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Found 1,709 results

  1. sabicca07

    Damaged Skin :/

    Hi I'm 15 years old and I don't have major acne but on both side of my cheeks I have like patches of acne for the last 3 years and now they started coming on my forehead and its just to pissin off like cause of tht I'm damaging my skin thinking its helping it ... what should I do to get clear skin any recommened products or natural remdies I should do ???? Pls and thank you also I have dry combination skin if tht helps :/
  2. Nicole Fleming

    Finally Cleared!

    I had always had clear skin, until I hit my twenties. I don't know if it was hormonal or what. I started noticing it when I started taking adderral for my adhd and what's worse the adderral made me pick my skin like crazy. So with extreme picking I basically had what looked to be severe acne. I then got off of the adderral and while some of the picking went away I still had moderate acne. For the next five years I tried everything you can think of. Raw diets and practically any type of skin regimen. I was then browsing on here and I found out about zinc! I was skeptical because I had tried all kinds of supplements. But the problem was that if I didn't see results soon enough I would forget about taking it. This time I stuck it out with the zinc and was determined to use it for at least a month. Well it worked. It took about a month to see big difference. It kinda dried up the oil on my face and the inflammation went down. So now I take 50 mg every other day. I also stopped washing my face like crazy. I now only wash my face once a day with yes to carrots aloe cleanser and then I use a sensitive skin scrubby pad to get the dead skin off. Thats it! A lot of you have outrageous skin care regimens and you wash your face or putting something on it morning, noon, or night. I don't really think thats necessary and that it can maybe aggravate your skin. Anyways, just my words of advice. I'm finally excited that I can see the light at the other tunnel and see clear skin. Give zinc a try for at least a month. And if that doesn't work try B5. Good luck!
  3. So here's what my acne currently looks like: http://imgur.com/UvJNrUY It's fucking depressing honestly. Got the regular teenage acne in high school and it wasn't all that bad. It gradually got worse in college. Right now every pore of my skin seems completely clogged. It's absolute horror on my cheeks, but it's persistent on my arms, shoulders and back, albeit not as bad as in my face.. It's not as noticeable from a distance, but close up it's a disasterzone. So far I've tried some natural treatments. I dont drink/eat dairy, take cold showers, change my pillow case every night, drink more than enough water each day (3+ liters) and I also take about 5000IU of vitamin D every day and don't fap. Nothing of that seems to have any noticeable effect on my skin. I started taking the vitamin D because it seems to get worse in the winter. Still awaiting the results as I just started. Now I was just wondering if you guys have some suggestions for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I haven't had much body acne before but recently i have starting using this protein supp http://www.mrsupplement.com.au/black-widow-low-carb-whey. Once starting using it ive started getting acne on my forearms and the back of my legs. Its gotten pretty bad and i didnt have it before. It's either this product or the fact that i have started volleyball season and the digging of the ball on my forearms is causing the acne there. Thanks guys.
  5. Quick story of my journey- I started having acne around the age of 12, I am a male so normally this is a little early but still fairly normal. It started on my forehead and I did all the home products like BP, BHA etc. and it was doable. As time went on, it got worse, and moved around my face and appeared on my upper back. I went on antibiotics and they didn't do a thing. So fast forward about a year and I am 14. At this point I was probably in the upper side of moderate acne. Went from my upper back to my lower back mostly following my spine, around my shoulders, and on my chest. Also at this point my cheeks were covered and also my jawline a little. I went to a new derm and she said that since antibiotics hadn't worked, she thought I should go on accutane. Finally something that I had heard worked! And it did. Cleared up my skin amazingly over a 6 month period building up to 120 ml a day. Once I stopped, I think I got about 3 months for the acne to start reappearing on my face (bad around my jaw) and then maybe another 2 for it to start on my back again. Around this time I also tore my acl and mcl doing martial arts. I had the surgery, and about 6 months later, once my knee was healed, went back to the derm and she said that acne relapses could happen sometimes and that the second course would be shorter then the first and would either permanently clear me or at least knock it back to close to nothing like it was. I took about a month and a half of the accutane again, (her plan was about 2-3 months) and then my acl retore She took me off the accutane because she didn't want me on it if I was going to have surgery soon. At this point I had cleared fairly well but not completely, but she thought that it would have done some good regardless. I had the acl surgery again but ever since, my acne has been returning. On my face, back on my back, starting from top to bottom So even the wonder drug couldn't fix me. Along with that, I am concerned the accutane could have been the cause of the acl tear but am not sure because since then, I retore the acl for a 3rd time... I keep falling into the 1 percent chance of failure rates :/ This time however I was not on the accutane. So now I am left with no knee and terrible skin again. I am now 16, I will be 17 in April. Have dealt with acne for 5 years and have gotten no where. I have tried everything I can to fix my skin. I stopped dairy and eat healthy I have tried all the body washes, and vitamins and supplements etc. Nothing has worked. One strange thing that happened though is that my skin suddenly cleared up for the whole month of October last year and was better for a month after that. It didn't completely clear, but my face was almost perfectly clear, and my back was doing a lot better. I could tell my skin was a lot less oily at that time. I thought I was finally starting to get through it and that it was on the down slope but it was just a sick twist of fate I guess. I have tried to replicate the conditions but can not get my skin to fix itself again. So now what do I do? I have tried mapping my diet, weather conditions products etc.and just have a bunch of mixed up data. I am almost certain it is hormones because every once in a while my skin will feel less oily and I can tell I'll be clearing up over the next few days. After which I can feel my skin feel more oily and can tell it will be getting worse over the next few days. Keep in mind I'm a male so what do I do? Nothing seems permanent, but I'm wondering if they're is something wrong with my hormones or something. Obviously there is something wrong with me... Oh I thought I should add that I have always seemed to be a little ahead of most guys when it comes to development. I'm not necessarily tall or anything, but my voice changed earlier then most guys, and I have more facial hair then most guys at 15, 16... Iv'e read that it can mean higher levels of testosterone but it's not like you can really change that...
  6. I dont know what to do with these. How to treat. For reducing the growth of acne i'd taken isotretinoin for quite sometime and ve stopped consuming it now Also used benzoyl perpoxide gel along with cleansing and toning skin. For scars i've under gone microdermabrasion and salicylic acid peeling. Have seen some improvement but none got the flawless skin i've been dreaming. Pls look and tell me what are the solutions.
  7. I need your help! I am new to this forum and would greatly appreciate your advice. I know this post is long but I can't decide what to do. I I have been going back and forth about whether to start accutane. I am 30 years old and have suffered from moderate acne off and on since my early twenties. I don't get a ton of pimples--just 1-4 at a time, but the ones I get are huge (nodules or cysts, sometimes papules) and tend to scar. I got off birth control to try for my second child only to have some of the worst breakouts I've ever had in my life. The breakouts have been making me so miserable that I can't bear to stay off birth control longer and put up with these soul-sucking breakouts until I eventually conceive. I have a hormonal imbalance that is causing the acne as well as making it difficult for me to conceive, so I'd have to be off birth control for months or even a year to have a child. And I can't put up with severe breakouts and scaring for that long. The birth control helps keep my breakouts at bay, but I can't be on birth control if I want to have a child. So the only option I have is to get on accutane so I can have clear skin when trying to concieve (which could take months). Of course, we are going to take the proper precautions and wait to ttc until it's completely safe. I'm devastated that I'll have to put off a child longer than I already have. So I'm wondering if anyone has been in this position--Wanting for a child but choosing to treat acne instead? Would you recommend accutane for someone who has clear skin while on birth control? Also, I'm very concerned about the initial breakout. I've heard accutane makes scarring worse. I'm not sure it's smart to risk more scaring especially since I have clear skin right now while on birth control. The only reason why I am getting on accutane is so I can have clear skin without birth control to ultimately have a baby. Has anyone else noticed scarring getting worse on accutane? What are the chances of an initial breakout?
  8. I've had "bad" acne for about a year now, it started when I moved to California. My dad wants to bring me to a dermatologist and I'm starting to agree with him. I had hair down to my shoulders for about 2 years, then I cut it thinking it would make a difference, it has, on my hair line but that's about it. I'm only 13, 6'3 250LB, I'm starting to get deep scars, which is getting me worried. What should I do? I used to use Proactiv, but then I started running out of time to do it in the morning and it went downhill. The times I did use it, it worked greatly.
  9. Just wanted to share this with everyone... I've been getting really bad spots under my skin and the occasional red ones, I have tried almost every face washes, lotions & creams and nothing has worked. So I decided to try something else and asked my pharmacist what she would recommend, the product is called Quinoderm cream 5% only cost about £4.50, and after one application my spots under my skin were almost clear!! I'm left with a few red ones, but I'm sure after a few applications of cream I will be clear from all spots! Hope this helps, I just wanted to share this as there's so many expensive products out there that don't work, and this was the most effective for me and the cheapest! Hopefully you will find this helpful
  10. simon12345

    Aha 15% And Aha 10%

    I recently bought a 15% AHA having never used any AHA products before and went right into using it twice a day. I have used strong chemicals on my face before so i thought that i wouldnt need to go into it slowly. But in the first week i had pretty bad breakouts even though my face was almost clear before i started using it. After a week i dropped down to 10% AHA (One of Dans AHAs) and i didnt seem to get as bad breakouts. Is this because i started at a too high percentage of the chemical or is it just breakouts with a new products
  11. Hi, my first time posting here. Just found this website and it seems quite wonderful with a lot of knowledgeable people. So for the most part I've been acne free for the past few years but all of a sudden I had a recent outbreak right below my mouth. I'm currently getting most of it under control but it also left a red bump on the side of mouth. This red bump formed about 3 days ago, I thought maybe it was a blind pimple but they never take that long to come to a head for me. The bump is quite sore and swollen most of the time and i've been applying this 5% ibuprofen gel too it (Just a little bit) which helps to ease the pain and bring down the inflammation. As of now I can't tell if its actually reducing in size, it hasn't gotten any worse at least. Just wondering if this is just a stubborn blind pimple or something else entirely. Yeah the picture might not be that great but I have to head to class, I can attempt to get a better picture later if you guys need one. So any advice would be great, thanks!
  12. RosyLemonade

    Peeling On My Face

    Hi everyone, For the past 3 years I've been struggling with acne. However, since last year, my skin improved a lot. I still have some zits specially on my chin (after I shave), on the top of my mouth (where the mustache grows) and on the lower sides of my nose. However, those are pretty tiny and I can barely notice them. However, I have a bigger problem. After I stopped making the daily care of my skin (in my cheeks and forehead) my acne improved but my skin stated to peel a lot. I thought my skin was dry, so I started the daily care again, but my skin started to have small milia and stopped. Then I tried a sunscreen protector that did not caused me milia but my skin continued to peel. Then I stopped all the creams and just washed my skin daily (when at shower) with mild to cold water only (no moisturizer). My skin, specially on my forehead and my cheeks don't peel as it used to, but I'm peeling on the lower part of my nose, now. I noticed that peeling starts on the ares of my skin where acne (mostly milia) is disappearing. Moisturizer does not work as I peel more and start to get small white bumps on my skin agains. My question is: Is it normal for the skin to peel when it's healing from acne? Should I treat this?
  13. TripleN

    How I Got Clear

    Hey everyone! just thought I'd share my story with acne and how I got clear. I am in NO WAY endorsing these products for profit whatsoever. I just thought I would share what worked for me. As most of the people here, I got hit with acne around 12 or 13, Very mild, rarely came up as a topic with anybody. Then when I turned 17 (my grad year), it exploded all over my face. I was horrified. So was my family, my mom even refused to get pictures done of me because I was a "pizza face". SO that was terrible. I tried the Regimen but couldn't handle the redness or dry cracked skin. Then I started the Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing line from the Body Shop (face wash, toner, moisturiser, and oil for spot treatment). Smell was strong but I liked how it worked and my skin never seemed over dried. Going on 3 months of using it and my skin is completely clear and non dry, there are still some marks but they're rapidly fading. I didn't change my diet, sleep schedule, exercise routine, nothing. Every regimen says wash your face twice a day but I only do it once at night time. Beyond simple. I still get an odd pimple on the odd occasion but it is a HELL of a lot better than it was. Anyways, it worked for me so I thought I would share! Wishing everyone good luck and stay strong
  14. Acne has long been known to cause stress. Now, a new study offers evidence that what has long been suspected that stress causes acne may also be true. Researchers at Stanford put the question to the test by examining students with acne problems on two occasions: once during a relatively stress-free time and again during an exam period. They also administered standardized questionnaires intended to assess stress levels. The researchers, whose report appears in The Archives of Dermatology, found that ''changes in acne severity correlate highly with increasing stress.'' For people who use acne medicine, the lesson may be to pay close attention to what is going on in their lives. Doctors treating acne patients may also want to take stressful conditions into account in deciding when to time a change in prescription. Why stress may cause the skin to erupt is unclear. Some research suggests that it may provoke a greater release of hormones associated with acne. The researchers also looked at whether changes in people's daily lives in sleep, for example, or eating habits played a role. The role of stress in acne should not be surprising. Stress has also been linked to numerous other medical problems and has been shown to affect wound healing.
  15. Hello I have had acne for about 12 years. I would characterize my acne as mild-to-moderate (depending on the day), persistent acne. I am currently 23 years old and I am considering going on Accutane. I have tried all sorts of acne medication from benzoyl peroxide to retin-a micro. I have tried all the oral antibiotics as well. Recently, I have put more effort in getting rid of my acne and have started to take the regimens more seriously. I got put on Ziana (.025 Tretinoin, clindamycin) and after 6 months I did not see much results so I switched to Retin-A Micro .04. I have been on it for 7 months and although it has improved my acne, I still break out frequently albeit smaller pimples and still get some deep ones every 1-2 weeks or so. I am now considering either taking Accutane or Tazorac because I am convinced that a higher dosage of Retin-A will not be too effective. Does anyone have any thoughts on what I should do?
  16. hello guys, i've had two pimples in close proximity of each other for about 2 to 3 weeks now, they're now a purplish brown in colour but i can still see the white heads. i've been applying BP on them, and it does seem to reduce the swelling a little but the pimples do not seem to be going away. What can i do to get rid of these pimples, without popping them? Also, how can i tell if the pimples will leave a scar on my face? Right now they're just discoloured and the skin seems to be a little damaged/inflamed. On a separate note, i've been eating vitamin e 400iu and optizinc for a couple of weeks now as a dietary supplement, does anyone here have experience with these vitamins? How effective are they towards the skin? Do they help in fading PIH? Thanks!
  17. Hey I've had this bump on my nose for about 2 years now. Any ideas what it is and if it can be removed? It's on the tip of my nose, slightly red, circular, and very slightly raised. Its about the size of a pea. I think it may be an old cyst but I'm not sure.
  18. LexxLexx

    Oily Face

    I'll make it brief. As the title shows Oily face.. now that I have had success on my acne issues I still battle with oily face.. not to mention I don't wear make up anymore but I would love to again... just don't know which makeup is best... Help! Ive tried the almay make up Dan has suggested but I still have oil showing up. I have heard about milk of magnesium being a nice trick to stop oily face.. What do you guys think??
  19. Dave97

    Emu Oil + Bp ?

    Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone here has tried to add Emu Oil into the Regimen and if you have, do you apply the BP and then the Emu Oil? Share your results and opinions please !
  20. breadhead

    Is This Acne?

    I am wanting to know if I have acne and if I do is there any type of lazer treatment for spots or acne removal or reduction? I am thinking if they are just spots and not acne so does that mean they are not treatable? I got them from when I went on vacation in 2005 to somewhere hot I got bit by a fair few mozzies when I was out there the spots or acne just seemed to stay on my back since its a shame as I had a nice back before then Below are the pics of my back i'm sorry for the bad quality and angles it was just hard as I had to move my cam round my own back to take the pics and it was nearly impossible but hopefully people can get a rough idea what I am talking about and yes I know its grosse. Please no one suggest any of these lame creams or ointments I really don't have any faith or time for them I know people who have used them for months and months and they have made no difference. Thx.
  21. briski

    New To The Forum

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and just wanted to hear peoples thoughts on what I do for my acne. A little background on me, I'm 22 male, white and have been battling acne since I was 12. It went from slight acne to mild to moderate to severe. I went on accutane in 8th/9th grade and it went back down to moderate and now it is a mild where I get a few pimples sometimes they are small ones, sometimes they can be big annoying ones. so my routine for acne is this. supplements: Green tea Vitamin C, A, D, E Zinc cinnamon Borage seed oil Selenium I wash my face with Checks and balances face wash from origins 1-2 times a day I moisturize with Aveeno Ultra Calming which has 15 SPF I also drink a ton of water and have been drinking barely water as well since I heard it is good for skin. I'm just looking for any thoughts on how I can improve my skin or tips you guys can give me. Thank you!!!!
  22. cme

    Natural Soap

    I'm using soap made from saponafied palm oil, coconut oil and olive oil. What is saponafied oil and will it cause breakouts?
  23. Hey guys wasn't sure where else to post this but I need someone who knows alot about acne and products and stuff. Okay so I have mild acne and I have extremely oily skin well it's really oily. Anyway iv'e been using this cleanser: http://www.burtsbees.com/Soap-Bark-Chamomile-Deep-Cleansing-Cream/88999-00-1,default,pd.html?cgid=facialCleansers&start=7&q=#start=7 its managed to keep my acne in check and it still is, but now I think it might be irritating my face. After I wash my face for like 3 hours it's perfectly skin colored but after that my face starts to get oily and my forehead blotchy red and pink but the thing is I have almost no acne there, just some skin colored bumps and a few blackheads here and there. Sense my face is getting oily I blot it and then its not as red anymore. But after another 45 mins or so I go to the bathroom and it's red and blotchy again and it's only my forehead it seems(maybe because I wash it the longest there?). Anyway throughout the day blot my face probably 4 more times and each time it's the same. The thing is towards the end of the day my face is back to skin colored and it stays that way from about 2:30 to when I take a shower and wash my face again and go to bed. Maybe you guys can look at the ingredients in it and this: http://www.burtsbees.com/Sensitive-Daily-Moisturizing-Cream/01400-00,default,pd.html?cgid=facialMoisturizers&start=4&q=#start=4 my moisturizer to see if there are any ingredients at all that could be causing this. Maybe the cleanser is doing something weird that makes my face more sensitive to my own oil. The thing is though this weird thing that is happening makes my face 10 times worse. Sorry for it being so long just had to get all the info in thanks.
  24. I m 17! I have tried so much products to stop these break-out! These new acnes break out after applying the Mentholatum acne scar and Hiruscar! Please suggest me how to stop these breakouts and how to fade acne scars