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Found 13 results

  1. Hey everyone- I still have a while to go before I can even start treating my scars, as I am currently on my final month of accutane. It is just really disappointing to suddenly have a face full of scars after perfect skin my whole life. Most of my scars are rolling and create huge dents in my skin. It is super discouraging. I'm actually seeing a psychiatrist. I have researched SOOOO much, and seen actual results from real studies and real people. But still, it just seems impossible that I
  2. So I have been dealing with acne for a few years now it was ver mild at first just on my forehead and chin it came and went I was never all the bothered about it , until January this year it started getting worse I developeped acne all along my cheeks and my chin and forehead flared up , I soon realised it was to do with my hormones I went see my doctor but the cream and antibiotics they subscribed didn't help i a man now trying to fix it naturally with a herbalist. For the past couple months i
  3. First off, it's important to consider that my acne is caused by lithium. I take lithium for mental health purposes and while it helps my mood tremendously, it causes a lot of side effects, including acne. Before taking lithium, I had very very mild acne (the occasional blemish or two). I started taking it two-ish years ago, and because it's such a lifesaver for me emotionally/mentally, going off the lithium is not an option. My psychiatrist prescribed minocycline to control the acne the lith
  4. I need help. I am so frustrated with my skin, but most importantly myself. I just discovered this website and just realized skin picking is a thing. It's a thing I have been struggling with for years and thought I was the only one. I could write a novel about how many times acne and acne scabs have held me back from so much. It is as I type this that I realize just how much I allowed acne to control and ruin my life. I have been insecure about my skin since the 3rd grade. That's right, we have
  5. hi! I'm just curious as to see how everyone's experiences have been, and how serious of a problem acne is. I would really appreciate it a lot of you took my survey [here]. It's anonymous and you don't have to answer every question but if you could that'd be great. Thank you all so much :')
  6. Hi. I have been suffering with acne for about two months now... derm said it’s hormonal. I’ve been taking zinc, vit a, D3, and calcium. So far it’s been helping. I’m thinking of supplementing magnesium as well. Decided to try and figure out my trigger and I think it was all internal because the vitamins did help. I was originally getting deep cysts on my jawline but only on my right cheek (so weird) but now I get small bumps all over my right cheek which is better than cysts. However I strugg
  7. Don't get me wrong, I'm still breaking out a bit. But its definitely better than 2-3 days ago. I feel a lot better today. I was almost dreading seeing my man this weekend because of how my skin looked and hoping so badly that it would heal / look better by the time I see him, and I think that will be the case. I don't get to see my doc for another 4 hours, so I get to starve (fast) all day, woohoo. I keep reaching for food and have to remind myself not to eat XD. Will try to schedule next appt i
  8. I wasn't obsessed with the state of my skin until my first semester of college where my skin began breaking out terrible. I put up with it for a few months and then dragged myself to my very first dermatology appointment. My doctor was well educated and nice. He prescribed me clindamycin solution, retin-a cream, and the prescription drug, Oracea. My skin became absolutely flawless for about a year and then I started to break out again and it just continued to get worse. I was convinced it stoppe
  9. I'm currently on my 6th month of Accutane, going good, scars are still pretty vivid but the amount of pimples has decreased greatly. As my skin gets better, I started to think of some of the things that I am now thankful for, in terms of my acne. I've had it pretty bad for four years straight and would still give anything to have never had it at all, but just thinking positively, these are some of those things: Learning to apply makeup: After around 3 years of covering these suckers up e
  10. I'm now 21 years old and I've suffered from severe to moderate acne since I was 11 years old. I've been to dermatologists, tried different skin regimens, topical treatments, oral treatments, accutane, all natural/hollistic, laser treatments, and pretty much anything you can think of. I'm so tired of looking in the mirror and still seeing angry red acne covered skin looking back. I'm so tired of tirelessly taking care of my skin by never missing a face wash morning and night, always changing my f
  11. Hello everyone, Today marks my third week on Accutane and I'm not sure if I will be continuing the treatment. Just yesterday I started dealing with very intense depression and anxiety. For example, I couldn't stop thinking "What if someone very close to me died.." my grandmother specifically, and it was absolutely tearing me apart. These thoughts keep me up at night. So, I skipped last nights dose (40mg) and I'm calling my dermatologist today. Has anyone else experienced these thoughts? How
  12. The Dermatologist I saw today was really nice. He is my named one, but not who I saw last time. He gave me quite a lot of useful information. I mentioned first the red scars. He said it isn't scarring but actually the skin redness described in the information leaflet, a listed side effect. I assumed that would be full face redness but apparently this is what it refers to. He said when I finish the medication it will fully go and fairly quick. I showed him my face and told him that it has just
  13. I like many of you have suffered from acne for a number of years. In fact, at just the tender age of eleven, my high school photos revealed the beginning of my ongoing battle against the disorder. Ten years on, aged 21, I am a young woman whose life has been greatly impacted by the disease; I began treatment for acne aged fifteen and only now have I plucked the courage to begin a course of Accutane (two weeks in) as no other treatment offered lasting improvements. I often wonder who I'd be witho