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Found 2,379 results

  1. randomperson4321

    questions on laser resurfacing.

    i've had a consultation about laser resurfacing for my acne scars. but here are the questions i forgot to ask at the time... the "downtime" is supposedly 2 weeks, right? (before make-up can be worn or anything.) how severe does the skin look? is it the kind of thing that would send small children screaming? after the 2 weeks, there "may be redness" for up to 6 mths. is it usually the kind of redness that can be covered with make-up? has anyone found good options for healing/covering skin
  2. So I've been trying everyday minerals lately and I'm so lost on how to do it. I got one of the kabuki(?) brushes and I brush it on ever so gently and lightly, but so far I've had two people ask if I was wearing make-up and I had to pretend that it was my moisturizer Anyways, I know the color is spot-on, there's no problem there. I think I'm just not blending it correctly or something. I try getting it all over my face, and down my jawline and around my neck so it blends perfectly, but it's st
  3. Anyone going to any festivals this summer? Im ordering my tickets for Global gathering and Creamfields in a bit.. im camping at global gathering, that should be fun bet my tent will get nicked/raided or something. Im so excited cause its been ages since ive done anything like this with friends cause my skin has always been too bad to even think about going and having a good time! I've only got scarring now so I'll just keep my make-up on the whole time and top it up when I need to, and buy
  4. Synderella

    Does this sound stupid??

    Well if nothing works for my red marks is there a way I could get permanent make-up to cover them? Like permanent concealer?
  5. whiteout


    Has anyone in Alberta been able to find Monistat Anti-Chaffing gel in drug stores? I want to use it as a make-up primer since I've heard so many good things, but when i went to find it the closest thing was night-time relief. Am i looking in the wrong place? Thanks in advance
  6. Jude

    Here Goes!

    Hi! I'm Jude and I live in England. I've suffered from acne for 15 years now. I guess we maybe have a different system with doctors and stuff over here. I've had to be treated by my general doctor with stuff like oxytetracycline, dianette and minocycline, until he decided that my acne was bad enough to be reffered to a dermatologist. Even then you have to wait approximately six months for your appointment. (But we do see the dermatologist for free and get our prescriptions for £6. It's all pa
  7. Hi everyone, This is a bit of a long story but I appreciate anyone who sticks with it! I went off birth control pills in August, after being on them since I was 17 I believe, I am now 24. They did wonders for my face, except for one time about a year ago when I switched brands and my face broke out again. I saw a dermatologist who gave me differin and benzacline (sorry, my spelling is terrible). I do not like the benzacline only because it was costing me $50 and only had a three month shelf li
  8. I just wanted to say after years of battling Acne (I am almost 27) Accuntane has finally gotten rid of it and my skin is clear! I do not need to wear make-up unless I want to. Yes the side effects were annoying, and my exzema played up whilst on Accutane, but now my skin is clear and I am not suffering from any long term or short term side effects and I have been off of the drug for 6 months. I still get little spots now and then but nothing like it was before. if anyone is in two minds abo
  9. Yeah the people in your family are the most honest when it comes to opinions, but today when I walked down to eat lunch ( I didn't know my uncle, aunt, and cousin were over visiting my grandma ). But when I walked down the hallway in plain sight of them my uncle was like , "Wow, your face looks like a wreck." I was like "Yeah yeah I know" and ignored whatever else he wanted to say and went to eat. It just makes you feel worse when you thought your skin was doing better... I usually wore make-u
  10. I use the Korres silicone-free primer and I absolutely love it - it's "anti-aging" and I'm only 23, but it smells good and it lasts forever. Moisturizer I use a ton of different ones ... I really love the origins one. I also use the clinique gel (I had the lotion and it was too greasy..). Celestial by lush is really good too, and Hope in a Jar is what I used before I started taking the medicine and it was really good, but expensive. I don't really like tinted moisturizer because it looks fun
  11. I just finished my 8th week of tretinoin (2.5%). For Week 1-7, I also took 2 100 mg capsules of minocycline a day. Last Saturday, I started cutting back to 1 capsule a day, hoping to ween myself off of mino without a bad reaction. The days leading up the last weekend, I could only feel maybe 3 bumps on my skin. It was really just the red marks that needed work. However, around last weekend, I started to feel more bumps on my face. I don't really think my reduction in mino could've worked that
  12. collegecandy

    Blotchy face

    Been a month on this stuff..and I have a blotchy face. Still patches of pimples and dry patches. Breaking out a little now and here I am in the 4th week of this crap! My make-up looks terrible because my face has dry white patches along with red along with pimples. Ugh I am sick of this!
  13. DontWantToFeelUgly

    BP - I need some advice!!

    Hi there, First of all, thanks so much for everyone who replied to my "i think im going to die!" post, i find all your responses so reasurring, i don't know where i'd be without you! Anyway, my problem now is that having used some BP on spotty areas of my face since wednesday, for the last two days the whole area has become very very red, itchy and quite a big patch on my cheek is swollen. I don't know if this is simply because i used too much, or an allergy. My skin is qute sensitive and i'm
  14. -aly m


    most days My face gets realy hot during the day and it turns red. this makes me realy selfconcious and i wear alot of make-up to cover it even though my skin is practicaly perfect and i am almost done my course on accutane. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions to get rid of the redness?
  15. EDIT: Whoops I posted this in the wrong forum. I'm posting this elsewhere. Didn't know "regimen" was a product of this site. I thought it was more of a personal "regimen" sorry! I can't say this will work for you but maybe by posting this you'll find a pattern and apply it to your situation. I used to have bad acne when I was around 16-years-old (~1995), and my dermatologist started me on Retin-A and Cleocin solution which helped a lot. In fact it helped so much I stopped taking it after a yea
  16. WalkTheWire

    Almay toner.

    OMG, this product is amazing! If you suffer from redness and dry skin, you must get this! My mother bought it and her skin improved over night. I'm a male, and even I use it just as a regular toner. My hyperpigmentation and dry, flaky skin have disappeared. Depending on where you buy it, the cost may be around $10, but the supply should last for over a month. I use it every other day after I've washed my face. It is a miracle in a bottle. Just give it a try if you're looking for so
  17. Hi fellow acne fighters- Ive been fighting acne since I was in highschool. Im 24 now and still fighting acne. Its not that bad, but its bad enough to where I feel slf-concious about my face. I'll have days where I wont leave my aprtment because I think I look disgusting, and there will be days where i dont even have to wear make-up. Its been a never ending roller coaster. I've tried numerous acne fighting treatments, but nothing was working, so I decided to take accutane. I started it mid-June,
  18. I always had this issue that I simply couldn't leave the house with foundation and loose/pressed powder. Today I actually went out without make-up on, the second day in a row, and I realized that little things can really boost one's self-esteem. I find that if I wear a semi-nice outfit (as opposed to dressing sloppy) and feeling fresh from a shower, I feel so much better about myself. During the time when my skin was pretty poor, I stopped caring about myself and always wore men's baggy sweats a
  19. I'm trying to use my Atralin several times a week and really loving the way my skin is looking but it's very sensitized and peels. My normal products are Vivite which is a medical grade line that contains Glycolic & Salicylic so I can't use them while using Atralin. I got CeraVe and really like it BUT it does not remove the Heavy Make-up I wear to cover my acne & pigmentation issues. I even read a product review about it and they said the same thing. Not good to remove make-up.
  20. naturald

    What Worked For Me

    Firstly I had roaccutane and it worked wonders temporarily. Still get spots if I dont stick to my method. I'm about 95% clear. This is what works for me and convinced it will work for others. Follow these steps and your skin should improve after a month. Can be hard work but worth it. Acne is a hormonal thing (even in adults) and the two things you can do to help balance your hormones. These are diet and stress. Also a good skin care routine is needed. You have some control here and you will see
  21. janette

    Great cover make-up

    Hi everyone! If your looking for a great cover up make-up try colortration. Go to colortration.com. I use it for a small white spot on my face. Hopes this helps!
  22. I use talc. I swear to god, it is awesome. no seriously. obviously I use a perfume free one, just normal talc, ok, so it hides, it doesnt make them dissapear, but in my opinion, my red marks are hardly visable anymore. its especially good for if you hate youre scars/redness, but dont wanna cover them up with make-up, its easy, and also, dries youre spots out too, I think, and gives the skin a good texture, it seems to help my skin, whilst making my skin look better. also good for tane users
  23. So to begin, I just want clear skin. Is that a lot to ask for?? Apparently so. All my friends have clear skin and no spots, every time I look at my face I just want to cry. The little bumps I can handle because I can cover them up, but the big ones, the big painful ones, I can’t. My pores look clogged all the time, clogged and big, even when I’ve cleaned them. Big pores like an old man. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it! I spend parties and often, anytime I’m out, looking at people’s skin,
  24. ! I have been suffering with acne since I was 18 years old. I am now 23 and since then I had been searching for the perfect face powder, concealer, and foundation. SO over the years I have tested out so many products, from super expensive powders, to the cheap inexpensive stuff. Finally I have found a powder that is so wonderful! It blends beautifully, covers up acne scars, lasts all day, and does not cause not one break out! That magical product would be Almay pure blends mineral make-up! It
  25. After getting continuously worse acne in recent months so that I'm just about always broken out at age 35, I went to the dermatologist. She looked at my skin under the light for less than 30 seconds, then gave me the diagnosis of rosacea even though I don't flush or otherwise have red skin. I'm skeptical this is a correct diagnosis. Does anyone know if adult acne is always a form of rosacea or can you just have acne on its own? She prescribed MetroGel (1%) and Oracea and said it would take 9-12