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Found 500 results

  1. I have used every type of over the counter make-up you can imagine, and I couldn't understand why it always looked so cakey. Well, I learned that I was always using too much. They key to a good, and even application is to use only a dime size amount of foundation. Start by dabbing a bit all over your face without rubbing in. Do not use your fingers. The oils from your hands can cause you to break out. Instead, try a foundation brush, or sponges. After you've applied an even layer everywhere,
  2. So, I just started the regimen on Sunday 8/2/09 and I have already hit a major speedbump. I am a workout-aholic and I don't quite understand how to handle the regimen's directions to a tee and achieve my daily workout. Here is my schedule: -7am - Morning Regimen (followed to a tee!) & Application of light mineral makeup (I refuse to go without make-up!) -5pm - Head to gym (Here's where I need help.. what should I do pre-workout? I would think I should take the make-up off my face from a
  3. Hello all! OK, I took a 5 month course of accutane that I completed about 2 years & 4 months ago, when I was 25 (I am not 27).....I wouldn't say that my acne was "severe" as much as it was persistent. That is not to say that it was bad tho -- just more localized to my chin and cheeks area. Before going to accutane, I had tried almost everything!! Topical ointments (OTC & Prescribed), several antibiotics, Pro Active, etc.. I have been pretty much clear since my course ended until the
  4. I picked up the Neutrogena alcohol free toner today at Target and I wanted to know your opinions about it ? And where do you incorporate it in your regimen? Currently I'm using: MAC's cleansing oil to only remove make-up in the evening Purpose gentle cleansing wash Neutrogena On-the-spot 2.5% BP Neutrogena Healthy Skin lotion with AHA Cetaphil all skin type moisturizer How often do I use this toner? Every other day in the evening? Not much experienced with toners.
  5. I'm here because not many people take this problem seriously. My dermatologist frowned upon it, I went to therapy to see if they could help, and they ignored it, and my family won't really cooperate to help me, they say "just stop picking". As you probably know, it's freakin' hard! I've been picking since I was in elementary school. Now, I am 18 and my acne did get worse, however, I pick more than EVER. My face looks like a scabby, infected mess and I just obsessively stare at it and put lotio
  6. I am finally going to put all of my effort into clearing my skin up and I want to get a little advice from anyone who wants to give it. I have done proactiv (who hasn't) and of course it didn't do crap for me except dry my skin out really bad. I've done birth control pills, anti-biotics, that made me really sick, and just waiting it out, hoping it would clear up on its own and buying "better" make-up to cover up my bad skin. I have never tried retin-a and I am going to be starting that. I was ju
  7. Im a 16 year old male, I have problems with zits and scars on my forehead, and only on my forehead, I got a few zits on my chin and nose but nothing unusual. my self esteem gets to a new low everyday, because i know people think different of me, and no one else on my school has it, I used to have much problem with acne between my eyebrows, but it got better as i stopped drinking milk, I've tried stop eating, starting eating everything to get rid of the rest too, but the scars stay and new pop up
  8. EDIT: Whoops I posted this in the wrong forum. I'm posting this elsewhere. Didn't know "regimen" was a product of this site. I thought it was more of a personal "regimen" sorry! I can't say this will work for you but maybe by posting this you'll find a pattern and apply it to your situation. I used to have bad acne when I was around 16-years-old (~1995), and my dermatologist started me on Retin-A and Cleocin solution which helped a lot. In fact it helped so much I stopped taking it after a yea
  9. most days My face gets realy hot during the day and it turns red. this makes me realy selfconcious and i wear alot of make-up to cover it even though my skin is practicaly perfect and i am almost done my course on accutane. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions to get rid of the redness?
  10. I don't know about you, but a lot of people seem to compare themselves to celebs.. but I don't have that kind of outlook, the people that really get to me are my friends and people I meet. Like, how they just have perfectly ordinary skin without any make-up or even trying ): why doesn't not trying work for me? =p I really don't think ANYONE I know or have seen recently has had acne marks!??
  11. I know barely anything anything about make-up. My question: I have some active acne and quite a bit of red marks on my face. I'm pale and have a red irritated looking tone. I'm looking for a really light type product that just kind of evens out my complexion and offers a little coverage. Doesn't have to be full coverage, it can even be low as 30-50% coverage. So a little coverage and a little calming down or evening of the skin tone that's all i'm asking It can be a simple powder or concealer
  12. Hi all, I am new to Acne.org. I started with acne when I was 13 and am still suffering now at age 27. I have tried pretty much every over the counter wash/cream/ointment you can imagine. I have also tried lots of prescription things from the doctor- oral contraceptive (including Dianette), oral antiobiotics like lymecyline and minocyline, topical antibiotics like erythromycin, azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide and lots of things containing salicylic acid. I have never yet managed to get rid of it!
  13. Hello everyone First up i'm Gwen and from Wales, UK. I've been battling with acne for about 9 years. I've gone through topical treatments like isotrex and differin, antibiotics like minocycline, doxycycline, lymecycline and minocycline again- all antibiotics worked wonders apart from lymecycline. Starting 2007 I also went on Dianette which I am still on. Problem is, every time I finished an antibiotic course my acne came back like never before!! My doctor said it was time to put an end to this
  14. I don't post too much on here....even though I'm here like everyday reading all the topics...but I'm feeling really down right now and I need to vent a little.... Ok so I know that people like this aren't worth it but still makes me feel like shit especially since everyone I know is like this really..... I'm sick of not being "good enough" because of my acne....I'm never "girlfriend material" because of it. Every guy I've known has made that point obvious even the girls I know basically say th
  15. Hi Everyone, I have been reading the board for a while and finally decided to sign up to get some of your opinions and feedback. I will give you a little on my history. I have never really had any major battles with acne until this past March when I started to get closed comedones. When I was about 18 I had some whiteheads and the doctor put me on diane and the problem was gone within a month or two. Since then I had used ProActive to maintain my skin which was always glowing and healthy w
  16. Hi everyone, I already started accutane I'm on day 50 now, I started on June 06 I'm 19 years old, 20 in october,female, and my acne started when I was 12 years old, it was absolutely mild back then, then when I was 15 i started getting more but it was still mild, then when I was 17 it started getting worse, I think it just got worse year after year, then at 18 I started college my skin got worse and worse, at the end of last year when I turned 19 I developed cystic acne since december I only d
  17. This story is not about me... Ok so about a month ago I was at a state competition for this business club I belong to called DECA. There is this state officer team that has to make speeches etc. Anyway it was the first night and there was this big opening meeting with about 1,000 students. They try to pump us up for the upcoming competition so they show all of the speeches from the state officers on a big jumbo screen that everyone can see. One of the state officers happened to be a girl with v
  18. I have a pic of me in my gallery. I'm wearing revlon colour stay foundation and a setting powder with vichy conceler. Does my skin look acceptable with make-up on? (note there is one big spot in the pic i forgot to cover ) My skin is slowly improving, but i still feel better with make-up on. any comments would be appreciated.
  19. So today I went out shopping, planning to buy myself the Estee Lauder foundation Double Wear. I really like this foundation due the amount of coverage it offers, I hardly ever need to use concealer with it and it lasts all day. Yet the only problem I have with this foundation is that I am in between two shades! Plus if I sweat it tend to go cakey in some patches around my forehead. So lately I have just been mixing two different shades of the samples size I had. But today I ran out! I was planni
  20. Hey guys, I need help... I had a few tiny pimples this month, and attempted squeezing one...but bruised and damaged the surrounding area really bad. I haven't had to do this in a while so underestimated the aftermath a lot! Not only is the area red and damaged but its wet and peeling at the edges like a wound..It'll heal eventually but i need something to help it along the way and ease the redness. It wont cover with make-up and looks gross. I live in the UK, any suggestions? Maybe an aloe vera
  21. A little bit about me: I am 21 years old and I've suffered from cystic acne since I was 12, I have never had the privilege of having normal to moderate acne (let alone clear skin.) Up until this last year, I've used several different kinds of acne treatments (Proactiv, topical treatments, drug-store cleansers, etc.) I pretty much lost hope. I never went anywhere without makeup, I couldn't even sleep over at anyone's house without wearing makeup... I was so ashamed of my skin. Boys would constan
  22. What should I do if I can't deal with the flakiness caused by the BP? I have used several different BP products in the past in several different doses and I just can't tolerate the flakiness. I read a book on Acne... wish I could remember the title but the solution/regimen in the book was something like this: Morning: Wash face with Salicylic (sp) acid gel cleanser such as murads. Once you've rubbed it into your skin let it sit for 2-3 min before completely rinsing it off. Wash face with a G
  23. Hey guys, I'm seeing my doctor on Monday and I'm hoping that he will start me on Accutane. Nothing has worked for me up til this point (I've tried almost everything..) and since I'm 23 years old, I'd really like to get past this stage in my life now. Anyways.. Can you wear make-up while on accutane? Or does this slow down the purging process.. I just wanted to have an idea. If my doctor does give it to me, I'm going shopping for new face wash / moisturizer / pretty much everything so everything
  24. I've just started Dan's regimen and I've got a few queries on how to wear make-up while doing so. For example - does foundation substitute as a moisturizer? Is the benzoyl worn over or under make-up? Reading people's reviews of the regimen I guess people abandon make-up altogether but there is NO WAY i'm leaving my gaff without a painted face!
  25. So I've been trying everyday minerals lately and I'm so lost on how to do it. I got one of the kabuki(?) brushes and I brush it on ever so gently and lightly, but so far I've had two people ask if I was wearing make-up and I had to pretend that it was my moisturizer Anyways, I know the color is spot-on, there's no problem there. I think I'm just not blending it correctly or something. I try getting it all over my face, and down my jawline and around my neck so it blends perfectly, but it's st