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Found 83 results

  1. Low Dose Accutane (10mg/day): Day 55 Only one cystic acne that got popped during shower (still taking so long to get dried up). Few small ones come out but they disappear in 1-2 days. A lot of left over red/brown spots. Got 2 new pitted scars from breakouts.. I notice a lot of facial hairs grown up after I started Accutane (I am pretty sure I never had this much before) Eczema developed around my eyes and nose and it made me extremely itchy... but after ap
  2. Day 1 - I am starting of at a low dosage of 10mg/day as told by my dermatologist. I just took my first pill right after a heavy meal as I heard heavy meals help the pill to absorb better. My routine consists of gentle cleansing, toner, and moisturizer day and night. I will wear a cc cream with SPF 50 if I go out. Day 2 - I have not experienced any side effects, nor has there been any change in my acne. My friends tell me to try rubbing raw potato on my skin, as it can help clear acne fast
  3. My skin is getting more and more oily but it doesn't bother me much. I had 3 days of binge eating chocolate, crisps, cake, cheeses, everything and I got a few comedones and bumps on my forhead and chin which just intlamed, blistered and then peeled off. I also got this weird bumpy rash around the sides of my face but it disappeared as soon as I started eating properly I'm very glad I do not get cysts anymore and My acne may not be much of a problem but I think I still have some kind of dermatit
  4. Hexagon

    Week 9 30Mg

    Upped my dose to 30mg, been on this dose for about a week and side effects are still bearable so plan for further up my dose to 40mg soon enough but no more as I believe this would be too much for my weight Got my first cyst since starting the course, two new cysts intact although they've gone down pretty quickly. Noticing an improvement with my pores although I am still breaking out which can be so discouraging but I hear a lot of people talking about improvements really starting to show at m
  5. Allright, I promised myslelf to post regularly, so from now on, Im gonna post every other night. And it would probably be a good idea to make my posts more organized or something like that : Day : 34 Current Regimen : Accutane 5mg (every other day) , Cetaphil washing lotion (morning & night) BP(for 2 days and than I take 2 days break) AHA 10% every 3 days at night. Supplements : Multivit, Zinc (30mg/d), SawPalmetto(400mg/d) Omega3(500mg/d)Acidophilus(1pill/d)Lecithin(1000mg
  6. Hi everyone , Well , I don't like long posts , as I personally, find them boring and hard to read so I'll try to keep it short and simple : I'm 21 yo, male , 65kg(more like 63 ) , for about a year I was on Dan's Regimen ,which gave me great results except for side effects that amazingly resulted in seborhea, which is wierd cause most people that use BP experience dry skin. Mine was dry before regimen, but as I figured out, beacuase of the exesive peeling etc my skin started producing m
  7. I have mild acne but used to have severe acne. recently my doctor prescribed me accutane but the only problem is she is giving it in a much different way than that i have seen on the internet. Her plan is to give 20mg/day until i am clear and then give for a few more months. I am quite sure that it will work but i am very afraid that it will relapse to back to where i started (I am absolutely fine with having some acne once in a while). Iv been digging the internet for the past week, and i think
  8. Hi all, In October 2017, after >15 years of antibiotics, contraceptive pills, topical treatment and a few dietary approaches I stormed into my doctors office and refused to leave before I was prescribed roaccutane. A colleague of mine had just said my shoulder would look like a "moon crater" which gave me the last push. I was breaking out every month around the start of my period, the scar tissue on my face and back worsened considerably over the years and there was no other cure in sight. H
  9. From the album: 30 mg Accutane experience

    3 weeks until the end of my treatment. 40mg
  10. Hi the reason I'm sharing this is because there is close to no info on the web regarding low dose, long term Accutane treatments. i figured i would share my story and info and offer some insights. Background info (you can skip reading this if you want) So basicly started having mild/moderate acne since 2009/2010 (i was 18 then) mild/moderate acne. First year of Uni (2010) i ate like crap, kfc and mcdonalds every meal for literally a whole year. Im not even kidding every meal for a year i ate
  11. I just started taking one 20mg pill per week. NOT per day. I tried 40mg per day a while back and didn't get very far due to the side effects. so it has been about a week so far on 20mg/week, obviously not going to see any results yet but I am looking for others to share their experience with taking a low dose course like mine so i can get a general understanding of how long it usually takes for people to see positive results with this kind of dose. so please share your experience(s), there are n
  12. Acne has ruined my life I have had acne since I was 12 years old I didn't really care when I was younger. I was on doxycycline on and off for 7 years it helped while I was on it but it wasn't the cure. I tried changing my diet no milk no sugar nothing help. I don't have any friends anymore because I don't like going out anymore.People thought I was really weird because I have social anxiety now it's because of acne. I don't have a job because every time I go for a interview I can't
  13. So I have blood tests today and I should be starting a low dose Accutane regimen within the week. I'll be on 10mg per day for the first month, possibly increased to 20mg from the second month on until I'm clear, then continuing that dose for 2-4 months afterwards to reduce chances of remission. I've heard many horror stories about accutane, and I really want to stay as low as possible. This article is what I based my recommendation for my treatment to the doctor on. [http://www.bpac.org.nz/BPJ/2
  14. Hey! I've already posted about it some time ago but I didn't get any answers and I cannot find the post right now. This week I have an appointment with my derm and I know that I could ask her about low dose isotretinoin treatment. She already offered me this before but I was too afraid of the side effects + my skin was better + I still had hope in antibiotics. I don't have full blown acne. Just a really mild case - several spots on the cheeks (sometimes with very small whiteheads, to small
  15. Here's the issue: After talking to my family doctor LAST YEAR about accutane, she finally put me on accutane at the end of March 2015. She had to make sure that I actually wasn't reacting well to anything, although I had already explained how my pediatrician went through everything when I was a teen. So it took about a year... However, when she started me, she only gave me 10MG a day because she hates accutane, and tells me "everything comes at a price, this is dangerous! I never put anyone on
  16. Hello all I'm needing some help. Since I have a condition that leaves my acne virtually uncureable at this point, I am considering low dose Accutane. But i want more input on whether low dose is still safe for blood sugar levels. I don't have issues with it, but I am well aware of the dangers ( at least in higher doses of Accutane) which have linked cases of diabetes to the drug, which I totally believe. Please, please I am looking for experience regarding this, or even studies on the safet
  17. Hello and welcome to my low-dose accutane log! As an introduction, I am 32 year-old male who has been suffering with acne and extremely oily skin since my early teenage years. My acne is usually in the form of around 5-10 pustule/whiteheads at any given time, with the occasional cyst/nodule thrown in for fun about 1-2/month. Over the past 20 years, I have tried literally everything on the market to combat my awful skin with primarily disappointing results. The only thing that has eve
  18. I need some counseling from other people who have been on ultra low dose Accutane. I am currently on 40mg twice a week - one 40mg pill on tuesday and one on friday. It's has been a little over a month since I started treatment and I haven't seen any evidence of the Accutane doing anything except for the occasionally dry lips. I was on a normal course of Accutane around 2 years ago but my acne came back, sadly. It was only after reading such amazing things about ultra low-dose treatments that
  19. Hexagon

    Week 4 10Mg

    Still not a single cyst or inflammatory acne however I am noticing more of those small bumps popping up again which is discouraging Skin looks pretty bad mostly because of all the scarring and lingering red marks, every little comedone or blackhead or anything I extract (i know i shouldnt)seems to leave a mark I'm still hoping the drug will help with the clogged pores, if anyone reading this who has taken accutane could tell me if or when they noticed any improvement with their pores? This
  20. How common is Hair loss on low dose accutane? I was on 20 mg daily for 21 days and it felt like my hair was already falling out, so I stopped cold feey,I’m afraid my acne will come back since I don’t know if I can use topicals ob my face again. I don’t want tl lose my hair. Accutane takes a toll at my mental wise,but acne does too. When can I use topicame again? Should I keep going on accutane? Idk what to do and my derm refuses to see me
  21. Hi there, I have finally reached this stage of getting my hands on Accutane... I so want to finally begin my path to clear skin and start my life. I have such low esteem, I say no to social outings, I struggle to look people in the eye, my entire headspace is filled about thoughts of my skin. A little info about me: I'm 17 turning 18 this year, Asian, female, from Australia. My height is 168cm and I weigh 50kg or 110lb. The derm has prescribed me 10mg of Oratane 3 times a week. I eat very health
  22. so i am very close to asking to start accutane but i have a few questions first. i have very oily skin with moderate acne. no treatments have worked for me and i am a sixteen year old male. all i want is to not have to worry about my skin like everybody else. i am thinking of going on about 20 mg a day due to the low side effects and the positive studies on it. is there anybody else that has tried this and how did it work for them? how bad were the side effects? any inital breakout? how long did
  23. So I'm wondering...how do I convince my derm in a soon-to-be visit to allow me for like, 10mg? I'm fairly sure from the studies I read that it would knock my acne on its ass, and I'm tired of having acne. The hyperpigmentation is awful because I get like 3 new spots a day, so my skin never has a chance to heal, and it leaves deep red marks, plus I have two moon shaped indents now ( for those who think moderate acne doesn't rip up your face sometimes). I still use salycylic acid but it just m
  24. Gday! I have just been recommended for another round of accutane by my dermatologist. I will 10mg for first 2 weeks then up to 20mg from then on, this apparently combats the initial breakout and minimises side effects. Has anyone else had a similar course? Please share if you did. Thanks heaps!
  25. hey everyone i'm gonna be a freshman next year at college and i wanna join a frat. however, i'm concerned. i have very mild but VERY persistent chin acne. my cheeks and forehead are basically flawless... but my chin still gets my self esteem down even though it's really not that bad... im considering 20mg every other day (low dose), but im stuck, because if im on accutane, i can't drink right? in that case, how the hell am i gonna join a frat first semester? is 20mg every other day l