensitive Skin Works really well and doesn't dehydrate my skin significantly. I think this is the only product that I bought right. Benzoyl Peroxide: Benzag
  20. laurag

    Duac Gel

    Hi Last week I was prescribed duac gel once daily and my skin is going mental! I'm flaking and red and just urgh. Wondered if anyone had experienced this and knew if these effects fade or stop occurring? Also, in terms of moisturisers, what is the best to pair with Duac since I've got combination skin? Please help, looking in the mirror is NOT COOL at the moment. Oh well. Things could be worse. Advice would be well appreciated x
  21. Hi! my face gets quite dry some days and i find myself constantly spraying on a store brand hydrator on my face, but I find that it just isn't enough? It makes my face fine for an hour or so but I feel I need more moisture than products like the Avene Thermal Spring water Spray. Don't get me wrong it is an amazing product, I would just like to know if there is something with more moisture in it out there? Because I think the Avene Spray is 80% water and Id like something with more moisturising q
  22. Hi, about a month ago my doctor prescribed the combination of Epiduo and Eryacne. My morning routine is simply to cleanse with a non-comedogenic cleanser, and then moisturise; at night I'm to cleanse, put on epiduo, eryacne, and then moisturise again. My doctor warned me that i wouldn't see any changes within the first 4 weeks or so and that it may cause mild irritation but miraculously the majority of my acne cleared up within the first week and I didn't experience any irritation, I had to stop
  23. OJ93

    Moisturiser yes or no?

    I know I should be moisturising my whole face, but I've had a terrible hormonal breakout since coming off birth control pill (revigidon- my skin was perfect and flawless when I was on it ) anyway since coming off it awful hormonal acne, this week it is all around my chin and mouth- I went for a sunbed to try and heal it, skin feels so dry now of course but should I moisturise the actual breakout area or just leave to heal itself? Terrified of making it worse.....
  24. What are people's thought on the regimens moisturiser I really don't think it goes on nice at all I actually dread that part of the regimen but I know I can't skip it. does anyone in the uk know of any good alternatives that don't cause break outs ? I put the BP all over chin and cheeks but my cheeks don't flake but my chin is sooo bad it's ok at the start of the day then throughout the day it gets really flaky.. I don't wanna use any oil. i have ordered the aha and will use this I heard it'
  25. Hi, it's my fourth week on the regimen and I'm facing a bit of a dilemma. I know Dan strongly recommends using 2 pumps of moisturiser but that to me feels like a ton on my face. I hate the moisturisers formula, I dread putting it on because of the colour, slight smell, how thick it is and the fact it never really fully absorbs AND leaves a film on my face that transfers to anything that touches my face. There's also the tanning effect of having my face be yellow in comparison to my neck, so I've