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Found 282 results

  1. In a bit of a dilemma dealing with skin issues… I might be one of the guys that has to go through an Accutane cycle once a year to remain clear, so 2 weeks ago, started taking 60mg daily, with a 120mg dose one of those days of the week (to accelerate the process—total broscience). In the meantime, trying to figure out how else my flare-ups/irritation/inflammation can be minimized…. Maybe I just have overactive sebaceous glands, which Accutane uniquely treats and is very effective at minimiz
  2. Hey... I am so new to this message board. Anyway, I have been on strict diet. Perricone Diet from book "Acne Prescription" for three weeks to reduce my inflammation in my body. Hmm, i have seen it improving. But slow! Like decrease by week. I have used to have cysts.. I have took few antibolics in past. I ve decided to stop using it because i still got pimples when i was on and started developing the fine lines on my forehead. Because it has dried my skin too much. So i decided oh man. Peace!
  3. I'm completely assured that diet does not affect breakouts in some way. Is their any research on carbs in relation to breakouts, or anyone on a low carb diet noticed improvement
  4. This was mentioned in another part of this forum and I wanted to make sure all saw it: http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?...p?id=ns99993144 Apparently, eating the Atkins diet high in cholesterol and fat not only lowers your weight and cholesterol fastest, but it might also cure acne for many. The verdict is still out. I started the regimen a year ago and at the same time I started eating low carb (by coincidence). My acne has almost gone away entirely! I still get perhaps one
  5. How long? Basically I've been taking supplements, cutting out all foods I'm intolerant to (got a blood test done) and having low carbs, no dairy and eating healthy. How long should you go up to and know if it's working or "It's time to go onto something else." I've been following my nutritionist's advice and it's getting up to close to a month with no significant results.
  6. Hey, Just wanted to check in and add some value now that I've made some personal progress with acne. Background was I had pretty bad cystic acne since 13, controlled well through the acne.org regimen from 18-22 or so. I got to 22 and I got sick of having acne and I decided that it must be an external manifestation of something that's going on "wrong" internally. I mean, if you have a bad breakout it literally looks like you are diseased in some way. I went off the the BP and tried to
  7. Do any of you drink alcohol on occasion? I need a "safe" drink for when I go out...what do you usually drink that doesn't break you out the next day? I'm talking about 1-2 glasses, nothing too crazy. I can't have anything that raises my histamines too much, like cider and beer (although heineken seems to be ok for me), and whiskey is a bit risky too. Any ideas for other liquors and cocktails? Apple-flavored smirnoff ice seems to be a good option for me, but I'm not sure how many bars in the US
  8. Alright, so I'm only 19, but the reason I'm posting this in the Adult Section is I believe this is a more adult problem. It's gonna be a long post, but I'd read it cause it might help you out. But first, let me give you guys a timeline. So in September I shipped off for Navy bootcamp and and within a week of being there broke out like crazy. I've never really had acne in my life an sir was everywhere; my back my face my chest. It was bad. Got outta bootcamp, and instead of it getting better,
  9. Hi, I have been fighting my light/medium acne for many years now. I wasn't affected in my teens but since 20 my skin has constantly gotten worse (I'm 26 now). I have tried every over-the-counter thing available. My dermatologist suggested Vit.A topically and different topicals but none of them had any effect. I don't want to take Accutane for health reasons and I don't use benzoylperoxide anymore because it discolored my hair. For three months I have been low carbing strictly (never cheated on
  10. The Short Version: Chromium is an essential trace mineral, and a deficiency can result in blood sugar problems and subsequently, acne. There are two major ways in which our body can become chromium deficient: -Excess Refined Carbohydrates/Sugars -Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance/Excess Refined Carbohydrates => Chromium Deficiency => Hyperglycaemia => Impaired Glucose Metabolism => Raised Blood Sugar Levels => Excess Insulin => Increased
  11. sorry for my bad english about 2 mounths ago i cleared my acne through diet[no sugar, no salt, no dairy, no milk[only a little bit of goat milk], no gluten, low carb, alot of fiber and alot of protein. I dont know if protein is good or bad but i have to eat alot of it because i exercise] after having acne for 3 years. now for the question, I will join the army in a year [im 17] and unfortunately i wont be able to control my diet there [you eat what they give you], will my acne return? of cours
  12. i didnt want to believe it, infact ive spent years and years deciding it isnt so as i love eating a large meal and feeling full to bursting, but guys we HAVE to eat small small portions frequently. For the last 10 years i have tried so many diets that help acne, elimination diets, low carb, paleo, the last month gluten free and paleo combined. I have managed to make a huge difference to the acne on my buttocks and the KP on my arms, and yet still my face would have breakouts. I broke up
  13. While all this is based on known fact, this is merely a theory. Furthermore, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong on a noticeable points in the theory. I'm going to get right to the point because Im tired and I know you are too. Please pardon any spelling or grammatical errors its late. Thesis: Acne, for the most part, is a hormonal disease brought on by the consumption of fat. If you were like most kids you grew up eating a typical western diet filled with process su
  14. Hello All, (I am a new subscriber, so I would appreciate if you tell me how I should specify the tags, where I should better place this topic, etc.) I am a 43-year-old female from Russia. Sounds a bit exotic, but I am a semi-professional translator, so I hope there will be no language barrier. My problem is rather weird, because I haven't seen any analogs of my situation in Russian or American message boards. But maybe you can give me some advice. Generally, acne hasn't been a proble
  15. Hi, I was on here a few months ago writing about a post Accutane acne flare up. It then seemed to go away. Now it looks like it's back again and I'm really upset. I wash my face regularly with Acne Free (generic of proactive) but there are still three noticable pimples on the right side of my face that refuse to go away. I just started a low carb diet and exercising almost every day recently, so I'm wondering if that is causing it? If so, what should I do? I really need to loose weight but deali
  16. Hi, Just recently I was diagnosed with pco-syndrome. My symptoms are: - acne - diffuse hair loss - irregular menstrual cycle A gynaecologist did an ultrasound on me and confirmed my suspicions, I have pcos. Now basically she said there's not much you can do, except go on birth control. The thing is, I have been on birth control (diane35) for 3 years, and although it helped my acne a little, the hair loss started while I was on it. I've been off it for a year now, and my hair stayed the sam
  17. Hi, it's me again Since my last post here, I've been trying a few things. Here is a short list with everything I have tried (nutrition wise) so far: Strict low carb for three months, vegetarian, vegan with only whole wheat. Avoiding milk/cheese/dairy, avoiding oranges, avoiding fruits altogether, no added sugar, no fruit juices. Drinking lots of tea, changing the pillow/towel on it every day. Not masturbating for three weeks. Drinking only water. Changing cooking oils to more saturated or
  18. So basically a LOW CARB paleo diet works for me 100%. No breakouts at all and stays clear.but i feel lethargic and crappy, because i need carbs(everyone does). I tried eating sweet potatoes, but they break me out, i tried fruits for carbs, and that breaks me out, also white rice breaks me out. The only carb source thats okay is soaked brown rice(not paleo), i still do break out, from the brown rice, but it isnt as bad as the other carb sources such as sweet potatos or fruit. Since im 100% positi
  19. Hey everyone! I've posted a few times on here before, but most of you probably don't know me so I'll give a quick rundown of the situation I'm in and get to what I need to ask. I'm 23 years old and suffer from moderate acne/oily skin. I've had a LOT of sad stories with things like accutane/minocycline etc, but that's not important at the moment. In my current regimen, I use a benzoyl peroxide soap only at night and then cover with tretinoin .025% cream, which moderately works. However, the o
  20. Diet consists of: No Sugar, No Carbs or Very Little. Examples of what I eat: Cheese, All Fat Meats, Olive Oil, Eggs, Walnuts ect.. Q: I've been on this diet and I eat around 20g of Carbs a day with like 5g of Sugar. My Acne is basically removed itself and I just get very tiny pimples every now and then. I like the way it has cleared up, but I Cannot sustain this diet. Cons: -Less Energy ( I work out at the gym almost every day to build muscle) -V E R Y expensive -Tired of eating
  21. Hey, friends! I thought I'd make this thread in hopes of potentially helping someone - possibly? Or just sharing. I got some test results back from the naturopath today - I did a blood test for food allergens and a saliva hormone test. The doc told me I have the classic hormone profile for someone "suffering" (I don't like that word, even if it feels like that sometimes!) from breakouts. My testosterone level is at the tip-top of what's considered "high" for my age range; my DHEA levels are
  22. What do you guys think of doing cardio after a night of drinking? This would help your body and liver cleanse itself out right? I know you have to be careful of dehydration! I dont really get hungover either since i start drinking voka diet. but I still drink alot of water before i goto bed and alot in the morning. Just looking for some feedback. P.S. I'm on a low carb\anti-candida diet (except the vodka diets) and its working very well for me.
  23. So.. the last couple of weeks I've been trying a low carb diet, I tried this because of my workout program. Since starting the diet, I've noticed that my skin looks alot better. So I went on the internet looking for a connection and I found this link; http://www.natural-acne-solution.com/acne-...bohydrates.html . My question is... is there anyone who experienced the same? I've always eaten alot of fat (healthy fats, alot of proteins), could this combined with the carbs, be causing, or atleast
  24. So here is my short story - i tried a low carb diet 2-3 months ago.I also took grape seed extract and probiotics ( tho i had to stop taking them because i had really really bad die-off symtoms - nightterrors,night sweating , headache , brain fog ;x ) Anyway i knew it was working - i stopped forming new acne and old pimples were healing better than ever.Yeah sounds great,but... Even tho i was eating a fair amount of green vegetables ,meat ,eggs , fish and seeds i lost weight very dramaticaly - l
  25. I've found a website that covers EVERYTHING on these forums. It's author is just a normal guy who I now have the utmost respect for and mainly relates to overall health but most of the topics also are covered extensively in these forums. I was browsing through the net and found a concept that I found to be really interesting. It's called food combining and you can read about it here: www.healingdaily.com/detoxification-diet/food-combining.htm It would take alot of time to accurately do this,