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Found 2 results

  1. ★Why does the DAILY use of SmartPhones cause PAIN in the HANDS and other parts of the body?★ Many users who touch the screens of SmartPhones for long periods feel a BURNING or ITCHING sensation on the TIPS of their FINGERS. The regular use of SmartPhones for months and years can even cause deformities in the nails of their fingers. The daily or regular use of SmartPhones causes PAIN in the HANDS of users because the low-voltage ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of their SmartPhones CONTINUOUSLY TRAVEL through the NERVES of their fingers and ALL other PARTS of their BODIES till the ELECTRICAL IMPULSES finally reach the EARTH through their FEET!! The PAIN is caused by the excessive stimulation and exhaustion of the NERVES, which can produce weakness and tiredness in the whole body. The PAIN can SPREAD to the wrists, arms, shoulders, back, neck, head, chest, waist, legs, feet and other parts and organs of their bodies! There can be an attack of PARALYSIS in the fingers, hands, arms, etc, even without a stroke which is associated with the presence of blood clots in the brain! When the NERVES in and around the bones are affected, ARTHRITIS and other bone diseases can occur. ★ALL the Organs like HEART are Affected★ As the NERVES are present in the whole body, ELECTRICAL IMPULSES from SmartPhones adversely affect the health of various organs. The HEART too is affected by the ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of SmartPhones travelling through its NERVES, which can cause arrhythmic beats, palpitations, heart failure, and even a cardiac arrest becomes possible without any blockage in any coronary artery! Constant ACHES & PAINS in the body can cause sleeplessness, headaches, depression, eye problems like blurred vision, etc. ★Other SYMPTOMS & DISEASES caused by SmartPhones★ ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of SmartPhones can also affect the lungs, kidneys, bladder, liver, stomach, intestines, pancreas, muscles, membranes, ears, nose, mouth and tongue, teeth, blood, blood vessels, lymph, lymph glands, etc, which can cause problems and diseases of these organs. ELECTRICAL IMPULSES of SmartPhones can also cause skin and hair problems, as there are NERVES in the skin and around hair roots. CANCER: Besides the low-voltage ELECTRICAL IMPULSES, the RADIATION from the SmartPhones is known to cause many other problems like CANCER in the persons who use their SmartPhones for many hours daily. ★★★You should NOT use your mobile phone or tablet when its battery is being charged. Holding and using mobiles and tablets, during the time of RECHARGING their batteries, is much MORE HARMFUL for HEALTH. When we use them during RECHARGING, more ENERGY (electricity) passes through our bodies constantly, which can HARM the heart, brain, other organs and tissues. The BATTERY CHARGER should be SWITCHED OFF or disconnected when we use the mobiles and tablets. ★We must STOP the EXCESSIVE use of SmartPhones!★ Forward this message to your friends and relatives, as this information can save millions of SmartPhone users from PAIN and suffering.
  2. stayinghopefull

    Smoking And Acne

    I posted a little while back saying I've pretty much cleared my acne through diet but am just left with scars and red marks. I would get the occasional NASTY cyst though which I thought were because of hormones or cheating very slightly on my diet. I've been a smoker for about 5 years (cigarettes and weed) and just recently quit about three weeks ago. I'm not saying smoking causes acne, but I am saying it aggravates it for me. The past week, I've cheated on my diet by eating candy and dairy and have not had any of the ill effects I usually get. In fact I have not gotten one break out since I've quit . I realized I never got cysts until about 5 years ago, right when I picked up smoking. I used to get whiteheads but never after picking up smoking. From then on, I would just get deep painful, LINGERING cysts. I don't think the cysts were a direct cause of the smoking, but I am positive that it HIGHLY aggravated it. I'm including smoking weed here too because for a couple years I only smoked weed and not cigarettes. I know it this isn't true for everyone but it definitely is for me. In the last couple weeks, my skin has gone from very oily to actually normal and on the dry side. Also I read somewhere about how toxins in the lungs lead to cystic acne on the cheeks, which is the ONLY place I ever got cysts. This was extracted from Chinese face mapping, which doesn't sound like the most credible source, but oddly enough described my exact situation. I've been on this site for years and want to help anyone in my situation. I *used* to get really deep painful cysts on my cheeks that would scar and leave large blots of hyperpigmentation. Things that have helped me are cutting out dairy, sugar, and obviously smoking. I take 4,000 IU of vitamin D everyday and eat a lot of carrots (which really helps my skin 'glow'). Hope this helps!!!