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Found 500 results

  1. Hey there... I have had acne since I was in junior high...Im 28 now... it started out slow, and got worse a bit after highschool... It has calmed down some now, but I do still get bad breakouts every few weeks sometimes... I have just started using more BP and hope that works. About 3 years ago I started wearing makeup, I use dermablend, as that was what was reccomended to me by my dermatologist at the time. It helped alot as at that time I wouldnt leave the house at all because of my acne,
  2. Hi guys, I am starting accutane in a few days and I need some makeup advice. I have NEVER in my life worn makeup before, but my skin has been getting worse and worse and I definetely need it now. I want something that is very light but covers well and doesnt (hopefully) make me break out. Also, because I will be on accutane my skin will probably be really dry and really broken out. Any suggestions? Please help!
  3. It's called i.d. makeup and it's made out of minerals and it's totally amazing. The foundation is a powder that you brush on your skin and it covers everything, and makes your skin look amazing. And it doesn't clog your pores at all. In fact, they say you can even sleep with it on (I don't know =) And it's great even on dry and flaky skin (like mine get sometimes, because of the acne). I really really recommend this to you all 'cause I just love it!
  4. [-o< Please Help! I'm An Asian...& As You Guys Prob. Know, We Have Small Eyes. I Have Pretty Big Eyes For An Asian..but I Would Like Bigger/Fuller Looking Eyes. Any Suggestions Or Make-up Tips On How I Can Make My Eyes Look Bigger?? Thanks Peace, Light, Love, ~Bless Be Melissa
  5. I have a small "attack" of zits near my shoulders and under my neck.I feel embarrase to wear sleeveless shirts or shirts with a low collar.Since it's summer and I'm vacaioning in Puerto Rico.Today it is exactly 108 degrees and I'm still not in the afternoon.Since it's so hot...I take a shower twice a day and wash my face after my shower.But...even after taking a shower,my zits still look really red.I always wear shirts that cover all of my zits.But I want to be able to wear sleeveless tops witho
  6. topic.... i need some good 'make up' for men to conceal my face scars... any particular brand to recommend? im an asian so my skin is not white... its brown...
  7. my hairdresser told me that she was wearing a new makeup by revelon which is waterproof have any of u tried it
  8. Hey guys, I've been on the regimen for 5 days now. My problem area is my chin. I've been fighting it since the beginning of June and it won't back down! I decided that the dermo isn't helping so I'll take matters into my own hands. I only use the BP on my chin but after about 4 hrs my chin feels really tight. I'm using Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin and it helps but only for a few hours. Will the tightness go away eventually? Since my skin feels tight after a few h
  9. Come on people....let us know what is good for you. I'll start. My skin type: Normal to dry. color MAC NC30 with yellow undertone. Foundation & Concealer Rimmel Hydrasense Flawless Hydrating Make Up (foundation): More like tinted moisturizer than foundation. Very light coverage. Great for people who want to even out your skin tone. I love it because that's all I need in foundation. If I want to cover any scar, I use concealer. Rimmel Hydrasense Concealer: I don't like the
  10. I always assumed that you should wash your face after exercising because the sweat would creep down in your pores and cause breakouts.... I've been reading that this is not the case. I hear its not good to wash your face more than twice a day, but I can't wait until right before bed to exercise, so what should I do about this? Sometimes I'll exercise in the middle of the day after school, then take another shower and go to work. But I have to wash my face again after work to get my makeup off
  11. Hi everyone, Ive been watching other peoples posts for a couple of months now and its unbelievable the amount of support ive felt through reading them. Well im a 20year old girl and have probably suffered from acne since I was about 12. I cant say Ive suffered too badly but enough to severly knock my confidence. Watching this site I realised something had to be done, im on my second pregnancy and my acne seemed to get alot worse, until I completely stopped wearing this oil based pan stick Ive b
  12. Hi, I've had mild to moderate (mostly moderate) acne for about 9 years (I am 22). I have tried a number of antibiotics, other prescription drugs, Retin A, other topicals (too many to list), and probably every OTC cream/product out there (from the drug store stuff to serious skin care products to proactiv). Nothing ever worked for me, and I mean nothing. I would read all these success stories and they would upset me - not that I wasn't happy for the other person, I just knew it would not work fo
  13. I read some stuff on this site about using an asprin mask: http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showrev...d/Aspirin_Mask/ I tried it last night, mashed up a few and added aloe vera to form a paste. It seemed to make my skin smoother and my acne less red and inflamed. Has anyone else tried this?
  14. Okay, today as I was getting ready to go to the mall I got pretty depressed about my skin... My husband tried to console me... He also got worried and told me that he thinks I have a distorted self image as a result of all the probems I had with my skin and scarring this past year. So I pulled myself together and we went to the mall. We stopped at a makup counter in Strawbridges (the prescriptives counter) . The prescriptives rep was giving someone a makeover and she stopped to get me my m
  15. I just can't stand my life!! I'm 18, and i've had acne for 4 years. I literally feel like a cripple. I am extremely ashamed of going out anywhere, or even looking my own family in the eyes and usually try to avoid any social gatherings. I'll admit that my acne isn't that bad, but it still bothers me extremely, especially since i have a boyfriend who has crystal clear skin. Next to him, i feel like a hedious monster. I always have to hide under makeup because i don't want people looking at hi
  16. Hi, my name is Rachel and I'm 14. I have always had a problem with acne, it runs in my family. It got even worse when I got my period, moving on to my shoulders. Right now I'm on Tetracycline, soon to go on Minocycline to finish up the job. My scarring is like little brown freckles on my cheeks and forehead. A little on my chin. Indentation isn't a problem, I don't think, because I can use makeup on my cheeks and the spots don't show up as much. I've been on Tetracycline for 6 weeks and improved
  17. Everyone on drugstore.com and makeupalley talk about this product like it's the best, gentlest cleanser ever. Has anybody here used it here before? What were your results? Did you have breakouts?
  18. when i get home from school i wash off my makeup and thats washing off the BP i put on in the morning... do i reapply the bp then and AGAIN when i wash my face at night?? is that too much?? or do i just wash and moisterize?
  19. Has anyone bought their Gylcolic 30% acid peel from these people? Good price for the 1oz! Let me know! thanks! http://www.makeupartistschoice.com/30nonbuffered.htm
  20. Hello, Im considering going on the acne cure book regimine. However, I wear foundation and I CANNOT give that up. Can anyone out there that has done this tell me if they wore makeup and if it was ok?? THANKS!!
  21. i cant believe it ive been doing this routine for like 2 and half days and its already clearing me up. i have mild acne i guess.... i get a few here and there but its like every day or every other day i rarely ever have an acne free week. and even though ive seen much worse cases of acne, i still was very self conscious and if i had a bad face day i wouldnt go out. id make excuses to get out of work or school. Sometimes makeup would hide it but sometimes the makeup would just make me look like i
  22. Lisa

    In tears

    My derm got me in tears today.. I have tried derm after derm only to be disappointed. I feel like they just dont care or they just want money. I am beginning to feel that derms are simply salesmen. I've had one who told me there was nothing I can do about my red marks..Another wanted to give me v-beam for my scars, another charged me more then they quoted me..the list honestly goes on... Needless to say, I never want to give up..so, I made an appointment with a doctor in San Diego who does s
  23. Ok, so I have until Nov. 4th to do something with my acne. I am using Tazorac .05% cream in the night. I am using as little as possible to cover up my whole face, but it ends up more then a pea size every time... How should I put this on? In the morning I use Clindamycin 1% I think I use to much of this also. My skin is dry and peeling/flakey. I can't use a moisturiser in the morning usually unless it is really dry because it looks shiney. I use the moisturiser that dan uses in the video. Lastly
  24. I heard alot of recommendation about MakeUpArtistsChoice website. I log on to that website and saw so many "glycolic peels" products. There are "Acne Treatment peels","Aging Skin Types peels", and "Chemical Peel Kit". So I am a little confuse of which catagory is fit for me. Here is my condition: I still have acne now and then but not much. I have a few scars on my right cheek and currently using Super CP Serum and Retin A. My major concern is my scars. I want to get rid of these scars so I can
  25. I am a high end snob when it comes to two things "foundation and powder" [-( My current foundation are: Becca and Laura Mercier Powder foundation: Laura mercier and MAC Powder: Laura Mercier BUT....Today on my way to the church, I just get allergy and I won't dare go in to the church looking like a cherry. I stop at priceline and try to find a quick solution cause I don't have time to go to DJ or go home to get my foundation either. Saw this new sample of Mabelline wonder finish...so