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Found 500 results

  1. I just joined this community because I wanted to share my story, and I hope I can help people with my information. My skin type: Olive-medium colored skin, oily, sensitive. My breakouts were on my forehead (after working out), cheeks, jaw line and sometimes reached down to my neck. They ranged from small pus pockets to cystic. I'm female, so they also did flare up even more before my menstrual cycle, so it could have been a hormonal thing as well. Not really sure. I've tried: P
  2. So it's taken me a month to even find the courage to make my first post on here. But in reality that's barely surprising considering the complete & utter bullshit that is my pointless existence. If any of you out there think that things are bad & that you've wasted so much time & energy on this never-ending struggle, well, at least this should give you some retrospective hope in that you haven't fucked everything up anywhere near as epicly as I have. I once had a future along with al
  3. Can I use make-up during my accutane therapy?
  4. I'm in my early 30's and I have the worst acne of my LIFE! Right now I'm dealing w/ 2 HUGE whiteheads (biggest ever) plus 3 cysts that are about the size of a dime. I have blackheads around the T-zone and then ](*,) something just grrrreat, I developed them along my jaw the last 6mos. I have been on Accutane, full course, twice. Lately I have not been on any topical or oral meds (as of 5-6yrs) but I started OrthoTriCyclenLo to help w/ the skin (yeah, right...now, it's worse) and I go to the
  5. Hi there, First of all, thanks so much for everyone who replied to my "i think im going to die!" post, i find all your responses so reasurring, i don't know where i'd be without you! Anyway, my problem now is that having used some BP on spotty areas of my face since wednesday, for the last two days the whole area has become very very red, itchy and quite a big patch on my cheek is swollen. I don't know if this is simply because i used too much, or an allergy. My skin is qute sensitive and i'm
  6. I see she has had her problems with acne. I've seen her in a magazine once with no make-up on. It looked more like rosacea to me. Actually, I have read a few magazines that mentioned something about her skin problems and not wanting to go out in public until it cleared up. :oops: I see her hottie boyfriend Justin doesn't mind.
  7. :D/ What I've discovered. . . I've been on a mission to get rid of acne, prevent further scarring, and get rid of current acne scars. I have spent a lot of time researching ideas and trying various things. I am still looking for better and improved methods. The follow is what I've discovered so far: 'Age-Less Skin Formula' by Bluebonnet made my skin look wonderful, radiant, and gave an overall glow. Take one capsule daily. It did absolutely nothing for acne but I liked what it
  8. Please list: 1. Name of Doc/derm/aesthetician/beautician/make-up-artist/tatooer etc.. 2. Location and contact details 3. Procedures performed 4. What happened. 5. How much you were charged Please share - thanks!
  9. Ok, basically I have red inflammed areas on my skin, mainly cheeks and I use neutrogena cover-up stick for spots. Instead, I just put it on my cheeks, pat it with water, and then dry it, and it looks alright. I'm a guy and I know nothing about make-up. I'm just trying to cover the red spots up for now while my skin tries to heal from the vbeam and smoothbeam treatment that I had. Hopefully my 2nd vbeam treatment in early january will get rid of the more prominent red marks and I will be fine
  10. I'm a 19-year-old female in Ontario, Canada. I've cleared my skin successfully using Solugel 8 (take a look at my message on it under Prescription Acne Treatments), but when I want to cover the scars until they gradually fade, I use Marcelle Oil Free Matte Finish Make-Up. It doesn't cause zits, and it blends in well with my skin colour (I use the colour Moka). The only drawback is that it's in a rather inconvenient container, but oh well. This stuff is hypo-allergenic, and available at Shopp
  11. Hey, I posted this on the prescription board, but I'm thinking more people might be able to answer it on here. I'm considering starting Accutane and was just wondering how the girls dealt with make-up during their time on it. Did you use it or scrap it altogether? Did it make your face dry? Did it interfere with clearing up? If you got an initial break-out, did the make-up cover it? Was it able to mask any of the redness? What about lips? Is lip gloss out of the question with the dry, chapped li
  12. What do BP and SA do? I only use BP maybe once or twice a month when I get a whitehead and it goes away. What does SA do? Also is there anyting else that BP does? Okay now the cleanser debate. I love my unscented Spectro Jel the prob is that it doesn't remove make-up well. So I am using Vichy Normaderm cleansing gel when I get home from work and Spectro Jel in the morning. Do you think that is okay? If not then can you recommend a great clenser that removes make-up well, is fr
  13. Has anyone had needling done ? I read one post and they said they were not to happy , however i read somewhere from a Doctor it takes a good six months and not one treatment but to do another within three months then his patient could not return for office visit right away ... 8-[ he then returned after nine months and saw quite an improvement . Also known as multitripanic Actuation if I spelled that the right way . I am an Esthetician and perform camouflage treatments ...please give yo
  14. [-o< Please Help! I'm An Asian...& As You Guys Prob. Know, We Have Small Eyes. I Have Pretty Big Eyes For An Asian..but I Would Like Bigger/Fuller Looking Eyes. Any Suggestions Or Make-up Tips On How I Can Make My Eyes Look Bigger?? Thanks Peace, Light, Love, ~Bless Be Melissa
  15. Okay, I have been at the aromaleigh site for about one full hour....and IT'S MAKING ME DIZZY! Shopping for make-up has never been so complicated!!! ARGGHH! I ordered a bazillion samples and I think I probably, maybe, possibly FINALLY know which is my shade (after endless, frustrating hours of experimenting with tons of combinations). So now that I may know my shade, I'm not sure which is better: the Pure Powder Loose Mineral Face Powder ~or~ the Pure Cover|Loose Powder Concealer and Foundat
  16. i have found that a really good cover up that doesn't really look like make-up is glytone. it's a sulfur based flesh tinted acne lotion (that does not mosturize). you can use it to just cover up problem spots and spread it over the entire face. it may help the acne go away too, although that is not the case for me. it is rather cheap about $8 plus shipping. just thought i'd share.
  17. :? Yikes, I need some advice! I'm on Dan's regimen and I have been using Cetaphil skin cleanser. The problem is that it does not remove my make-up at all! Even if I'm just attempting to remove very light blemish concealer Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I use a toner after cleansing to remove any traces of make-up? Or should I try a make-up remover before cleansing? If so, what kind? Or should I try a cleanser that does remove make-up entirely? Please heeeeeelp! [-o<
  18. Hi all, I really need some advice on cortisone injections. I'm currently on a mild dose of roaccutane (20mg a day) and I've developed a cyst on my chin. Now I've never had cystic acne in my life and I reckon that the chances are the Roaccutane has done this to me! I went to see my derm a couple of days ago and he said that he needs it to be injected with a cortisone injection for it to heal. I've already unfortunately picked at it when it first came up and left a red mark which is still th
  19. Hi all, I really need some advice on cortisone injections. I'm currently on a mild dose of roaccutane (20mg a day) and I've developed a cyst on my chin. Now I've never had cystic acne in my life and I reckon that the chances are the Roaccutane has done this to me! I went to see my derm a couple of days ago and he said that he needs it to be injected with a cortisone injection for it to heal. I've already unfortunately picked at it when it first came up and left a red mark which is still th
  20. Hi, I've had mild to moderate (mostly moderate) acne for about 9 years (I am 22). I have tried a number of antibiotics, other prescription drugs, Retin A, other topicals (too many to list), and probably every OTC cream/product out there (from the drug store stuff to serious skin care products to proactiv). Nothing ever worked for me, and I mean nothing. I would read all these success stories and they would upset me - not that I wasn't happy for the other person, I just knew it would not work fo
  21. Hey all I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a good make up remover for sensitive skin. My acne is now gone but I am left with quite a few red marks, I use the menaji cover up for guys on the marks, but its really hard to remove it after because its waterproof. If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it. -Take it easy Rob
  22. Hey, I just disovered a fantastic product that will help you stay oil free all day long! Honest to God - It really works! I have such oily skin that after applying make-up, I am super oily like an hour later. Anyway, the great product is called Oil Matifier by Mary Kay. It costs like $7. You put it on under make-up in the morning. I stay oil free for the day. However, the tube says it can also be applied over your make-up for a quick freshen up. It's like having a oil blotter on your fa
  23. Hi, my name is Rachel and I'm 14. I have always had a problem with acne, it runs in my family. It got even worse when I got my period, moving on to my shoulders. Right now I'm on Tetracycline, soon to go on Minocycline to finish up the job. My scarring is like little brown freckles on my cheeks and forehead. A little on my chin. Indentation isn't a problem, I don't think, because I can use makeup on my cheeks and the spots don't show up as much. I've been on Tetracycline for 6 weeks and improved
  24. =D> Hola peeps! Just emailing ya'll just to let you know, that my Acne has been doing a nice job of clearing up...I have used a lot of different over the counter acne meds, but I find the Mary Kay Deep Cleanser formula 3, Totally Juicy Grape face masque, and Oxy Balance Deep cleansing shower gel for the body and face, of course I can't forget Lever 2000 too! To be the best products to use. I have just used these products on a spontaneous basis. Nothing consistant, and nothing has been used
  25. Could anyone here recommend a good tinted moisturizer that I could get at a drugstore or a Walmart? I don't want to wear make-up for a while, but I don't want to go completely without anything. Tinted moisturizer should do the trick. [-o< I have fair skin, if that makes a difference.