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Found 123 results

  1. Women, Stress, and Acne

    Psychological stress is a negative state of mind that women as a whole tend to experience more than men. If stress continues for long periods of time, it can become chronic, leading to disorders like chronic anxiety and depression, and also potentially more acne. To understand how stress might result in more acne, let's delve deeper into the connection between the two. The Connection Between Stress and Acne Research is clear that people with acne are more stressed...
  2. Menopause and Acne

    While acne occurs most often in girls and young women, it occurs also in women who are older, including those who are going through menopause. The skin is sensitive to hormones, so some of the hormonal changes that occur during the early stages of menopause can lead to acne in some instances.1-10 However, as women get older, acne decreases, and this trend occurs even through the menopausal years. In other words, while menopausal acne can occur,...
  3. Female Acne

    5 Facts about Female Acne: Premenstrual Menopause Pregnancy Treatment Options Hormonal Treatment: Birth Control (Oral Contraceptives) Spironolactone Cyproterone Acetate (Diane-35) 5 Facts about Female Acne: As a general rule, women's hormones tend to fluctuate more than men's, which helps explain why acne in women tends to be less constant and more erratic than acne in men. More than half of all adult women experience at least occasional breakouts. 60-70% of women who battle acne experience premenstrual flare-ups. Acne can occur throughout a woman's adult life: in...
  4. cystic acne appeared when my periods stopped and my doctor prescribed some bio-identical, plant-based hormones to manage my hot flashes, insomnia, lack of energy and mood swings. Actually some of the symptoms got worse and on top of that i got acne! She had prescribed a testosterone cream and DHEA pills because a blood test had shown extremely low levels of these hormones. The only noticeable effect was a very strong sex drive that nearly destroyed my relationship (i couldn't stop thinking abou
  5. hi there, i have just reached the menopause and my skin has become a mess. I did have some acne as a teenager, (never developed cysts) but in my adult life my skin was never an issue. I have always had a very healthy diet and have been a vegetarian for 20 years. Due to wheat and lactose intolerance i am quite careful about what i eat, i don't gain weight easily and exercise regularly. Since reaching the menopause i have had trouble sleeping, mainly due to very frequent hot flushes. I can put
  6. Hi guys. I went to see my endocrinologist today to check up on my blood pressure/electrolytes with Spiro. I have basically been obsessed with hormones and how they effect the skin lately, so I thought I would ask him all my questions. He has been a very good doctor and he went to Harvard med school so I trust in what he has to say. So here are some Q and A's for anyone who is interested. Q: I'm afraid that Spiro won't work because my testosterone is so low and so Spiro will make it worse. A
  7. I haven't posted here in a while. My skin was almost 100% clear for years until I went off birth control. A few months being off Nuvaring and my skin EXPLODED. The most severe acne I've ever had or ever SEEN. I woke up with several new HUGE, excruciatingly painful pimples every morning, and it just kept getting worse and worse and worse. It was awful and I was the most depressed I've ever been. During that time I tried EVERYTHING short of Accutane, and nothing worked. I was on Accutane as a teen
  8. Hi, I am so totally overwhelmed. After googling cystic acne, and stumbling upon this site, and coming to the realization that what I have is cystic acne which is so unbelievably painful, I feel like I'm losing it. And i don't even know if i care. i'm 47, female, and menopausal. My husband died 13 years ago when our daughter was 2 1/2 and so I've been raising her alone. My dad was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease on the heals of my husband's brain tumor diagnosis and so I lived thr
  9. By Janine Tait The agony of adolescent acne, the irritation of pre-menstrual breakouts, the burden or bloom of our skin during pregnancy and the changes experienced at menopause. What do these skin conditions have in common? Sex hormones. As therapists we are aware of the huge influence sex hormones have on the appearance of the skin. For men their influence is most apparent during puberty when acne strikes. For women, whose blood hormone levels are constantly fluctuating, their influence
  10. To prevent my spiro thread from turning into a progesterone discussion, I have continued the discussion here.
  11. What is Maca? Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a root plant consumed as a food and for medicinal purposes. Maca is also known as "Peruvian ginseng" (despite the fact that it is not a member of the ginseng family), because it is used as a folk remedy to increase stamina, energy, and sexual function. It is typically taken as a pill or liquid extract or as powdered maca root. Long used to enhance energy and boost stamina, maca is often touted as an aphrodisiac and a natural means of improving sexua
  12. What is Dong Quai? Dong quai is a herb in the celery family native to China, Japan, and Korea. The root is medicinally active. Other names for dong quai include Angelica sinensis, Chinese angelica, dang gui, and tang kuei Dong quai comes in tablet, liquid extract, and raw root forms. In Chinese medicine, dong quai is often boiled or soaked in wine. The root is removed and the liquid is taken orally. Why People Use Dong Quai Dong quai contains compounds that, in laboratory tests, have
  13. By Ayren-Jackson Kennedy in The NY Times GROWING up, Eileen Wolter, now 40 and a blogger about stay-at-home motherhood in Summit, N.J., was one of those rare teenagers without complexion concerns. “I had really good skin,” she said. “And I just used Ivory bar soap.” But in recent years, that skin has gone from picture-perfect to problematic. “I’ve got uneven skin that’s also oily with constant blackheads and cystic acne bumps on my chin,” Ms. Wolter said. And her once-simple regimen now in
  14. I get a lot of questions or messages asking me how to tell what hormones I am high/low in based on symptoms. The short answer is you don't know based on symptoms alone. Many symptoms for OPPOSITE disorders are the SAME. Yes, this is terribly confusing. What you can do about it: 1. Get a hormones saliva test. This is not always conclusive but it can help. Maybe you are in the normal range but are "borderline" high or low. You may also have normal hormone levels but have a sensitivity to normal
  15. Hi, I just wanted to share my experience. I am 45 years old and have suffered from mild to moderate acne my entire life. My skin has always been very oily, and at times super oily. It is so frustrating! I remember having outbreaks of extremeley oily skin when I was pregnant, and recently it has started happening again--perhaps related to perimenopause. I also developed seborrheic dermititis around my nose. I tried a number of different things, including different cleansers and shampoos and some
  16. Let me be clear that I have never had acne before. Nuisance zits as a teen, clear skin by 16, and after I had my first baby I had this HUGE lump that was my whole left side chin...which a dermatologist put liquid nitrogen on it then gave me an rx for retin-a. NEVER had acne again. Until now. I am new to acne. Oct '11, I had a big purple shiny PAINFUL lump on my chin. It appeared overnight. The next day, there were probably 3 more red ones RIGHT NEXT to it! Making the lump even bigger!
  17. Hello all I'm fairly new to the forums although I posted before about my curiosity for Accutane. Basically, I suffer from mild but usually moderate acne and it's normally very painful "embedded" whiteheads that leave deep holes and frequently larger cysts which give me headaches or just those red "bump" thingy's that never heal. Blackheads almost never happen. The redmarks seem to stay forever. I was diagnosed after a huge struggle with something called parathyroid disease and had a high para
  18. Hello All, (I am a new subscriber, so I would appreciate if you tell me how I should specify the tags, where I should better place this topic, etc.) I am a 43-year-old female from Russia. Sounds a bit exotic, but I am a semi-professional translator, so I hope there will be no language barrier. My problem is rather weird, because I haven't seen any analogs of my situation in Russian or American message boards. But maybe you can give me some advice. Generally, acne hasn't been a proble
  19. Hi I really need to find some fellow menopausal acne sufferers! I have always suffered with hormonal acne since being a teenager, I am now 53! I have always had horrible breakouts before my periods and nothing has ever really worked. I've tried most topicals, years of antibiotics, the pill made me crazy (can't take synthetic hormones), natural progesteone made acne and myself worse. I have really flared up since menopause, its just like going back to the terrible teenage years except its wor
  20. How depressing is it to be 48 and still have acne??? VERY depressing.... I have had acne since I was 13 years old....it's waxed and waned over the years, but has come back with a vengeance since I entered into perimenopause about a year ago...the skin got oilier again, and the cysts returned...and, lucky me, I also got some rosacea on my cheeks.... This holiday was particularly bad...I currently have two truly HUGE cysts on my face- both on the right side, one next to my nose, the other on
  21. I went to a wholistic dermatologist yesterday for a second opinion after my regular dermatologist said I can't take any more antibiotics or hormone treatments (spiro) because I continue to get occasional cystic acne flare-ups regardless of using these things. In other words something else is going on here...and the side effects of using antiobotics and hormone treatments longterm nullifies anything positive. She had no other advice except to keep on using tretinoin cream and be satisfied with
  22. Not sure whether it's spelt estrogen or oestrogen, but Im sure most of you know what this is. Ive just started looking into this today as a result of a genetic disorder my son is being tested for. He is being tested for something called fragile x syndrome, has not been diagnosed yet, but Ive obviously been looking into it. If he has this, I as his mother would be a carrier of it, and will have a premutation of the gene, and although most have never heard of it, its one of the most common gen
  23. Acne outbreak is really a problem to many of you as it affects your appearance and confidence. There are many different ways for curing of acne outbreak, but you may find them not effective. Such ineffectiveness may be associated to your wrong concepts on the curing methods. You should read the following information if you acne outbreak is a continuous problem for you. Quite a lot of people think their acne outbreak is caused by hormonal disorder. Actually, hormonal disorder is not the most
  24. No more complaining, crying, wishing, or hating on people with perfect skin, i've just learned to accept that i have acne and probably will for the rest of my life, till menopause, and but there's no way i'm gonna wait till then to start managing my skin, so, basically i do the best i can, by which i mean getting quality products and treating my skin myself instead of depending on derms or doctors, who mostly dont care or dont know what it feels like to have the condition. I have my own microder
  25. Interesting! I'm new here--had great skin until menopause flared up and flung my face back into junior high...uck--but excited to learn as much as I can! Harsh treatments always just tore up my skin like crazy when i was younger and i figure the same thing will be true now as then (big assumpetion? maybe...) Anyways, Im wondering if anybody tried this stuff: It sounds like one of those perfumes my mother used when I was a girl, but that doesn't mean it works. I've got arthritis coming on so it'd