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Found 500 results

  1. After a chocolate binge on Thursday the 9th May and Friday the 10th i have completely removed all refined sugar from my diet + milk. I had a very bad breakout 2/3days after the chocolate binge so from the ~13th but this only last for a few days or so and started cleaning up from about last weds/thurs[15/16]. Something to note is that i also started eating fruit from the 9th May onwards so this well could of been the culprit rather/plus the chocolate. Although i compellingly removed a
  2. Hi, can someone please suggest a no dairy/no sugar salad dressing? I am having a hard time finding one in the stores that i go to and it sucks so bad to eat a salad without some type of dressing. any and all suggestions are welcome!! thanks
  3. Is it okay to drink milk while on Accutane?
  4. Hey all, Ive been on accutane since 4 months now. And im practically all clear. Wat i wanted to ask was that since around 6 months ago ... after reading that milk causes cysts and all ... ive become paranoid about drinking milk. And i think ive only drank around 2-3 glasses in 6 months. Hence i dont get alot of calcium. I went to the dentist a few days ago and had to have 9 cavities filled and one tooth taken out. Damn i need calcium. Any advice where i can get calcium etc? I
  5. hey, i kno that cows milk is supposed 2 be bad 4 acne but wut about goats milk?? is that ok 2 drink?? thanx
  6. How Dangerous Is Accutane (Isotretinoin) During Breastfeeding?

    The FDA classifies isotretinoin as a category X drug, meaning that research has proven that isotretinoin can cause fetal abnormalities in pregnant women or laboratory animals. In fact, isotretinoin is the most teratogenic (causes birth defects) medication on the market and its effects on the fetus are widespread and severe, including death.1,2 Therefore, medical professionals do not prescribe isotretinoin for patients who are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, and females who do take...
  7. So I recently was in Shanghai for 5 months (for studies), which completely took away my acne! I had absolutely no, zero, pimples arriving for the last 2-3 of months. Two of my other friends who came with me there as well said it too, that their skin is better than ever. I've now been back in my home country in Europe for 3 weeks and the acne seems to be coming back as it was before... I've had constant acne for over 10 years and I've even tried isotretinoin antibiotics (didn't have long las
  8. Hi, I'm an 18 year old male, and up until a year ago, I had flawless skin. Acne was an issue, that I never imagined I'd have to deal with. I have a simple question about Dairy. My diet, has never really been healthy, but it's never really been unhealthy either, and milk, up until a year ago, did nothing but make me happy. I've read many internet threads about how avoiding milk can significantly clear your skin and that understanding the inner issue and the personal problems inside your body that
  9. I remember hearing recently that food doesn't cause acne. For me I am 99% sure that whatever is in milk does. Background: Growing up I always had mild acne. Washing my face took care of 99% of it. In the last 3 years I have been going to the gym on and off along with taking a shake 3-6 times a week, mixed in milk. During this time I would get zit on my face. Current: This winter I took a break from the gym and stopped taking my shake mixed with milk. My face cleared up a ton. I
  10. Hey guys, the 7 year battle with problem skin has finally shown some results! I had literally tried everything to combat spots ranging from antibiotics to benzoyl, gels to over the counter medicines and nothing ever worked. However, since the start of March I tried a new regime due to the fact that I read somewhere that spots (non hormonal) are caused by two main reasons 1)bad diet and 2) the liver not being able to cleanse your blood properly. I did some research and found that coc
  11. Hello,i've recently bought Nivea Soft Milk Body Lotion as a Moisturizer to use after applying benzoyl peroxide. It doesn't say "not comedogenic" but a pharmacist offered to me as a really good moisturizer for the whole body and for acne prone skin. It's feels good,not to thick or to light,skin absorbs it really fast and it doesn't make me super greasy or oily. It just fixs the over dryness. These are the ingredients Aqua,Paraffinum Liquidum,Glycerin,Cetearyl Alcohol,Glyceryl Stereate Cit
  12. Ive been reading that milk can cause you to break out more since milk has hormones. I drink a LOT of milk.. well at least a large glass everynight before i go to sleep. I drink the whole milk kind. I am wondering if that is one of the reasons i am breaking out so bad? My pimples hurt too Have you experienced this before? thanks so much
  13. I know chocolate doesn't cause acne,but milk does. I've been eating a lot of milk chocolate chips lately and was wondering if this is causing me to breakout? Is milk chocolate safe to eat or will it cause pimples? Thanks!
  14. hey i read here that dairy can cause breakouts so im going to start to cut it from my diet. is "silk true almond" a safe alternative from milk. and by safe i mean will it cause me to breakout? thanks
  15. http://www.natural-acne-solution.com/milk-acne.html Read
  16. Ok so about a week ago I finally made my way over to a certified raw organic dairy farm near me. Yeah I know I'm lucky to have one near me, these places are hard to find. Picked me up a gallon of goat milk to experiment, and some fudge for my mom because she's a die hard fudge fan lol. Had my kefir grains that I ordered off Amazon. Did a thorough cleaning of all my supplies, gallon glass milk jug, wooden spoon, cheese cloth. Poured the milk into the jug, added the grains, stirred, and then
  17. I used to have moderate back acne, but once I balanced my omega 3 : omega 6 ratio with fish oil, it completely went away. The only thing is, I can't eat foods high in omega 6, or the balance will once again be thrown off. So the other day I had some almond milk, forgetting I was drinking crushed almonds, and it resulted in some back acne. A better alternative is probably oat milk, which is a bit more flavorful than coconut. I'm not 100% sure if soy's bad, so i'll stay away from it for now.
  18. I just cam bake from a trip where I ate a lot of fish, ate cakes and cookies everyday, but my skin was really clear. I can't figure out why I am breaking out now. I think that when your digestion and body are so damaged you break out from anything. But I think this time it may be too much fat? I have been consuming a lot of coconut milk. Probs like atleast 3 can a week. I dunno, my skin was clear before I left for vacation, and stayed clear. I was eating coconut milk then too, I dunno if I am e
  19. So I havn't drank milk for about 8 years now, im 27. It has somewhat helped with my acne but not totally.I use to have this glow and bones felt strong from drinking milk. I have not had that feeling since i stopped drinking milk. Was wondering should I try a week with milk?
  20. I've taken Accutane about a year ago now, and I haven't had a major break out ever since. If I begin to drink milk, will that cause my acne to return? even if I taken Accutane a while back? Thanks for any help.
  21. So I notice that I haven't been eating as healthy as I should. I'm going to try a new diet and see if it clears up my skin - I'm also trying to get into shape. So I have cut out red meat so far. I have read online that gluten is an inflammatory that actually can cause acne-prone skin to flare up - which is in most dairy products. I also read that soy milk can cause you to break out because of the hormones, and regular milk as well can cause you to flare up because of the hormones in it too. So w
  22. I have always had constant mild acne with the occasional once a week breakout. I thought before it was because of weight training everyday, but I think I've pinned it down to milk and or dairy. I would lift then have 8 oz of milk at dinner 4oz cottage cheese Fruit on the bottom yogurt 8oz milk before bed 8oz milk in the morning and it would kill my skin I still would like to drink milk though, and knowing the levels of hormones added to regular skim milk, could I drink organic? O
  23. I have a question. Can I drink buttermilk? Theoretically, it should be ok right? The bacteria added to the milk breaks down the lactose sugar into smaller molecules that can be properly digested, which shouldn't give you acne right?
  24. These are 3 of my favorite things to consume every day. Is it possible they can be harming my complexion? I only drink 1-2 coffees a day, never with suger or dairy. I like about 2-3 thin slices of rye and a glass or two of the almond milk. When I think about it, I started drinking coffee when I was 17 and that's the time I started to get acne. Tomorrow I cut out coffee (and all caffeine) from my diet 100%. I will see what happens. Thoughts?
  25. have you been avoiding these???? do you have high anxiety levels??? you are missing a valuable vitamin that is hard to get anywhere else, except broccoli and cauliflower. you could get them from broccoli and cauliflower but you would have to at least 1 to two pounds of it daily, and that is not only expensive but time consuming and i bet nobody eats that much brocolli and cauliflower, well except for me. the vitamin is choline, and is used to synthesize a neurotransmitter called acetytc