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Found 405 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I am happy to join into such nice community. Longtime ago, I had some ane problems on my face and had to use roaccutane which helped me a lot for fast recovery. However it left some defects on my face which are similar to rolling type of scars. ( Attaching some pictures ) Last week I bought two popular acne creams from the pharmacy called CICATRICURE and MEDERMA and have started to use it since almost one week. I know it will take time to see visible improvements but even I
  2. bigDunit


    anyone tried this or know how effective it would be on acne scars?
  3. hey peeps, I've been browsing around the DMAE threads and it seems quite promising. I ran out to the nearest Sephora and bought Dr. Perricone's outpatient acne kit and so far have been using it once a day. It's too soon to post any results but I'll keep you posted. I also went on EBAY to search for cheaper DMAE creams and found this stuff by La Vigne Organics with that Tepezcohuite stuff along with DMAE and ALA. So I bought a bottle of the stuff and will get it in the mail soon. Apparently Tepez
  4. Hello All, I've tried Smoothbeam on a few raised scars and it doesn't seem to have helped. Granted, I've only had 2 SB sessions to date, but I fear I may be wasting my money! For those who have raisedd scars (I think it's called hypertrophic scar), what do you use that has helped? I have tried those silicone sheets sold in the pharmacy but they didn't do anything for me. I've also tried Mederma which didn't work either. I've had these scars for almost 10 years now! I've also tried CO2
  5. I have a problem w popping my acne. I know i shouldnt but i cant help it. Now i have so many big red spots all over my face. Does anybody what will help lighten them. Ive tried neosporin and that helps a little. Somebody also suggested witchhazel. Has anyone tried Mederma? Please any advice would be helpful
  6. mark8783


    Can anyone tell me about the product Mederma? I was quoted $3,900 for a laser treatment for my skin by my dermatologist. #-o I don't remember what kind of laser either. So I want to start out with topical treatments first, then proceed with the more expensive ones. I have rolling scars on my temples and right cheek. I have had acne scars for about 24 years and over the years I have used suggestions from my facialist that has diminished them, but not enough to my liking. Most people can't te
  7. I know everyone thinks mederma is pretty much useless unless used on raised scars. I do have rasied scarring, and I am wondering if anyone has had good personal experiences with mederma and rasied scars! thanks!
  8. oh boy, thank god i read somewhere here not to put mederma on newly healed skin cause it prevents growth. well can u please put here all the products u do recommend to improve healing of red mark? i have: duderm-but a bit rough so may use when closer to real skin mederma vaseline neosporin scarzone acne topical diminishing cream vitak cocoa butter formula with vit E retin-A tape--haven't used it but read about it here, consider it or too early? please advise, this is for my f
  9. Hi! Most of the pimples I get turn to scars which really sucks. My right cheek is almost covered with scar, but they are just surface type scars, not deep ones. I would describe them as red spots. Does Mederma work for these types of scars? I really want them gone. And, has anyone ever heard of Exposed? Its supposedly better than Proactiv and it costs about 40.00 MORE than Proactiv. Hope you all can help!! I hate these scars!
  10. Face is almost clear now I got red marks. I have no other types of scarring except for red marks (thank you God). I was wondering since my scars arent severe, if Mederma would work? If not, what will work?
  11. Hello all, Just discovered this wonderful board and wanted to share my experiences with scar treatments over the past 4 years. Besides experiences, I'm also going to share some opinions I've formed (based on what I've learned from my treatments and research). Hope this info helps someone out there! General foreword - Experience has thought me that you should not judge results until at least 3 months after treatment. There are MANY ways a treatment may seem to work and then have results
  12. Okie, I'm new here.. I'll just briefly introduce myself and then get to the point.. okie dokes, I'm a 15 yr old cursed with bad skin.. Stupid genetics.. I was prescribed Tetrinoine.. (okay i know i spelt that wrong for sure) 2 years ago and it was off/on because once i stopped using it b/c my skin was clear.. but then they came back. of course. and recently i stopped using it because i feel it doesn't help me anymore.. so i strayed off and ordered proactiv.. i thoguht the stuffs not that bad.. (
  13. I have read about mederma in a couple posts for treating acne scars. Im curious...Do you use it all over ur face all the time, only at night, only during day? If you have had success with mederma please let me know your schedule with it. Also, would it be ok to use with clyndamycin or BP at the same time? thanx -Cory
  14. I just picked up some Mederma becuase I have a couple small superficial marks on my right cheek. Has anyone had any sucess with this in the past and does it make you break out?
  15. I am a 19 year old male and I had a pretty bad case of acne in my earlier years. I have some shallow to medium scars, but they are only on my cheeks; I have no problems with my temples, neck, back or anywhere else. I have honeslty heard and read about pretty much every treatment available. I have tried elcina, mederma, aloe vera, and pretty much every topical cream you can think of. I even went through microdermabrasion and saw mild results. I have recently ordered copper peptides and exfol
  16. hi. im new here. ive read over a lot of the posts here and im trying to get a good idea as to what i can do for my scarring. i had acne in high school from around age 15 until i finally took accutane when i was 20. im 23 now and it looks like my scars are going to need some work. i guess compared to some, im relatively lucky in that the bulk of my scarring is not on my face, its on my back and chest. i can tell from what im reading that im pretty lucky too because i dont really have any re
  17. I was thinking of trying one of these creams for my scar. Mederma is highly recommended by dermos and physicians. http://www.mederma.com but ScarFX uses that miracle ingredient copper peptide and alot of other good stuff as well and it is slightly cheaper. http://scarheal.com Hmmm maybe i should buy both but i don't have the money
  18. Hi, I was just wondering if it was possible to use mederma as well as using a chemical peel to get rid of some flat facial scarring? I have seen some posts on here that suggests mederma slows down collagen production, which is the reverse effect of what i want.. Thanks!
  19. Hello, my name is Noah, I'm just going to take a second to introduce myself even though I know that this isn't the place for it before getting to the sole topic of my post. I know it is kind of long, but I would appreciate if you read it and took some time to give advice. I'm 15, love music and can play the piano, drums, guitar, and several other percussion instruments. People say I'm gifted at it, as well as art... I've always been a good artist. I'm sure you guys read peoples feelings a lot an
  20. Why do people keep saying that Retin-a reveals more scars and indents on the skin? Is this true or is it just a myth? I just find it weird that it would cause more scars how is that even possible? The conclusion I came to is since it's a strong exfoliating agent it will immensely thin out the skin and make the scars even more visible or maybe it's bringing new scar tissues to the surface? I'm really lost. Has this happened to anyone here, more scars revealed after excessive usage of Retin-a? Doe
  21. nikkie28


    the mederma makes my scars itch very badly, to the point where i find it absolutely annoying. I do not know if it is working, because i fell on my face in the snow and ice, and my abrasions are directly on my face. everyone around me tells me the 2 abrasions are looking so much better, but to me, when i look in the mirror, they look worse than ever. i hope and pray this mederma product does work like everyone says it does, but in my experience so far, i do not think it is working for me. i am te
  22. I have some real small scars on my nose. Most of them are so small they look like giant pores. I dont think they are scarred pores though because when i stretch them or push the junk out i can see the holes and they are tiny. The skin around the pores is depressed. I hate these scars because of where they are-the nose. Because of their placement they stick out so much. If they were anywhere else i could probably get over them but alas they are not. I am determined to get rid of them or at
  23. Does Mederma Scar Gel work well for blemishes from acne?
  24. Hi , I have little raised bumps from old ance on my cheeks ( guess it s hypertrophic scar) . I really need to take them off since i live from my image . Currently I m on TCA peelings 15% and IPL . Doing hyaluronic acid in a few weeks for a tightening effect, and researching about Mederma gel ( they say it is wonderful for this ). Any suggestion?