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Found 103 results

  1. Hi everyone, This is my first time writing on this website and I just wanted to get some feed back from the users. I'll start off by saying that I have struggled with acne for almost 10 years. I have used almost every over the counter medication, been to numerous dermatologists, spent weeks hiding in my room after acne peels, and as a last ditch effort to cure my acne started a cycle of Accutane. My acne is now at bay but I still get occasional breakouts around 'that time of the month' and al
  2. I have been on the antibiotic minocycline for about three months now. I am fifteen years old and had terrible acne on my forehead. I have had this acne for about three years and it has seriously affected my self esteem. The Minocycline has produced fantastic results and after about two months my skin is 90% clear. My self esteem is incredible. I don't have to spend ten minutes trying to cover up my acne with makeup, only to wash it off and stay home. I don't even need to wear makeup anymore
  3. AHHHH I'm so excited!! I bought accutane today and i cant wait to start the treatment. I have spoken to a derm and everything. I remember the dermatologist telling me to wait 2weeks or so before starting accutane. Its my 6th night and i really just wanna start Tane. Has anyone been on doxycline and come off straight and started using accutane? Is it possible for me to start tonight? Thanks, Ben
  4. Hi everyone, I haven't used these forums in years but I had to return to ask some questions about Doryx. I'm 23, and have been battling with light acne since high school. My skin would be clear for months and then I would suffer a severe breakout. I'm prone to the large, painful cystic pimples and they usually take a month to fully go away once they emerge. I've tried almost every single prescription topical and finally my dermatolgist insisted I try Doryx although I have my hesitations
  5. bp (how many %?) aha (which brand? also how many %?) bp + aha tea tree oil salycic acid (how many %?) zinc cream other? and did u see improvment of the spot next day or how many days?
  6. I'll start off by saying im a long time lurker but I promised myself I would post my accutane experience for others to see once I was through with it. Im a 21 year old male and i had moderate, very persistent acne. I would always have at least two big cysts on my cheeks, and this was while I was on other medications. I used differin, clindoxyl, and was on minocycline and doxycycline for over 2 years. It kept my acne under control, but it was always a temporary solution and I was never clear ju
  7. My teen has mile acne on the face on chest. I am bringing him to dermatologist. Does accutane cause acne scarring? Should I keep my teen of this medication?
  8. Spironolactone was a wonder drug for me. Complete and total miracle, and transformed my hormonal acne. That is – until my pharmacy started switching generics. I am so frustrated, my insurance won’t pay for the brand name Aldactone. (I have never tried the brand-name but I’m just assuming it’s better). For anyone else who has had this problem, which brands do you find are the worst? These are the brands I have tried with success: -Sun Pharmaceuticals 50 mg twice per day (tota
  9. PLEASE HELP Here is the short version of my acne story: In december 2017 I stopped taking my birth control pills. This sparked the fire that has engulfed the past 3 months of my life. I began seeing more acne than I was used to (I knew this was from stopping my birth control) so finally in March 2018 my dermatologist prescribed me 150mg Spironolactone. The first month of Spiro my skin was the worst I have ever seen it (purging from spiro). I am now in the second month and I can see the SMALLES
  10. I am so desperate to have clear, nice skin. I've been dealing with acne and other skin issues for the past 4 years. I'm 15 and I have tried almost everything, but I've never been able to have clear skin. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong and I really hope someone can point out what I'm doing wrong. Acne: I have tons of little red dots all across my face, but mostly on my chin (chin is my biggest problem area) and right cheek. I also have some in between/above my eyebrows, but it really is ev
  11. Hey guys! So I am about to start my final month on accutane and I'm starting to worry about what my skin will be like once treatment ends. I couldn't find a lot of topics already archived that shared many people's experiences of life after accutane. Right now my skin is 100% clear! For the first time in years and I've gotten so much more comfortable with how my face looks without having to worry about people noticing my breakouts. I'm excited to end my treatment so all the side effects will go
  12. Hi! I've recently started my third month of Clavaris. I'm a 24 year old female who weighs 135 lbs (about 61 kg). For two and a half months now I've been taking 40 mg two times a day now. At first, the high dosage was hell, causing me to have body pains, terrible breakouts and dry skin. Now its just causing dry skin thats manageable for the most part and my breakouts are quickly going away. But I've been looking around it seems like people are on a lower dose than me and I'm concerned.
  13. Hello there acne.org This is my first time speaking out (or should you say writing out?) about my acne on any social forums or websites. Perhaps this is the first time I will be speaking out honestly about my situation and truly open up regarding what has been haunting me since as long as I can remember, in hopes that it might shed clearness to anyone who doesn't know what acne does to a person or to find solitude and strength in others of similar situation. Acne. That thing I have geneti
  14. I have been out of any form of any acne medication/treatment for 2 months now.But below are the medications i've taken before having this terrible issue, 2013-2015 started acne treatment with retin a 0.1%,but suddenly had very irritated and red face which result in me requesting for a change. 2015-2016 doctor gave me a new prescription which is clindoxyl (benzoyl peroxide 5% and clindamycin 1%) with AHA.I used both for a few months and although getting clearer and clearer my skin got more irr
  15. So I've had acne since high school and I am 22 now. My dermatologist put me on amoxicilin (antibiotic) and it cleared my acne immediately. I went on the antibiotic a few years ago. I also had a lot of prescribed topical treatments as well. My dermatologist told me it's not good to be on antibiotics for a long time and encouraged me to try to stop taking the meds (as my skin was clear) and see if I didn't get acne anymore. Well that failed and ever since it's come back full force. I typical
  16. So my dermatologist finally prescribed me Accutane, and I have moderately severe acne that scars. My medicine is supposed to be ready to be picked up tomorrow after 3 pm, but I'm worried because my derm prescribed me only 20mg/day and i'm 17, 5'4.5, and 117 pounds (female). Do you think if I call him in the morning and ask for a higher dosage that they will change this month's from 20 to 40? Or is it too late? I don't want my acne to come back once the course is over, and my derm said I will be
  17. Can anyone let me know of their experiences with eye drops and Accutane? I work on a computer all day long so therefore I'm not helping my eyes while one Accutane. I even use to have problems with red eyes due to working on the computer BEFORE I even started Accutane. I've taken several measures to reduce the harm to my eyes such as warming my screen's color, drinking more water and trying to take frequent breaks from the computer. Although this works to some extent, sometimes I get caught up an
  18. Hey guys, so I made an account on this website specifically for the reason to document my progress with Tactupump forte/epiduo forte. I went about a month ago to my doctor about my acne, which is mild to moderate, mainly in my chin and mouth area ( I've been experiencing it for the past 8 months or so). He prescribed me tactupump forte, and although it was extremely expensive, I decided I wanted to put an end to this once and for all. The first few days, I experienced dryness but not as bad as I
  19. Hello, For the past 6 months or so, I've been on 100 mg of Spironolactone in the morning and 100 mg at night. It's the only medication I've tried that has cured my PCOS acne. I no longer get cystic acne and my skin is so much less oily. I tolerate it very well. It's the only thing that's helped my skin. If I stop taking it, I instantly break out with cystic acne. The only downside is that I have been gaining weight very fast, and in weird places. I almost don't recognize myself sometimes beca
  20. In the past 2 months I have had some very small acne appear on my chin. I am writing to you guys as I notice it has become more red and has spread to the left side of my chin now too with a few dots appearing above my mouth by my nose, unlike before where it was minor and on the right side on my chin only. I had some break outs (not on my chin at the time) so I used a Neutrogena face wash to try and minimize the redness. I noticed that it didn't help AT ALL and quickly stopped using it after
  21. Hey Yal! New to this forum. I am having such a hard time trying to find a skin care regimen. This week has been the worst week for me, I have the most painful pimples mostly around my chin and cheek area and 2 painful pimples on my forehead. It is hormonal acne. Since the age of 13 I been breaking out. Not only do I have a oily T zone, but my cheeks and jawline get dry in the winter. I have recently been breaking out on my neck as well, but that's not anything new. I don't suffer from
  22. Hi guys, im wondering what is the deal with coming off ginet & acne. Im Really confused as reading the packet info it seems like they believe it should "treat" acne in the longer term once you stop, but i have heard many say it comes right back! Ive been on Ginet for 4 months now, i made myself stay on it for 3 before i would consider coming off it as its had some side effects that are upsetting (i have an eating disorder) so the hunger & increase in breast size has been REALLY distressi
  23. What are all the acne treatments that do not cause an initial breakout? I know antibiotics and non-retinoid topical creams usually dont; and accutane, birth control, spiro, and retinoid topical creams usually do. Am I missing any other non-over the counter treatments? I am currently on my 2nd month of amoxicillin 500 mg twice a day and klaron lotion + benzamycin gel. I've experienced a horrific initial breakout on epiduo (bp + retinoid) that lasted 2 months and stopped when my dermatologist
  24. I've had acne for 4 years now (I'm 15), and I'm so, so sick of being the only kid in my group of friends with bad skin, being the kid that every family friend and relative tries to give suggestions and remedies to. I've tried so many over the counter products, natural "remedies", rituals, etc and nothing. is. working. As of now, I have angry red marks everywhere and deep under-the-skin pimples (not sure if its cystic acne) along a lot of my jawline. And the acne along my jawline will ITCH like