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Found 500 results

  1. Ok so I'm extremely light so make-up just doesn't seem to cover the red at all and I can't really afford anything thats over $15 each so things like MAC and Sephora cost too much for me....anyone have any suggestions in my budget?
  2. hey everyone! so since summer is fast approaching im sure most of your are going to be going to the beach/pool. do any ladies out there where light makeup that is water resistant? i feel wayyyy to self conscious to go out without makeup on, but i dont want to be banned from the water because im worried my makeup might run. also, im going on a cruise with my entire extended family towards the end of july, anyone have any advice to get myself cleared by then?
  3. I can't use most sunblocks on the market. Right now I'm using Coppertone Sensitive and I think it made me break out. Last weekend I used it under my makeup and on my back because I went on an outside shopping trip and didn't want to get burned. Well, on monday I found a huge whitehead on my back! YUCK. And on my face were a ton of little whiteheads. I don't know if it was from the sunblock or from sweating. But I was wearing a backless sun dress, so my skin could breathe fine. Please rec
  4. I'm having a really hard time finding the right moisturizer. They either: [1] Break me out. [2] Make my face oily. [3] Don't moisturize enough. [4] Sting my sensitive skin. [5] Look horrible under makeup. So anyway, right now I'm using Neutrogena's Oil-free for Sensitive Skin, and I'm getting little bumps (looks like Milia) across my forehead. I'm guessing my skin doesn't like it... as my skin doesn't seem to like anything I was wondering what everyone else on this board uses?
  5. Mud masks and clay masks have a special ingrediant that helps fight acne, and I have a special way of using it that cleared up my skin - just follow this. MORNING - Wash your face with just water, pat dry. Put a layer of your choice of mask on your face and let dry, wash off. Your skin already will feel soft. If using makeup, keep the layer on and put your make up on over. NIGHT - Put globs of the mask on all affected areas. Unlike BP and SA, masks sooth your skin and get rid of red spots. Sinc
  6. hey all, getting ready to start month 5 the final month!! i am so excited to be done! my skin has cleared although occasionally i get very small pimples here and there but that may be from my makeup or moisturizer. what can i expect as i am almost done? will my skin continue to improve after accutane??
  7. I'm going to prom in a couple days and the dress I'm wearing requires my back and arms to be out (which has a lot of acne). Sense prom is less than a week away, I figured body makeup would be the best solution. Which makeup or method of using makeup is best to cover body acne? Your help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  8. So, I've had acne for a long time like everyone here. Probably since middle school or so. I'm 23 now and it's relatively better since I've started doing the Regimen. I've only been doing it for about a week but I've also been using a blue light on my face twice a day. The light I've been using longer, it seems to have helped things not get too crazy and helps heal things faster I think. The problem I have is that my skin is still so sad looking. It's pretty much constantly red around my ch
  9. I've been reading about comedogenic ingredients in skincare products and I'm shocked by how many ingredients I've been finding in most of the items I use daily. I'm going to try to switch to a makeup/skincare routine that has the fewest comedogenic ingredients I can possibly find in the drugstore and see how my skin fares. I've checked all the ingredients of the following products against this list: (http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm). Here is what I'm going to test out: Cover
  10. I have been struggling with acne for almost a year. Not last January, but the January before last, I used Proactiv for the one or two bumps that were on my face. I wish I could go back to the skin I had then. My face really didn't blow up immediately after discontinuing the product though. It wasn't until May or June of last year that I started breaking out around my jaw and chin area. I had never broken out there before. Usually, I only broke out on my forehead, and it wasn't bad at all. I star
  11. I'm getting wrinkles. It seemed to happen really suddenly but I have them all up my cheek when I smile. I'm convinced they would not be that way if I didn't have scars. If you look closely, (don't!) each wrinkle is formed with a scar. So I think the scar basically forms a little ditch for the wrinkle. I'm on accutane now. My doctor says when it's over I can use Retin-a to help with the wrinkles. Just one thing and then another. The wrinkles really do affect my appearance. My makeup ar
  12. i'm twenty years old, with a breakout. i've been clear for such a long time thanks to aczone, but i wasn't aware that my prescription had expired and one day when i went to the pharmacy to pick up a refill they told me that i needed to go back to my doctor to get a new prescription filled out. so i got the prescrption filled, and i got the aczone again, but there was a two week period where i didn't have the aczone and now i have three huge, painful zits on my forehead, another one on my chin,
  13. I have suffered from cystic acne (mainly on my chin) for years now. I'm now 24, and about 9 months ago i got to my whits end. With help from this website and others I have decreased the cystic acne on my chin substansially. I read somwhere that wearing chapstick @ night can block pores causing acne. apparently the chapstick rubs off onto the pillow and then depending on how you lay your head on your pillow can clog your pores. I cannot go to sleep w/o chapstick, and it made perfect sense b/c
  14. 1. I was wondering what a person should do in the event he/she has large pores & acne scars, and wants to treat that at the same time as using this regimen AND wearing sunblock everyday. 2. Also, is it safe to apply makeup after the regimen? How long should one wait before applying makeup (especially around and IN the eyes, like eyeliner, etc.) 3. Is it safe to go outside in the rain without an umbrella or would water bring the chemicals into the eyes? Should one wait a specific amount
  15. I'm seeing all these posts and threads around the forums that all their friends have clear skin and when they go out all they see is people with clear skin, I just think its all in the head and here's why. Well first of all, when you go out you see all these people outside from a distance and you can't really get good details of their skin, so you think they have perfect or clear skin. These people also put on a whole bunch of make up on so its hard to see their true face. When you think ab
  16. Hey everyone! i haven't been on here or posted anything for a long time, i've struggled with acne sence middle school but about a year ago my face was a complete mess(really bad.. about 90% acne/cycts)! Now i have clear skin & have had it for a loonnggg time. thanks to the most amazing dermatologist ever! i'd like to tell everyone how he helped me clear my face, trust me if MY face could clear up.. anyones can!! i went from not leaving the house & being sad to being asked out on dates &a
  17. I've been a member for awhile, but was always using different prescribed medications from my doctor (like tazorac). Now that i'm on Yaz, which has cleared up most of my hormonal acne that's plagued my cheeks and chin; i think Dan's regimen will hopefully help what Yaz isn't taking care of. This is my second day on the regimen. I've been using Cetaphil's Daily Facial Cleanser and moisturizer and Clinique's Acne Solutions Moisturizer (2.5% bp that's been compared to dan's on makeupalley). I use
  18. I normally suffer from mild acne, usually constantly have 2-3 small spots around my mouth and 2-3 really small spot on my forehead. Except I always seem to wake up on the day of a big night out or a date with a 'big red one' somewhere on my face. It not really a cyst or a whitehead but somewhere kind of inbetween. I used to use tea tree oil to dry them out but lately the drying effect has usually caused REALLY flaky skin and resulted in another breakout. I swear by Sudocrem normally, which I fin
  19. Hey yall! I am new to the message boards and thought this one might help me with this whole "trying to get rid of acne" issue. I have had success this last month with the regimen. I have changed makeups, cleaners etc. I have even completely redone the way I wash my face and how often I change my pillow cases. A friend suggested I see a dietitian but as the mother of 2, that is not in my budget or time frame. I am healthy and currently do not take any medications. However, I eat out often, a
  20. I found this AWESOME stuff called Dr. Brandt "Pores No More" . My largest pores disappear and It actually smoothes out my deepest scars I cant believe how GREAT this works. Its basically a makeup primer. I'm sooooo happy . Seriously I used it on Saturday and after I finished applying my makeup I wanted to cry, my face looks soooo smooth and my scars... hardly noticeable. HOWEVER this product is VERY expensive, Ive been using the sample I got at Sephora(a little goes a long way) but honestly Im
  21. Basically, I've had acne ever since I was 11. When I was 12 it really flared up, and it killed my confidence. I went from a bubbly girl with a lot of friends to a huge introvert with a lot of anger issues and even struggled with self harm. Now I'm the girl that a lot of people make fun of because my interests are slightly different after I was forced out of the mainstream. I tried every antibiotic on the market. Every topical, and I'm too sensitive. I have moderate cystic acne and I scar terri
  22. I hate how I have no acne, and I still dont want to be around people without abit of foundation. Im scared its still there. I dont even like people going to close to my face. I have some minor red marks that will fade away but im scared people see it. Who finds it difficult to cover acne? Do you hate when people get too close? Do you stay in the house alot and hide from light? Post acne people. Do you feel that your acne is still there like with my problem? It feels like its everywhere. I hav
  23. I have horrible hyper pigmentation and scarring, and I really need to find a not so expensive peel, since those seemed to have the best results for people. I can't go see a dermatologist, and getting laser treatments is completely out of the question, so peels are my best shot. I don't get any real breakouts anymore, besides a few white heads every now and then, but I don't worry about those. What I want to know is, what peel should I go for? What should I start with? I'm so confused, becaus
  24. Hi everyone! I am new to the site, but have been reading it the past two and a half weeks. First of all, thank you Dan. I'm glad I found this and made the decision to stop praying for my skin to be clear the next morning and actually pay attention to what I was doing with it. I am 28 years old and got a lot of cystic acne on the jawline and neck and sometimes on my cheeks. My skin had a lot of redness and inflammation to. i also got whiteheads and blackheads on my chest. My face got it the wor
  25. Looking to find a gentle organic face cleanser. In a non bar form....Anyone ever heard of this ? and what's your opinion on the ingredients ? And any suggestions on a organic cleanser...Sulfate free,and removes makeup well. http://www.beeceuticals.com/product_info.p...1d5f35d355a5c43