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Found 500 results

  1. Hi. I'm an avid reader of acne.org but this is my first time to post on the community board. I'm 21 and have been through so much with acne. Back in my teenage days I suffered from very bad acne in my face but now have very much cleared up. In college though, I started developing acne on my chest. What makes it worst is that my skin is highly keloidal due to genetics. I had a very bad chest acne flare up before which was effectively controlled using a combination of glycolic treatment and inj
  2. Hi, everyone. Can anyone please re-post Jess' toothbrush exfoliation/baking soda/Neosporin recommendations here please? I've been trying to access this information all day, but I keep getting an error message that the threads are out of date (when I've clicked on links purporting to take me to Jess' original posts). Dan's regime has been fine for me, but it's done nothing for these clusters of tiny papules on both of my cheeks that developed about a week before I got his products. I'm pretty
  3. Hey guys. I'm still fairly new to this site. I started Dan's regimen Mid March and it's definitely been a difficult journey! I have been seeing positive results in the past week or two. I did this everday and noticed that acne on my forehead began to go away and haven't had a break out there since I started the regimen. I had severe acne ALL over my face and especially on my cheeks. I always had 1-2 painful cysts at any given time. I also began to notice that in natural light I can see tiny bum
  4. Ran out of DML and Complex 15 a few months back and have since been using Cetaphil. I've never used such a greasy moisturiser before as I only use it around my mouth its totally obvious I have something on ( being a guy you don't want to be asked if your wearing make-up) Its just to thick I think its geared more towards a boby moisutiser which ironically so are DML and Complex 15. I've also tried Simple Replemishing which is an engish brand but I just dont know about it to be honest. Lately I'v
  5. History: My battle with adult acne began about 6 months ago. I had been on 200mg of Doxycycline for years, with wonderful, perfect skin! And slowly my skin began to break out. At first it as small pimples along my forehead, and then larger cysts on my cheeks. I figured it was a result of my body becoming resistant to the doxy. So to the derm I went. She placed me on Acanya gel in the morning and Atralin in the evening. I continued doxy. The topicals took care of most of the problem. But I could
  6. I've been on the regimen now for 10 years and have went through a lot of different cleansers. Mostly used the Basic and Purpose bars but am switching about at the moment. Lately I've been thinking about cleansers and how really important they are in the regimen? Now.... I always look at the ingredients of a cleanser and wouldn't cleanse my face with any old thing but what I'm saying is how much damage can something do that's on your face for 10 seconds morning and night and then washed straigh
  7. I have been struggling with acne for the last 23 years. Now its the middle of summer here and in the tropical weather it is hot sweaty muggy when I usually get heaps of pimples/acne and I don't have any. I noticed that my friends are struggling with the usual tropical summer acne that just usually doesn't budge unless the weather changes. So what's different about me this year. I'm going to share (and be honest). People are commenting "god you look healthy" - they've never said that before.
  8. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum although I have used/read things on this website for quite some time. I have had acne for as long as I remember, I started getting spots when I was about 9/10 years old, but when I became a teenager the acne really hit me bad. I started getting huge painful cysts on my cheeks that wouldnt go away for aaaages. At one point I actually had loads of these cysts on one of my cheeks and they all joined together, this took a long long time to go away but left me with sca
  9. I was just wondering if anybody here has a similar problem when it comes to ACCUTANE and wearing make-up? I've been on it for three days now and my skin is flaking like a snow storm. I also have pustular acne which looks horrible and is hard to cover. Apparently this is going to get a lot worse... Does anybody here have the same problem and what do they do about it? Thanks.
  10. Hi there, I'm 23 and this is the first time I've ever posted on a forum... NOOB indeed... I am on day 3 of my ACCUTANE and have become addicted to reading the horror stories on the net - particularly the 'it gets a lot worse before it gets better' types. I was just wondering, how do people cope with their daily lives when they're looking a certain way? Peeling badly, acne at its peak, etc? I'm currently in university and am dreading showing my face for the last few months
  11. Greetings to one and all. My name is Nadera and I have non-inflamed acne (hears chorus of Hiiiiiiiiii Nadera! lol) I'm an African-American female, 34 years of age. I've had problems with my skin since I turned 18 and went away to college. At that time, I was diagnosed with "adult onset acne" which was probably just a physical manifestation of stress since I had moved 7 hrs away from home (by car) to attend school. I've never had cystic acne, just lots of blackheads and terribly oily skin
  12. I am almost 24 years old, and still suffer from what I consider to be fairly bad acne and scarring. I barely go out during the day, unless absolutely necessary, and have been wearing make-up when I do go out for years now. I am a straight male, but can't even bring myself to leave the house without putting on make-up, and I don't know whats worse, being in public with awful red acne or having my friends or anyone for that matter notice that I am wearing make-up. Gah, well anyway, I have missed w
  13. Hello everyone It's been a while since I've posted but I'm back again. My skin has been pretty good over the last few months (apart from the odd average sized pimple here and there). However due to a stressful few months, it looks like my acne is coming back. I've been very stressed due to relationship problems with my boyfriend and also uni deadlines have been intense too. Although my relationship is now getting back on track and uni has finished for the summer, I think the lack of sleep and e
  14. Today is definately an exciting day for me. After 8 years of suffering from acne, I went to the dermatologist for the first time in my life. So let me explain alittle bit about my life with acne. I've had acne since i was about 13 and now I'm 21. I've used lots of OTC product with no luck, I'm also pretty inpatient so I never wait long enough for most products to work. I found this acne.org website about a year ago and I've tried alot of regiment that most users have recommended but I guess ever
  15. I'm 40 years old and have been battling acne for probably almost 30 years!!! I'm starting to feel really bad about how I look. I look around and see all these beautiful clear faces on other women my age. What do they know that I don't?! Sadly my 9 year old daughter is now starting to develop a few pimples. I really want to figure out something that works so I can help her not have to battle acne all her life like me! I usually get pimples on and around my nose & chin and right now I
  16. Day 1 Sooooo I just took my first pill (Claravis, 40mg) about four hours ago. I definitely hadn't planned on making a log, but I though about 1) how much reading other people's logs on this site has helped me to make a positive, informed decision over the past couple of months and 2) how it's probably important for me to track my progress throughout the next couple of months- even if no one reads this and it doesn't help anyone, I think it will be really helpful for me to "gather my thoughts.
  17. Alright, to set the record straight this stuff DOES work. It will not work within 2 weeks, I have been on it for 2 and a half months and I am still not 100% clear. I am not going to sit here and say that I have horrible acne, because I don't. I have moderate acne that is mostly around my chin area, but I really want to share what I have learned from this line. If you are beginning the regimen, order the 8 oz cleanser, bp, and moisturizer and follow the rules. Try your hardest not to pick. Yo
  18. So this is my story. I have had persistant acne since about 16. Hormonal, I guess? I have never really noticed it get better or worse with my period. I used everything possible in high school, and college. And finally my junior year of college, at 21, my derm put me on 6 months of Accutane. 4 months at 40mg, 2 at 60. Worked AMAZINGLY. Had flawless skin (with the occasional pimple that didn't bother me), until July. I have always used Tazorac religiously after Accutane, and it seemed to be the pe
  19. hey guys, so i'm new here and it's nice to find a place to talk about this because i never talk about acne in real life, not even with my parents. i just feel like i don't ever want to talk about it with anyone until it goes away. it's a vicious cycle - I've had acne for 5 years now. Let me just start by saying before my acne I was the class clown, was very sociable and even talked to girls with crazy confidence! Fast forward 5-6 years. I'm 21 now. I've lost all my friends due to acne, I've f
  20. I'm going on 20 in August. I started getting pimples here and there in 6th grade, but my bad acne really began the summer I turned 13. My teen years are almost over! Is this done yet?! People have told me I'm pretty, and I think I'm finally leaving my awkward ugly teenage girl days, but I still don't FEEL pretty because of my acne. I only do when I put on make-up and can't see the texture of my skin, but the second I step into better lighting and see all those bumps showing even with my ma
  21. I just wanted to share with everyone what I've discovered that works best for me, in case it's helpful for anyone else. I'm a guy, by the way, so I don't use any make-up. I don't have any acne, just terribly oily skin that has embarrassed me for a very long time. After washing and drying my face with just plain Dove soap, I then apply a tiny amount of milk of magnesia to my T zone. I rub it in really well until it is completely dry. I used to think I had to use a lot, but then my face would b
  22. Hello All, For the past few years I've visited these boards on and off, searching for anything that could alleviate the horrible adult acne that hit me around 19. Making this account and post specifically to say how I got it to GO AWAY FINALLY. Some background; ike a lot of people here I've dealt with painful, cystic breakouts that last for months on end. I've actually had acne for awhile, I got whiteheads and pimples on my forehead beginning in 3rd grade, which gradually became bigger
  23. Hey all, I've lurked on these boards and conducted a fair amount of research here over the years, but I've never been compelled to post until now. I finally discovered an unlikely solution that's actually got my skin feeling healthy and nigh acne free...not bathing as frequently or washing my face! I'll explain in more detail below. Warning: You're in for a long read. I was motivated to detail my history with acne now that I've found a method that's actually working and improving my skin--
  24. Hello, community. I created an account to promote the caveman regimen (not washing your face or using products of any kind on it.) After about three weeks my acne has reduced quite a bit and the scars were less noticeable. I have two or three theories as to why this regimen works (at least for me.) 1.) After a while I noticed a buildup of dry, dead skin on my face, particularly around my nose. However, the only time this dry skin was noticeable was if I scratched at it. I believe that dry s
  25. Hi all, I've posted on here before about my acne history (see: "It Came out of Nowhere" on the Emotional/Psychological threads), and after seemingly developing moderately severe acne all of a sudden, I'm now the clearest I've been in months. For anyone in the TORONTO (Canada) area, I HIGHLY recommend the Acne Treatment Clinics: http://www.acnetreatmentclinic.com/ They are certified dermatologists who specialize in acne care. They take OHIP and there is an additional $30 charge on top o