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Found 103 results

  1. Treating Acne When You Have Facial Hair

    A Beard May Reduce Absorption Most topical medications, including acne treatments, are effective only when absorbed deep into the skin. To get absorbed, the medications have to contact the skin directly. If you wear a full beard or even a short beard, it may be difficult for the skin to absorb the drug because facial hair literally stands in its way. Applying more medication would probably help. However, you should be reasonable with how much you...
  2. Does anyone have any suggestions on properly putting prescription acne medication on the back? It's so easy to mess areas. Thanks
  3. My teen has mile acne on the face on chest. I am bringing him to dermatologist. Does accutane cause acne scarring? Should I keep my teen of this medication?
  4. Human microbiome is a big eco-system/community with trillions of living microorganisms that reside largely in your gut. Another microbiome as a host to millions of microorganisms/ bacteria is your skin. And in every microbiome ( your gut or skin ) you have good and bad bacteria. But as within any ecosystem - balance is the key. By certain things trying to destroy or introduce we can throw things out of balance. So when the bad bacteri
  5. Spironolactone was a wonder drug for me. Complete and total miracle, and transformed my hormonal acne. That is – until my pharmacy started switching generics. I am so frustrated, my insurance won’t pay for the brand name Aldactone. (I have never tried the brand-name but I’m just assuming it’s better). For anyone else who has had this problem, which brands do you find are the worst? These are the brands I have tried with success: -Sun Pharmaceuticals 50 mg twice per day (tota
  6. What Medications Can Cause Acne?

    Regular Acne Is Different from Drug-induced Acne Regular Acne and Drug-induced Acne Require Different Treatments Medications That Can Definitely Cause Acne Medications That May Cause Acne Medications That Might Cause Acne The Bottom Line Based on the amount of research that links particular medications to acne, we can place potentially acne-causing medications into three categories. Medications that can definitely cause acne: We have a large amount of evidence linking these medications to acne Medications that may cause...
  7. PLEASE HELP Here is the short version of my acne story: In december 2017 I stopped taking my birth control pills. This sparked the fire that has engulfed the past 3 months of my life. I began seeing more acne than I was used to (I knew this was from stopping my birth control) so finally in March 2018 my dermatologist prescribed me 150mg Spironolactone. The first month of Spiro my skin was the worst I have ever seen it (purging from spiro). I am now in the second month and I can see the SMALLES
  8. In December 2017, my doctor put me on spironolactone for my hormonal acne. It's been about three months to the date since I started it and it's done wonders! I know that it can take around 3 months to really work so I've waited to make this post until now. Currently, I'm on 100mg a day. For the most part, my acne is completely clear, considering what it used to be. I had the rocky mountains on pretty much every inch of my face except for my nose. I will still have 3-4 active blemishes at a time
  9. So I posted a topic on this forum a couple months ago and I figured out part of the reason my acne was getting so bad. First, I was using a coconut based face wash and moisturizer that DESTROYED my skin and in the process of trying to reverse it, I was using so many products on my face at one time that, while the worst of it was going away, my skin was still worse than I had ever seen it. Recently, I switched to using Cetaphil on my face since I do have incredibly sensitive skin and decided I s
  10. Hi everyone! I just have a question I'd like to post to everyone about acne... If you were given a proven system to clear your skin without topical treatment, what would be your most preferred method of learning how to do it? Method 1 - Online Program (e-Learning platform describing everything about clearing your skin - do it yourself at your own pace) Method 2 - 1 on 1 Coaching (Customized system to meet your needs working 1 on 1)
  11. Hello everyone, hope you are well! I think we can all agree that acne sucks, right? It can cause you to feel self conscious, suffer with anxiety and cause long term self image issues - Along with many other feelings. I decided to make this blog because i have just started medication to try clear up my skin. ***disclaimer*** I understand that different things work for different people/different skin types and not all products with effect an individual in the same way, this is what has
  12. Hey guys, so I made an account on this website specifically for the reason to document my progress with Tactupump forte/epiduo forte. I went about a month ago to my doctor about my acne, which is mild to moderate, mainly in my chin and mouth area ( I've been experiencing it for the past 8 months or so). He prescribed me tactupump forte, and although it was extremely expensive, I decided I wanted to put an end to this once and for all. The first few days, I experienced dryness but not as bad as I
  13. So I've been on tazorac for 7 weeks now and still getting cystic acne. Should I just stop and ask the doctor for a different medication?? When I originally went it was just hormonal acne on my chin, but now it's on my cheeks and their big and cystic. I take bactrum and wash my face with cetaphil face wash. Any suggestions??
  14. It's been about 9 years since I've posted anything here, but I'm back. I am an adult now, 26 years old (male), and acne has found it's way back onto my face and a little bit here and there on my back and chest. From the time that I finished my first course of Accutane (~17 years old), until I was 19, I had pretty clear skin. Between the ages of 19 and 26, I have experienced varying degrees of acne; nothing too serious or severe though. For most of this time, I was using Dan's Regimen. I n
  15. Hello, For the past 6 months or so, I've been on 100 mg of Spironolactone in the morning and 100 mg at night. It's the only medication I've tried that has cured my PCOS acne. I no longer get cystic acne and my skin is so much less oily. I tolerate it very well. It's the only thing that's helped my skin. If I stop taking it, I instantly break out with cystic acne. The only downside is that I have been gaining weight very fast, and in weird places. I almost don't recognize myself sometimes beca
  16. Hi, my name is Eve and i'm 16 years old. I have struggled with fairly severe acne for a few years now and its seems like i have tried it all, it may seem like nothing as I'm a teenager and this should seem normal but it started when I was around 11 and I'm pretty sick of it now. I mainly deal with a normal amount on my face but loads on my chest, arms, back ad neck. I have recently been referred to a dermatology clinic and was offered roaccutane, in the past I have been prescribed creams, ant
  17. Hey guys! I'm kinda new here so say hi to me xD So today my doctor just prescribed me accutane 20mg (10+10) today. He prescribed me with it right away as he saw my face become worse. I was prescribed with doxycycline 200mg but it was to no avail. I just only have to wait for my blood test tomorrow then i can start the medication I was told by him that the main side effects are drying skin, lips and hypersensitivity to sun, all of these are a big disadvantages to me as i live in Malaysia, a trop
  18. Hello! So I've been on Epidou and Doxycycling since January 12th of this year. I'm getting quite disappointed because I haven't had much relief although my cystic acne has turned into more superficial acne. (White heads and a tad smaller) I take 100 ml twice a day and use the Epidou once a day as instructed. I also take tons of vitiams. It's discouraging to read most people claim to have their skin much better by 4-6 weeks with both medications. I get at least one pimple a day which definetly ad
  19. I know my acne isn't severe by any means, but it feels severe to me. I understand my skin could be way worse and I don't want to upset anyone by complaining about what my skin looks like. Ok, so I had acne as a teenager and went on an antibiotic (amoxicillin) and it cleared it up amazingly. My dermatologist told me to try to get off of it, as being on antibiotics for a long time is really bad. So I did, and it came back. It's a lot of zits that are under the skin and hurt a lot. This time, i
  20. Has anyone who has taken kratom for an extended period of time experienced a flare up in acne? Kratom can be taken in a pill form or can used in a powder form to be mixed in a beverage. Kratom is a holistic alternative for pain relief and comes from the same greenery as the coffee bean.
  21. So I've had acne since high school and I am 22 now. My dermatologist put me on amoxicilin (antibiotic) and it cleared my acne immediately. I went on the antibiotic a few years ago. I also had a lot of prescribed topical treatments as well. My dermatologist told me it's not good to be on antibiotics for a long time and encouraged me to try to stop taking the meds (as my skin was clear) and see if I didn't get acne anymore. Well that failed and ever since it's come back full force. I typical
  22. So my dermatologist finally prescribed me Accutane, and I have moderately severe acne that scars. My medicine is supposed to be ready to be picked up tomorrow after 3 pm, but I'm worried because my derm prescribed me only 20mg/day and i'm 17, 5'4.5, and 117 pounds (female). Do you think if I call him in the morning and ask for a higher dosage that they will change this month's from 20 to 40? Or is it too late? I don't want my acne to come back once the course is over, and my derm said I will be
  23. So after my bad reaction to Obagi Skin Products (crazy regimen) this is how I look. I have no used the products in over a month and in fact, I returned them all and got my $700 (almost $800) back. I am still on accutane and will go into my third month now. I am requesting a higher dosage because I have been taking 20mg. I use SHea Moisture african soap in a cleanser form morning and night and that's it. I dont know what to do, part of me wants to look into buying the Acne.Org Regimen but i
  24. Hello everyone, Hope you're all well and happy. As of last Tuesday I have officially started my course of Roaccutane and I wanted to share my experience of why I went on it and the results of my first week. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. Okay! So here is my story: I started my first year of university in September 2015 with pretty average skin. I had been on Ethromycin, tetracycline and Lymacycline periodically since I was fifteen and I'm now nineteen but my s
  25. Can anyone let me know of their experiences with eye drops and Accutane? I work on a computer all day long so therefore I'm not helping my eyes while one Accutane. I even use to have problems with red eyes due to working on the computer BEFORE I even started Accutane. I've taken several measures to reduce the harm to my eyes such as warming my screen's color, drinking more water and trying to take frequent breaks from the computer. Although this works to some extent, sometimes I get caught up an