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Found 775 results

  1. Which one is better for the health?
  2. A few months ago I gave up dairy, and switched to soy milk. My skin hasn't cleared up at all. My Dad is convinced that the soy milk is the problem, and I should stop drinking it for a while. Apparently he read lots of articles about people whose skin had gotten worse from drinking soy milk. But I have seen so many that say switching to soy milk cleared them up! I'm so confused... What do you guys think?
  3. So here are the characteristics of the milk: organic, no pesticides, hormones, etc. it's not whole milk and also it is for those who are lactose intolerant. How safe is this? (acne-wise obviously)
  4. Patalena

    Soya milk?

    Just a quick question, I know that dairy is bad for lots of people, including me. have people found that soya milk is better than dairy milk? It would be good to know if anyone has had bad experiences with soya? Or if you can get away with yoghurt and butter? Thanks x
  5. So I recently started a low carb diet, per my naturopaths instructions. Right now I am eating meat (any kind) and non starchy vegetables. I also eat some questionable foods that my naturopath said would probably be ok. I don't drink milk, but I do consume home made kefir for probiotics. I also consume alot of nuts/seeds hummus and dark chocolate. I don't think the chocolate is a huge deal since it is not sweet at all, maybe 20 grams of sugar per 100 ounce bar (I don't eat a whole bar every day).
  6. Avi

    Soy Milk

    Is soy milk a good alternative to regular milk? Milk breaks me out, so I was wondering if substituting soy milk in my cereal and as my post work out drink would be good. Does it have the same amount of amino acids as normal milk? Has anyone else switched from milk to soy milk and see their acne lessen?
  7. do yall notice a problem with breakouts on these milk substitutes? im getting ready to start using whey protein shakes, and i would like to use rice dream milk in them, but im concerned about breakouts with it. any thoughts? (i will be drinking 3, 8 oz shakes daily)
  8. Hello my fellow dietologists, What do you think of goat's milk? Is it okay to eat or a "no-no" food?
  9. Hey all, Ive been on accutane since 4 months now. And im practically all clear. Wat i wanted to ask was that since around 6 months ago ... after reading that milk causes cysts and all ... ive become paranoid about drinking milk. And i think ive only drank around 2-3 glasses in 6 months. Hence i dont get alot of calcium. I went to the dentist a few days ago and had to have 9 cavities filled and one tooth taken out. Damn i need calcium. Any advice where i can get calcium etc? I
  10. Has anyone tried milk and honey as a daily facial cleanser?
  11. skin-matters

    Goats Milk Soap

    Has anyone tried Goats Milk Soap before? Im still yet to try it, i have been using Sapoderm soap but i am getting a little tired of it, maybe because i have never kept to one soap, and I am sick of the smell, don't know. Also for the fact that after a week and a half, the soap absorbs water and becomes mucky itself - need to keep it in a dry place after usage. Anyway i haven't looked up any info yet though Goats Soap supposedly is good for the skin, im wondering what everyone else's thoughts
  12. I've been thinking about taking milk thistle and a few other herbs/supplements for my acne. But I've been reading around on the web about the affects of milk thistle. Many people have said that milk thistle is only a temporary fix, and the skin usually breaks out again(maybe even worse than before) a couple of weeks later. Is there anyone who hasn't broken out "again" after starting milk thistle? Please give me your take and experience with milk thistle. Please also list all other liver cleansin
  13. Or do you break out when you drink it?
  14. I am clear (basically) and have been so for several months now. Around a year ago I stopped consuming dairy products and honestly it never really seemed to help when I was just trying OTC and other holistic things. What got me clear was some prescription anti-biotics, retin-a, and benzaclin. However, since I dropped it I have had a grudge against everything dairy, because for so long I have practiced under the belief that it causes acne. For me, milk and cheesy stuff just "seemed" like natural c
  15. I love diary. Milk, cheese, ice cream. So this is going to be hard to cut it out completely. I have moderate acne, especially around my mouth & chin area. For people who have cut out diary - how do you do it? It seems so overwhelming because diary is in almost everything I can think of. Or is it okay to have diary products in moderation? (I drink a cup of skim milk everyday, I would obviously cut that out). Can I still cook with milk and butter? Just trying to figure out what will work
  16. Mark9700

    acne and drinking milk

    I've taken Accutane about a year ago now, and I haven't had a major break out ever since. If I begin to drink milk, will that cause my acne to return? even if I taken Accutane a while back? Thanks for any help.
  17. I bought some Milk Thistle tablets - which are recommended to help heal ur liver when its been damaged. But my question is when do i start taking it? Whilst i am taking Isotretinoin (accutane) in the middle of my course? or wait until i finish the course?
  18. Does anyone know if taking Milk Thistle while on Accutane will reduce the efficacy of the Accutane itself? I know it is supposed to help limit the damage done to the liver, but is it possible that it affects the absorption in the process? Thanks!
  19. beautifuldoll

    Soya Milk

    Does anyone know if Soya milk affects acne? I don't like the normal milk unless it's mixed in yoghurts or cakes, or things like that where I can't taste it, so I drink Soya milk. My spots are bigger nowadays and i'm wondering if soya Milk could be a reason?
  20. Hey all. I'm on a pretty casual water only regimen right now, doing well for the most part and I occasionally exfoliate and also moisturize with Jojoba oil(atleast til it gets warmer out) but I feel like it wouldn't hurt to add in a gentle cleanse every now and then. My skin is sensitive but I hear good things about goat's milk soap and wouldn't mind trying it. Any recommendations on a good brand of Goat's milk soap? Preferably very gentle with very few ingredients other than the goat's milk.
  21. I've had acne (and found out that most of it was really folliculitis) for at least 14 years. I have noticed that I can no longer tolerate dairy products. I drink Lactaid but even that tears up my stomach. I've never been able to eat yogurt. I can sometimes eat icecream - only if it's all natural and doesn't have processed ingredients. What weirds me out is that I used to be able to drink regular milk, eat cheese all the time, etc. Now I feel like I'm going to die if I eat a bowl of cereal, I d
  22. i dont drink milk anymore but sometimes i would lke to eat a bowl of cereal.someone told me try soy milk but I dont know what soy milk is.Is soy milk from an animal?does soy milk have dairy in it?if I drink soy milk do I still have to worry about breaking out from it like milk from cows?what is soy milk made out of?do any of you drink soy milk and if so does it make you break out?any info will help thanks
  23. moonwalker

    Drinking a lot of milk

    Can drinking full cream milk (3 littres a day which is equal to 0.793 US gallons or 6.34 US Liquid pints) cause you to have acne approximately 6 months after you start and this acne to transform from very light to medium and severe a year after you've stopped drinking 3 littres but still drink 1 L a day?
  24. Ghostunit

    So who buys Soymilk?

    I wanna know if this gives break out to u or if is helping? Soymilk has nice vitamin , depend which u buy The Organic silk soymilk ( unsweetened ) has vitamin B12 %50 which is good for skin? 30% calcium , other vitamins... , no sugars added. so is soymilk really healthy? I see that is bad. and i see that is good.. So what u think yes i need milk for my Gluten free cereal
  25. I'm in Cali for the summer and found some raw milk in my local whole foods and am gonna give it a try. Is it regarded as acne safe? I probably haven't had a glass of milk for over six years, this should be fun!!