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Found 27 results

  1. After five years of use, I was advised by my derm to remove Mirena. I had achieved clear skin in the past, but a year or two after having it inserted, my skin began to seriously flare up. The day I had it removed, I was given a NuvaRing sample. Two months later, I can say my skin has calmed down, but I'm nowhere near where I was before. So my questions for the ladies are: How long after removing Mirena did you see an improvement in your acne? After Mirena, what did you switch to? My t
  2. Hi everyone! I'm 21 years old (about to be 22 next month), no kids, and I'm getting desperate. I need some serious advice on how to get rid of this acne! So my story is: I got mirena inserted when I was 19, in 2011. It was inserted incorrectly and kept poking me! I started having weird mood swings, and after only a couple weeks I began to get this cystic acne all over my face. When I was younger, I used to get very MILD acne along my T-Zone. This was different though.. It was everywhere. My c
  3. Background story: I've always had nice skin. I've used depo provera and the Nuvaring as birth control methods in the past which have made no difference in my skin. In October 2014, I got the Mirena IUD inserted. It made my skin horrible. I tried all sorts of topicals but nothign really helped. I removed it in June 2015 and it got better but never fully cleared up. Last month, I started breaking out again and my skin care regime/ life style/ diet hasn't changed. I was using Clindoxyl and glycol
  4. Katzillah

    Day One

    From the album: Tactupump/Tactuo (Epiduo)

    - Could be worse,but this is as bad as I've ever had it. Deduction lead to the root of the problem is the Mirena IUD I got inserted in early May, and aside from just getting the IUD removed, my doctor recommended using Tactupump (Tactuo/Epiduo), and here we are!
  5. Katzillah

    Day Two

    From the album: Tactupump/Tactuo (Epiduo)

    - I know, every day updates are a little excessive, but I was noticing changes so, I kept track haha
  6. Katzillah

    Day Five

    From the album: Tactupump/Tactuo (Epiduo)

    - This is kind of where things started to get grizzly. Whiteheads started to charge their way out, and the dryness and burning started to hit full force
  7. Katzillah

    One Week

    From the album: Tactupump/Tactuo (Epiduo)

    - I Survived! I know, I know, there's still a while to go, but what may not look like huge progress as far as clearing my acne, I'm happy that things are getting going, and all that wonderful stuff that's been hiding out under my skin is ridding itself. At this point my routine is as follows: Morning: Wash face with Cetaphil (no face cloth, due to sensitivity) Neutrogena Alcohol free Toner Avene Clean-Ac Cream (hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic) (only after the recommendation of a friend
  8. 1. Type of Progestin Every birth control uses progestin (a synthetic form of the progesterone hormone). There are many different types of progestin. It is very important that the type of progestin is LOW in androgenic activity, meaning it doesn't send your testosterone into overdrive and create acne. Here is a list to help choose a birth control. Neutral (won't affect acne either way) No hormones. Copper Paraguard IUD Good (can reduce acne) Drospirenone. Anti-androgenic. Used in Yaz, Yas
  9. adill

    IUD (Mirena) and acne

    I haven't written in a chat forum since middle school, so bear with me... In July of 2016, I switched from my birth control patch to Mirena, the IUD. I had ZERO problems with the patch, it was just kind of unsightly and annoying. Almost immediately after insertion of the IUD I started noticing my forehead breaking out. I was also in the middle of moving to a new state and starting a graduate program, so I attributed it to that stress. It's now been 4 months and I'm all settled in, but the bre
  10. Hi everyone. I've had acne ever since I hit puberty (about 11 years old). I had horrible periods and was put on birth control pills when I was about 17 (I'm 20 now). My acne was never terrible, but it was stubborn. I had been on numerous antibiotics, used tons of prescription topical treatments, etc. Finally, my derm decided I should try accutane (which is brutal, by the way). It did work. My skin never became "perfect," but the acne mostly went away for about a year. At the end of December 201
  11. From the album: My Skin

    6 months of progress!
  12. OmicronPersei8

    Mirena Iud + Spiro And Acne?

  13. Spadey

    Mirena IUD and Cystic Acne

    I've struggled with spots since about the age of 14 (spots but not severe enough to call acne in my opinion) probably just because I have large pores and my skin is prone to get oily. A year and a half ago (at age 20) I got the Mirena IUD implant. A few weeks afterwards I noticed my skin getting noticeably worse. I left this for a while cause I knew that the Mirena affected hormones and I hoped that it would settle in a few months. It did not settle and in fact got worse. I went to the doctor
  14. Katzillah

    Day Six

    From the album: Tactupump/Tactuo (Epiduo)

    - Can't really tell due to the quality, and no shots of my forehead, but the 'purging' is going full force. And it's taking EVERYTHING in me not to pick them..
  15. I am 42 and live in the UK. I have suffered with acne on and off since puberty. When I was young it was mostly on my chin, back and chest. It was mostly kept under control (but not clear) with Birth Control, and when I had my children (17 months apart) My skin was at it's best until my second child was around 3 and then it started getting bad again. I tried different pills again and over the years have tried loads of OTC treatments and nothing has cleared it. As I am of a certain age, my GP sugg
  16. First off, I can't explain how happy I am that I came across this site... I started getting acne when I was about 12-13, and it was never what you would call severe. It's been a pretty consistent thing in my life since then, but cleared up pretty well here and there for about a few months at a time, and in the summer if I was getting enough sun, it would be alright. That is until I got the Mirena IUD inserted about 4 months ago... I would usually just get a few new pimples a week (I am also
  17. I've always had nice skin, light and clear with only two bad acne flare ups in my 36-year old life. I've been thankful and considered myself relatively lucky. Then, Mirena #2 was put in June 2011. By August 30, 2011 when I had my 1st period, all hell broke loose on my face. Over Labor Day Weekend skin broke, w/o me picking at it, and a bad bacterial infection set in. Layers of pustuals covered my chin and then spread out along the jawline and a few sprinkled onto my cheeks. I cancelled t
  18. Hi everyone! I'm 21 years old (about to be 22 next month) and I'm getting desperate. I need some serious advice on how to get rid of this acne! So my story is: I got mirena inserted when I was 19, in 2011. It was inserted incorrectly and kept poking me! I started having weird mood swings, and after only a couple weeks I began to get this cystic acne all over my face. When I was younger, I used to get very MILD acne along my T-Zone. This was different though.. It was everywhere. My cheeks, my chi
  19. bridgetliz

    Should I Remove My Mirena?

    Hi all, I got a Mirena IUD inserted last December and started breaking out very badly exclusively on my chin around the end of July and have not improved at all since then (about a month and a half). My breakouts are always lots of little whiteheads, I get new ones every single day along with a lot of marks from my old ones. I struggled with acne a few years ago (I'm currently 19), but got it under control with a solid regimen. I made no lifestyle changes at all this July, no increased stres
  20. I have been clear on Spiro for over a year now. I recently got a Mirena IUD, which has a low dose of a progesterone. I have been breaking out slightly since getting it, which makes sense. My question is, is anyone on both spiro and mirena, and if so did the break outs clear up on it's own, or did you have to increase your spiro dosage?
  21. AgentPeach

    Chin Acne And My Mirena Iud

    I had a Mirena hormonal IUD for about 5 years (almost the max time) and during that time got weird symptoms. In addition to getting more chin area acne (I never had much to begin with) I started getting dark hairs on my chin and cheeks. I've read the hair growth is a side effect and may never go away, but I am not aware of the acne being a side effect. Usually most hormonal birth controls are beneficial to acne. Have any of you ladies used this form of birth control? And if so, what side effects
  22. luckykitkat

    Mirena And Spironolactone

    I'm going to be switching from my copper IUD to the mirena IUD soon (like within a week). I want to know if any ladies had any experience taking spiro WHILE having the mirena? As much as I love my copper I hate the heavy bleeding and cramps (which I never had until I had the copper IUD) and I would like to switch to mirena to skip my periods. I know for most (if not all) women have had a lot of acne issues when they start mirena. I don't have horrible acne now, Ive been on retin-a for a whil
  23. *Freya*

    Mirena Iud And Acne

    Hi ladies I thought I would share my experience to hopefully help a few of you out there going through the same issues I have had with the Mirena IUD I had the Mirena IUD put in and within a month broke out in awful cystic acne all over my chin and cheeks, it was so swollen and painful and would not subside no matter what I tried. I went to the doctor who assured me it was "adult acne" and prescribed me with doxycyline for 3 months and topical benzol peroxide to no avail, I would wake up with
  24. The Dermatologist I saw today was really nice. He is my named one, but not who I saw last time. He gave me quite a lot of useful information. I mentioned first the red scars. He said it isn't scarring but actually the skin redness described in the information leaflet, a listed side effect. I assumed that would be full face redness but apparently this is what it refers to. He said when I finish the medication it will fully go and fairly quick. I showed him my face and told him that it has just
  25. emma_fp

    Hormonal Acne from IUD

    Hi everyone! I've actually never posted anything here before, but throughout my long and hard journey with acne this place gave me a lot of good advice/hope. I just wanted to share a few photos and explain how I helped "cure" my acne (I still have some uneven skin texture, closed comedones, and hyper pigmentation, but i've come a very long way). It all started with the insertion of my Mirena IUD. I had the Mirena inserted in August right before I went to college. I didn't notice anything at fi