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Found 407 results

  1. Hello, I have no active acne fortunately, but I have noticed that throughout the day, my face gets red spots in a couple of areas (most onmy cheeks). They are not red marks, they are sort of pinkish, reddish spots that make my face look uneven. Are astrigents good for this? What about mederma? I appreciate it, thanks.
  2. jlcote

    red spots

    I have a problem w popping my acne. I know i shouldnt but i cant help it. Now i have so many big red spots all over my face. Does anybody what will help lighten them. Ive tried neosporin and that helps a little. Somebody also suggested witchhazel. Has anyone tried Mederma? Please any advice would be helpful
  3. Hello, my name is Noah, I'm just going to take a second to introduce myself even though I know that this isn't the place for it before getting to the sole topic of my post. I know it is kind of long, but I would appreciate if you read it and took some time to give advice. I'm 15, love music and can play the piano, drums, guitar, and several other percussion instruments. People say I'm gifted at it, as well as art... I've always been a good artist. I'm sure you guys read peoples feelings a lot an
  4. Hey guys, just wanna let you guys know a lil' about my situation. I was prescribe 100 mg Doxy( a day) and retin A creme (0.025%), I started this on Feb 16. My acne was never "severe," however, a couple months ago I had a really bad breakout. Anyways, my suggestion and miracle saver is Mederma, believe it or not. When I started my regimen I had more redmarks than active acne, so I would jus dab mederma on the spots and in the morning I would just peel that, along with my skin off. It would gradua
  5. This seems to be working for me. I've been using it for about three days. The first day I used it once, the second day twice and this morning once. The only down side to this is that my skin is so dry and I can feel it. Other then that I have seen results and I will continue to use it. Don't mix different creams with this product. I put on PreVentin and then after Mederma and my face was burning. Dont do it.
  6. hey peeps, I've been browsing around the DMAE threads and it seems quite promising. I ran out to the nearest Sephora and bought Dr. Perricone's outpatient acne kit and so far have been using it once a day. It's too soon to post any results but I'll keep you posted. I also went on EBAY to search for cheaper DMAE creams and found this stuff by La Vigne Organics with that Tepezcohuite stuff along with DMAE and ALA. So I bought a bottle of the stuff and will get it in the mail soon. Apparently Tepez
  7. Hi everyone, I'm on month 3 of accutane and I've had a red and raised area (and firm) from about a month before I went on Accutane. I'm afraid its going to be a permanent hypertrophic scar. Just wondering if anyone knows of anything that could be used to help it flatten out while still on Accutane? I was thinking Mederma, Kelo-cote, Kenalog, Cica-Care, etc.... does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a 23 year old female and I've just about had it with my acne. I don't know what else to do. I've been through months of the following: Duricef (antibiotic) Minocycline Bactrim Retin-A 1% Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Salcylic Acid scrubs Differin Proactiv Benzaclin Clindamycin Mederma for scarring ...and none of them have worked. I don't have severe acne that covers my face, but I do have re-occuring cystic zits that come about 2-3 at a time and they leave nasty horrible scars even t
  9. Hi everyone. I am 18 and have had acne for about two years now. About a year and a half ago, I started using topical creams like benzyclin (sp?) peroxide. While they stopped my acne for the most part, I still get breakouts every now and then. Destined to put a stop to all this madness, I started taking accutane a month ago (everything is going smoothly, although the very common sympton of dry skin/chapped lips plagues me). While accutane helps get rid of acne scars by I think removing the top
  10. hi! i have redmark hell.. why why why??? look at my photos.. this is how i look like w/o make!! what would this fall into?? acne?? severe?? mild?? just red marks?? is this scaring?? sooo confused!! ww okay.. so i had acne when i was 17 (now 23) and i got on the PILL and it went away. then, 1 yr ago, i stopped the pill.. and i totally broke out.. and now i look like this.. i have a lot of skin colored bumps.. nothing pus filled.. and a ton of red dots!!! sad! when i was breaking out, i did the
  11. Hello! I'm a 2nd time poster (1st was positive feedback to Dan for the bp gel ), but I've been a no name lurker for a while. I believe I have some hypertrophic scarring on my chin, unless someone else could "diagnose" it otherwise. I've read various comments/opinions about silicone sheets, mederma, and other methods, however I was hoping someone who has similar scarring might tell me how a specifc treatment went for them. This pic was a few weeks ago... I have scarring on my forhead
  12. Chris123


    I just picked up some Mederma becuase I have a couple small superficial marks on my right cheek. Has anyone had any sucess with this in the past and does it make you break out?
  13. hi guys..i'm new to the forum...i chanced upon it yesterday and started the csr right away...by morning i noticed my old acne scars looking a little darker than every day...i dunno if i'm imagining this or not. can someone please tell me if i would become darker because of bp..i basically have modreately fair skin and so my scars seem more prominent..btw can i use mederma along with bp? please help..thanks in advance
  14. Does Mederma Scar Gel work well for blemishes from acne?
  15. OrangeTap

    Cyst leading to scar?

    Hiya. Recently (started three weeks ago) I had a large nodule/cystic acne that formed on the side of my nose, towards the top/side on the cartilage. After a few days I saw my doctor, who prescribed antibiotics. It's red, but it's shrunk a lot and is fading. It never ruptured or came to a head. I mentioned cortisone to my doctor but he didn't seem to think it was necessary. I'm starting to think it was, and now it's too late. My worry is that it will scar, either as a stretch mark or just from
  16. This's kinda long...bear with me . I get breakouts mostly from food: anything with too much oil, too much sugar, too much salt, margarine, butter, peanut butter, mayonnaise, chocolate, peanuts (except the shelled ones you crack), milk (except canned milk), pancake syrup and i can't think of anything else right now. I haven't eaten these things for years and once in a while i will get cravings for one or more and'll eat them and when i do (even if it's a little bit, which's what i would eat...li
  17. Livingdeadsoul

    Please Help.

    Ok, so about two months ago I had a huge boil/cyst/pimple --I don't really know what it was- and I popped it (I know..big mistake). Well, now I have this really ugly scar. It's like a hole right on my cheek and it looks so ugly. It seriously makes me cry. I'm so depressed, I never want to go out anymore because no matter what I do it doesn't go away or get better, I've tried putting mederma, hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, etc.. I graduate high school in 2 months and I Reallllly need it to be go
  18. I was hoping someone could help me out on here...I've suffered from acne for so long, I don't know what to do or try anymore. I've had cystic acne ever since I can remember, and I'm 20 years old. As of right now I use neutrogena oil free acne wash, st. ive's apricot scrub, clearasil ultra cream, and neutrogena oil free moisturizer. I used to use proactiv and am thinking about going on it again. What other products can I use to clear up my face? Or should I just go to a dermatologist, since it s
  19. Hi, I was just wondering if it was possible to use mederma as well as using a chemical peel to get rid of some flat facial scarring? I have seen some posts on here that suggests mederma slows down collagen production, which is the reverse effect of what i want.. Thanks!
  20. Does anything over the counter help indented scars? I have a couple... (starting to get a couple) I am gonna go to a dermatologist but my app. isn't until Oct. 11th!! Is there anything I can help stop that with, Mederma work for that kind of scars? Any other suggestions? They're not deep.
  21. hi. im new here. ive read over a lot of the posts here and im trying to get a good idea as to what i can do for my scarring. i had acne in high school from around age 15 until i finally took accutane when i was 20. im 23 now and it looks like my scars are going to need some work. i guess compared to some, im relatively lucky in that the bulk of my scarring is not on my face, its on my back and chest. i can tell from what im reading that im pretty lucky too because i dont really have any re
  22. fukingfukthefukingfukers

    Someone help please

    Heres the story first if you wanna read...(And btw im a girl in a "shallow school" which makes it all the worse): Im fed up. I got back from two doctors (Derm and general), and according to my derm my blackheads are deep and will never go away(Actually he said "unlikely" which means it wont go away) ,and my stretch marks wont go away either AND I have a couple moles I hate too. If i surgically remove them, ill get a fucking scar and there is no treatment that actually gets rid of scars (I tri
  23. I know everyone thinks mederma is pretty much useless unless used on raised scars. I do have rasied scarring, and I am wondering if anyone has had good personal experiences with mederma and rasied scars! thanks!
  24. Face is almost clear now I got red marks. I have no other types of scarring except for red marks (thank you God). I was wondering since my scars arent severe, if Mederma would work? If not, what will work?
  25. Hello all, Just discovered this wonderful board and wanted to share my experiences with scar treatments over the past 4 years. Besides experiences, I'm also going to share some opinions I've formed (based on what I've learned from my treatments and research). Hope this info helps someone out there! General foreword - Experience has thought me that you should not judge results until at least 3 months after treatment. There are MANY ways a treatment may seem to work and then have results