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Found 164 results

  1. Guest

    acne vs diet study

    i've posted this message in the acne scar forum but i thought some people might benefit from this: So I'll cut and paste what I wrote: hey good news buddies... I've changed my diet to a low glycemic load diet. Glycemic Load (GL) just measures how quickly the sugar in food are metabolised in the body. So a low GL is good, a high GL is bad. So basically my diet consists of: all meat, all fruits and vegetables, drink just water. avoid all of the following food, processed food like br
  2. Hey... I am so new to this message board. Anyway, I have been on strict diet. Perricone Diet from book "Acne Prescription" for three weeks to reduce my inflammation in my body. Hmm, i have seen it improving. But slow! Like decrease by week. I have used to have cysts.. I have took few antibolics in past. I ve decided to stop using it because i still got pimples when i was on and started developing the fine lines on my forehead. Because it has dried my skin too much. So i decided oh man. Peace!
  3. Can I have some help? Im having a bad breakout ( 2 red pimples at right cheek) wich I dont understant. I never get pimples at the end of my period so this breakout is a mistery. My diet is pretty restrictive. Im following low gycemic diet with no sugar, artificial food, dairy only once a week, no gluten and for my chronic hives I started doing a low histamin and salicylate diet. The foods that I eat are: - tons of veggies everyday (kale, celery, cabbage, green salad, green b
  4. I've had acne bad enough to the point that my skin has never been even close to clear for ten years, but not bad enough that it's been ridiculous enough to merit going to a dermatologist. My skin is pretty clear except that I get HUGE (I'm talking one was bigger than a bouncy ball) occasionally and consistently have at least one pimple on my face. Right now I have one on my face and two on my neck. Other than that, I have a little bit of light acne. Here's the story. I had the typical redne
  5. I'm 33 and have had severe hormonal cystic acne only on my chin for about 3 years now. My face breaks out twice a month like clockwork when estrogen levels drop (premenstraul and ovulatory phases.) I didn't have acne as a teenager and this is not normal acne. I've tried every topical, antibiotic, and treatment you can think of including blue light treatments. Spironolactone (an aldosterone inhibitor) was prescribed "off-label" by my physician but I was unable to take it due to GI upset. My
  6. Over the last few months I've been able to slowly gain weight, but I started to break out more on my face and body. I reduced the amount of food I eat, so now my weight is staying the same. I didn't change which foods I eat, just the amount, and now I break out a lot less, like how I was before. My diet has always been low glycemic load, so that's not it. So why do excess calories make me break out? What do they do to the body? Am I doomed to choose between being skinny or having more acne?
  7. I am going to try to base my diet off of low GL foods. From what I have read glycemic load is the better method of judging a food compared to glycemic index. Refined grains such as pasta have a lower GI than a carrot, however the inverse is true for the GL. I think my acne is heavily caused by blood sugar spikes and insulin problems. Have any of you found this to be true for your acne? I am going to cut out potatoes and other things I have been eating which I suspect to be giving me acne.
  8. Hey guys i just wanted to target all those guys and girls who have acne and are taking whey protein and casein protein to help with protein synthesis post workout and etc. So ive been working out consistantly for 5 months trying to bulk up get bigger, more muscular and stronger and i just realized that i would be taking a scoop or 2 everyday of whey protein pre and post workout and i also would take casein before sleep, anyways during this time i just noticed my acne got the worse its ever been
  9. I've reached my wits end today when I went to derm who said my skin looked better (it's so much worse. I've been on mino for what seems like forever). He later told me that next step is to drop all medications and put me on Yaz even though my cystic acne is not linked to my cycles. He again recommended a low glycemic diet, when I've already been on one for 6 years. It became apparent he just doesn't listen. I'm not saying Im demanding accutane but I would like an accutane friendly doctor. How
  10. I am 26 years old and I have battled acne off and on for years. Recently, though, my acne was coming back with a vengence. I had persistant acne (deep, painful cysts) on my chin and nothing seemed to help. 5 years ago I was prescribed a sulfur wash and tretinion cream. It definitely helped. However, I no longer have health insurance and I have relented to buying drugstore facial washes that are only minimally successful. I have suspected my diet for a while now but I couldn't put my finger on
  11. I am 26 years old and I have battled acne off and on for years. Recently, though, my acne was coming back with a vengence. I had persistant acne (deep, painful cysts) on my chin and nothing seemed to help. 5 years ago I was prescribed a sulfur wash and tretinion cream. It definitely helped. However, I no longer have health insurance and I have relented to buying drugstore facial washes that are only minimally successful. I have suspected my diet for a while now but I couldn't put my finger on
  12. I there anyone on here who has sever cystic acne and is on the Regimen? I'd like to see if anyone has like a photo gallery of their progress. I've been on it for 4 weeks almost and have pretty bad cystic acne. The derms want me to do the Acuutane but I really can't because of previous experience with meds that landed me in the ER. I see a lot of people that have just gone straight to Accutane and have done well but it really isn't an option for me. Currently Im cutting out dairy and resea
  13. The theory is that the overconsumption of a low GI food will have the same affect on blood sugar as a high GI food eaten in moderation. But the question remains, wouldn't the carbs from lower GI foods still be processed and broken down slower than higher GI foods? Therefore, no matter how much of the low GI foods a person consumes, the carbs will be broken down slower therefore keeping the sugar spikes to a minimum, right? I'm thinking of starting a low GL diet, but the measurements, calculati
  14. Hey everyone! So, this is my first post, after reading through this forum for a long time. To describe my acne situation: I HAD really bad acne, so I went on Accutane. That worked, but I stopped my course in the middle because of all the terrible side-effects. My acne was clear for a while, and then it started coming back. Granted, not as bad as before. But it was there, and I really wanted to get rid of it WITHOUT Accutane. Here's what I've been doing and a picture of me now (sorry ... I avoi
  15. I've finally decided to go on a strict diet and take everything out of my diet that can possibly cause acne. I will also be using LED blue +red lights My acne has not improved from topical treatments I hope to maintain my current weight or gain more weight I will try diet for 3 months and if no improvement I will start adding foods back I will NOT be eating any of the following: Dairy-hormones? Gluten- ? high glycemic carbs-blood sugar regulation? salt even no sea salt- to limit water rete
  16. I just purchased a new protein shake that isn't available in any stores and I purchased it after reading the ingredients carefully. I am here asking for some input on how everyone thinks it will affect my acne. Over the last year, I've reduced my acne around 70% due to just eating healthier. In the process, I've lost a bit of weight so because I workout reguarly I'm looking to put that weight back on. Below is a link and the ingredients to the product I bought: can anyone give me their input on
  17. Is raw agave nectar an okay sweetener to use? I read that its low glycemic and won't send your blood sugar through the roof like other sugars like dates, honey, refined sugar, etc. Does anyone use it and not break out from it? Also, is agave nectar considered okay on a paleo diet? thanks!
  18. Hi, I was wondering about the recent report about low glycemic foods helping acne patients. I guess I don't understand how this could help acne. I have a glycemic index chart which tells me the GI of low,medium, and high foods. Some of the low gi foods are: 1.Roasted and salted peanuts - 14 2.Cherries - 22 3.Grapefruit - 25 4.Whole Milk - 27 5.Skimmed Milk - 32 6.Fettucine Pasta - 32 7.Low-fat yogurt - 33 8.Pears - 38 9.Apples - 38 10.Apple juice, unsweetened - 40 It would appear that alot of
  19. Glycemic Index A low GI eating plan is based on foods with a lower ranking according to the glycemic index. The glycemic index (GI) is a new system for classifying carb foods, according to how fast they raise our blood-sugar levels. The higher the GI value of a food, the faster the rise in blood glucose. Get ready to make your shopping list! High Glycemic Index Foods (GI 70+), that cause a rapid rise in blood-glucose levels. Intermediate Glycemic Index Foods (GI 55-69) causing a medium rise
  20. would just like to say that the regimen is the best!!!! have seriously tried everything; was considering accutane as a last resort but then stumbled on this site... you guys just need to improve your canadian shipping speed what i added to make it work better: desert essence jojoba 22 maxepa fish oil caps per day 50mg zinc 3-4L water a day cut out dairy as much as possible ok so i'm cured now... what's the fastest way to get rid of the scarring that remains? it's not bad at all but i may as
  21. Hi there, I've been trying a low carb and low glycemic diet, based on the idea which you find recommended all over the internet - that high carbohydrate food and high glycemic foods raise insulin levels, increase male hormones, and increase sebum production. This diet hasn't done a thing to my acne (although may have made it worse) and I've realised there's a big problem with the carb theory. It's often said that people in Asian countries like Korea and Japan have had good skin because they h
  22. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a way to cleanse or flush out my digestive system/ kidneys/ liver. I would like to find a way to do it without fasting because im extremely active and am burning calories like crazy on a daily basis. I eat extremely healthy - high protein, low fat, low glycemic, no simple carbs, a lot of fruit and veg... but i still want to try and flush out my liver/kidneys/digestive track. Please share any methods or ways to achieve my goal. thank you and all advice is welcome.
  23. How long did it take you to get results? I bought some Celestial Seasonings roobios tea yesterday, and I love it. I'll keep drinking it on a continuous basis, three cups a day, like I did today. It's only been one day, so obviously I've seen no results yet. I'm just curious as to how long it might take for my skin to improve. I've also been eating much better for about the past week/few days (low glycemic to be specific) and it's helped heaps already. But I need something to help me get the rest
  24. i have had ulcerative colitis in the past but it was in remission for ages, 10 months ago my skin was crap so i was doing a low glycemic load diet. I was having loads of lentils and split peas. I started not being able to digest them, then fruit and veg too. then it went very bad, going to the toilet 10 times a day, constant diarreha. Losing weight and feeling weak. i thought i'd set my colitis off again but have been into hospital last week and the camera showed i have no active colitis. They
  25. I've read from many different sources that refined carbs and sugar causes acne. If that's the case, would an Atkins or Low Glycemic diet be beneficial for acne? Have you guys heard of people who cleared up while they were on the above mentioned diets?