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Found 500 results

  1. Anyone know of any interesting makeup books? I just checked out of the library Cindy Crawford's basic face (I know it's like 10 yrs. old). Anyways I didn't like it. I think it's good for people with flawless skin who don't even know what makeup is. She says that makeup should take no longer than 5 minutes...ahhhh..........right. Not with acne scars. So any good makeup books out there?
  2. i feel i can speak for some of the girls with acne out there who cake on the powder. I keep reading posts from other acne sufferers criticising these girls, and since i'm one of those who do it let me offer my perspective: I KNOW i don't look good with the powder caked on my face, especially up close, the texture looks funny. On the other hand it takes hours in front of the mirror if I were to use foundation and concealer and try to achieve that natural "glow" that I simply don't have. AND if
  3. I have a couple questions...mkay.. Does anyone know if tanning while using Retin-A is BAD? Also, I've just started working out and I wear makeup while I'm doing that...and I got this huge breakout on my cheek...is it from the makeup? And for acne scars (just a random thought) would getting the hairs on your face lasered off get rid of acne?? please help...mostly with the first two. Thank ya's
  4. I've seen rave reveiws on the pure deming intense gel so I ordered some..Keeping my fingers crossed. Im curious to see if anyone has tried the DMAE, ALPA LIPOIC ACID, VIT C ester cream from Makeupartistshchoice and what they thought of it? Did it help the complexion or fade any redmarks?
  5. Hey everyone.. Im a Dude with mild acne.. I just started using SA to rid me of these few blemishes.. and haloween is coming up and I have a few red spots and coming pimples.. so I decided to go as a Girl (Kobe Bryant Victim). I want some concealer and some lipstick.. do you guys think the Nuetrogena Skin Clearing Concealer will be cool on my face.. http://www2.eckerd.com/product.asp?catalog...%5Fbeauty%2Egif I can smear this shit all over my face right?? Haloween is tommorow .. a quick
  6. I remember seeing a link to a website that contained a list of things that could cause acne..(clog pores). Does anyone remember that site? Also..I have been using queen helene mint julep facial scrub, it's ingredients are: Water, Walnut Shell Powder, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Kaolin.....etc....do any of those ingredients look harmful? I've been using this in combination with purpose gentle cleansing bar...I like purpose, but it just do
  7. Ok so do I need to use a sunscreen in addition to my makeup which has an SPF? that would totally break me out!
  8. I wash my face 3 times a day. Once in the AM, once after work to get the makeup and/or daily grime off, and then once right before bed - since usually I build up sweats and oilies from doing house chores. I am just curious as to what others do.
  9. my acne on the most part is gone...jus the red spots remain. they are pretty much all over, so i find makeup an essential. since summer is here, the thing to do is go swimming. but im kinda nervous about doing this. wont my makeup come off? wont i have streaks pouring down my face? how waterproof can makeup be if it comes off in the shower? i play hockey too..it starts again in about 2 months. i am hoping my spots will basicly diminish by then, because i know i cant wear makeup to hockey. but i
  10. k...heres my question, i started the regimn in september and used it till december, then i broke out into a horrible rash and the doc said to stop using it....since then i have been using cetiphil cleanser, vaseline (pure petrolunm jelly) at nite, and aloe vera under my makeup in the morning. and my zits still haven't came back even though i no longer use any acne related products. i do however still get a rash if i don't put on the vaseline at night. ....i have been going crazy trying to eat he
  11. Ok guys I cant believe it either. Firstly let me give you some background info. I have had great skin my whole life ( I used to be on dianne35 though not specifically for acne), then suddenly january this year my face exploded in cystic acne . I have spent prob around $700NZD on all these "miricle" products that did S**t all. After being on this site for a coupe of weeks I've picked up some great tips and decided to start my own version of the regime. I swear after using this method My skin (i
  12. i ALWAYS go to this site called makeupalley.com to read reviews about products, and one of the most endorsed moisturizers was 100% jojoba oil, with rave reviews from a ton of people who said they had oily, acne-prone skin. I was wondering of anyone here had any success with jojoba oil?? thanks Erin
  13. Hi i'm 15 and a newbie here but have recently rid myself of a massive breakout of acne and have been left with those nasty little red marks everywhere, and i mean everywhere! Cheeks, forehead, chin im completely covered and feel ashamed to take my makeup off in public, so i need your help! I find the marks show through pale makeup as i'm fair skinned which makes it harder to cover, and my school doesnt allow makeup to be worn so do any of you gals know of a decent natural looking non oily high c
  14. WEEK 5 after clearing well in week 3, being really happy, and then sod's law, getting another breakout at the end of week four, i am happy to say my face is on the mend again...(which means i WILL be going out tonight...yey) the spots from last week are drying up and are no longer big, juicy lumps, but pretty flat red marks, so with makeup my skin looks pretty reasonable. i have had about 4 little spots come up this week, but they are only small and i dont expect them to last long. i have
  15. I don't know about you guys, but I'm fed up with having it.I think of my face constantly 24/7 and I'm not joking.A year or two ago my face used to be clear but just last summer it started getting bad. I have mild-moderate acne but I can't stand this anymore.I have tennis coming up in a little more than less than a month, and I am going to play but I do not want to look like what I am right now.Last year I didnt have this.Right now I'm really worried about playing tennis outside because I wear
  16. Hello, I have been using C&C acne foaming face wash.. it is oil free. I use this at night as it gets my makeup off better than the blackhead clearing scrub (which I use in the morning). The blackhead clearing scrub (C&C also) is more moisturizing than the foaming face wash.... ANYWAY... my question is.... I need a sa wash that is gentler on my skin (not as drying). I use differin at nite and also jojoba oil. My skin flakes like crazy. I don't want to use cetaphil or anything like th
  17. Well, after 2 weeks, I am finally zit free!!! I started bactrim 2 weeks ago, and today, I am completely clear!! I still have red marks, but I can cover them up with makeup! I didnt wash my face for 2 days because I couldnt, but I didnt break out at all....I feel so confident now...my family has definitely noticed too...I just want everyone to know not to give up on yourself because there is always something out there that can work for you. Good luck everyone!!
  18. I just ordered this and was wondering if anyone's ever tried it. It's used to set mineral makeup but can also be used as a moisturizer for oil skin. It's also said to inactivates certain acne bacteria, making it an ideal moisturizing agent for blemish-prone skin. Let me know if anyone has tried it. You can read more about it here... http://www.janeiredale.com/products/d2o.html
  19. It seems like quite a few people are using Prescriptives Line Smoother to fill in scars. I have a few icepicks and shallow scars that I'm hoping this product can help cover up. How do you apply the product (before makeup and powder, or after?) Does it change the color of your foundation and powder if you put it on after? Also, does it rub off if you put it on before makeup? Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!
  20. so i`ve decided-- after NINETEEN MONTHS of everyday makeup-- to settle for my real skin.. i`ve gone from shiseido, to proactiv makeup, to neutrogena. .. and i`ve been criticized, insulted, and hurt from all these remarks.. . the proactiv regime made my face look shiny, with or without their makeup.. then i`d end up with dirt being stuck inside my pores on windy days, since my skin is so fragile and sensitive.. . the dirt, i`d assume turn into blackheads that i`d try to squeeze out, even if it ca
  21. This is my first week on the regimen, and my face is very, very flaky---it looks gross. ](*,) And, yes, I'm using moisturizer like I'm supposed to. Any suggestions on how to curb the flakiness? Should I try a different moisturizer? Any makeup tricks? Oh...p.s. this morning I tried a tinted moisturizer thinking that might camoflauge it---didn't work too well
  22. No matter what I do...any little amount of makeup i put on after the regimen in the morning....it and the BP just don't mix. So I was thinking. Would the BP have the same effect.....if I woke up early in the morning, do the regimen with the BP, leave it on for an hour or 2, then wash it off and go about my day? Since it will be dry already.
  23. ...I think not. I noticed something about 2 weeks ago that shocked me. See I had started tanning a few days, but it just seems to take a while of tanning before you go from near-pale to normal, to tanner and tanner. Okay, so onto my discovery. One night I had read something that said the bp causes your face to dry up, and if cracky/flaky it will attempt to make more sebum to balance the skins elasticuty and therefor causing more pores to be clogged. This has stuck in my mind as a very good state
  24. i've almost used up my clinique city block sheer tint and i need to buy a new tinted sunscreen. while the city block works flawlessly, i'm thinking about trying clinique's almost makeup. has anyone used clinique's amost makeup be4? is it anything like city block sheer tint which gives your face a nice, smooth, refined look without the hint of wearing makeup ('cos i'm a guy...)? btw if someone has used both city block and almost makeup be4, can you pls tell me the difference between the t
  25. is it okay to use cold cream to remove makeup if i still have acne?? will it clog my pores??