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Found 140 results

  1. So...I started breaking out again about a week and half ago, so approximately 6 weeks after finishing the course of antibiotics. Urgh! What gives? I had a small cluster of cystic-type acne on the left side of my chin (always the left side!) and one under my left nostril. The cluster is healing now (but still red and lumpy) and the one under my nose is smaller than it was, but still a visible lump. I am more than a little worried that another lump is forming in the cluster area. It is not to
  2. My face is calmer this week, still getting new spots. I am hoping my face will start to clear and heal soon. Ignore the red eyes, my hay fever was particularly bad this week. (yay!)
  3. These are photos from days 10 & 11, unfortunately the next entry will be at the end of week two as I forgot to take photos on the other days. My face is calming down. Still have spots popping up but they go down quicker and are less angry the next day. I may start doing a weekly photo of my face instead of a daily. Bottom photos are day 10, top are day 11.
  4. The first week of this routine is over, not a lot of difference, face seems calmer in the mornings and looks better when I put make up on. Day 6 is the bottom photos and day 7 is top photos.
  5. Just a quick update here. Still not a whole lot to say - no new spots which probably means the antibiotics are starting to work. However, those two big spots between my mouth and nose are actually four. Four! WTF My skin is really dry though I am trying to keep it moisturised. I am no longer using BP all over my problem area because I know the antibiotics should take care of that. I still need to make an appointment for the New Year to get a dermatologist referral... So...yes, slightly
  6. There's not much to say today, my skin is not much better than a few days ago, it could even be a bit worse since there was another new spot on it's way by the time I started taking the antibiotics. From past experiences, I know that the antibiotics do not stop what has already started. I now have two big lumps between my mouth and nose; one of them has come to a head and is now healing, but I think there could be yet another one right next to it, which is probably why it got so huge so quickly.
  7. Used it 7 times now and my skin is breaking out all over the place with big under the skin cycstic spots, they have all come at the same time too. I really hope they go down before the end of this week, I have an event to go to. I have switched moisturisers which seems to have stopped the dryness, which is good!
  8. The dryness is back. My skin is really flakey and it is making it really hard to wear make up without it cracking and looking horrible. Really don't want to leave my house but trying my hardest to keep the dryness down. Spots are still there but not as angry.
  9. Hi everyone, I’m looking at getting advice on how to finally clear my acne that I’ve had from age 16 to now 19. Here’s my backstory. (Male from the UK). I had cystic moderate acne on my face for about a month aged 16 before I finally went to the doctors. I was prescribed lymecycline capsules (antibiotic) and benzoyl peroxide cream. It worked and did clear the cystic acne to some extent. About a year in I swapped benzoyl peroxide for adapalene because the BP was too drying on my skin. At 18 I
  10. Hi all I've been suffering with acne for the past 6 years currently 21, I have been prescribed medication after medication with no relief. i have currently been prescribed lymecycline but came across a video about l-lysine and pro-boitics, omega fish oils etc I'm just wondering if I'll be able to take the l-lysine and zinc and omega fish oil tablets whilst taking the prescribed medication. Hope someone can help, thanks in advance thought id add that it's my full face that I have acne
  11. I have been using Lymecycline antibiotics and differin for acne and soon i will no longer be able to take the Lymecycline. This really makes me worry as i am scared i will break out again. Please share any advice or past experiences below!
  12. From the album: Week 1 Dalacin T (erythromycin)

    This is me after using Differin/adapalen in combination with lymecylin for 6/7 weeks. Tonight I'll swap differin for Dalacin T
  13. Hi I was wondering if anyone that's had success with antibiotics could tell me what the first signs were that they were working. Obviously reduction in spots in general, but was there anything else? Healing faster, coming to a head sooner? Etc... TIA
  14. been prescribed these for a mixture of acne and folliculitis, can i chop the pills up and take the powder as i can't take tablets. also can i have advice for helping with folliculitis (diet doesn't contain much gluten dairy or sugar) i've ussed nizoral (slightly useful, caused lots of irritation) selsun (fairly useless) and i've tried using epiduo, zindaclin, BP, salicylic acid, skinoren on these forehead bumps (not much success). Main problems are rough skin texture (under the skin bumps
  15. ive recently been prescribed lymecycline pills for a mixture of acne and folliculitis, my doc seems to think it's only acne and having looked at my forehead (where it's worst) she seems convinced it's acne (fairly sure it's not though, other treatments i've used e.g. regular BP, BHA, skinoren, duac, zindaclin, differin and epiduo have all not managed to dent the small bumps on my surface). these bumps don't shift, i've even tried nizoral and selsun and these have slightly helped but caused a lo
  16. Hi all For the past year I've used differin and lymecycline, Epiduo and doxycycline and now Duac and Epiduo. Apart from the Epiduo and doxycycline which worked for a few weeks none of these products have been working and I want to give the acne.org regimen a go. Will it work for me? Right now I have mild to moderate acne with very small bumps and whiteheads.
  17. So I'm using Tetralysal/Lymecycline again now and my GP wanted me to stay on this and Finacea for 4-5 months. Its been a month and I don't think any major changes have occurred. What are your experiences with Finacea, Lymecycline? What product (any product that you used for acne) do you think worked the best and how long did you use it for?
  18. Hi Guys I have been suffering with moderate acne and tried to control it via benzoyl peroxide and over the counter spot treatments When i started University, it got worse and i registered with my University GP and was prescribed Lymecycline and topical Clindamycin (Dalacin) and after a month, it worked like a miracle with all spots gone and my skin felt amazing. However when my university finished and i moved back to my home, i had to re register with my previous GP and when i trie
  19. Hi Everyone, Just joined up and thought I would share my experiences so far ... I've suffered from acne on and off since about the age of 15, and I'm now almost 25. I've tried many things, but it always seems like a constant battle. When I was 15, I used topical erythromycyin which worked really well. After a while of using it, my acne didn't come back until I was 18, and I started taking the pill. This had good results, however completely messed up my menstrual cycle, so I stopped t
  20. I’ve been on lymecycline 408mg now for around 2 1/2 months (1 a day) and I’ve seen not a massive change. I don’t use topical treatments alongside the lymecycline as I’m receiving chemical peels from the dermatologist around every 2 weeks and you cannot use benzoyl peroxide alongside these however, the course of chemical peels is coming to an end and there has only been minor improvements on the acne front. I used to use duac (3% benzoyl peroxide) a while back but it made my skin an awful texture
  21. After two uses there is not much change except my skin is still dry and now it’s started to peel. I put loads of aloe Vera and Simple moisturiser on everyday and use Differin on the days I’m not using Epiduo. Skin was very red this morning after showering
  22. Nearly 3 months and there isn't much difference in my face. Lots of hidden, under the skin spots which are painful and annoying. The weather isn't great for my skin either, it's very hot ☀️.
  23. My face is a little better this week after changing my moisturiser and drinking more water. I went to the doctors and they said it could take up to 6 months to completely work and take it all away, so I will carry on doing what i'm doing.
  24. On week 8 there isn't one part of my face that doesn't have a spot on it. I think my new moisturiser has bought me out in spots so I have stopped using that. I have also started drinking water a lot more so maybe that will help.
  25. Week 7 and my face is awful. I have spots coming up everywhere and nothing seems to be helping, the differin looks like it's working when I wake up in the morning but by the evening my face is a mess and just as red and angry as it used to be.