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Found 283 results

  1. Hi, Just wondering any1 found any health benefits from eating certain types of nuts. Quite a few diets claim that eating more nuts such as almonds/ pecan/ walnut/ brasil can be good for you. Anyone had any experience with this. I always thought nuts on the whole cause more acne and allergies than anything else. I am going to try and go for a low carb diet anyway incorporating alot the nuts mentioned above. The only nuts I will be avoiding is peanuts, which apparently are not nuts anyway? Currently I am on RoAcc and after 2 months still am getting breakouts. I know when I eat little I get a lot less acne. Now I want to do eveything to help minimalize the acne, so am cutting well down on carbs and sugar & dairy too. Just meats (except beef) and veg/fruit & nuts, & lots of water so any feedback on such diets would be greatly appreciated, espcecially with regards nuts. Thanks
  2. Do any of you drink alcohol on occasion? I need a "safe" drink for when I go out...what do you usually drink that doesn't break you out the next day? I'm talking about 1-2 glasses, nothing too crazy. I can't have anything that raises my histamines too much, like cider and beer (although heineken seems to be ok for me), and whiskey is a bit risky too. Any ideas for other liquors and cocktails? Apple-flavored smirnoff ice seems to be a good option for me, but I'm not sure how many bars in the US actually serve smirnoff vodka. Any suggestions for other drinks?
  3. I'm 17 years old. I have acne since I was 11-12 years and now it's time to change my life. I read many articles about acne and I know that our diet is strongly connected with our acne. Our health, also acne, is depending on what we eat and how we eat. I also believe there is a cure for any disease, so from many and many articles and topics that I read, the paleo diet low carb is the best solution for acne, but also a drastic diet who requires persistance. I experienced on my body that eating healthy will improve acne, eating junk food will make acne worse. But a low carb diet will make you feel weak and lethargic, because everyone needs carbs to fuel energy. Carbohydrate is the highest macronutrient with 9 kcal / gr, so it’s definely a must to boost energy. But if you want to look perfect and clean, you must do sacrifices, because there is no change without sacrifices. So the question is how long should I be on paleo diet ? And what from inside my body must be healed to make acne disspear forever? I read that if the gut is frequently feed with good food (paleo in my case) for a long time, there will be no acne after you heal it, it won’t appear again. The thing that scares me it’s that I don’t want to cut the carbs for all my life because I have dreams that I want to make reality, so I need to feel energic. So I will have acne for all my life if I don’t cut carbs ?
  4. Packerfan785

    Low Carb vs Low Fat

    I have tried both with positive impacts on my acne, but neither has cleared it. Both are extremely restricting and have research behind them. I am confused on where to go from here. I am thinking of just going with a mix and seeing how it goes.
  5. Hi there, so basically i'm trying to go on a low carbs, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, anti candida diet but sometimes I can't follows it strictly... Sometimes I eat high carbs meals I heard that high fiber diet lowers blood glucose by slowing metabolism of carbs, so I just want to know which kind of food/vegetable/fruit/etc (no pills/supplement please) has the fiber that I need and correspond with my "mega-diet"... And how should I take it? when should I take it? etc Any other tips about what to do when I cannot follow the diet as I suppose to? Thanks a lot
  6. john1234

    Beef Liver

    Hey you low carb high fat gurus, teach me how to eat beef liver and give me some ideas on how to cook it. I just want to try it--I don't want to reject the idea of eating organs without even trying it. People tell me that fried beef liver is like a jolt of energy? Let's talk! (glennart, rackb, thunder_cloud, mamita, healthoid, and....those are the only people off the top of my head)
  7. Hello =) I'm doing a low carb/med-high prot diet right now against my Candida, and its working wonders. I've had some die-off effects but it has calmed down alot. I've been using some antifungals, and they seem to be working. But.. I keep stomping into vegetables that I should avoid, so I really want to know which vegetables are the worst, and which I should eat moderately. So far on my avoid list: Potatoes (never eat them anyways) Legumes Nuts (moldy) Carrots (too high carb when fighting candida) What I eat sparingly: Broccoli Aspargus Cauliflower (all due to Iodine) Tomatoes (Lectin) - Same goes with Eggs But am I missing some veggies that I should avoid getting too much of? Im not eating any fruit, and sometimes I find it hard to find any meat to eat. I eat fish once a week, otherwise im eating Chicken or Turkey. But those are also high on iodine, so what should I choose? I really need some help adjusting my diet =)
  8. It seems like low carb/ low sugar diets are becoming the prevailing champion against acne. What exactly is the science behind how this diet is working? Is it a matter of insulin resistance?.. or is the diet, which is basically anti-candida diet, effectively dampening the symptoms of a yeast overgrowth?...or are candida and insulin resistance somehow linked together? Anyone have any thoughts on this.
  9. Hello, All, My name is Adam and I'm from Tennessee. I just turned 23 years old. I have never had a problem with acne until I turned 22. I first developed some sort of bumps on my scalp that itched, and sometimes i could pop them. And sometimes it hurt like small cysts. This was mainly on the back of my scalp and sides, behind my ears. Well I never thought anything of it. I am the type to not want to go to the doctor. I figured it'd go away. Well it kept bothering me and I slowly devleoped some acne on my face. Well, I wasn't too worried about it. I popped it, and everything. I didn't know any better, really. So I began to use some over the counter medicine, off and on, like astringent, sacylic acid, ect. I never really took excellent care of it , or ate healthy. So it kept getting a bit worse each month or so. For some reason it didn't bother me a whole lot. I just thought it would go away sooner or later. Well it's been about 11 months since my first break out. And this past month I have researched it thoroughly, and I must say, I am now scared. So I guess what I had on my scalp was acne too, at least I think. How strange? Well the past 3 weeks I have changed my diet to low fat, low carb. I eat oatmeal, banana, apple, turkey 24/7 now. I drink lots of water. I don't smoke, drink alcohol, or caffeinated drinks anymore. I have switched my shampoo/conditoner to all organic. This alone, has really helped the acne on my scalp. It doesn't really bother me anymore. However, my face is another story. While I think dieting and all has helped, it is still frustrating me. I have stopped using all alcohol based astringinet and medication recently. I only use a mild cleanser called 'Neutrogena Liquid Soap' twice a day. This has seemed to help a bit, and is less irritating to my skin. I believe all of those over-the-counter medications made it worse. Since I have stopepd using the medications, my skin seems much more oilier than before. I guess all those medications stripped away my natural oil, or something, and now my face is pumping out more oil than before. I don't use a moisturizer or anything. I have acne all over my face, but most of it seemes to be old now. It left quite a few red marks. It seems to be spreading towards my neck now. And I am very slowly starting to develop acne on my back. I don't want to try any home remedies, so I have finally made an appointment to see a doctor. I am not sure what to expect when I go see the doctor. I am affraid they are going to give me stuff that won't work, and just tell me to come back after 3 months and they will try something else. I understand acne is a nuisance, but I want to be smart about this and try to do it right the first time. I prefer washing my face naturally without using any topical medications, as these just seem to irritate my skin more. So I really don't think topical medications would be best for my sensitive skin. I kind of want to keep doing it as natural as possible so my oil glands can get back to normal. So this leads me to believe that an antibiotic will work best. I am also fortunate to have vbeam laser near-by. They say they can treat my acne alone, without medications, using this method. Well their website says that, but I haven't had that confirmed by a doctor. I wonder if this would be a good option for me, and it even gets the redness out a lot. But I'm guessing I have a problem internally that needs to be addressed. So maybe starting with antibiotics would be best. I am not sure what to do when I go for my appointment though. I don't want to give into the doctors every suggestion and let her talk me into a bunch of mess. So could you all please give me some advice on my situation, dealing with doctors, etc.? Thank you to all who help contribute to people in my situation. Life is tough, but we must never lose hope and faith. There are people in much worse condition than we acne sufferers.
  10. just reading about these phase 2 tablets that basically stop you from digesting some of the carbs in your diet, allowing you to eat carbs but not pay the price so to speak. i have tried to stick to a low carb diet to try and improve my oily skin by controlling blood sugar, but can never stick it. do you think this would help?
  11. Hi, I've read that no Gluten, low grain or no grain and dairy free are best for diets to help with acne. I'm a 29 yo male and enjoy the benefits and results from weight training. I eat a high protein, moderate good fats and moderate to low carbs. I taper carbs...starting moderate at the start of the day and getting less and less throughout the day. I don't have any wheat in my diet, but some foods I do consume I'm starting to question since reading the posts in this forum are Brown grain rice Oats Whey Protein (use Designer Protein) Egg whites (no yolks) Raisins NO Fat Yoghurt (only 1-2max a week) Worcester Sauce + spices (small amount on meats) Mustard (like a small amount on egg whites - strange I know) Apple juice (used after training with whey protein) Lemon Juice (on salads...could use instead of spices on meats, if it's ok to use?) Tuna (canned in springwater) Died Tomato (canned) should do fresh, shouldn't I! When cooking lean meat (no red meat) or eggwhites (scrambled egg whites) I use a non sick frying pan with some cooking spray. I don't cook these items any other way. Does it matter what kind of cooking spray oil I use? Currently using Conola Oil cooking spray. I feel that the above foods are great for bodybuilding, but at the same time I don't want to do anything that is going to help my acne. Will eating these foods make my acne worse? Would you suggest removing any of the above foods or replacing them with something different (keeping in mind my training)? I'm about 95%+ clear. I take B5, multi vitamin and minerals capsules, EFA's, garlic and soon to introduce coconut oil, cod liver oil and Lecithin. Also, Diet sodas....good or bad? Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing everyones opinions...especially Sweetjade. Regards Darryn PS. I would just like to add, that I feel the condition of my skin is better for exercising...I have stopped training in the past as a test and my condition became worse. If you don't exercise I suggest you start.
  12. Hi, I have been fighting my light/medium acne for many years now. I wasn't affected in my teens but since 20 my skin has constantly gotten worse (I'm 26 now). I have tried every over-the-counter thing available. My dermatologist suggested Vit.A topically and different topicals but none of them had any effect. I don't want to take Accutane for health reasons and I don't use benzoylperoxide anymore because it discolored my hair. For three months I have been low carbing strictly (never cheated once except eating fruits in the morning) which initially broke my out massively and then brought me back to the normal level of breakouts (3-5 per week). At the end of the three months I concluded low carb just doesn't do it for me. Since then I am lower on carbs than I was before doing low carb but I eat the odd slice of bread. I hardly ever eat sugar and only drink water through the day. My diet hasn't been to unhealthy before so I didn't have to change too much. After re-introducing carbs I broke out heavily again which I suspect is again due to the switch in diet. I have tried changing my pillow every day, drinking lots of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables none of which seemed to have any effect. I tried eatin 150g raisins a day as suggested somewhere here. I'm now getting 30 minutes of direct sun every day (for vitamin D) and I eat fish (salmon) two or three times a day to even my fatty acid ratio. I also try to cut poly-unsaturated fats by cooking only with coconut fat. Needless to say I didn't notice any improvement. In spite of everything I have tried the pimples keep coming back so I'm basically out of ideas what else to try. Anybody care to enlighten me what my options are? I really want to get clear - finally.
  13. For the last two years there´s not a single week that I don´t have a spot in my face, I don´t get a lot but the ones that I get are like cysts and take almost one month to go. For the last 2 weeks my face has been clear. I stopped placing peroxide benzoyl in my face, salicilic acid all of that. All I place now when I see a small spot is some vinegar (i soak a tissue and apply several times in a hour, it seems to work, i do that to when i pop a white one and they never show up again) or niacinamide GEL, but the main difference is that, i started taking zinc tablets, 15 mg in the morning another 15 in the afternoon and before I go to bed and stop eating simple sugar, almost no carbs at dinner too. Some of you take 100 mg in one go but I believe is better to take less in several occasions so you´ll have a continuous amount in the blood. Second point cleaning the face , read this in other site, "you boil some water ,place one drop of tea tree oil , if you don´t have it doesn´t matter, than cover your head with a towell and leave your face getting the vapor for at least 10 minutes, the vapor will open the pores". First time I try it loads of crap where going out of the pores, clean the face with some cotton pad, than wash it with cold water(no soaps) and your ready to go to bed. After 2 weeks of zinc, cutting on sugar and clean my face like this ,this my skin is clear and even a small rash I had is gone. There´s a reason why I tried this (the zinc and cutting the sugar), I was reading a biochemistry book and I found this, "Testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) upon interaction with 5-alpha reductase enzyme. Unfortenely DHT binds to androgen receptors more avidly than testosterone and is 4 to 5 times stronger than testosterone. 5-alpha reductase is present in tissues of the prostate, SKIN ,scalp and liver. Acne is often triggered by DHT activity in sebaceous glands." so I assumed that there must be a way of decreasing this 5-alpha reductase, after some research found this "Zinc is shown to inhibit 5 alpha reductase activity" , the less 5 alpha reductase you have less DHT you will have, less prone to spots. About sugar I found this, "In conclusion, these results indicate that in vivo, insulin is capable of stimulating testosterone production and, simultaneously, of inhibiting SHBG concentrations in both normal weight and obese men. " Connecting all the dots, taking zinc helps you reduce the amount of DHT, eating sugar increases insulin so increase testosterone, and more Testosterone more DHT. Conclusion , take zinc (less DHT) and cut on sugar(carbs)(less test to be converted i DHT). About insulin , the larger the amount you eat of pasta rice or chocolates the larger the amount of insulin produced. Try to eat one meal with carbs other without, carbs at breakfast, low carbs at lunch, carbs in the afternoon , at dinner almost no carbs. I hope I can help someone, it worked for me. Any doubts please feel free to contact me.
  14. Has anyone else here tried low carbing to help their acne? I went on atkins about a year ago to lose a few pounds and remember that it did made my skin a little clearer and recently I've been cutting out a lot of carbs and I have noticed that it does make my skin better even if I just do it for a few days. Has anyone else found this to help their acne?
  15. I'm completely assured that diet does not affect breakouts in some way. Is their any research on carbs in relation to breakouts, or anyone on a low carb diet noticed improvement
  16. User47728


    I ordered some liquid gel cap carb blockers on Amazon today, out of curiosity if it would make my day to day life keeping a low carb diet easier. What do you think of them? Do they even work? Someone on here said her mom took some and her adult acne went away, so I'm giving it a shot! It gets tiresome tip-toeing around even healthful things that have sugar in them, like fruit, ya know? This is the one I got: http://www.drugstore.com/qxp91623_333181_s...id_gel_caps.htm
  17. First, for those of you who don't want much background and want to skip to the cure, read this article I just wrote: The Real Acne Cure. I have been doing a lot of research and experimentation lately that has led me to make some radical changes in my ideas of what truly causes acne. There are two main things that got me thinking...maybe gluten and dairy aren't truly what is causing acne... 1) I noticed many people here who can tolerate gluten and dairy in "small amounts" and some who can tolerate it even in large amounts. Others could tolerate low-carb dairy. Also people reported that they break out from all sorts of fruits, fructose, sugar and especially oranges (which was a major clue that I will get to later). 2) An experiment I did with sleep. I worked on my sleep schedule so it was essentially perfect. I was getting about 8.5 hours of sleep a night every night for a while, waking up at sunrise, sleeping in complete darkness and going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday. And something very interesting happened. My metabolism slowed down dramatically. Carbs stopped making me feel bad. I started eating horrible foods like pizza, hot dogs, etc. and nothing happened (well other than few digestion problems and headaches, but what can you expect ). Most importantly, I did not break out from these foods which previously would break me out always! So how are these things connected? What's going on? Well, the key lies in metabolic balance. I truly believe that the root cause of acne is a metabolism that is out of balance. The number one thing you can do to keep your metabolism in check is to eat right for your metabolic type. This is what I have been doing for quite some time now. I am a protein type, so I eat tons of meat and fat and very low carb. This is what is keeping my skin clear, not just avoiding gluten and dairy. While I do believe gluten and dairy may cause conditions that lead to acne, I don't think it matters if you are in metabolic balance. Your body can deal with the problems gluten and dairy cause as long as it is in balance. So the number one thing everyone can do who is not clear yet is eat right for your metabolic type. My article explains a bit how to do that. Poor sleep can also throw your metabolism out of balance by increasing a hormone called ghrelin that causes your stomach to empty faster. This can cause major blood sugar problems because foods are being absorbed far too quickly. When you are in a state like this, even small amounts of carbohydrates can cause many problems which include acne. While it is not absolutely necessary to have perfect sleep if you are eating right for your metabolic type already, perfect sleep is a way to change your metabolic type so you will essentially be able to eat anything you want! For some though, perfect sleep may be even more restricting than a diet, so it is a choice you can make on your own. For me personally, I have noticed that even one night of bad sleep will throw me off balance, and I'll have to eat a lot more meat and fat the next day. Anyway, enough rambling, here's the article again: The Real Acne Cure I hope you enjoy it. - Jesse P.S. So why do oranges cause acne for many people? Because they are very strong carb type foods! If you are a protein type and sometimes even a mixed type, oranges are a recipe for disaster as far as your skin and your entire body is concerned.
  18. Jaganess

    Is it possible....

    Hey, just wondering. Is it possible at least REDUCE candida without going on that bloody diet. Like I mean I ate junkfood for a major portion of my life, but if I start getting into more veggies and whatnot do you think I'll see a difference? Until I learn to tolerate the healthy stuff I have to do things this way....my goal is eventually a high protein low carb diet though. Oh and if any of you know of anything that can help aid my candida masscre that would be wicked awesome!
  19. Hi, I was on here a few months ago writing about a post Accutane acne flare up. It then seemed to go away. Now it looks like it's back again and I'm really upset. I wash my face regularly with Acne Free (generic of proactive) but there are still three noticable pimples on the right side of my face that refuse to go away. I just started a low carb diet and exercising almost every day recently, so I'm wondering if that is causing it? If so, what should I do? I really need to loose weight but dealing with red bumps on my face is distressing. Please help. Also, increasing my face washing has only made my skin really dry-it hasn't helped with the acne.
  20. are u allowed n e carbs cos i quit a week an 2 days in becos i was sooooo wekk, reminds me of wen i was on atkins......... how o i get round this weekness???
  21. kucan

    My regimen

    Greetings... Fortunately I don't break out anymore. I still do have red marks and my skin just doesn't look nice. Here is my regimen to try and make my skin look like a babies : I swim everyday for 3 hours. After I swim I take a shower, and that is the only two times where my face makes contact with any water. No chemicals, No moisturizers, nothing.. I was never into those peels, cleansers, w/e; I never believed they would really help. I am also going to steam my face 3x a week for 10 minutes, I really don't know if this helps, but it feels cool, so I'll add it. Once a week though, I will exfoliate my face/body using Olive oil and Salt. Sense I exercise A LOT, I sweat A LOT; I believe this should help keep my pores clean by a long shot. (Sweat pushing the dirt out) (I don't know if this is true, but It sounds right). All my exercise is done before swimming btw, no more sweating after shower! I am REALLY focused on diet/nutrition My Diet 10+ cups of warm water a day NO SUGARS Low carbs (under 20 grams a day) High Protein Moderate fat (good fat, not trans fat) (If you didn't know Omega-3 is very anti-inflam...) My supplements - 50,000 iu of beta C (This converts into Vitamin A when ever the body needs it, so perfect imo!) - 400 iu of Vitamin E (duh) - 5 Grams of Vitamin C (Yes very high intake, I know what i'm doing; Collagen Synthesis + Potent anti oxidant) - 2 grams of green tea extract (They say 1 cup of green tea contains 150mg of that extract stuff, I am taking 2 grams of the pure extract) - 3 grams of grape seed extract (powerful anti oxidant) - Flax seed oil - All Vitamin b complex (high doses) - 10k mcg of Biotin - 1 gram Insotin (sp?) What ya people think? Criticism would be greatly appreciated and I will keep updates everyday! I know I don't break out anymore, but my skin is also far from perfect. Thankss
  22. scorpiochic_28

    My Accutane Journey!!!

    Hey Everyone! I started my Accutane course 5 minutes ago. I'm excited to finally say bye bye to those nasty red bumps and the ugly brown marks they leave behind. I have been dealing with acne since I was 12 and I am now 27 years old. I have tried all kinds of topicals, antibiotics, dietary changes, vitamins, etc. and none of that really cleared me up. I am also trying to lose weight as I've gained 40 pounds over the last 7 months I know that's bad but that's what stress will do to you. But I am ready to take control of my skin and my weight. I'm currently on a carb conscious diet...alternating low carb and moderate carb days and making sure to eat the "good" carbs. I will also be taking omega supplements, a multi-vitamin and eating at least 2 tbsp of ground flaxseed daily. I need to find a good moisturizer...any recommendations?? I am going to post pictures of my progress with both my skin and weight loss. Clear skin and a healthy weight..here I come!!
  23. Hi, it's me again Since my last post here, I've been trying a few things. Here is a short list with everything I have tried (nutrition wise) so far: Strict low carb for three months, vegetarian, vegan with only whole wheat. Avoiding milk/cheese/dairy, avoiding oranges, avoiding fruits altogether, no added sugar, no fruit juices. Drinking lots of tea, changing the pillow/towel on it every day. Not masturbating for three weeks. Drinking only water. Changing cooking oils to more saturated or unsaturated ones. Getting more sleep. Getting lots of sun. Exercising. Multiple vitamins, Vit D supplements. Eating more omega-3 fatty acids. Lately I did an elimination diet with only eggs, fruits and bread with butter. All this didn't change the pimple rate or the severeness - I still break out regularly So far I didn't even notice a connection between my diet and my acne except more outbreaks after a drastic change of diet (e.g. from normal to low carb). Introducing or drastic changes in diet (like from normal to low carb) always induced more breakouts but this elevated level soon normalizes to the steady flow of say 5-10 pimples a week. My acne f***ing has to have a reason but I can't seem to find one. The last thing I probably want to try is an (anti) histadelia diet. Did anyone here have some success with it? Are there some things I should have checked at the doctor's? Thyroid? Something else? I don't have any digestion or other problems. Does someone have a suggestion or a hint what else to try? Edit: oops sorry, wrong subforum. this should have been in 'nutrition & holistic health'.
  24. ok, I'm hungry on this damn low carb diet, so what can I eat to just stuff my stomach a little, that will not be too bad in terms of carbs? Oats? Corn tortillas? gluten-free bread of some kind? ' I'd eat it in small quantities, about 20-30 grams per 3 hours. Otherwise I get really hungry and buy candy bars... which is bad...