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Found 2,384 results

  1. Midlagemama

    New member

    I'm 45 and still struggle with acne. My face heals quickly, and I'm able to go without make-up some days. My back is a mess, tho, particularly in winter. When I don't wear fabric against my skin and can get a little sun and air on it, it clears. In summer I can wear bare things. Right now, I wouldn't dream of it. Worse, when they are big, juicy spots, I just can't keep my fingers off of them. Then it is red and angry looking. I wonder if the discolored spots will fade over time. I don't think I have deep scarring. It's my third day on the clear skin regimen. I like the simplicity of Dan's approach. I think my back looks calmer and the larger spots have flattened. Any support/advice regarding the routine, what to expect, or luck with back acne welcome.
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a poor minimizer to reccomend for pre-make-up routine that's safe to use while on accutane. Between the hyperpigmentation and my crater-sized pores, make-up hardly seems to make my face look better! help!!
  3. triedeverything

    Confusion about products

    Hi im new to this place...Ive tried everything for my skin and its driving me mad. Id like to try out this regimen but am confused about things. I have mild acne which usually is on my forehead and T-zone area, occasionally I get them on my cheeks, the spots are usually small but very red and sometimes painful. my skin is at its worse at times of menstruation. I do wear make-up but I make sure its oil free. My regimen at the moment has been an oil free facial wash, followed by oil free toner, then oil free moisterizer and for trouble spots I use Skin doctors zit zapper, but I find my skin is very dry im still getting breakouts and its scarring my skin. My skin is very fair so the redness is very noticable. From my understanding a good cleanser, followed by BP then a good moisterizer is the basis of the regimen. But then ive read about AHA Alpha hydroxy stuff....which as had some good ratings, where would you place that in the regimen or would that be used instead of something else? Im going to have to buy these products from the online drugstore which isnt a problem, but I just want to make sure im buying the right things. Can anybody give me advice on this? many thanks kez
  4. ihaveacneonmywonka

    Sponge or brush?

    Hi, Is mineral make-up (or any make-up like that (powder)) best applied with a brush or a sponge, and what method would anyone recommend for using either of the two? Thanks.
  5. I need to start using foundation and powder as stage make-up for a production coming up. Problem is, I haven't used any make-up in a year and I think the Almay foundation I used isn't good anymore. 1st question, does foundation "go bad"? When I apply the foundation, it doesn't seem to apply evenly and it seems to produce clumps of, what I assume to be, dry skin. How can I get it to go on smooth without the extra particles of whatever on my face? I'm allergic to make-up, so anything I use needs to be hypo-allergenic (like Almay). Any suggestions would be great.
  6. Bec

    Make-Up Advice

    I have been on the reg for abt a week..I need some coverage but I am so flakey..advice please! If anyone has over the counter suggestions that would be great. I'm not looking to spend hundreds of dollars on make-up.. in my opinion thiis is an emotional issue..
  7. Janiet53

    Make-up Advice

    I only apply BP gel once a day and to the bottom of my face, but tonight is the first night I'm going out since I started the regimen and I've realised I've got a bit of a problem. When I come in is it okay to take my make up off and wash my face and then just go to bed, or will this wash the bp off aswell? I was going to do the regimen late this morning so it had chance to soak in whereas I normally do it at night? Any adice would be great!
  8. I went to an Esthetician before Thanksgiving. She was recommended by my doctor. She gave me two facials. One peeling, extractions and a calming mask. This was okay. Nothing major, but she wrote down a daily program regimen for me to follow at home. I said that my problem was acne and scarring. She told me to do this: (I didn't think it would work, but because I was willing to try another "expert" advice for a change). * Wash daily with cleanser 1min. 30 sec. up to 2 minutes. It's supposed to get rid of the oil. * Rinse 20 times with warm water *Apply a hydrating lotion *Wait 15-20 minutes. The water on the skin is supposed to be too irritating with Retin-A. * Use (size of pencil eraser) Retin-A all over skin. * Scrub (exfoliate) 3 times a week with 1 tsp. sugar on the cleanser. It's supposed to be a natural Alpha Hydroxy to help with scarring and acne. The only thing I do during the day is do the following and skip Retin-A for an SPF 15 or 30 supposed to be better during the day. Well, I tried this and my skin was only getting drier and drier and by a week and a half, I got rash-like bumps all over my forehead and around my mouth to my jawline. It's disgusing. I got acne where I never had a problem before. I felt like I was touching my skin way too much with 1 min. 30 seconds to 2 minutes of washing. It felt like way too much. I wanted to be fair because my mom thinks that I gave up trying products too quickly or jumping around products too much. I don't like this because sometimes I feel like I look like someone I am not. Make-up does not help thos rash-like mountain bumps. They look raised. Nothing is smooth anymore. It's sick to scratch when I itch because my nail grabs on the bumps or scabs that hurt. It's so gross. It's not my skin. It's a foreign skin. They make you sign a paper that you give up any rights to sue them or whatever lol. I wouldn't sue them anyway, but that is such a stupid thing. I learned a few things from this. I learned, that my mom is wrong about me jumping too much with trying products. She doesn't know what I use or how long I try things, so she doesn't know because she doesn't observe me or even remember when I tell her. I learned that I have to trust my guts when I don't think something's going to work. I learned that scrubs is a useless product to ever use on my skin. Acne form quickly after scrubs and doesn't do anything else. I just never tried it 3 times a week which this confirmed that I should never use it. Ever. I learned that my SPF lotions even if it is oil-free has caused me acne over the years. I went a period of months not using this and before Thanksgiving having good skin. I went back to SPF 15 only fearing that it'd give me premature aging like advertisers and experts like to claim. It amazes me how I have believed marketing advertisements that SPF is really that important even on rainy days. Some people I know never used SPF in their entire life, and they have good skin. I have tried Aveeno, Neutrogena and Oil of Olay. They are all oil-free. It's a learning experience, but I am sad to be dealing with this until it goes away. I disregarded the program. My skin was begging me to stop the harsh abrasive cleansing. My skin is not that oily in the morning to need vigorous cleansing. Some oil is good to maintain the skin from going dry. Comedones don't really bother me as much as pimples and scars. I sympathize with those that have been asked if you tried a dermatologist or esthetician like it's a cure for all your skin problems. I had a professor from biology tell the whole class that acne is from not washing your face. She never had acne her entire life! I felt like telling her which I never did--it's too late for this, but I can't believe it. I went thinking if she thought I didn't wash my skin when I talked to her? My mom had a bad classmate who had good skin think her skin was from not washing. Why would anyone be so stupid to not wash their face if a simple cleansing could prevent ugly blemishes? Aahh! I needed to get this out. I even wrote the esthetician the results and canceled the appointment. I didn't want my face touched anymore.
  9. I started taking accutane a few weeks ago and it's done wonders for my blemishes, but I have horrible scars on my face. Will accutane help with them? Or will tanning/make-up be the only options outside of surgey?
  10. hi guys, I was just wondering, is there any way I can get something like bare minerals or even joppa minerals overhere in London? I keep thinking they must have it somewhere but I never see it.... Where do you guys get that mineral make-up from? do you order it all online? does that actually work out and what if you're not living in the US but in the uk and some brand like joppa, do they ship here? hope someone's able to help me, thanks a lot!
  11. Charlotte_88

    Best Cover Blemish Stick

    I have recently just bought this brill cover up stick from No7. Its fairly new and I think its amazing for covering up redness and zits. As soon as you apply it to your skin it turns all powdery and feels light. Its the best I have used. So good in fact, it lasted a horrible shift at work in a hot and smelly cafe! lol. Lasts forever, and feels like you have no make-up on! http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....mp;slmRefer=000 ((Hope link works))
  12. little star

    help with mineral make-up

    I use everyday minerals, which i love, but i have a problem. When i put on my make-up my nose, mouth and chin area tend to sweat and ruin the make-up there! I blot it to get rid of the moisture over and over, but still it starts to melt. I am doing the CSR regimen, so i put on the BP, then put on moisturizer 10 minutes before i put on my make-up. Is this what's causing it? My skin is no longer oily after being on accutane years ago, so it's not oil that causes it. So is it because of the moisturizer not being dry enough? I always blot the excess though, and wait until it's dry so i don't get it! Also, i only put the BP on the areas that get all runny, so is it just the combo of bp adn moisturizer that mess up my make-up? Any advice?
  13. XoSadiezXo

    Exercising-safe make-up?

    Okay, so my problem is I just started cross country running, and I wear make-up to hide red marks and scars, and I refuse refuse refuseee to go outside w/o any on lol. I am breaking out.. and I think my problem is being a make-up wearing exercisor ... so do you know of any make-up that is safe to exercise in ?? I currently am using Pure foundation from Maybelline I think.. I know wearing make-up during exercising is a very risky thing to do.. but I'm only 14 and therefore do not have enough confidence to go outside with spots all over my face. (well that may just be me lol) Any suggestions?
  14. I've been looking for days now for a really good moisturizer(s). My present regime for morning and night: - Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar (w/ facial brush @ night) - BRAGG Apple Cider Vinegar my face actually looks healthy after using the ACV. So far I've read that Neutrogena Healthy Skin Facial Lotion (w/out the SPF) was good since it contains AHA. But because ACV has AHA in it too (??) would too much AHA affect my skin? Also, the make-up I've been using has SPF in it but I was wondering prior to applying my make-up... does it matter if I do apply a non-spf or spf moisturizer since my make-up already contains it?
  15. hey everyone! i'm new to this forum. I started reading a lot of the posts on here this morning and i found it very reassuring to see that there are loads of other people out there who are feeling the same way as me about acne! Of lately i've been feeling really depressed about the state of my skin! i've had mild acne since the age of 11 and i'm about to turn 17 and about to start college. I'm worried that my future class mates will start judging me on the basis of my skin! i personally would never judge someone just because they had acne-its soo shallow! Anyway, yesterday when i tooj my make-up off before having a shower, i just cried..like hysterically for ages because my skin is soo sore and red! ive made another appointment to see the doctor as i would like to try some antibiotics or accutane! ive tried so many creams in the past and the ones that do work, i become immune to after a while. this is hell! I know it might sound pathetic, but i've cried myself to sleep a few times because its soo depressing! It feels like all of my friends have beautiful skin and im the odd one out. Do u guys feel like this a lot of the time? Oh and also, i can't stand looking in mirrors or being in bright sunlight! I know i can't let acne ruin my life, but im just soo conscious about it! Its starting to worry me now because i wonder about my future-will anyone want to marry me? etc etc! If anyone here could reply to me, that would be great! thanks, take care all! laura xxxx
  16. troubledbrit

    makeup at night on vacation?

    Hi! Ive been on the CSR for 5 months now, the first 3 with some success, then 2 months ago I added cetaphil cleanser and that was just what my skin needed. I was perfectly clear for 2 months, my skin was amazing, and in that time I went out, met new people, and started dating a wonderful man. Then, and I dont know why, my skin started breaking out again, and in places it never ever did before, like my cheecks. I dont know why, I have changed nothing. The problem is now I have this wonderful man, but I hate to spend the night with him, as it means he will see my face without make-up, and also because I cant wear my BP at night with him. We are going on vacation next month, and Im not sure how to handle this. I was thinking, that maybe I could applying my nighttime BP earlier, say around 6pm when I am showering for dinner, lighter that usual for night time but just for a week. Then I could wear a little makeup over it, and just sleep in it. I would still be cleansing and BPing twice a day, and if its ok to wear makeup in the day, can it really hurt at night? I wish I knew why I started breaking out again. Any advice would be great!
  17. Shygirl07

    Permanent Makeup

    I've been hearing a lot about permanent make-up procedures lately...mostly it seems to be for the eyebrows or the lips. I kept thinking about what a horrible hassle putting foundation on all the time is, and how wonderful it would be if there was a procedure that could permanently cover up the acne. I've been reading about it and I don't think such a thing exists yet, but does anyone know what I'm talking about? I think it's also sometimes called micropigmentation, but I'm not sure...if anyone knows about this or if something like permanent foundation is really possible, please post!
  18. I dont know if this will work for anyone else, but the other day instead of washing my face with tap water, i washed with poland spring water. --But first, since I wear make up i wiped my face with Noxema make-up remover wipes, and then rinsed off with the water. Instead of using moisturizer i used a dab of walnut oil on my face to keep the moisture intact. I am not kidding, you do not know how my face changed. i almost feel afraid to write this cuz im not even sure how this happened. but i think tap water is bad for your face, you ever notice how your face gets bright red after you take a shower? my face always looks very irritated after a shower. but this time it was very calm, and the pimple rash on my face began disappearing that very moment i did this. I also did it the next morning-instead of using any soap or anything i simply rinsed my face off with poland spring and put a dab of walnut oil and my face has maintained. And i am somone who was sooo fed up with using all these topical gels, and antibiotics, my face just began rejecting everything! you dont know how awful my skin looked. but to think that it could be as freaking simple as washing with low mineral bottled water blows my mind. im still holding my breath. but you guys out there should try it, see if it makes a difference. Im sure it will be different for people with different cases, but ive had moderate acne since i was 14, and have been through a lot of bullshit medications. all that stuff just erodes your skin. i think we need to go back to something natural, this water thing could be a start.
  19. I have just begun using the Regimen with this moisturizer because of the depressing redness that I was experiencing as a result of using the bp gel. It cleared my skin within days, however, the redness hasn't faded and I'm almost on week 3, so I needed something else. Well, the Eucerin Redness Relief line was the answer to my prayers. The cleanser works really well to reduce redness, but the moisturizer absolutely eliminates it! I recommend the product for males and females alike. I'm a male, I don't wear any kind of make-up, and I think that this is completely the best thing ever created for redness. It does look a bit odd when you look very closely at your skin in sunlight, if you don't wear something over it, but otherwise it's a godsend. Seriously, anyone wanting to get rid of excessive redness, try this product.
  20. You might think this is weird but I'm a guy that needs to cover-up pimples on my face. Can anyone one help me? I'm not gay or anything lol xD. I need something that can cover it up like nothings there, something that is very water + sweat resistant. Something that doesn't make acne worse or cuase acne ( wont clog pores ) So yea, please help. School is coming up. I have gym everyday. If there is a product that is an acne medication that will work the same thing I would much perfer use that then make-up.
  21. The Product: Na-PCA by TwinLab. It comes w/ Aloe Vera and Without. Cost: From $5 to 8 bucks. It's a spray & you wash your face, leave some water on your face, spray some Na-PCA into your hands & just rub it in. It delivers the WATER into your epidermis & maybe even Deeper. This item is truly a working cosmeceutical. (And PS: ALWAYS buy your vitamins, etc from TWINLAB. Its a truly remarkable company. ) Seriously guys, your dry skin days are OVER & btw guys, use some before YOU SHAVE cause it makes your skin silky soft & the blade will glide over --- and ladies, it makes your make-up glide on too (so says my wife). derek
  22. almobaby89

    make-up on vacation?

    Ok i'm going away in 3 weeks and i know my acne will not clear by then. so what is a good foundation that won't fade even if i am swimming?
  23. acne_stressed_depressed chick

    Making my own mineral make-up

    I have very sensitive acne prone skin, almost everything i have used has broke me out. I heard about it being very beneficial to make your own mineral make-up as you can create products that are specifically suited to your own skin type, however i have no idea how to make this. I have a basic idea of what ingredients i would like to see (e.g. squalene, as it has anti-inflammatory properties) but i also dont know where to purchase ingredients from or what equipment i will need. Can anyone give me any advice.
  24. Hey guys, I could really use some help. If anyone has used or is using any of following, or just cares to offer their thoughts, advice or feedback, I would really appreciate it. Most of these product lines are new to me and I want to make a well-informed decision. Cleansers: -Aubrey Organics Blue Green Algae with GSE Facial Cleansing Lotion (http://www.aubrey-organics.com/product1.cfm?product_id=808&cat=15&subcat=26 - scroll down a bit) or Aubrey Vegecol cleanser (http://www.aubrey-organics.com/product1.cfm?product_id=216&cat=15&subcat=27) -PEL's Soft as Silk (http://www.purpleemu.com/store/softsilk.html) -Avalon's Organics Facial Cleansing Gel (http://www.avalonorganics.com/?id=80&pid=1) -Farmaesthetics Fine Herbal Cleanser (https://www.farmaesthetics.com/viewprod.asp?id=103) -Ecco Bella Cleansing Milk and Make-up Remover with Liposomes - currently using (http://www.eccobella.com/index.asp?sectionstr=Skin+Care&cat=160754&cartstep=minfo&prodid=1211360) -Aveeno Balancing Bar - already tried (http://www.aveeno.com/detailAction.do?id=3624) Moisturizers/SPF: -Sea & Ski Faces Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50 - sent an e-mail for info, waiting to hear from them (http://www.seaski.com/2004/more_faces.htm) -Abella Solar Shade SPF 45 (http://www.abellaskincare.com/Solar%20Shade/SolarShade.html) -Avalon Moisture Plus Lotion with SPF 18 (http://www.avalonorganics.com/?id=82&pid=348) Hope someone can help. Take care everyone.
  25. Kara5129

    Make-up remover

    I need something that'll take the make-up right off at the end of the day. I've been using Neutrogena's Deep Clean, but I'd like to try something that doesn't require two rounds of soap to work, and doesn't have sacylic (sp?) acid in it. Anyone know of anything?