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Found 1,776 results

  1. ForeverAndPatience

    After A Period Of Time,

    Can you get the same, or near close results of dermabrasion with instead microdermabrasion and/or exfoliating if your scars are shallow, or surface/texture irregularities. Scars less than half a mm. I should be happy their that shallow, but their in awkward places, and the edges bother me. Any input?
  2. liveinlove

    New to this site!

    Hello everyone. I just recently signed up to this site, but have been to shy to say anything. lol But for the past week I've been reading everyones post, and everyone is so helpful and friendly that I finally decided to post! But I've been reading about others who are going through the same things as me..(acne scars) Lately, it's all I ever think about, and find myself on the computer all day trying to find a cure.. It's depressing. But i've been thinking about purchasing Retin A. I don't know much about it, but I'm willing to try anything now. Laser resurfacing and microdermabrasion didn't help very much. Has anyone ever tried this for scarring? I even thought about TCA cross.. I just want to be cured, so I can live a happy life again!! If I get a reply I will post you a picture. Thanks!!
  3. sprite69

    Need your advice, guys

    I have acne since 2008. I used lots of topical stuff, some antibiotics but it didnt help much. Then I have visited beautician several times for manual picking my face and later for microdermabrasion & chemical peels for red marks. It has helped a lot then. I still was getting some pimples but nothing severe. About 6 months ago it became little worse - sometimes i was getting rather bigger ones BUT i've noticed that it is starting to leave SCARS behind. Now almost every fucking pimple I get leaves an indentation. Its funny because i have maybe 1 active pimple at time (not including whiteheads) and more and more scars showing up. Started using Differin about month ago but i have a feeling that it's just causing more scars (maybe I'm wrong but since i started using it i got new scars -thats for sure) I think that most of my scars are less than 2 months old. I feel so shitty and helpless.. I just want to stop that process. What i should do now ? I'm thinking about accutane so i could finally be acne-free and not getting new pimples(and scars) but I'm afraid of side effects and breakouts. Please, really need your advice. PS. Sorry for my bad english but it is not my first language.
  4. invisable girl

    Can someone help?

    I have large pores and on my cheeks and especially my nose and chin EVERY SINGLE PORE is filled with what I think are whiteheads, but all the research tells me that whiteheads are closed comedones and blackheads are open. These are most definately open and I can literally put my fingernail to them and they come out. Big problem is they come right back again! What are these?! I posted this before, but nobody answered. I've tried microdermabrasion (home kit) and that seems to make my face worse. I've tried Alpha Hydroxy and retin a and many more products, but nothing works.
  5. hey guys i just used some coarse exfoliating scrub on my face , and i am on accutane , i did it gently , and there was no damage or scarring . so i think that i can do at home microdermabrasion ( which is less strong than derm given ones) , mabye while on accutane , or mabye wait a bit after. does anybody have any insight on this , im thinking of using the at home microdermabrasion by neutrogena thanks for any info -marissa
  6. wasting_days_away


    how much does it usually cost?
  7. I believe my username will stick with me forever. I've had it for what, 11 years? Le sigh! So I'm restarting the whole routine. And writing this up will keep me in check. I went to a new derm today, Dr. Jacobs in Chicago. Seems like every derm begins w/ the basic starter kit -- retin a micro, doxycyclin (antibiotics), and a brevoxyl creamy wash for showers (bacne, chest acne). And starting tomorrow I'm going to cut off all my kryptonites -- chocolate, soda, supersugary stuff. I do have a weakness for snapple so that's still in my daily diet. So here's my routine: Morning 1. MD formulations face wash for oily skin 2. Finacea 3. Makeup! Bare Minerals (can't leave w/ a naked face) Evening 1. MD face wash 2. Finacea 2. Retin A micro 3. Doxycyclin 4. Bare Minerals' Rare minerals (I hope I can use it concurrently) Things I'll throw in once in awhile 1. Brevoxyl creamy wash for showers 2. Aspirin face scrub 3. Broccoli pills. ... also, I might want to start up microdermabrasion .. I want to get rid of my hyperpigmentation bad!
  8. Bluestripe

    PIH Texture

    I am dark skin which is fairly clear of acne. However I have rough PIH that appears as uneven and bumpy. I have tried PCA peels and microdermabrasion and it is improving, slowly however. I am also using Lustra to bleach my dark spots, which is working as well. However I still have this rough uneven texture. I was wondering what products I can use at home to help make my skin more even and smoother as well? Thanks.
  9. I have been suffering from acne for the past 3-4 years, but it really got worse this past year......I tried, like many other acne.org members, EVERYTHING! (antibiotics, birth control pills, over the counter creams/lotions, laser, microdermabrasions, i even went on strict SUPER healthy diet to see if thats what was causing my acne, i slept more) in conclusion I did everything (BUT ACCUTANE) and nothing worked. Antibiotics at FIRST worked reallly well, but then my acne came back worse! About 1 week ago I logged into acne.org and I read about the CSR and how so many people had success in it.....although it sounded so simple, I decided to give it a try.........i was skeptical.........but after seeing the before/afters gallery i had to try it............OMG! its been only less than 1 week and my skin is soooo much better, I feel all the pimples/whiteheads drying out...no more pimples.....im AMAZED! Its amazing how sometimes the most BASIC things can be more effective than expensive prescriped creams, pills, etc........my advice is to follow everything REALLY closely and it WILL work. ps: forgot to mention I have moderate acne THANK YOU SO MUCH DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. ChrissyC


    OK. Yes, I did a search, but came up with limited information. Whats the general consensus about this procedure? Ive had regular ole microdermabrasions in the past and appreciated them for what they were, but I know the results are temporary. Whats the deal with Diamondtome?
  11. I am seeing a cosmetic surgeon in 2 weeks and I intend to do a series of 6 microdermabrasions with her. I am hoping this will reduce my scarring somewhat. I do not expect a miracle but I do hope for some improvement. Has anyone done this and did it reduce your scarring?
  12. Hey all, I was rummaging underneath my sink and I came across this lotion I've had for awhile, DML Forte Lotion. I got it at my local pharmacy, although most places the pharmacists have to order it for you. I forgot how much it rocks! I think it's sold at dermstore.com online also. It was orginally given to me in sample size after my microdermabrasion. I am usually apprehensive to any sort of thick lotion (pre-tane, that is), but oddly enough it was as great for my skin when it was oily as it is now! It sinks in quickly, doesn't clog pores....it's just heaven Anyone else use this?
  13. I asked this question a few days ago, but I would like further explanation and will give further explanation of my situation. BHA's, I used a BHA for several months and noticed my scarring looked worse. Microdermabrasion: Immediately, my scars looked worse and stay that way for at least a few days. This is just a normal rub in microdermabrasion kit. Cleansers and Such that Exfoliate: If I do this too much, my scars are accentuated. Has anyone had this problem besides me?? Why does this specifically happen?? And MOST important, will this affect my choices in scar revision when I find a Derms. procedure right for my scars. Will I end up with worse scarring since these simple things seem to bring out my scarring more. I just don't get it at all!!! This stuff is supposed to help!!!
  14. Okay, so according to my dermatologist, I have very mild acne. And according to my sister, I have nothing on my face. BUT, all I see are imperfections. I have small red marks on my face that are fading and extremely shallow ice-picks (2-3 of them) (?) I believe are fading on its own. (If they don't fade on its own, I'm gonna get microdermabrasion when I'm clear. They are really very very shallow.) I've been on the regimen for about 1.5 months now (since Jan 1st, 2006). In the past, I was on retin-a (0.025%) for 5 months and I was 99.99% clear. Then, I stopped retin-a for 5 months and decided to go on the CSR. I think the CSR is working, but I don't like how it makes me look wrinkly. I do moisturize a lot, but I think BP makes your skin age fast. Anyway, did anybody quit the CSR and go back on retin-a?
  15. I know that there have been a lot of mixed reviews on here for proactiv, and I guess all products vary depending on the person ... but i was SO sure it was gonna work for me, since everyone i kno who has tried it has had great results - people who have had worse acne than I do, including my brother (who had similar cystic type acne but to a more severe extreme). The weird thing is, it started working really well the first time I used it which was a little bit over a month ago. I first used some of my brother's, and the pimples began shrinking away w/ ease (not like when it dries up until it pops all gross like it usually does). My skin was clear for about a week - but then I started to get pimples where I don't usually get them (random places on my cheek, forehead, etc) and even more pimples where I usually do get them (chin). I keep continually using it hoping it's just an adjustment period - and using it makes the pimples go away less harshly than it usually does, but i still keep getting more. I was thinking maybe I'm not using the right amounts or not using it at the right frequency. I've been using about a dime to a quarter amt. of facewash, wipe down with the toner, and apply the lotion mainly to the problem areas. Or maybe it's using cover-up makeup that's interfering? I really don't know what else to do, I'm sure everyone on here understands my frustration. since adolescence, I've used minocyclin, cleocin T, clean&clear persagel, paula's choice BHA, queen helene's mint julep mask, at home microdermabrasion kits, aspirin masks ... though they help sometimes, I never have a week where my skin is completely clear. Just as scars heal, another pimple pops up. Money isn't really a factor nemore, obviously, or else I wouldn't being using proactiv. I really thought it would work since it works on people w/ worse acne. Considering it works on my brother who I have blood relations with I thought we would react similarly. sorry for the long post
  16. WelshLad


    Hey guys, have any of you had microdermabrasion. Is it any good? Lee.
  17. I bought me one off ebay one day, cause I remember reading about it from someone posting on here about it and never heard about it again. Anyway, heres a link in case you dont know what Im talking about- http://cgi.ebay.com/Original-MicroDermabra...1QQcmdZViewItem anyway, I was just thinking that maybe if you used this everyday it would keep up with exfoliation and possibly keep you clearer? I dunno....Let me know what you guys think!
  18. marimo

    Marimo's Log

    My Acne Story I have suffered from moderate acne since I was about 15 (I'm 25 now). My acne was generally in the form of large cysts or nodules on my chin and jaw, with occasional breakouts in other places. There have been times when it was bad and times when it was not so bad, but I usually had a few in full bloom, a few healing up, and a few on the way (one cyst stuck around for a year!). I always felt like I had "good skin, with acne" -- my skin is smooth, even, and glowy, it just happens to have a few big red bumps on it, and red blotches where bumps used to be I tried Proactiv, which worked for a few months but then lost its effect, and a Benzaclin/Differin combo, which didn't have much effect at all. For the most part I just cleansed, used benzoyl peroxide, moisturized, and settled for having a few blemishes and getting really good at covering them up (I recommend Maybelline Cover Stick). If you look at pictures of me over the years you can hardly ever see the acne ... but I hardly ever let anyone see me without makeup on! This past summer, my acne got pretty bad and I decided something needed to be done once and for all. I decided to try the Murad system, which was a bad mistake, but at the same time had a positive long-term effect. Murad made my skin 10 times worse -- tons of small pimples all over my chin and cheeks, plus I continued to get the kind of big cystic ones I'd had before. I thought that maybe my skin was "purging," and maybe it was, so I held out for three months. By October, when my face was completely ruined, I'd had enough. The positive outcome of this was that, having hit rock-bottom, I decided to really re-evaluate my skin care routine and to go to a dermatologist regularly, which I should have done long ago but didn't want to pay for. I did a lot of research and learned some things that have really helped me. Here is what I realized about my skin: -My acne is a problem with overproduction of oil and clogged pores, not so much bacteria, which is why BP has not worked well for me. To stop breakouts I have to exfoliate regularly to keep my pores unclogged and avoid products with alcohol, which can stimulate oil production by overdrying. -Skin with acne is sensitive skin! All products I use should be gentle and non-irritating. -In general, it's best to use simple products with few ingredients, and natural products to the extent possible. My skin doesn't need all those chemicals and preservatives that are thrown in there with the few ingredients that actually have an effect. -A healthy diet with sufficient vitamins and lots of water will help overall. What I decided to do: -Cleanse with a gentle cleanser that's just designed to clean and not do anything else. Scrubs and cleansers with BP, salycylic acid or anything else will just irritate. Get the skin clean and *then* treat it. -Tone with a gentle toner that is not designed to do anything but set the skin's pH. -Treat blemishes with a daily cream and a weekly clay mask to draw out impurities. -Exfoliate daily. Scrubs are too harsh to use every day, find a moisturizer or cream with an exfoliating acid. Use a scrub weekly. -Moisturize with a gentle product containing sunblock for the day and heavier one containing antioxidants at night. I also went to the dermatologist, who prescribed Klaron sodium sulfacetamide cream and an antibiotic which I took for 6 weeks with no noticeable effect. I also decided to start Smoothbeam laser treatments to lower my oil production. So far I have had two treatments, about a month apart. So this is my current regimen, which I have been doing for about a month (although I started the Klaron two months ago): AM -Cleanse with Cetaphil -Tone with Thayer's Witch Hazel and Aloe toner (contains alcohol but it is natural grain alcohol, which is not supposed to be drying like synthetic or petroleum-derived alcohols) -Treat blemish-prone areas with Klaron -Moisturize using Eucerin Clear Skin with SPF 15 and lactic acid (an exfoliant) -Vitamins & supplements including an A, C, E combo and a spoonful of flaxseed oil. PM -Cetaphil -Thayer's Witch Hazel and Aloe toner -Klaron -Exfoliate using Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle with 10% glycolic acid (wait a few minutes) -Moisturize with a night cream (currently using JASON Red Elements Hydrating Night Cream with antioxidant red tea extract, but it's new so I'm not sure about it yet) -An extra vitamin C tablet and a spoonful of flaxseed oil Weekly -Use a clay mask (currently using Got2Be in Your Face, but planning to buy a more natural product when that runs out) -On a different day, use a scrub (currently using the L'Oreal microdermabrasion kit but planning to switch to something gentler when my red marks are gone) Monthly -Smoothbeam treatment at the dermatologist (I also tried an acne facial, which I didn't think was worth the money, and a 20% glycolic peel, which I really think I can do at home, although I know there are risks). The results so far: My cystic acne has completely disappeared. It's hard to pinpoint which part of my treatment to attribute this to -- I love Cetaphil and Klaron but but I think the Smoothbeam has had the most effect. The treatments seem to draw a few whiteheads out in the few days afterward, but once they are gone, nothing else comes to take their place. My chin is free of lumps for the first time in ages! Now I am concentrating on maintaining the results by being gentle to my skin and exfoliating daily, clearing up the red marks from my old acne (which the exfoliation should help with), and having healthy skin overall (with the antioxidants, flaxseed oil, etc.) I'll post updates as I make more progress, and maybe a photo if I can bear to take one without makeup Good luck to everyone in your quest for clear skin!
  19. I'm really sick of seeing these posts on 'home microderm kits'! They are not microdermabrasion, their results don't even compare. It's just a savvy marketing term for a scrub. Loreal this, loreal that. These products are no good for acne, they're just commercial scrubs.
  20. Hi , I used to have really bad acne on my back that has left me with a lot brown spots and ugly looking skin.Do you think that Advanced Solutions At Home MicroDermabrasion System by Neutrogena will improve the look of my skin? Look the pics ...........
  21. ExoticOlive

    Trying the Murad Acne Regimen

    Hey everyone for the past month I've been using the Murad Acne Regimen, which includes the following twice a day: Wash with 1.5% Murad Salicylic Acid Cleanser Treat with 1.0% Murad Acne Treatment Gel (which is supposed to exfoliate through out the day) Apply 1.0% Murad Sulfur Acne Spot Treatment on really red zits to reduce inflammation. Moisturize with Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion There has been some progress but I would say very LITTLE. My main concern is to get rid off the red marks/scars that have been left behind from previous breakouts... they seem to linger for-like-ever even whether I pick at the blemishes or not! Anyways I think soon I will try something a stronger like Glycolic Acid. I've never had a peel, microdermabrasion or used accutane or o-tricyclen? before, but am considering a peel/dermabrasion/laser as a last resort, any advice is appreciated! Thanks,
  22. I purchased this unit the other day and am going to be pretty excited to see how it works once i am off accutane. Has anyone on here bought a clinical strength microdermabrasion unit for their own personal use on here before? It comes with videos and everything u need so I will be careful until I know what I am doing. It is supposed to be the same strength as a dermo unit only in a smaller personal form. The website http://www.instanthairremoval.com/timepeel.html also sells electrolysis lasers and different things. I have seen the particular Timepeel machine sold through various different sites I visited. Hopefully it works as good as a real microdermabrasion, then I could have an endless number of microderms done if for nothing else but to keep my skin looking healthy. I almost bought a clinical microderm unit off ebay but figured I would spend $1500 and the thing wouldnt work right or something. I still plan on getting the excision and fraxels over the summer, but figured this would be nice to own.
  23. I have delt with two bouts of mild acne and I am nearly done with acne I am just left with sort of dry dull skin with a few red marks. Everyone keeps saying to exfoliate so I went on a mission to find something to exfoliate with. Prior to my having skin problems I would get microdemabrasion done every once in a while it really kept my make up looking fresh on my skin and got rid of nearly all of my red marks that I had on my skin previously. So I thought if it worked once it has to work again but I just moved to Boston and the city is crazy expensive so microdermabrasion here is out of the question. So I went to CVS to see what I could find. I ended up finding this contracption made by neutrogena, that was actually less than some of the electric toothbrushes. Its this battery operated thing with a sort of foam head. you dip it in this stuff that comes with the contraption and you dab it on your face then turn it on and it vibrates and you just rub it all over your face. Its not irritating like a toothbrush would be, those bristles arent made for your face they are to clean plaque from inbetween your teeth which are considerably tougher than skin so I had a bit of a problem with using a toothbrush on my already over sensitive face from all the crap I had put it through. Since I had real microdermabrasion before I used this I wasnt expecting it to compare to it but I tried it anyway. It worked amazingly. I dont know if any other girls can relate to me but sometimes it just looks like your make up sits ontop of your face and is this whole gunky extra layer because you can see the dead skin sort of flaking through. This completly took care of that. I also bought another part of the new neutrogena line, it was this chemical peel sort of thing. I wish I could return it after using it, i really dont feel like it did anything. But anyway the exfoliater was great, my face feels fresh again and my make up looks like it should again. and most importantly its drastically reducing my redmarks. Also the little contraption comes with two different foam heads theyre both the same its just so you can change them out, and you can buy new ones too. So i figure if you use some other kind of product this thing would still be good to exfoliate with just dont use the cream that comes with it.
  24. Currently, I've combined all of my scar products into one regimen. I have mostly indented scars. Everyday - 12% AHA cream in the morning, Retin-A & Bio-Oil at night Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday - L'oreal Refinish Microdermabrasion kit I'll keep this thread updated.
  25. tippy23069

    Skin is clear now

    My skin is finally clear-four weeks. But, the little red scars look so bad. Has anyone had scar therapy? I am thinking about microdermabrasion, but am afraid this will not work, or start a whole new set of problems? Any thoughts?