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Found 500 results

  1. well, i've always had mild acne, just a few pimples here and there, since high school. at the time, i thought my skin was horrible. now i realize it wasn't. at 24, i would give anything to have that skin back. it wasn't perfect but it wasn't covered in red scars and wounds. perspective. i was prescribed adderall xr two years ago. i take it a few times a week when i am in class. i graduate this may so i won't be taking it anymore after that. i know adderall has a bad reputation because a
  2. So I am at the end of my 16 weeks for Obagi Nu-Derm system. I am very happy with the results, this system has changed my skin for sure. I still have a stubborn little breakout out along my jaw-line so I decided to treat myself to my esthetician. She even commented on how the system has changed my skin but to be careful since it is such a strong product. She is a naturalist which is why I love going to her. Anyways, last week I saw my derm for a review on my skin and he thinks I can go on the mai
  3. I used to scour these forums looking for a miracle cure for the "mild" cystic acne that used to appear on my face monthly/weekly/daily! I would get sore, itchy cysts and/or nodules anywhere on my face....normally the most obvious places so there was absolutly no hiding it and make-up only made it look worse (think hunchback of nostradame type thing). I would only get 1 or 2 at a time normally but it was a constant - one (finally) goes away, another appears. Which, by the way, only got worse wi
  4. Hey everyone, I'm Charlotte, 22, from the Netherlands. I've had acne for over 10 years now. Luckily it has improved A LOT over the years, I think I only have mild to moderate acne now, but it's still enough to bring me down and make me feel ugly, and I just HATE having to put on covering make-up everyday to feel pretty. I've been on the regimen for a month now but with drugstore-bought products. (I tried the regimen before but I didn't do it exactly right then, so I don't count that). I suspect
  5. I'm seeking a form of cover-up that hides pimples and indented scarring without causing more acne woes and making indented scars more obvious. For many years, I used Sulfacet-R, a tinted medication that offered rather poor coverage. (It came in one tint that didn't match *any* real skin tone.) But it didn't cause me to break out and helped fight oil production. I'm now older (35), and tinted sulfacetamide/sulfur products are no longer available. I currently have Sodium Sulfacetamide and Sulfur
  6. Hi all, I love hearing about my girlfriends make-up routines - and they always have tricks that I never would have thought of. So I thought why not ask the .orger's for their Daily Routine! My own Daily Routine has changed dramatically in the last 2-3 years. Before acne I spent an 1 hour + doing my thing in the bathroom. However, when my skin got so bad make-up made evrything worse rather than better I had to go cold turkey. My Routine: -Time spent getting ready - 15mins on average -Skin Type
  7. Hi guys, I have been self-reflecting for a while and it really dawned on me how much my acne was holding me back. A bit about me: 25 yrs old and have had acne for about 9 years now. I became so self conscious that I started puting make-up on my marks. I try very hard to make it seem like I don't have any on so its a real drag. People have even accused me of being gay because of it. Its very embarrassing. I've only had one serious relationship but I was fortunate. She was very beautiful. Had s
  8. So a little background: I've had mild acne since my teen years but was virtually clear from 16-29 (an occasional breakout here or there) while I was on birth control. Having a history of breast cancer in my family, my dr. encouraged me to go off bc asap. At 29 I decided I was finished having kids (I have 3!) and had a permanent bc procedure performed. I subsequently went off the pill. Within about 6 months I started having major breakouts - mostly along my jaw-line and on my chin, although
  9. Once I get my skin in check with tretinoin, which has been purging my pores for almost 8 weeks now, I'd like to simplify my regimen. I never had acne before I started using different products. It could be a coincidence... but what if? I'm going to bring it up to my dermatologist when I see him in a couple weeks. In the meantime, if there is perhaps a female who has had success with the no-wash regimen, I'm curious about how to handle makeup removal? Guys can go out and about without washing thei
  10. Hi- I'm an american living in Thailand and my roommate who does not speak English is struggling with very bad cystic Acne. I've been trying to help her research solutions... she's done antibiotics, all sorts of OTC face wash regimens (including proactiv) with out any success. So I'm writing on her behalf... (That's a sort of long story to explain why I'm writing "She" instead of "I".) She's just started a natural regimen using honey to cleanse, ACV as a toner, and a combo of teatree o
  11. Was on the regimen for about two years with clear skin, started breaking out again (when I veered off the regimen) and tried to go down the holistic path. Obviously that did not work and decided to get back on the regimen for my sanity and self-esteem. Only been back on for two weeks so I am dealing with redness and flaking. Also, noticed that when I do use some make-up it totally exacerbates the situation causing more pimples throughout the day, dryness, inflammation and pain-ouch. I'm not
  12. Ok, I started the Regimen last week. I'm using the clean and clear foaming facial wash and a 2.5 benzoil peroxid cream with olay facial lotion for sensitive skin. I'm 15 and my skin has never been better!!! It would be better but i wear make-up every other day so that messes things up a bit. I was amazed how important moisterizing is!!! A tip for teens? DONT PICK!! I picked once a few days ago and I broke out!! Talk about one step forward two steps back -.-
  13. Hey everyone! I apologize if this has been asked a million times before, or if it's an answer that I can easily find, but I'm kinda curious. I don't have extremely bad acne... well, I won't even say I have BAD acne. It seems to be more on the mild side, definitely. I currently use the oil cleansing method, and perhaps I'm not doing it right lately, but it hasn't been working for me for the past week (started it a month ago). I have large pores and I am tired of the random huge breakouts I get ev
  14. Hi everyone! I'm using Retin-A Micro .04% and I'm taking 500mg of Amoxicillin. I've had acne since I was in 8th grade and it was so embarrassing. I remember this one kid in class asking me if I had herpes, because I get acne around my mouth. Ever since then I've been self-conscious about it and hoping people wont think I have herpes. (Thanks, kid from 8th grade!) It wasn't until about a year ago, my senior year in high school, that I decided to go to my family doctor about it. I had tri
  15. I'm wondering what make-up--as well as a possible oil-control product to use beneath it--might be good for my very sensitive, 35-year-old skin? (I don't want something that will settle into fine lines. The last thing I need is to play up lines while trying to cover up acne.) I'm considering trying mineral make-up, though I've heard some people have horrible breakouts from it--and that not all brands are alike. I've been out of work for the last several years. My situation has been a blessing
  16. The way I am feeling right now (like shit, extremely depressed) will be expressed in my thoughts below: Now I know 12 days ago I posted a similar topic to the one I am about to post, but I need to get this off my chest still (I need to VENT). I have, as of today, been on Accutane (40 mg) for 75 days (2 and a half months). I am still, STILL, 75 days into Accutane, getting new pimples pretty much every damn day. This is different from 12 days ago where I THOUGHT the "break-outs" were coming to
  17. Firstly I had roaccutane and it worked wonders temporarily. Still get spots if I dont stick to my method. I'm about 95% clear. This is what works for me and convinced it will work for others. Follow these steps and your skin should improve after a month. Can be hard work but worth it. Acne is a hormonal thing (even in adults) and the two things you can do to help balance your hormones. These are diet and stress. Also a good skin care routine is needed. You have some control here and you will see
  18. * please read whole thing * I have a class trip in March, and I really want to have good skin for that. Unfortunately, I have a bunch of scars on my face from picking, but I don't really know what exactly they are. http://i39.tinypic.com/25koeh0.jpg in between my forehead. (got this in early November) http://i41.tinypic.com/nlr7u9.jpg a mark on my nose. it doesn't look too dark in this photo, but in real life, it sometimes appears worse. i do think it is fading though...i don't k
  19. I've been a follower of these boards for several months now and know many of your stories ... stalker much, right? L0L So tomorrow morning I will go and pick up my first round of accutane; really excited and nervous also!! I've tried it all and this is the last option to get rid of my acne. Hmm ...I hate that word-acne; along with bumps, pimples, cysts, whiteheads, blackheads, knots!! I just really dont want to have to use any of them again!! I know, impossible dream!! Anyways, back to my acne,
  20. Hey guys (and girls who are having a nose around ), I just thought I'd share a really simple male make-up routine that looks natural and is very easy and relatively inexpensive. There won't be any pictures atm other than one for the finished result but if this proves popular or whatever, I'll work on getting more pictures done. So let's start! ~What You Will Need~ ~ Green Corrector (I use Boots Natural Collection) ~ Concealer (I use Boots Natural Collection) ~ BB Cream (I use 17 BB
  21. Now in my mid-30s, I'm still suffering from acne. I used to wear an old-school medication--essentially a tinted drying lotion that contained sulfur. That product has been discontinued, so I must find something I can use to cover my acne without worsening my skin's condition and/or making indented scarring more obvious. I've been using Almay's Clear Complexion foundation--mainly because it's fairly inexpensive and easy to obtain. Unfortunately, it also sinks into my skin in about 6-7 hours, so
  22. I'm not sure of this link will work, but if anyone's interested in reading some horrifying info about laser treatments and chemical peels go here: http://iplandlaserdamagesupport.prophpbb.com/ I think you have to join if you want access to the stories, but this is a whole site dedicated to scarring. It's a support group like here, only it's for people that have been harmed by "medical devices" (they've even got some interesting info on Retin A scarring here). I only just came across it, but
  23. I'm looking for a gentle cleanser--most likely an exfoliant--that can remove make-up, especially liquid foundation. I suffer from cysts and nodules at times; at all times, I have "regular" pimples, blackheads, and hyperpigmentation. My hyperpigmentation lasts for years, and have indented scars from acne. *sigh* I use Purpose liquid soap to cleanse my face, but it does not remove make-up well. (I've done two tests to determine how much make-up is left over after washing my face with Purpose
  24. Hi everyone, I just had TCA cross done two weeks ago with the only doctor who does it around here and who has seemed very experienced and professional. Last year I had TCA cross + whole face TCA peel done by him twice, and even though I didn't notice remarkable improvements on my scars, I liked the results. Now, I decided to do it just once more, and then I would be done with the scar treatments for good. This time just the cross to see if that made a difference (if the scabs would then
  25. Forgive me for the rant I'm about to go on: So in the past few months, my acne has gotten really bad. All through my life, it's been there, but never so bothersome that I would seek out a dermatologist. Then, like I said, my acne got really bad. Not just "oh, better put on a load of make-up" bad, but "I won't let my own parents see me" bad. It's starting to hurt me a lot emotionally, I'm becoming very withdrawn, I don't like standing close to people, and I avoid mirrors like the plague.