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Found 103 results

  1. So I've always wondered how I can optimize and make my personal regimen more efficient at what it does, all while benefiting my health (I drink tons of water, eat a lot of greens - I have Celiac disease so I don't have much choice - etc...) I had my mom pick up some Zinc supplement tablets today and I took one after eating my dinner because of the side effects if you don't take it with food. Now, my supplement is only 10mg. I'm thinking of taking it both morning and night (after dinner) to se
  2. Hello everyone... I have just started to take Minomycin which was reccomended from my GP (Two 50mg tablets daily so, = 100mg a day), as i'm starting to get light acne. I'm actually worried about taking medication to get rid of acne as it doesn't seem natural. I was just concerned about the side affects - I have researched the medication but i'd like some personal experiences. When i stop taking the medication would the light acne come back worse and stronger? As i'm still developing (u
  3. So I was prescribed Zineryt by my doctor 8 days ago. I don't have acne, but I have scars left over from different spots as my skin is very sensitive. After my first application, I woke up the next day and had many painful spots on my chin. Over the next couple of days, I'd developed a total of 10 sore spots on my chin and two on my cheek. It was mortified! 8 days later, they've gotten better with 2 applications a day, however they still haven't completely disappeared. I have about 4, very sore f
  4. I (16 years old) have these flesh colored bumps on my cheeks, forehead, and some on my chin that has not gone away for about a year now. I'm not sure what they are called. I have tried Murad, neutrogena, aveeno, acne-free, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, clindamycin, doxycycline, retin-A, tretinoin, and lots of over the counter medications. Currently using Epiduo (good for red pimples) and doxycycline My daily routine: MORNING 1) wash face with Murad acne facial cleanser (warm wate
  5. Hey I'm new to acne.org, and I would like to say; wow what a brilliant website! Anyway, I have moderate/severe acne and I went to my dermatologist and she prescribed me with Differin, Doxycycline and Clindamycin Solution. I use differin before bed, clindamycin twice daily and doxycycline once daily. I have been using this treatment for 3 weeks and 2 days as of today and I have noticed great improvement on my skin: 1) No inflammatory acne (no cysts, papules, papules or whiteheads) is
  6. I've been using retin-a for a about a month and twenty days. It did make my skin better, the texture of my skin and I don't really have any zits. But I have red marks from previous acne on my cheeks and temples, and this medication hasn't helped with that at all, it hasn't helped with acne scars either.. Do I just need to give it more time? Is this stuff going to make me have clear, smooth skin, with no redness or marks? Because that's what I want. Also, my skin only gets bad on the right side o
  7. What Medications Can Cause Acne?

    Based on the amount of research that links particular medications to acne, we can place potentially acne-causing medications into three categories. Medications that can definitely cause acne: We have a large amount of evidence linking these medications to acne Medications that may cause acne: We have a considerable but insufficient amount of evidence linking these medications to acne Medications that might cause acne: We have a small amount of evidence linking these medications to acne1 Even if someone takes...
  8. SO This is the third week into the process... I cant believe its almost a month into it. As like my other two posts I will break down this blog. BEFORE I go into everything I just wanna say that I am still at two pills a day at 30 mg. The accutane medication is called Absorica. SIDE AFFECTS: VERY DRY skin. My skin On my face is very dry and parched. Its flaking ad every time I try to cover something with makeup it makes my skin look worse. The medical moisturizer that they gave me is
  9. Hello everyone, Hope you're all well and happy. As of last Tuesday I have officially started my course of Roaccutane and I wanted to share my experience of why I went on it and the results of my first week. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. Okay! So here is my story: I started my first year of university in September 2015 with pretty average skin. I had been on Ethromycin, tetracycline and Lymacycline periodically since I was fifteen and I'm now nineteen but my s
  10. Hello! So I decided to do a useful post after moaning and sinking deeper into depression about my skin and I've been doing a lot of thinking over the past few weeks and seeing my endocrinologist etc.. For anyone currently on/considering/reconsidering roaccutane a.k.a accutane, here is a list of my pros and cons after two courses. PROS. 1) IT WORKS - for a time Yes roaccutane will clear you up, yes it does work in that respect, but at a price, and only for a limited amount of time in m
  11. In December 2017, my doctor put me on spironolactone for my hormonal acne. It's been about three months to the date since I started it and it's done wonders! I know that it can take around 3 months to really work so I've waited to make this post until now. Currently, I'm on 100mg a day. For the most part, my acne is completely clear, considering what it used to be. I had the rocky mountains on pretty much every inch of my face except for my nose. I will still have 3-4 active blemishes at a time
  12. Hi! I've been on a 80 mg of Accutane daily for almost 5 months now. Since my dosage was on the higher end for my weight, this is my last month. Everything was looking good for the 4th month and most of the 5th month but now I've got two big zits and little zits springing up on my cheek. I'm freaking out! I end Accutane in just a few days. I don't know what's going on! If I even go back on for one month my cumulative dosage will exceed the maximum for my weight and that makes me
  13. Hey guys! I'm kinda new here so say hi to me xD So today my doctor just prescribed me accutane 20mg (10+10) today. He prescribed me with it right away as he saw my face become worse. I was prescribed with doxycycline 200mg but it was to no avail. I just only have to wait for my blood test tomorrow then i can start the medication I was told by him that the main side effects are drying skin, lips and hypersensitivity to sun, all of these are a big disadvantages to me as i live in Malaysia, a trop
  14. I know my acne isn't severe by any means, but it feels severe to me. I understand my skin could be way worse and I don't want to upset anyone by complaining about what my skin looks like. Ok, so I had acne as a teenager and went on an antibiotic (amoxicillin) and it cleared it up amazingly. My dermatologist told me to try to get off of it, as being on antibiotics for a long time is really bad. So I did, and it came back. It's a lot of zits that are under the skin and hurt a lot. This time, i
  15. Can you take Spironolactone and Erythromycin Gel 2% together? I am not sure if the Spironlactone reduces the effect on Erythromycin gel.
  16. greetings friends!! I suffered from moderate to severe acne for nearly 6 years. I have felt hopeless, depressed, suicidal, and deeply emotionally and physically distressed due to the condition which seemed to have plagued me -- and no one else I knew -- for years. I bought hundreds of products promising clear skin, took a shower each day (often 2 showers a day), been to the dermatologists only to be put on rounds of antibiotics and retin-A, gotten embarrassing facials where the aesthetician
  17. Hi, so first of all I just wanted to say kudos to acne.org for creating this thread, I haven't noticed it until just now so I'm guessing it must be new but being a long time skin picker myself I'm very happy that they've made this thread a thing lol. So anyways, I was curious as to whether any of my fellow skin pickers out there may suffer from other anxiety disorders as well? It seems like it would be a logical assumption to make that there may be some correlation between the two and I'd lik
  18. Hello, This is my first post here to document my time on Clavaris. I am a 21 year old Female who has been battling acne since I was 15. I have been on almost every other medication, prescription topical treatment, moisturizer, spot treatment, etc. and nothing has worked for me. It was time to finally just take the next step with Clavaris. I deal with acne on my face (my skin type is oily) and my back mostly with terrible shoulder scarring and breakouts and an occasional chest breakout. I wa
  19. Male 23. I took accutane for about 4 months at 50mg a day. I have about 2 and a half months worth of medicine on my night stand still. The problem is that I quit early because my skin was really clear, but now I'm breaking out a little on my face. If I restart accutane after being off for about 3-4 months will it continue where I left off?
  20. I have been prescribed MInocycline by my derm. and after a week Im broken out in hives and my face is not clearer in fact i have red spots all over. School starts tomorrow! Anyone else have this problem?
  21. So I started Accutane about two weeks ago, and I'm only taking 40mg a day, but my side effects have already started kicking in. My lips are obviously really chapped, the corners of my mouth are cracked and if hurts to open my mouth. My scalp is itching so badly that I had to soak my head in Coconut Oil, and my skin is crawling. Another side effect I have is that my ribs hurt? I workout every day, but when I do anything involving my core or even when I lay on my stomach in bed, my ribs ache
  22. I have been using Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion USP 1% for about a month. My doctor prescribed this to me for my late-onset adult acne. (Mild/moderate). For the past 3 weeks, I have developed lots of tiny bumps all over my cheeks and jawline; everywhere I have been applying the lotion. Some of them do become inflamed, red, and VERY painful. Am I supposed to be breaking out from a topical antibiotic? Or could this be an irritation? I don't know if my skin is "purging" or if this produc
  23. Teens and adults suffering from acne all over the world love Benzoyl peroxide for clearing up their acne. It is a very popular ingredient in most OTC acne products, and there's a reason why. Benzoyl Peroxide oxygenates the skin's pores, making it impossible for acne bacteria to survive. In order to do this, Benzoyl peroxide renews the layers of the skin much faster, making you much more suitable to sunburns. In the first couple weeks of use, skin will be red, itchy, dry and irritated. Side effe
  24. So many people have said that green tea is excellent for the skin. I have suffered from acne that can range from being mild, moderate and moderately severe. Currently my skin has completely cleared up and I'm doing my best to keep it this way. I have come across this pill called "Tegreen 97" by pharmanex. You may want to read this for how green tea impacts acne.. http://www.stopacne.com/herbal-remedies/green-tea-acne-treatment.htm And I am a believer of the statement that green tea defin
  25. Hi Guys. So I was on Accutane for 6 months, and about 3-4 months after coming off it my skin is now back to be really oily and I'm now getting loads of under the skin spots, and whiteheads, it's really getting me down, as when I was on Accutane it really worked and I had smooth skin, but now the bumpy textures come back, as well as my super oily skin! This is so frustrating as the doctors said this wouldn't happen, did this happen to anyone else?! If anyone else has had a similar experience ple