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Found 500 results

  1. ok guys ive been depressed and watching those late night informercials....SHEER COVER MAKEUP keeps being advertised and it seems so convincing!! its a mineral powder which covers flawlessly like a liquid foundation over redness, marks and any other flaws....supposedly!!! what i really really want to know before i go out and spend all my money is whether anyone has tried it before and whether it actually works!!!! of course on the ads they have ppl who look great wearing it but i really need s
  2. I read through makeupalley.com that it is very important to use sunscreen or SPF 30 if you have red acne marks and it helps future damage to skin. I have been using DDF Organic Sunblock Spf 30 for almost a week now, and I do notice that my red marks are not that dark anymore and it is fading. I got it at the mall and name of the store is Sephora. I didn't know my sister has been us ing sunscreen for the last few months now, and I would ask her how come her red marks fade much quicker than
  3. Hey everyone, Does anyone know good makeup (foundation/powder), that looks good in photographs? Im getting married soon, and I really want my pics to come out ok, and not look like my face is white as a ghost! LOL PLEASE HELP!
  4. I've heard that they take 4-6 months to fade completely. But ya know, I really wouldn't mind if I was confident that my makeup doesn't re-aggravate those spots. The reason being is that red spots, while they are a discoloration, are usually smooth with the surrounding tissue - which makes it a lot easier to conceal with makeup. I've been using makeup for this purpose since my senior year in high school..... and I'm now 24. I wonder if I've made acne stick around longer than it normally wou
  5. i cant find this makeup online at all i have read about it and also talked to some women who have used it and love it but i cant find it not online anyway http://www.merlenorman.com/ anyone ever heard of it?
  6. I would like to try this stuff but I don't know where to buy it other than drugstore.com. Does anyone know what stores sell it in the U.S.?
  7. I'm about to start a 6 month round of Accutane this Friday, and I was wondering what kind of makeup (if any) I should wear while on it. I know my skin will be incredibly flaky and dry, but in case of emergencies, I just want to know what brands of makeup won't irritate my skin further.
  8. Hello everyone! Just so everyone has a simple background of I, I am 15 years old in highschool with moderate acne. I've tried (what it seems like) everything under the sun to help with blackheads and acne. So far i've tried Cetaphil liquid cleansers one for sensitive skin and one for acne. I've also tried Clinique skin care line. With this I've tried the mild soap, the clarifying lotion in mild and in number 2, as well as Cliniques moisturizers Dramaticly Different Lotion and Moisture-In-Contr
  9. Sorry everybody... I guess I have too much bottled in me that I just want to let go... That day I went out for a movie with my sister who has such perfect, radiant and glowing skin. Then somebody came forward and tapped on my shoulders... She said, "Hi... My name is XXX. Wow... your skin is HORRIBLE! I am from a beauty salon and we can be friends. You can come to my beauty salon and we can help you solve your skin problem". She then gave me a name card. I can't tell you how embarrased I felt.
  10. Diane Ed the the best thing i have ever used in terms of getting rid of acne. I've been on Diane 8 months and my face has cleared up so well. I'm so proud of Diane Ed. My doctor said that she always see's the best results from her patients when she perscribes Diane. I recommend it fully if you are female. I useto spend a half hour on my makeup every morning. Now it takes me less than 60 seconds. I don't have to cover up much.....and i don't use that much at all to cover up marks. And
  11. it's got to be done. Please read this whole post, it just may change your life, and shed a new light on why you have acne. If you know why, you'll be better able to fix it. Hi guys, been lurking here on and off for a little while now. I decided to join today because I felt I needed to share my experiance with acne with you. It all started over a year ago (around September or so of '02). At first I didn't really notice it, I thought it was something I "had to go through" and that it woul
  12. Hi there. Let me introduce myself. Sorry if this post is all over the place i dont know where to start... I am 23/F Half Thai and half white who has had acne since I was about 16 (moderate). From ages 13-15 i had a few pimples but hardly anything to worry about. My face started really breaking out while I was in college. I would go to dermatologists and get creams and pills... whatever. I was on prozac and celexa prior to that at one point, so the doctor said no to accutane. i would have trie
  13. I'm a 19-year-old female in Ontario, Canada. I've cleared my skin successfully using Solugel 8 (take a look at my message on it under Prescription Acne Treatments), but when I want to cover the scars until they gradually fade, I use Marcelle Oil Free Matte Finish Make-Up. It doesn't cause zits, and it blends in well with my skin colour (I use the colour Moka). The only drawback is that it's in a rather inconvenient container, but oh well. This stuff is hypo-allergenic, and available at Shopp
  14. All I have to say is that Bare Minerals is the best makeup ever! I can put on my makeup in minutes without having an oily feeling on my face. It covers so well and looks like I don't have much makeup on. If I have something to cover, I get a que-tip and dab it in the BM foundation and dab it on. Then I put on the mineral veil. I am so happy that I have it. You should try it.
  15. I posted this under the makeup help forum too, because I'm looking for advice both with makeup and with treatment. I hope that's ok. This may sound stupid (I'm new here by the way), but what is mineral makeup and what are some of the brand names? I've seen a lot of people discussing it. I'm guessing it's the more expensive stuff like Clinique... Anyway, my name is Holly. I've been breaking out since I was 10. I just buy my makeup from the drugstore or Walmart--nothing too expensive
  16. This may sound stupid (I'm new here by the way), but what is mineral makeup and what are some of the brand names? I've seen a lot of people discussing it. I'm guessing it's the more expensive stuff like Clinique... Anyway, my name is Holly. I've been breaking out since I was 10. I just buy my makeup from the drugstore or Walmart--nothing too expensive (I'm poor, lol). I buy things that say they're oil-free and non-comedogenic (but I think we all know that doesn't always amount to anythin
  17. I just really feel depressed right now just thinking about my acne, it has been apart of my life for over 6 years now I'm now 20. I should have experienced so much more by my age whats sad is its just the simple things that I can't do like swimming, going to an amusement park, even staying with a friend is a hassle (something I hardly ever do anymore). I'm so tired of hiding or preparing for something days ahead working out all the ways to make sure my face stays hidden. I compare my life to mov
  18. From your experience, which line has the best cleansing product that can remove makeup? Also, which line has the better moisturizer? Both lines seems nearly exactly the same, although I remember reading that one is more adept than the other. :-k Thanks Jen
  19. Hi guys, I go today for my first smoothbeam....yah! I have taken some lovely photos sans makeup 8-[ for a baseline. They will be taking some at the office, but I wanted a set for me $ . Wish me luck [-o< and I will most definately share every little detail w/ you all! Misty :D/ :D/
  20. Hi. This is my first time visiting acne.org and this message board. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I've had acne for many many years now (close to 6....I'm 17 years old). I have used a bunch of over-the-counter and prescription medicines, and some worked to an extent, but nothing ever seemed to permanently clear it up. I have tried Oxytricyclin (spelling?) and retin-A and some other thing... I used those things for a few months and it seemed to work a bit, but then I stopped. And now I'm break
  21. Looked this up on makeup alley but since I am breakout prone-- thought I'd ask here. If you've tried product from Orgins and if you liked them and what they were? Did they cause breakouts or extreme drying? I've been considering trying a few products and have heard good things.
  22. It's called: Loreal Ideal Balance Combonation Skin foundation. It covers pretty well, although it feels a bit greasy like the other Loreal foundations. To go with it, I also got Loreal Combonation Skin concealer stick- that's where the real magic is. This is a good concealer stick. What I really want is no more purple marks all over my face, but hey, I guess I'm on my way... I want summer! I swear, my school wants to kill us! (September 9-June 23). We'll die from the heat! On the bright s
  23. I got my makeup in the mail yesterday. I was pretty impressed with it. I really like the feeling of it. It does not have that mask feeling. I had a little bit of a problem putting it on, but I am sure I will get used to it as time goes on. I got the "swirl" and "tap" part down, I just do not have the "buff" part down. But anyways...I'm really interested in other people's opinions of mineral make up. Thanks a lot......
  24. Hey.. I was just wondering i never had bad acne before until now and i have these red marks that i cover up every single day. Now my gym membership kicks on again and I have no idea what i should do b/c i am too embarrassed to leave the house w/ out makeup???
  25. Start rant.. Everybody, sometime in their life will receive some sort of skin disorder, whether it be acne on the face, back, chest, arms, legs, etc.. Roscea, (sp?), ingrown hairs, blotchy skin, rashes, the list goes on and on... I'll tell you my story. I never had acne until I was around 18 years old, when I started training at the gym. Now most people would think, wow you think that would make your skin clearer, not worse? Well.. for us guys (sometimes the ladies as well), guess what?