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Found 182 results

  1. Goku5

    Day 1

    DAY 1: It's Sunday, October 5th, 2014, I'm a 19 year old male and have been after struggling with moderate acne for years. I've tried the following regimes to try and combat the acne, none of which have yielded any success: Zaiana Tazorac Aczone Doxycycline Azrythromicin Salicylic Acid/Glycolic Acid wipes Other products Thus, a couple weeks ago I became incredibly frustrated by a new breakout and consulted with my dermatologist about starting Accutane (Clavaris is the brand I'm taking).
  2. I posted about the skin care regimen that I am currently using (as prescribed by my dermatologist) until I can get Accutane and I am absolutely loving it! My pores are much, much smaller and the dirt/ oil/ blackheads are all gone (except for a few on my nose). I don't have any new acne, just two small red marks from previous blemishes. Here's the regimen: AM -Take oral antibiotic--100 mg Minocycline -Wash face with 4% Benzoyl Peroxide face wash (PanOxyl brand) and leave on for 15 seco
  3. Hi! (sorry for the disgusting pictures above) I've had acne on my cheeks for at least a year now, not even a day of clear skin. They never ever go away, only once has my skin completely cleared up for a month maybe, two years ago, after a really harsh acne treatment, but then it broke out again and when I tried using the same regimen that helped me in the past, the improvement was not there. The acne hasn't moved a bit until then. I believe I have combination skin, with a very oily T zone, but
  4. Hi! I'm Jenni and I'm 14 years old. I started getting pimples here and there when I was twelve, but it got really bad in the summer of 2011 (13 years old). I only broke out on my forehead, and I started going to my dermatologist around Thanksgiving. She put me on countless topicals and I ended up sticking with Veltin for about 6-7 months. This past summer, I woke up with pimples all over my cheeks and chin. It was so random so I went to Dr. Folley and she gave me Solodyn. It worked a little and
  5. Hey, I’m 14 years old supposedly struggling with hormonal acne. I’ve got spots and blackheads on my forehead, acne scars on my cheeks, whiteheads and blackheads on my nose and clogged pores pretty much everywhere. I’ve considered using AHA and BHA peels by The Ordinary as I’ve heard chemical peels really benefit your skin. I was wondering if they really work or if they make things worse. Has anyone tried chemical peels or are there alternatives?
  6. Hello everyone. New to these forums (I've visited them in the past but never posted.) 27 year old female with moderate acne (including cysts) on my face and back. X-posted most of this on the personal regimen logs but I know that's not the right place to ask questions, so that's why I'm posting here...My new regimen for Week 2 (2/21 - 2/27): Morning1. Cleanse2. Tone (I know most toners are a waste of $$, but she actually sells good toners with antioxidants and adds skin hydration, and I like th
  7. From the album: 5 Months with Ziana & Solydyn

    Before seeing the derm for the first time. This was the worst my acne had even gotten.
  8. Hi there, I've just found this awesome community a few days ago and I have to say that it made me feel not so lonely anymore in this acne journey Let me introduce myself and my situation first: I'm Eduard and I'm currently 18, I will go into my last year of highschool. I've been struggling with acne since like 8th grade. Since then, I've tried (like everybody else on this forum) A LOT of things, I mean a lot. None of them seemed to work. Anyway, there was a positive thing though: I've always be
  9. (I'm sorry for the silly, slightly absurd doodle on my pictures cause those pictures are taken just right after when i woke up so i dont want all of you to know how crappy i look lol. Click the photo for a better view.. only of you want to.... haha) Anyway hi! Im almost 16 years old living somewhere in Asia.. a lot of people are often mistaken that (all asians) have perfect skin.. idk. That's a hasty generalization, don't you think? I've been struggling (kind of) with mild to moderate acne for
  10. Just an early warning, please excuse any misspelling or minor grammatical errors. English isn't my native tounge and this post is written in a emotional tired induced frenzy. Hey everyone, I've been keeping a watch on this forum from time to time checking threads for possible solutions to acne outbreaks and just to find some comfort in knowing that I'm not alone one out there who knows the struggle. I'm at the age of 21, male and have been in warfare with acne since the age of 14. Since
  11. Hi I need advice from anyone who has ever used Low-Ogestrel 28 for acne. Does it work, or is the estrogen content too low for it to have an effect? I've been using it more or less consistently for about 2 and a half years but it has made a minimal impact on my face.
  12. Hi, I'm 15 and I've been suffering with these bumps on my forehead for about a year, and my skin has also become increasingly oily. Sometimes I can just scratch off the oil sebum from my skin, but mostly the issue is that the bumps are under my skin - they're not pimples. I've done so much research for solutions, but every website tells me something different. What should I do? Change my diet? Change my regimen? I use Neutrogena Shine control twice a day and often exfoliate. I don't drink nearly
  13. Hey everyone!!I've had moderate acne for the past 4 years and after endless medications and prescriptions I have built up the courage to go on Accutane! I've read so so many threads and logs and so many people have had great results! For the past 3 months this summer my acne took a turn for the worst after I got bronchitis and had to take a lot of medication (i thought antibiotics would help me??). Anyway, I've been even more depressed than usual and I barely leave the house so I don't pigment m
  14. I have now been 99% clear for three months! I had tried benzol peroxide many times before but had never stuck with it longer than a month due to severe dry skin and breakouts. This time I decided to give it a good go and it worked! Before this I had tried everything from antibiotics to Accutane a number of times, none had worked for long if at all. Please note that I have had acne for over 10 years and it has been a constant battle, I am not a young teen that has the odd breakout and finally
  15. I have been using duac (5% benzoyl peroxide and 1.2% clindamycin) for 2 months already. My acne decreased but there are still a lot of pimples and I really cannot see significant changes. I am thinking to follow dan's regimen so I plan to switch to benzac which active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide as well (but no clindamycin). Do you guys think that I will experience another purging or breakout once I switch even though they are both benzoyl peroxide. I don't want another purging.
  16. Hi! I just created this log to see how my acne behaves and maybe help other people who have the same doubts about this type of birth control pill. I have moderate acne and I've tried to control it with natural things. I started taking them on April 10, they are called Gynorelle but are almost the same as Belara* and they have 2mg Chlormadidone acetate + 0.02mg Ethynilestradiol. The Chlormadidone Acetate is the antiandrogenic component and there's 24 active pills and 4 placebos. I'll post u
  17. Last semester of college my acne got out of control; giant cysts right in between my eyebrows, huge red spots that took weeks to heal and the first of a couple scars. This lead my grades into a decline, my mood suicidal, unable to go out without thinking everyone was staring. Just about a month ago I drank a whole pot of coffee to see how it would make me feel, and to my surprise my acne started to clear. I started drinking coffee daily, and after about two weeks you could only see tiny red sp
  18. Hello! Foremost, I'd like to say that I have been combatting with light to moderate acne for years now. Recently, I have been eating healthier (it isn't that I have eaten unhealthy before, it is just I am cutting back on rice consumption, oily food intake, etc). However, it seems as if my skin gets worse when I eat more raw vegetables. Any deviation from my normal diet that I have had for my entire life, essentially (consistent home cooked, Indian food all my seventeen years of living), resul
  19. So I've had this super sensitive mark on my chin area for about 2 months. For pretty much the whole 2 months it was just a super sensitive raised area that had purple dots and just seemed like an area with extra fluid in it. Didn't look like a cyst or pimple. Just very sensitive. Poked it with a pin and some puss and blood came out but still so much more. How do I get rid of this... What is it....HELP! Thank you!!!
  20. Hi, all! This is my first time on this site, and I really need some advice concerning my acne. I have had pretty severe acne ever since I hit puberty around 13. First my face, then my shoulders, my chest, and my back. It usually flares up around the time of my period and I have noticed that when I eat more healthy and have a skin care regimen that the acne clears up dramatically (and almost completely disappears on my face). However, I can't help but be worried that this might be something m
  21. Here's my plight!!! It's long so bear with me. I've had acne for about five years now. I'm currently in my junior year of high school. While my acne isn't severe or cystic, every single pimple I get causes hyperpigmentation and I have a dark mark on my face for weeks (if I'm super lucky) or months (normal). I have plenty of comedomes on my cheeks which often get inflamed and cause the spot to turn red and fill with pus. After they pop, they leave a HUGE black mark and often times the same spot w
  22. Hi everyone, Kind of nervous as this is the first time I've ever put photos on the internet of my skin. I suffered with mild breakouts in my teen years (16-18) and obvously I wasn't completely aware of acne and how horrendous it actually would be so used to pick, pop, squeeze and literally man handle them... Which has now left scarring on both my cheeks. I'm 20 now, I should add. I'm posting this for advice really. I still get breakouts from time to time but I can handle them. Qui
  23. Hello. I am new to this community, but I wanted to speak to people in the same position as me. None of my close friends have moderate acne like me so I feel all alone. My first breakout was when I turned thirteen years old, and it hasn't stopped since then (I am now 22 years old). Back in grade 11 I started using Benzaclin and Differin prescribed by my dermatologist and my pimples decreased drastically. However, I still get frequent breakouts, especially around my period, not to mention all the
  24. I was on this website a few years back. At the time I was just starting DKR and it worked fairly well for me up until now. I don't want to discourage anyone because it really is an amazing product however I feel that my skin does not react to it anymore. Along with that I can't find a moisturizer that works with my skin since it's very oily, most moisturizers break me out so I refrain from using one and that makes my skin very hard and my pores look huge. I've recently started to just consider g
  25. Hi. I have had acne since my preteens and have used prescription medication in an attempt to treat it for just as long. After a failed bout with Epiduo, my primary doctor sent me to a formal dermatologist. After a while, I settled into a regimen of Tazorac and Acanya gel, which was sometimes accompanied by an oral antibiotic. Despite the harshness of the combo, my acne persisted. Earlier this year, my dermatologist changed the Tazorac to a stronger dose. Two appointments ago, he replaced the Acy