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Found 36 results

  1. Hey ya'll. I'm new on here. So just to give some background information: I'm a 16 year old teen who's had acne ever since he hit puberty around 12. It got really bad around the time I was 13 and 14. Around the time I was 15 and 16, it got less bad, but it's still there. I've tried numerous products, soaps, and even diets over the years as well. Currently I'm pretty satisfied with my diet and face cleaning products. I now just have one more, little question. Does masturbation actually
  2. Hello everyone! This is a thread for masturbation acne. You can use this forum to post your no fap streak count to help motivate you post your thoughts on this matter So i have had a painful history with acne. i started getting it when i was 14. started masturbating at 13ish. have been basically an addict. Like most people I can't keep a streak of no fap for longer than a couple of weeks. usually if i try i end up failing and relapsing and i've just been stuck in this same stupid cycle.
  3. Hi everyone. I finished my 7 month course of Accutane last month and since then I have masturbated once a week. I am nervous that this will make my acne come back as I felt that there could have been a connection to my acne before I started the tane. Will masturbating post accutane make my acne come back even with all that it's done to improve my skin?
  4. Has anyone ever told you something as crazy as this: Stay away from masturbation it causes Acne. Well if anyone tells you that, you reserve the full rights to ridicule them all you want. You know why. It is complete false. Sex or masturbation does not cause Acne. And if you have a friend that has Acne and you do not want to get close to that person cause you are afraid of contacting it. Well you do not have to worry, Acne is not contagious.
  5. Hey all. I'm not sure if this is the best place for this thread, but lets go anyway. Before I start, I want to say I can understand this topic being crindgy, and a bit strange but I think it's a valid topic, and one worth discussing. Most men, and maybe the same can be said for women? But yeah most people masturbate in my opinion, men especially, I'd know, it's normal, just like anything else. I'll admit recently after splitting up with my girlfriend some months ago, I have been addic
  6. This is an adult personal question. I am very curious about this action... Can sperm or masturbation fluid helps with acne? If after you well ejaculate or let it all out into your hands and then rub them on your face all over and leave it there? The story all began at my job. When I got serious moderate to severe case of acne... I worked at a Resturant. Two hispanic kitchen staffs told me that I should use sperm on my face to make acne go away... They made those ejaculation gestures then rub
  7. This is definitely a hard one... I had not masturbated until I was 20 - as I never was able to get off on it, though I still suffered from acne prior to the experience. I believe it was due to harsh cleansers and the likes, but I have stopped that. I now wash with absolutely nothing, and it's been three months (I plan to go at least a year). I would like to stop masturbation for a while, and see how it plays out - though I have tried to go about it every week for the past three months, w
  8. I'm one of the lucky guys who gets acne from excessive masturbation(in my case excessive is 3-4 times a week). I'm okay when I masturbate just once a week. It's not a problem for me to stop masturbating, just don't have to visit pornsites and i'm okay. However, I've been seeing this girl for quite a while now and we like each other. But wtf am I gonna do if she's gonna be my girlfriend? With my first gf I was on accutane so we could just have sex almost everyday and everything was fine, but w
  9. In this topic, it was explained that on the 7th day of abstaining from masturbation there is a testosterone spike in males of up to 147%: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/241253-testosterone-levels-spike-7-days-after-abstaining-from-masturbation/ Many acne sufferers here confirmed that they always had breakouts sometime around the 7th day of abstaining. But I have a more in depth question for you guys: What if you were to abstain for a long period of time, lets say a mo
  10. Hi all, I m a chronic addicted masturbator since i was 6 (i m 42 now) and some say that excessive masturbation like mine (i masturbate and ejaculate at least 7-8 times every day - i m a severe case) causes cystic acne. Is that true?Thank you all in advance.Regards, James Sapp.
  11. WATCHING ACNE , SCAR PICS PEOPLE CRYING STRUGGLING .. we call this struggling really things have changed in past 50 years a lot the worst thing is i never had severe acne but i have more scars then those people with severe acne .. (not saying my scars are worst have seen people with more acne scars but i am just 25 it was my time to enjoy and i used to think poor fellow bout those people now i know how they feel and waiting just to reduce the scar redness for a year not the scars (as they nev
  12. I need help here and I don't feel comfortable talking to anyone about this in person. everytime I give into masturbation whether it be once or a whole bunch of times like last week. 7 days ago. I did it about ten times... the next day I got oily inflammed acne riddled skin . I'm a very lazy person by default. but after masturbating I find that rigorous daily exercise and healthy diet is the only way to fast recover the affects of horomones ? and bad skin. I want to know if anyone el
  13. Hello my name is bryan I am a boy from Colombia who for 6 or 7 months padesco acne, at first it was mild but after using Oxy10 without knowing it use it or anything this I irritated the skin too and began to get acne all over the face, in Parts of the face where I never had, today January 2017 I have a moderate acne after using Nixoderm and wash with an oxy soap that did not help me at all, well I really do not know why I started to get acne, since my Skin in the middle of last year was perfect
  14. Hello All, I didnt know where else to post my worries. just found a common ground where people will understand my feeling. I'm male-23 from india. I've very fair skin and handsome looking (complemented by my friends). I've been suffering from acne for the past 4 years. I used to wack off 3-5 times a week during my college days. I didnt know masturbation is a cause for acne (even now I'm not sure). But, for the past one year I'm trying a lot to control masturbation
  15. Good day. I'm from Brazil and I come to tell you a little of my story. I've always had acne since 19. Currently I'm 26 years old and, until a few days ago suffered with acne. (Mild to moderate) Pos well, had used various drugs, but without result. (Like soap, acids) had seen on various websites that masturbation did not cause acne, however, was good. I decided to do a test today complement nine days I've been without masturbating and believe me, not born any more acne. Of course, I have a great
  16. Ok so... All hell has broken loose. Like literally, ALL HELL HAS BROKEN LOOSE. Funny. I know how it started though. It started with a simple hormonal imbalance through masturbation (sorry you had to read that, but let's be mature about this) and this is what caused it. Or it was the CeraVe PM Moisturizer that I tried (tried it on the same day of masturbating [once again, sorry you had to read that]). Ok guys.. I see my Dermatologist in one week. I'm literally crying everyday because o
  17. I was wondering if any fellow male acne sufferers observe any correlation between masturbation and clogging of the pores/pimples/acne. I am not 100% sure there is a positive correlation between the two, but i am somewhat convinced that the more you masturbate the more you breakout. Currently wanting to seriously abstain, I have tried multiple times and never went past a week. In the couple of days I do go without ejaculating there is a decrease in pimple outbreaks. I know there is no solid resea
  18. ok so i did this before but back then i was on using cetaohil and since then i have learnd taht cleansers are to alkaline for our skin so i only use water 1-2 times a day once in the morning and once after football practice. anyways the first time i went 76 days without fapping and my skin got better and worse and better and worse, but i was using cetaphil and my face would gert oily halfway througth teh day and in the mornings. now my face isnt as oily as before only sometimes in the morning an
  19. I'm gonna say something that might be very controversial and I know I'll get a lot of hate/disagreement, but fuck it. It's better for me to just lay it out flat right and hope somebody benefits from this knowledge. When you are young and around the age of puberty(10-15 years old), your natural vitality is at an ALL TIME HIGH. This is the time where it is CRUCIAL to maintaining a natural organic whole food diet based lifestyle, exercise, good family relationships, friendships, etc. AND it is
  20. Masturbation and Acne

    History There is no specific scientific evidence linking masturbation and acne. However, for hundreds if not thousands of years, societies around the world, in an attempt to prevent young people from engaging in premarital sex, have latched onto the myth that sex/masturbation and acne are in some way related. Let's take a moment now to look at modern science and see if we can help unravel this controversy. What Does the Research Say? There are no published studies...
  21. Ok. I know this topic is too mainstream and I know its a bit sensitive but I just need to know if there are boys like me in this page who are experiencing the same. I am 15 years old(turning 16 this August) and you know just like other boys of my age, I sometimes jerk off or masturbate just to get rid of those sexual urges which can be really annoying and embarrassing as well. I just notice that whenever I do "it", I get more and more pimples and my acne gets worse. I'm serious about this a
  22. Prolactin increases 5-alpha-reductase which is an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. DHT is known to cause acne. Prolactin levels between acne patients and "healthy" patients did not differ significantly by much in clincal studies but in patients with acne, the level of Prolactin was directly associated with the severity of acne. Zinc is known to lower prolactin which may be why some people find relief with zinc supplements. Masturbation/sex/orgasm also increases Prolactin which may be
  23. Hey so made this so i feel as if im being watched or something =p dont mind if its not read at all just dont trust myself... So my problem is masturbation. didn't masturbate for 5 days ( thats alot for me ) last week but failed on the fifth day =/ Basically i heard theres a link between masturbation and acne and i know alot say there isn't but perhaps it's only present in some people? i dunno. All i know is everytime i masturbate i get big pus filled pimples and look alot more red faced the n
  24. Hi all, I m a chronic addicted masturbator since i was 6 (i m 42 now) and some say that excessive masturbation like mine (i masturbate and ejaculate at least 7-8 times every day - i m a severe case) causes cystic acne. Is that true?Thank you all in advance.Regards, James Sapp.
  25. Hi! Let me introduce myself first. I just started on this forum because i feel like I had the need to share some information with you guys. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but just let me know. I am currently 14, turning 15 in 3 months. About the time when I was 13 almost 14, early in my 8th grade year, I started masturbating (I am a male by the way) I realized I was also getting acne, But I didn't care to much at the time since i thought it was just because I was growing up