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Found 500 results

  1. I do not were makeup but what if I want to make my self beautiful ..lol , I need a foundation that doesn’t clog the pores (make u breakout) and looks as natural as possible . I used only a few times a foundation from L’Oreal , it was liquid , on the bottle was “Oil Free’ , I do not remember the name of this foundation , but I think that it was ok , anybody else uses this ?
  2. ok.....i have been viewing this website for 2 years.... and learned very much from it....and after years of acne ...i have found the cure.... i have tried dans regimen, and it does work preventing pimples but it would leave my skin very dry and in bad condition. I would also get the occasional pimple. My skin would be flaky at times also....... so i went to try other things and finally found out what i was doing wrong... first you have to find out what type of skin u have for the season (sk
  3. Hi Dan and everyone, First of all, Dan I commend you on your site. It's great. With so much crap and commercialism on the internet, I am thrilled to find an acne site I trust. I'm a 31-year-old caucasian woman, and I suffer from chronic cystic acne mostly on the lower part of my face but sometimes on my temples and behind my ears, too. I started breaking out in college when I was about 18 or 19. Ever since then -- for years -- I've battled acne. This is what I've tried: Chinese herbs (nope, d
  4. Hi I've had acne ever since I was young, I am now 21. I've tried many different types of OTC meds including Proactiv. I stopped taking Proactiv because it dried my skin out too much and didnt seem to be helping much. I decided to try this other program I heard about called Reversion. I started using it about 2 weeks. At first it seemed to help alot but then my face started getting very dry and slightly red, and then suddenly my face just broke out in the worst breakout I've ever had! No joke! Re
  5. Please help me. I would like to hear from anyone who has had any experience with glycolic peels and microdermabrasion. I need some objective info on their effectiveness in reducing acne scars. I went to a derm the other day because I have a few slight acne scars that I would like to get rid of. My derm described my scars as "superficial" (they don't seem superficial to me though). I wanted to get some laser resurfacing. But the derm said that the scars were very superficial and that he woul
  6. Im a guy and I have no existing pimples but some redmarks I would like to cover up with makeup. Can anyone tell me how I could put make up on so it looks natural? I heard patting it on the redmarks would make it look less noticiable?
  7. I'm going to ask for some back up on this one from Maya ... You guys don't buy glycolic products off ebay You really don't know if what your getting is going to be intact and accompanied by instructions or what. There are PLENTY of reputable places to get these peels from. Here's my suggestion. makeupartistchoice. Take care. M
  8. From the album: ACCUTANE STEPS.

    sorry about the lighting. makes my skin look red! it isnt though
  9. From the album: Pre-Accutane

    w/ foundation on
  10. I've been on the regimen for about a month now, and my face is clearing up a ton. I'm a girl though and wear make up. When ever I put on my make up, The bp/moisture combo balls up big time. It's kind of gross. Is there anything I can do to stop this? I already use AHA moisturizer, and going w/out makeup isn't an option. Please help, this is the only thing keeping this regimen from being perfect for me. Appreciate it! Mercer
  11. some people say makeup primer is good because it prevents makeup from clogging your pores yet the ingredients in makeup primer also block out oxygen and if u already have bacteria on your face will cause it to be trapped in your face and subsequently clog your pores. so i wonder is it really even worth purchasing a primer? or is just simply sticking with just applying makeup on ones face the best solution?
  12. Been surfing through several makeup sites,rosacea sites etc. and heard about tinted moisturizer.This idea is highly interesting to me as a time saver 'cause like many of my fellow acne suffering ladies,this chick don't go out without makeup on!! These days my actual breakouts are basically in check(although at any given time i have several smaller blemishes and/or one larger one )but I have tons of red marks and blothchy uneven skin with large pores so going out w/out the makeup IS NOT an op
  13. 21, male, tan/asian american skin On Retin-A 0.025% and tetracycline twice a day...Been on this since the end of November 2002 1) Wash off Retin-A from previous night's sleep with warm water 2) Apply on Clean & Clear Oil Free Dual Action Moisturizer (Salicylic Acid included) 3) Conceal with Maybelline EverFresh makeup (SPF 14, Oil-free) 4) Wash off makeup with plain Dial soap (white, mild fragrance) 5) Apply Retin-A and go to bed. Most of my acne can be found around my t
  14. Well, I feel like shit as I write this since I am experiencing the worst skin breakouts I've had since maybe 3 years ago. I don't understand what went wrong. I'm thinking most likely that it has to do with my discontinuing the B5 due to possible liver problems my doctor thinks stem from it. However, it seems possible that my stopping it has led my skin back to where it was a long time ago before B5. I have been using some BP washes and homemade BP lotions which seemed to dry out the skin ver
  15. Okay, I know this isn't really an acne make up hint, but I just wanted to share with you gals my fave new lippie... it's Cover Girl Gloss Slicks (they're new) Its soooo shiny and fun, and stays on for hours!! And it's cheap too which is nice for me since I'm a gloss freak, and I buy at least one new one a week ( I have a whole bathroom drawer dedicated to lip gloss!) For make up... I have been using Physicians Formula brightening formula (it comes in a little jar and it's two colors in a swirl)
  16. Accutane is not bad in and of itself, check your premises..... I only say this because of the thousands of people accutane has helped. Unfortunatly, it is a drug, and drugs never have the same affect on different people. Side effects differ, reactions differ, and effectiveness differ. I know over 10 people including family members who have been on accutane, 8 of them had amazing results, and two had to be taking off because of cholesterol and liver issues. I have to honestly say that eve
  17. just some things that came out worth taking a look at. l'oreal ideal balance pressed powder. oil free spf 10. ( not to be confused with ideal balance foundation which is not oil free and leaves a big oil ring in a migration test.) saw it at target today. i mentioned the sally hansen already. spray foundation. and a spinoff of the cornsilk 'healing beauty' line oil free foundations , powders, and a weird blackhead removing product. walgreens.com clinique and lancome have come out wi
  18. I noticed a lot of people who use cetaphil and purpose cleaners either with or without Dan's regimen. Are these cleanser good when you wear face makeup? Does it take it off good? Or does anyone have any suggestions for a good cleanser? Thanks
  19. Hi. I know this topic is strange, but urine therapy has really been working for me. Its been about three weeks since I started. The first two weeks, after rubbing fresh urine on my face, I would rinse it off with water after a few minutes. I realized that the effect wasnt as strong after rinsing it off with water, so I stopped doing that the 3rd week. Now my skin is much softer and clearer. For the past few days, I have also stopped using soap or cleansers and I stopped wearing makeup and moistu
  20. From the album: malaysian update.

    i did some makeup today since had to go for a shopping. no expensive makeup like mac or revlon or whatever to cover up the scars, acne and bumps. just the coverface and pixy compact powder did the job. the flakiness has took over my whole face. dryness ohh my. maybe i need jojoba oil. but hard to find it where im gonna find it in malaysia. new bumps and pimples have landed. no.

    © Maryana

  21. From the album: Pre Accutane (Scar/Breakout Gallery)

    My everyday look...make-up saves my life of a daily!!!
  22. Hello everyone! I registered today after reading few posts. Well, I would just like to warn some people that subscision isn't right for everyone. Last year, I had subscision done on both of cheeks because I suffered from pitted scars left by acne. However, my scars were not as bad because i was able to cover them up with makeup, but i was still self-conscious. First, I thought I did enough research and made a decision to go ahead and try subscision. I asked my doctor several times if
  23. ~Neutrogena Healthy Defense Moisturizer, Tinted (white tube in skincare aisle, not the brown on in the cosmetics aisle) is my favorite, sheer-coverage foundation that uses zinc oxide as it's UVA sunscreen rather than titanium dioxide. I have learned to avoid t.d. as it breaks me out like the rising of the Rocky Mountains. It isn't very matte, though. ~For a soft-matte-finish sheer-coverage foundation, I like Clinique's Almost Makeup. It says in the ingredients that t.d. is the "active" sun
  24. well i got my first order from them last week and i must say this my HOLY GRAIL of makeup.I love this stuff the mineral foundation looks beautifull on my skin and it's perfect for anyone with blemish prone,oily,or sensitive skin. I was using tinted moisturizer but I wanted to try this and I'm glad I did.You can order sampls for everything they have and they are CHEAP.I've been applying the pure powder with a makeup sponge and concealing as needed with the pure cover.Also the blush is gorgeous an
  25. From the album: Makeup works wonders sometimes

    Cover FX cream foundation B15 Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation "Golden" Physicians Formula loose powder bronzer Everyday Minerals blush I was surprised how great my skin looked in this photo and loved the look of the combination of all these products, but they were contributing to clogged pores unfortunately. The Bobbi Brown foundation would be the safest to use though.