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Found 20 results

  1. Hello 7-8 month's in the redness scaring looks better 4 months later, But i have some above surface scars/acne that will not go away had them for idk atleast 8-12 months they just don't want to reduce down.. This is really starting to get to me 8 months in and Arghhh PICTURES : http://imgur.com/a/7fuMK#0 Please reply, It's really annoying see'ing alot of views and no replies... What can i do? Let them go ?? will they maybe 4 months magically go down?? OR ARE THEY SCARS?? Please i ha
  2. First off, the reason Im asking this question is because I want to gain weight. I am 107 puonds right now as a 17 year old male. i want to be at least 115. I tried gaining weight with olive oil and I broke out pretty bad. I was having like 4 tablespoons EVERY DAY for about 3 weeks, not knowing it has quite a bit of omega 6. So olive oil is out of the question, the only other way is carbs i guess. But I know that lots of carbs are bad. Sooo i was just wondering my diet is in the low to moder
  3. Hello, I've just been recently prescribed by my dermatologist Isotretinoin (accutane) and am on my 4th day of treatment. After doing extensive research on how accutane affects growth, it really concerns me as I'm currently only 16 years and 8 months old and hence am still in the growing stage of my life. My dermatologist however has prescribed me a very low dosage of 10mg per day for 7 consecutive days, after which would be switching onto a 30mg PER WEEK dose. My body mass is currently 65k
  4. Decided to make this log since low dose treatments aren't that popular. I finished a normal course of accutane six months ago, reached the cumulative dosage of 120mg/kg and got to enjoy clear skin for a while. Now my acne is coming back, luckily not as bad as before but still enough for me to start taking accutane again. I would classify my acne as mild, however, the frustration of having good skin then going back to having acne is just horrible. I just want this to be over with. I started 10
  5. I have been taking 40mg of Isotretinoina day (Roaccutane) since mid January. I started on 40mg, and am still taking that dosage now. I have another appointment with my Dermatologist for my final prescription on Saturday (after that, my 6 months is up and i'll be finished), My worry is that for the past month, I have started to feel really low and depressed. I am petrified as I have suffered with mild depression in the past, and do not want to be that way again. I would have thought that if it
  6. OK so my question is kinda complicated. I started ordering the large BP bottles from Acne.org about a year ago. I still like using the regimine but these old bottles have gotten kinda hard to use lately. I can still feel that the bottle has plenty of BP about 20% BP left in it but no matter how often I hit the pump nothing comes out. I have to shake it up then sometimes I'll get it to pump a little bit out but not much. Eventually I have to start just unscrewing the pump, shaking the bot
  7. hey everyone i'm gonna be a freshman next year at college and i wanna join a frat. however, i'm concerned. i have very mild but VERY persistent chin acne. my cheeks and forehead are basically flawless... but my chin still gets my self esteem down even though it's really not that bad... im considering 20mg every other day (low dose), but im stuck, because if im on accutane, i can't drink right? in that case, how the hell am i gonna join a frat first semester? is 20mg every other day l
  8. Most recent pic (Feb 06, 2014): Still posting and updating at least once every week. I'd like to stay anon for the most part but I felt like I had to post some pictures to show my authenticity. However, if you do recognize me, please keep this private as that is my wish. Thank you! My log is a little late, but better late than never! On May 22, 2013, I began an ultra low dose Accutane experiment supervised by my derm. A bit about myself before I dive in. I am a 25 year old Korean
  9. Hi ive had acne for a long time and have just started accutane around two and a half months ago ,since starting ive seen some noticible effect with very little side effects , but my skin still has breakouts and ive asked to increase the dosage. i started accutane 27th march 2015 and have been taking a daily dose of 20mg up untill today ( june 15 2015) total 80! days on a low dose of 20mg . i weigh 80kg and the minimum dose for my bodyweight is 0.5mg per kg? = 40mg my first blood test was o
  10. A little background about me: I have had acne since 3rd or 4th grade, in high school I found out I was celiac, and that helped a lot. After high school I got my wisdom teeth out and and had to take an antibiotic which exploded my skin. I took medication for my acne, which was great, but it gave me period cramps so bad that I would throw up every month. DID NOT WANT TO LIVE LIKE THAT, so I stopped taking it. I was on a mostly vegan with some fish diet with lots of plant-based vitamin A, which wo
  11. Hi all, I'm Sarah, 34 years old. My acne was a big problem when I was younger, but went on a course of accutane when I was 22 and it pretty much cleared up. However now it's back and I'm really struggling emotionally. Getting into work (just) but not coping socially - am effectively a recluse at the mo which is hard on my husband. I have a bad habit of scratching and picking uncontrollably at my acne which just makes things even harder to deal with. Have seen a dermatologist on NHS (in E
  12. Hello, all thanks for taking to time to read this! :) I am a 17 year old male weighing in around 125 pounds. I have struggled with acne since 8th grade, and really haven't been able to shake it since. I currently have mpderate PERSISTANT acne with around 4-5 cysts and that whole sitiation has stayed the same for quite some time now. I've taken antibiotics and various prescription washes and topicals, and have spent the last year or so using only organic and natural remedies. My diet is immacula
  13. Hello! I have been on accutane for 4 days now. I am going on accutane for 4 months due to some personal stuff. Thing is - my weight is 86kg and he told me to take 2 pillsx20mg for 2 weeks then go over to 3 pillsx20mg for 2 weeks. (After these 4 weeks i'm going back to my dermatologist) But isn't that quite low for my weight? I mean, if i'm supposed to be done within 4 months, shouldn't I be on a higher dose? How about if I go up to 3 pills now, instead of waiting 2 weeks? I'm having
  14. I'm making this post because it seems like this is a silent epidemic that limited amount of people have knowledge or insight about. I've done vast amounts of research on this topic, reading countless medical journals, posts around the internet and have done individual research. I've only been able to produce meager results and its not enough. (Keep reading to find out) I have these exact symptoms - similar to what everyone else is experiencing: -declining libido/complete lack of sexual inte
  15. Hey all. It's been a while since I have posted here, and I ended up forgetting my username and password so I had to make a new one. Anyway, like I said, I'm planning on taking low dose accutane for oily skin, starting in July. I have read how effective it can be, the studies done, and some users here have done it. I remember reading a Korean guy (sorry forgot your name bro, don't even know if you frequent here anymore) doing this and he had great results, but then switched to a topical, never
  16. Hi all, I'm Sarah, 34 years old. My acne was a big problem when I was younger, but went on a course of accutane when I was 22 and it pretty much cleared up. However now it's back and I'm really struggling emotionally. Getting into work (just) but not coping socially - am effectively a recluse at the mo which is hard on my husband. I have a bad habit of scratching and picking uncontrollably at my acne which just makes things even harder to deal with. Have seen a dermatologist on NHS (in E
  17. If you still do need to have them done, how often is it? Thanks!
  18. Hey guys, just had a quick inquiry from those who have finished or currently going through accutane treatment for their acne. Im 20 male, and have had moderate/severe acne for a while now. I started accutane (isotretonoin) about 20 days ago to be exact and am on 20mg/day. My lips are dry and face a bit redder than usual but my skin has improved heaps already and havent had a breakout for almost 3 weeks. I was told my I.B would be within the first few weeks but it doesnt look like anythings pop
  19. I been using dr.bronner castile soap to wash my face. I've just realized that it's a huge reason on why I have dry, flaky and acne prone skin. It has around a ph of 9. Skin needs 5.5 at the highest. What are some paraben free cleaners, gels or anything I can use on my face?
  20. Hey everyone! So,I started accutane 9 days ago and I take 20 mg a day. I'm 19 yr old,female and I have constant but mild acne on my face back and chest area for almost 7 years now.I have tried a lot of prescribed lotions over the years...Nadixa, Clindoxyl, Finacea and many more none of them worked except one. Before my accutane treatment I was on Finacea and it worked wonders for 4 monts and then my skin became realllly reallllly oily, like I never experienced before. With the oil came the