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Found 13 results

  1. Baby Acne: What Is It, and What Causes It?

    A Baby's Raging Hormones Factors That Contribute to Baby Acne What Does Baby Acne Look Like? Where on the Face Does Baby Acne Occur Most? How Do You Treat Baby Acne? Baby Acne Vs. Other Types of Acne The Bottom Line Baby acne, also known as neonatal acne, is acne that a baby is born with or that develops in the first six weeks of a baby's life. Baby acne occurs in about one fifth...
  2. Greetings, I have tiny bumps that look very similar to acne although it's not based on my visuals and attempting to popping them. To recap how this occurred, it occurred back when I had a bad cough that Promethazine w/ Codine and Amoxicillin won't eliminate the cough at all. So my PCP prescribed Methyprednisolone 4MG Dose pack. It significantly reduces my cough and I asked for a second pack. After the second pack my left side of the neck started to grow acne then it turned dark and it grew rapi
  3. Hi everybody, This is my first post here, though I have used this website as an information resource as well as purchased products several times. I recently started using topical Nizoral and have seen unprecedented and rapid success in treating my persistent and severe acne, so I thought I would share my history of treatment and describe some preliminary results. I began breaking out when I was around 12. At first, it was small red bumps on my back and pustules on my face. As I entered hig
  4. Hello, i've been having these tiny bumps on my forehead for a few weeks now and im not quite sure what it is. At first I thought they looked like acne so I tried using remedies and products for acne and it doesn't help at all but instead the tiny bumps on my forehead increased! After some research, I found out that I may be having something called malassezia folliculities? So I went to the pharmacy and they gave me a cream with 2% ketoconazole. Been using it for a few days, so far it has no chan
  5. Hi there. I felt strongly that I need to share this information with anyone who may have had the experiences I've had with acne. Perhaps this has all been mentioned somewhere before, but the overwhelming information I'm seeing isn't including what I've learned, or at least not in full. I am a medical laboratory scientist, currently working toward postgraduate degree(s) in molecular & cellular biology and molecular pathology, respectively. Despite my initial disinterest in microbes during
  6. I thought this was just the common acne but it's been months already and it looks like it ain't gonna go away on its own. I already improved my skin care routine but it's not helping my condition. Btw, I use cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and st. ive's apricot scrub. Should I try the nizoral shampoo or a sulfur-containing soap? Kindly leave some suggestions. I need your help so bad.
  7. One day I woke up with these small forehead bumps all over my forehead, my temples and all the way up until my hairline. I have no idea what to do. I have tried almost everything in the past two months. Anti-dandruff shampoo (severely dried out my skin and didn't improve the bumps), cetaphil gentle skin cleanser paired with a lightweight oil-free moisturizer, the Kiehl's line (midnight recovery, Calendula toner, etc) manual and chemical exfoliating products (ie peter thomas roth glycolic acid pa
  8. About 4 months ago, about 10 little bumps appeared on my forehead. At first, I assumed it was acne and I treated it like it was. I heard great things about the Shea Moisture African Black Soap and decided to try it out. I used it for about 2 weeks and it made it 100x worse. Now my forehead is absolutely covered. I began researching it and I learned about something called Malassezia Folliculitis and it really does look like it could be that. I have no idea which it could be, and how I can treat i
  9. NOTE: Please scroll down and read update I am a 40-year-old male and I've decided to register here and share my experience because I think I might have finally found a solution to the bad skin I've had since my teenage years. Just a warning that this is a long story (27 years' worth) but if I can help even one person then it'll be worth it. I never thought I'd reach this age and still have hang-ups about my skin. You get told "it's okay, it'll clear up naturally as you age". Well mine didn't.
  10. I am so grateful for this website! Without it, I may still be dealing with one of the worst skin conditions I've ever had. I wanted to write this in the hopes that someone else can benefit from my situation. Starting in the summertime, I suddenly got hundreds of tiny little bumps all over my forehead. Assuming it was because of my bike helmet (I am an avid mountain biker), I washed my helmet and made sure to keep my skin clean. It did nothing to help my skin. Then, the bumps made the
  11. I have battled with less than perfect skin for years and never really knew what was wrong with it until I quite recently diagnosed myself with malassezia folliculitis and sought to treat it following some thorough advice on the internet. It has been responding to my current regime of a Nizoral shampoo face mask that's left on for 10 mins prior to washing off, Avene tolerant moisturiser then Lamisil and Ketoconazole cream on top. It has been two weeks and although marginally improved I feel
  12. Firs of all, I don't know if this is the right forum topic but I didn't know where else to put it so sorry If I'm in the wrong place haha. So here is my long and frustrating story. I have had fungal folliculitis on my chest for more than 2 years now. The first few months I tried all kinds of home remedies such as body washes, tee trea oil, dandruff shampoos etc. Everything seemed to work a little but never enough to clear it up. After all that, I went to a GP and over the course of almost a
  13. I have just recovered from the worst outbreak of pityrosporum (malassezia) folliculitis ever. On hindsight, I should have taken photos to document my hellish experience but I was too ashamed! This is the story and I hope someday someone experiencing the same hell would stumble upon this blog and find a solution to their folliculitis problem. I’ve been a regular customer of Dan’s Benzoyl Peroxide. Best thing since sliced bread really! Used it for years and my acne (since I was 15) had been ma