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Found 500 results

  1. I NEVER post, write or comment about anything on the web. I have been struggling with moderate acne for over 5 years. Once I hit my 30s I began to break out consistently. I didn't want to leave the house at times. I was self conscious about myself, depressed angry and ultimately hopeless. I tried EVERYTHING!!!! From over the counter to wholistic to laser. Everything except accutane. The cure was under my nose the entire 5 years and I just didnt know it. About 3 months ago I read that spreading
  2. So as y’all are very aware I have acne scars from my acne that’s just about gone a month ago. I wanted to ask people if I should leave it to heal on it’s own or if I should use this roactuane gel as prescribed by my doctor just I don’t want another flare up before school so idk. Should I just leave it? I’ll post some photos of my face down below so you can see what it looks like.
  3. Hi! (sorry for the disgusting pictures above) I've had acne on my cheeks for at least a year now, not even a day of clear skin. They never ever go away, only once has my skin completely cleared up for a month maybe, two years ago, after a really harsh acne treatment, but then it broke out again and when I tried using the same regimen that helped me in the past, the improvement was not there. The acne hasn't moved a bit until then. I believe I have combination skin, with a very oily T zone, but
  4. Hi I was wondering if you guys knew what this is? As you can see I have a lot of small bumps on my forehead, but that's not my only issue, my biggest problem is probably the weird texture on the sides of my forehead (you can see it kind of clearly on the far right). None of it is responsive to the Acne.org AHA nor the BP... I've been using Stridex these two past weeks and idk if I see any difference. My forehead also creases when it's dry so I'm guessing it's dehydrated? Here's my routine, anywa
  5. Hi everyone, I’m looking at getting advice on how to finally clear my acne that I’ve had from age 16 to now 19. Here’s my backstory. (Male from the UK). I had cystic moderate acne on my face for about a month aged 16 before I finally went to the doctors. I was prescribed lymecycline capsules (antibiotic) and benzoyl peroxide cream. It worked and did clear the cystic acne to some extent. About a year in I swapped benzoyl peroxide for adapalene because the BP was too drying on my skin. At 18 I
  6. Hey, I’m really desperate for help on this. I have these little flesh colored bumps on my chin that I’m really conscious about, and they’ve been there for about a year now and are getting more irritating. They don’t itch or hurt, but they are just THERE. They can’t be seen too clearly but the light in our bathroom seems to make them stick out and look worse. Here is my skincare regimen: 1. Cleanser: neutrogena acne proofing gel cleanser 2. Toner: thayers witch hazel rose water 3. Lotion: la
  7. Greetings, fam. I just want to know how do y'all deal with blind pimples? Any tips on how to fade pimple marks/hyperpigmentation? Some info about my face currently : the right side is generally clear (thank god) but the problem is on the left side... hyperpigmentation on cheeks and new pimples, be it blind or not, will usually be there. I drink about 1-2 litres of water each day, I only eat fruits when I feel like it and I sleep on my right side so we can cross out my sleeping habit being th
  8. Hey guys, so all my life I have been eating processed peanut butter, and I know this is a big cause of my breakouts of acne. I have recently found some cool facts about organic peanut butter, and I wanted to share a video I made about this with u guys, cheers!
  9. Usually my skin is pretty clear but recently on my chin a bumb formed. It was one of those under the skin pimples that developed on my chin and it was my first time getting one, before that I only got white heads. It was tender to the touch and kind of big, but it was the same colour as my normal skin tone so it wasn't that noticeable. However the feeling of it annoyed the crap out of me and i wasn't sure how long it would take for it to go away on its own. So I tried to pop it (I know, bad idea
  10. I'm a 20 year old guy who's been dealing with acne since 2015. I've tried a lot of treatments - bp, clindamycin, adapalene. Some of them workes for a while, but now my skin has been deteriorating. I was on doxycycline for 6 months which cleared me up, so the doc told me to stop, 4 months ago. Its been downhill ever since. Currently I'm using bp 5% every night. I don't know what to do. Honestly, acne is causing me major psychological stress. I've lost count of the number of times I look
  11. Hi Im 24 years old girl and im writing here for the first time .Its been 2 years since i deal with adult acne , ive been to severe dermatologists , tryin different creams and home remedies , but now i really cant help myself from WHAT i`m breaking out. There are days when my cheek zone and chin zone is so clear and it only have red marks , but after some days these red marks turn again and again into cystic acne (filled with pus) , that hurt and are all red and they gone after they do their job!
  12. I have normal skin. I get a pimple here and there every now and then. A single pimple. I have never had something so bad as in the pic. So it started off two months back as tiny bumps(colorless, no puss in them, rough to touch) on my forehead. I went to the dermatologist and she prescribed some fusiderm cream. I applied it for like three weeks. No improvement. I started using salicylic acid soap on my own two times a day. It would help me with the acne alot. Also with the acne scars. But this ti
  13. Hi, I'm 13 years old and I have a blackhead and oily skin problem. Whenever I get ready in the morning, the oiliness of my face is too much and I result in not following the acne.org regimen because I find it to be too light. I use a gingko leaf cleanser, morning ph level balancer, and a salicylic acid cleanser to finish it off. After that, I use a clinique moisturizer and a vitamin b5 lotion. (When I use these, the oil does not subside.) Though the pimples that come up drastically improved from
  14. Hi, I am 26yo male. I have been using La Roche Posay Effeclar duo Benzyol Peroxide for a few years. Before starting the regimen, my acne was very mild. I had grown out of the worst of my teenage acne by that point. I guess I wanted perfection. For the past few years, using BP, my skin has been relatively clear, but I now have fine lines and sun damage due to the BP. So, a few months ago, I decided to quit BP cold turkey (not realizing that was a horrible idea). My skin has been getting worse and
  15. Y'all I've suffered with these on my cheeks for the past 3 years now I've tried eating clean, cutting dairy, no makeup, acne.org, water and too much more to type I don't think this is hormonal because they appeared after I used a hydroquinone/trentonin mix prescribed by my dermatologist(completely ruined my skin btw) Now I have these bumps and idk how to get rid of them or what they are I sometimes get the sebum filled comedones that I can extract but most are too flat to pop they just ma
  16. I badly need your help. These acnes, pimples and blackheads had been here in my face for 3 executive years. I already used some acne clear product but it didn't work. I already used this 'Ponds Acne Clear Facial foam and Gel, Ponds Acne Clear Pore Condoning Toner, ESKINOL (blackhead prevent and facial deep cleanser),Cetaphil Gentel Skin Cleanser, Gluta-C Acne Control Facial Wash etc.'I can't consult a dermatologist because we're not that rich. I also can't buy expensive products. Please kindly r
  17. Seriously losing the will to live with my acne. It’s a joke! I’ve had acne since I was 18 and I’m now 25 going on 26!!! I’ve tried literally everything and my only option left is accutane but I really really don’t want to go on it because I have a phobia of blood and needles so I couldn’t deal with the monthly blood test’s needed. I’ve used both benzoyl peroxide and Retinoids like Differen none have helped. I even went on the contraceptive pill to see if that helped and it didn’t
  18. Im 19 years old and for about a year now ive at least started to notice my blackheads on my nose. Since then ive been trying everything posible to get rid of them. Benzoyl Peroxide, salysidic acid, Differin, pore strips, blemish extractors, and even Minocycline which a dermatologist prescribed me. I cant get rid of them and it seems like after every treatment i try they just get worse. Im always wiping my nose because they start to seep oil and it looks disgusting. If anyone could offer any advi
  19. ok so i have my first dermatologist visit tomorrow and i have some questions regarding what to expect. will the derm treat all of my problems at once? or will they try to do one at a time? does the derm usually give you a whole regimen (face wash, treatment, moisturizer) or can you stick with the same routine you have now and just replace the treatment with a prescription one? recently i have gotten some burns on my face (from benzoyl peroxide) that have really messed up a few spots on m
  20. Ever since I was 10, I've had acne, which 10 seems like a young age but it happened. In middle school, it got worse (one reason was bc I didn't really have a skin care routine). But in high school, it absolutely EXPLODED. Zits covered every square inch of my face (my forehead didn't really break out tho). So I was prescribed Minocycline and Birth Control & I used a Clinque skin care line, which all 3 helped get my acne minimal for about half a year or so. Then, it came back!!! So I switched
  21. Hello guys! I'm 14, I am a filipino and lives at the Philippines. I just recently got acne months ago, I think because I scrub alot like before and I stopped it when I knew it can irritate my skin and make me breakout more! My bad. I have this acne, I use a saclyclic acid cleanser, it has 2% on it, and it seems that it helps my acne, but, it makes my acne dark and becomes a hyperpigmentation, it fades away for like a really long time. I use a gel type moisturizer just few days from now, and
  22. Hi everyone thanks for visiting I am aged 25 I am facing acne from my teenage but it wasn't that severe like now. I tried using Clinique products (anti-blemish kit) it was very good later I went to laser skin clinic Australia to treat my acne scars and they suggest to use the skintitut Australian made products ,then I started to see more pimples I have spent $1000 nearly for the treatment they started the blue LED treatment to kill the bacterias before they start micro needling as my acne
  23. Hey, I'm new to this site but I'm wondering if anyone could tell me why I'm breaking out. oh btw I'm 21yrs old My lifestyle before consisted of a lot of smoking, drinking, and partying (raves) but I've stopped all of that for about two months now. During that time my skin was decent, I did get breakouts here and there for reasons I'm sure I knew why and sometimes my skin would be perfect or near perfect. As soon as I stopped all of that and did a 180, I'm talking about getting 6-8hrs of sle
  24. First off, sorry new here not sure if I posted this in right place. I was wondering if it was possible to tell what causes my specific acne by how it manifests. Say I got lots of acne around the mouth that could mean excessive touching of mouth areas, but i was wondering if it would work for if I had lots of dead skin cells clogging up my pores would this cause more whiteheads than normal? Or perhaps it might be localized to forehead, mouth and around ears which would hint at dead skin cells